Kochi Tuskers move for arbitration in dispute with BCCI

The Kochi Tuskers Kerala were suspended from th upcoming IPL season by the BCCI few days ago AFP

By CricketCountry Staff

Mumbai: Sep 24, 2011

The suspended Indian Premier League franchise Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) have moved for arbitration regarding its dispute with the BCCI.

The move has been made as the BCCI encashed the bank guarantee of Rs 1.53 billion, after the franchise failed to obtain a stay, Indian Television reported.

The proceedings are expected to begin next week.

Kochi Tuskers Kerala chairman Mukesh Patel said, “How can they encash the bank guarantee when there was time for it to expire (September 27)? We do not owe the BCCI any dues. That is a lie. We are going for arbitration to get the money back and also to challenge the termination of our contract.”

He also argued that KTK had ealier demanded for a change in venue to Ahmedabad from Kochi due to security reasons.

Two days ago, justice Vajifadar had quashed KTK s plea against the BCCI.