(Photo courtesy: The India Today Group)
(Photo courtesy: The India Today Group)

“Let me start out by saying I’m a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his campaign against corruption… We are going to make an audio video presentation that WikiLeaks4India has produced,” Kirti Azad said at the media conference in Delhi. Various sting videos were shown claiming that the DDCA had given contracts to various companies but the addresses which were given for the companies were finally found out to be false. The video also showed how the DDCA had hired office and equipment at varying prices from at Rs. 16000 for a laptop per day, Rs. 3000 for printer per day, Rs. 5000 for ‘puja ki thali’. ALSO READ: Kirti Azad launches all out attack against DDCA; submits ‘proof’ of corruption in board

Azad earlier in the day took a pot shot at Finance Minister, who had reportedly called him a “Trojan horse”. “Not a Trojan horse but Achilles heel; wait till I unmask the ‘behroopiya’ (chameleon),” Mr Azad tweeted. Azad also rubbished any charge that  Mr Jaitley’s  claimed, Jaitley to reporter’s said that Kirti Azad had met Sonia Gandhi with a plan to target him. “If someone (Mr Jaitley) is raising these allegations, he must know that four fingers will point back at him,” he said.

Mr Azad had promised to make more revelations at a media conference of his own after the AAP press conference on Thursday. Later, BJP chief Amit Shah reportedly met him and tried to dissuade him from making further allegations against Mr Jaitley “especially at a time when Delhi’s AAP government is targeting Mr Jaitley,” sources have told NDTV. ALSO READ: Virender Sehwag: Arun Jaitley most supportive among all DDCA officials

Finance Minister Jaitley, headed DDCA for 13 years till 2013, is being accused of corruption by Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party. AAP has demanded that Mr Jaitley must resign or be “removed” from the union cabinet to enable an independent probe. ALSO READ: Gautam Gambhir: Arun Jaitley gave Delhi proper stadium without taxpayers’ money

Mr Jaitley has rejected the allegations, calling them a propaganda technique of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to deflect attention from CBI raid on an officer close to him. In a Facebook post, Mr Jaitley has said, “The Serious Fraud Investigation Office, under the UPA regime, investigated and could not find a shred of evidence against me.”