Kirti Azad said his intention was to expose corruption and not motivated politically © Getty Images
Kirti Azad said his intention was to expose corruption and not motivated politically © IANS

Former cricketer turned politician Kirti Azad has launched an all out attack on the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) and has vowed to expose wrongdoings within the board. He has claimed misuse of authority by Arun Jaitley. According to Azad, DDCA is involved in a variety of worngdoings and corrupt activities including fraudulent means of making money and cheating. According to Azad, DDCA has contracted bogus companies and paid them huge sums of money. Azad claimed that crores of money were claimed to be given to companies by DDCA without stating the nature of work in question. ALSO READ: Virender Sehwag: Arun Jaitley most supportive among all DDCA officials

Azad further alleged that DDCA doled out huge sums of money for equipment like laptops and computers even though those are equipment could be easily purchased for lesser sum. In a video clip, he showed documents that had addresses of companies supposedly contracted with the DDCA but those companies did not really exist. The authenticity of this proof by Azad is yet to be validated.

Absurdly, a variety of Delhi cricketers have been making public statements of support for Arun Jaitley. Virender Sehwag came out in support of the under-fire Union Finance minister and former Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) President Arun Jaitley after the latter has been leveled with allegations of financial mismanagement by rival political parties.

In my time with DDCA if I ever came to know of any ‘surprising’ selection of a player, all I needed to do was to inform @arunjaitley, Sehwag said on Twitter in support of Jaitley.