KKR vs RR LIVE: Riyan Parag, Jofra Archer seal RR’s thrilling three-wicket victory
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KKR vs RR Live:

Hello and welcome to our match coverage of IPL 2019 Match 43 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals at the Eden Gardens on Thursday.

00.05 am: That’s it from all of us over here. We hope you enjoyed our coverage today as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. See you at the games next. Good night!

Here’s Jofra Archer, who bids farewell to the IPL along with Ben Stokes from the Royals camp.

“I just wanted to get bat on ball in the last over. I am really gutted that I have to leave the boys. Moments like these make me cherish playing for RR. I hope that we qualify for playoffs. We have a great bunch of guys here, anyone who will replace me will do a great job. I am grateful for Rajasthan for taking the chance on me as I have not played any international cricket. They took a very big risk for having me.”

00.04 am: Here’s how the points table look after today’s match


00.02 am: Here’s the losing captain Dinesh Karthik throwing light on what has been a sensational contest

“Little disappointed. Thought we were in it to win, but it wasn’t our day. I have kept saying that winning always feels good, but when you lose close games like this you feel ‘wow, when are we gonna get there’. (The plan in the final over) We were looking to go full and on the stumps, obviously the first edge didn’t help and then the equation got easier. Second shot was a good shot. You can’t put too much pressure on the bowler. Wet ball; dew on outfield, it didn’t help us. Happy with the way boys fought, not happy with the result. A lot of it will boil down to how much they trust me as a leader. It’s important to keep the mood of the dressing room good. The fact that we are not able to cross the winning line is not a good feeling.”

11.58 pm: Summary: What a sensational turnaround by the Rajasthan Royals. Kolkata slump to their sixth straight defeat. Credit goes to 17-year-old Riyan Parag, who displayed terrific composure for his age. A brilliant 47 under pressure at Eden Gardens is no mean feat and Parag pulled it off with flying colours. Jofra Archer bids IPL adieu in style. Stick around for the presentation ceremony in a bit.



Rajasthan Royals innings (TARGET: 176)

20th over: Prasidh Krishna will continue and Archer HAS SMASHED a BOUNDARY! Archer has finished it off in style smashing a SIX over the long-off boundary, RR win by 3 wickets. What a sensational win this has been.


19th over: Andre Russell into the attack, RR are definitely in this match. SIX! Riyan Parag clears Carlos Brathwaite at long-on! RR need 9 from 8. HIT WICKET! Riyan Parag bizarrely gets out, departs for a fine 47. Jaydev Unadkat joins Archer in the middle. 9 from the over. RR 167/7 (Archer 17, Unadkat 0)

18th over: Prasidh Krishna to continue. WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE? 13 runs come from this over, a SIX and a BOUNDARY by Riyan Parag. RR 158/6 (Parag 40, Archer 15)

17th over: Sunil Narine comes into the attack and Jofra Archer welcomes him with a SIX. 15 runs from the over. RR 145/6 (Parag 29, Archer 13)

16th over: WICKET! Prasidh Krishna comes back into the attack and he breaks the building partnership, Gopal mistimes his loft and Shubman Gill takes it comfortably at long-in. Gopal departs for 18. Jofra Archer has joined Riyan Parag in the middle. 8 runs from the over. RR 130/6 (Parag 22, Archer 5)


15th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Nitish Rana comes into the attack. Shreyas Gopal joins the action, smashes three BOUNDARIES. 13 runs coming in this over. RR 122/5 (Parag 20, Gopal 18)

14th over: Piyush Chawla becomes the first KKR bowler to take a three-wicket haul in an IPL match this season! Here’s Andre Russell back into the attack and he goes for 11 runs, which includes a couple of BOUNDARIES one each by Gopal and Parag. RR 109/5 (Parag 19, Gopal 6)

13th over: WICKET! Piyush Chawla will continue, and he has picked up his third wicket. Stuart Binny was looking to go big and he has been holed out at mid-wicket by Rinku Singh. Binny departs for 11. RR falling apart very quickly here. Shreyas Gopal joins Parag in the middle. Excellent over by Chawla, 3 runs and the wicket, RR 99/5 (Parag 14, Shreyas Gopal 1)

12th over: Carlos Brathwaite comes back into the attack. 11 runs from this over, which included a BOUNDARY from Parag off the last ball. RR 96/4 (Parag 14, Binny 9)

11th over: Piyush Chawla into the attack and he has STRUCK in his first delivery, Ben Stokes miscues the google, and Andre Russell takes a brilliant catch at the boundary, Stokes departs for 11. Stuart Binny joins Parag in the middle. RR in trouble now. 7 from the over. RR 85/4 (Parag 9, Binny 6)


10th over: Yarra Prithviraj is back into the attack. Couple of BOUNDARIES from this over, one each by Stokes and Parag, 11 from it. RR 78/3 (Stokes 11, Parag 8)

Strategic timeout!

9th over: Piyush Chawla will continue, superb over, just 2 runs from it. RR 67/3 (Stokes 6, Riyan Parag 3)


8th over: GONE! Sunil Narine will continue and he taken ANOTHER wicket! Crashes into the woodwork of Steve Smith, who walks back for 2. Drama at the Eden Gardens. Riyan Parag walks out in the middle to join Stokes. Another excellent over by Narine, 2 runs and the wicket of Smith. RR 65/3 (Stokes 5, Riyan Parag 2)




7th over: WICKET! SPIN FROM BOTH ENDS! Piyush Chawla comes into the attack. Trying to be cheeky does Sanju Samson, but plays a nothing shot and it SMASHES the stumps, he departs for 22. Ben Stokes has joined his captain Smith in the middle. 8 runs from this over, including the wicket, RR 63/2 (Ben Stokes 5, Smith 2)


6th over: WICKET! Here’s Sunil Narine into his second over. Sure, ever since Rahane has been relieved from captaincy, he has been a different batsman. Narine gets the breakthrough, pitches in a brilliant area and traps him lbw, Rahane departs for 34 off 21. Steve Smith has joined Samson in the middle. Excellent over by Narine, 2 runs and the wicket. RR 55/1 (Samson 20, Smith 1)

5th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Yarra Prithviraj, comes into the attack. Rahane smashes two BOUNDARIES and a SIX, he’s on a complete song here. 17 runs from this over. RR 53/0 (Rahane 34, Samson 19)

4th over: SPIN INTRODUCED! Sunil Narine comes into the attack and he concedes 6 runs. RR 36/0 (Samson 19, Rahane 17)

3rd over: BOWLING CHANGE: Andre Russell comes into the attack. Rahane and Samson in absolute control of this chase, a SIX and a BOUNDARY, by Samson and Rahane respectively take RR to 30/0 (Rahane 15, Samson 15)

2nd over: Prasidh Krishna will share the new ball with Brathwaite. Rahane smashes this over mid-on, fearless cricket by him, while Samson goes downtown with a SIX. 12 runs from this over. RR 17/0 (Rahane 10, Samson 7)

1st over: Openers Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson are at the crease. Carlos Brathwaite will open the attack. GAME ON! A BOUNDARY by Rahane to begin with, 5 runs from the over! RR 5/0 (Ajinkya Rahane 5, Sanju Samson 0) (Meanwhile, Ajinkya Rahane becomes first Indian to join English county side Hampshire)



10.02 pm: The over-rate has gone sky high!


9.58 pm: Here’s Dinesh Karthik talking about his fine 97*:

“I didn’t know that this is my highest score. Feels good to contribute for the team. We felt batsmen who are in good form should bat more balls. It is important as a leader that you should step-up in tough situations. We need to fight with what we have got that’s the attitude we should have.”


9.55 pm: Summary: Dinesh Karthik well and truly has led KKR from the front today, but they may be 10-15 runs short. Varun Aaron and debutante Oshane Thomas destroyed the top order, the onus was on Karthik to take the home side to a decent total and he did that in fine fashion — 60 runs from the last 4 overs. Rajasthan should be happy with the score, let’s see if their batsmen can chase this one down. Be back in 10 with the RR run-chase.


Kolkata Knight Riders innings (175/6)


20th over: THAT’S IT! Jaydev Unadkat will bowl the final over. SIX! Unadkat is bowling in the slot and Karthik muscles it over long-on, he’s into the 90s, gets to his highest IPL score. 18 runs from this over, Dinesh Karthik remains unbeaten on 97. KKR 175/6 (Karthik 97, Rinku Singh 3)


19th over: Jofra Archer is back into the attack. WOW! DK smashes a SIX from a slower delivery, from where did he get the power? DK finishes it off with back-to-back SIXES, the last one sails into the crowd. 16 runs from the over. KKR 157/6 (Karthik 80, Rinku Singh 2)

18th over: WICKET! Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack and he has dismissed the big-hitter Carlos Brathwaite for 5. Rinku Singh joins DK in the middle. 14 runs off this over, which includes couple of BOUNDARIES by DK, he wants to finish it off in style. KKR 141/6 (Karthik 66, Rinku Singh 0)


17th over: BIG WICKET! Oshane Thomas comes back into the attack. Dinesh Karthik brings up a well-deserved half-century coming in 35 balls. DROPPED! Once is tabboo, what do you call dropping a guy like Russell twice? Prashant Chopra, the substitute fielder, puts down a skier. Another Caribbean battle and here too, Russell lands up on the losing side, Riyan Parag doesn’t drop this one at deep mid-wicket, Russell departs for 14. Carlos Brathwaite has joined DK in the middle, 12 runs off this over. KKR 127/5 (Karthik 57, Carlos Brathwaite 1)


16th over: Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack and Andre Russell has begun with his madness, smashes a SIX into the deep mid-wicket stand. Karthik too joins the action smashing a SIX over long leg. 15 runs from this over. KKR 115/4 (Karthik 49, Russell 12)


15th over: Jofra Archer comes back into the attack. Enjoy this battle — Archer vs Russell! Archer wins this one, 4 runs from it, gold at this stage. KKR 100/4 (Karthik 42, Russell 4)

Strategic timeout!


14th over: Varun Aaron is back into the attack, and DK has deposited this one into the crowd, fans at Eden Gardens go wild. 10 from this over. KKR 96/4 (Karthik 41, Russell 2)



13th over: Oshane Thomas comes back into the attack and he concedes 5 runs, KKR 86/4 (Karthik 31, Russell 2)

12th over: Jofra Archer back into the attack, and Karthik welcomes him with a SIX over backward square leg, DK on FIRE! And against the run of play, in a major mix-up, Sunil Narine has to bear the brunt, he departs for 11 (run out). KKR’s MVP Andre Russell joins DK in the middle. 7 runs from this over, KKR 81/4 (Karthik 29, Andre Russell 0)



11th over: Shreyas Gopal will continue and Dinesh Karthik breaks the shackles, he smashes the first two balls for a SIX and a BOUNDARY! Much-needed for KKR. Karthik has smashed 4 BOUNDARIES and 2 SIXES in this over, the biggest one for KKR, 25 runs from it. KKR 74/3 (Karthik 22, Narine 11)



10th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack and he’s gone for just 3 runs. KKR 49/3 (Narine 5, Karthik 3)

Strategic timeout!

9th over: Shreyas Gopal will continue. You just cannot keep Varun Aaron out of the action, catches this one at backward point, Nitish Rana departs for 21. KKR well and truly struggling here. Sunil Narine joins his captain Dinesh Karthik in the middle. Another brilliant over comes to an end, 4 runs and the wicket. KKR 46/3 (Sunil Narine 4, Dinesh Karthik 1)

8th over: SPIN FROM BOTH ENDS! Riyan Parag into the attack to bowl his legspinners. 7 from this over. KKR 42/2 (Rana 21, Karthik 1)


7th over: SPIN INTRODUCED! Shreyas Gopal comes into the attack to bowl his legspinners. Gopal concedes just 3 runs. Here’s a staggering STAT: KKR have only got three runs in front of the wicket in the entire Powerplay. KKR 35/2 (Rana 15, Karthik 0)

6th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Jofra Archer comes into the attack and he concedes just 1 run in his first over. That’s the end of the Powerplay. KKR 32/2 (Rana 13, Karthik 0)


5th over: WICKET! Varun Aaron will continue and he does it again, this time he smashes into the woodwork of Shubman Gill, he departs for 14. Another excellent over by Aaron, 7 runs and the wicket. The KKR captain Dinesh Karthik has come to the rescue, he joins Nitish Rana in the middle. KKR 31/2 (Rana 12, Dinesh Karthik 0)


4th over: Oshane Thomas will continue and Shubman Gill welcomes him with a BOUNDARY behind backward point. Nitish Rana too had his fair share of the BOUNDARIES, smashing one, albeit in an awkward position, but manages to get a FOUR. 10 runs from this over. KKR 24/1 (Rana 11, Gill 8)


3rd over: Varun Aaron will continue, he’s steaming in, bowls the fourth delivery at a speed of 145kph. Good over by Aaron, just 3 runs from it. KKR 14/1 (Rana 7, Gill 3)


2nd over: Oshane Thomas, the debutate, will share the new ball with Aaron and Nitish Rana guides this one through the gap between backward point and cover-point for a BOUNDARY! 7 from the over. KKR 11/1 (Rana 5, Gill 2)


1st over: BOWLED HIM! Dream start for Varun Aaron and RR, Chris Lynn has been castled for a DUCK! Nitish Rana joins Shubman Gill in the middle. Excellent over by Aaron, 4 runs and the wicket of Lynn. KKR 4/1 (Shubman Gill 0, Nitish Rana 0)


7.53 pm: We’re moments away from LIVE action. Grab your seats, this one’s going to be interesting!


7.43 pm: Few initial reactions coming in from the experts



7.40 pm: Captains have their say at the toss:

Dinesh Karthik: “It’s got a lot of grass cover on it and it’ll be a great batting wicket. One of the things is to keep right people in the right space. It’s very important that we get the best out of the players who are doing well. Prasidh comes in for KC Cariappa. Brathwaite comes in for Gurney.”


Steve Smith: “We are gonna bowl first. It (pitch) looks nice. Bit of grass coverage. A bit of a welcome change from what we are playing in Jaipur. Some positive signs, you want your batters in the top four to score runs. We got two changes. Big Oshane Thomas makes his IPL debut. He comes in for Ashton Turner. Dhawal Kulkarni is out and Varun Aaron replaces him.”

7.35 pm: Here are the playing XI:

KKR too make a couple of changes — Prasidh Krishna comes in for KC Cariappa, while Carlos Brathwaite comes in for Harry Gurney.

KKR XI: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik (w/c), Rinku Singh, Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Piyush Chawla, Yarra Prithviraj, Prasidh Krishna

RR make two changes — Oshane Thomas make his IPL debut. He comes in for Ashton Turner, while Dhawal Kulkarni makes way for Varun Aaron.

RR XI: Ajinkya Rahane, Sanju Samson(w), Steven Smith(c), Ben Stokes, Riyan Parag, Stuart Binny, Shreyas Gopal, Jofra Archer, Jaydev Unadkat, Oshane Thomas, Varun Aaron


7.30 pm: TOSS: Steve Smith has won the toss and RR have opted to field.

7.10 pm: Both teams have arrived at the Eden Gardens. TOSS in a few minutes from now.



7.09 pm: Rajasthan Royals are languishing at the bottom of the points table, another loss for Kolkata Knight Riders, and they too may land in the same territory. (POINTS TABLE)

6.58 pm: For RR, this will be the last match for Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes. Ashton Turner, who registered his third duck of the tournament, will have to sit out.


6.51 pm: Here’s some team news coming in from both camps. First up, it’s KKR. The two-time champions are coming back from a much-needed break. In the bowling department, Lockie Ferguson and Harry Gurney have been threatening, KKR may opt to go with Carlos Brathwaite, who will reignite his battle with Ben Stokes. Remember the ICC World T20 2016 final (Here’s a recap of that epic match: ICC T20 World Cup 2016 ENG vs WI, Final at Eden Gardens)


6.46 pm: KKR will be looking to arrest their five-match losing streak and keep their chances of qualifying in the playoffs alive when they face RR, who have no other option than to win all their remaining four matches. It’s going to be humid at the Eden Gardens and this heated contest will not make it any easier. Stick around as we build up to today’s match. Good evening!




Kolkata Knight Riders are undergoing a slump. It s no secret. Despite having a destructive and perhaps, the most in-form batsman currently, in Andre Russell, they have succumbed to four straight defeats, hurting their chances of making the IPL 2019 playoffs.


They are dealing with multiple issues. Their spin trio of Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav and Sunil Narine hasn t been able to make an impact. Kuldeep was dropped for their last match against Sunrisers Hyderabad which they lost by nine wickets. Their batting is fragile. Except for Russell, others have been highly inconsistent. Barring their demolition of Rajasthan Royals, three of their four victories have come due to the brilliance of Russell. Had it not been for his explosive batting, they wouldn t have enjoyed the start early in the season and struggled like RR and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Russell is also at the centre of a debate where should he bat? He himself admits of his desire to bat higher up the order giving him more time to settle and score runs. Against SRH, he batted at No. 7 which raised question mark over the captaincy of Dinesh Karthik.

Speaking of captaincy, their opponents RR have endured mixed results since implementing a change in that department. Steve Smith has struck consecutive half-centuries since taking over the reins from Ajinkya Rahane in a win and defeat. Rahane s own form has undergone a turnaround as he struck a century in a six-wicket defeat to Delhi Capitals. They are soon to be hit by IPL exodus with the likes of Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer, Steve Smith the top stars to leave for their respective nations for World Cup preparations. Time is running out for them.