Kumar Sangakkara pokes fun at Ishant Sharma's long hair

The discussion between Kumar Sangakkara and Ishant Sharma is a video uploaded by Puma Cricket Studio as part of an IPL initiative © IANS

Mumbai: May 15, 2013

Among all the cricketers playing in the IPL, Ishant Sharma sports the longest hair and on Wednesday his Sunrisers skipper Kumar Sangakkara did put the lanky pacer in a spot by asking a question about his flowing mane.

“Did you face any difficulties while pitching the ball in right areas when his hair falling all over his face?” Sangakkara had a mischievous smile as he ‘bowled one’ to his teammate in the corridor of uncertainty.

Ishant was however equal to the task as the question asked in jest was taken in right spirit.

“I think it’s a cool style for me. I saw you once, when you had long hair. Maybe I am trying to copy you and one day I can become the captain as well. I am really lucky [to have hair]. I am not going to cut my hair,” Ishant was seen replying in a seven-minute video uploaded by Puma Cricket Studio as part of an IPL initiative.

He then asked a counter-question,”You are my captain. You have seen me while wicketkeeping, did you ever see me having a problem with my hair?”

As the Sunrisers duo recollected their memorable moments on the cricket field, they also spoke about the “characters” in their country’s respective dressing rooms.

“Virat Kohli can copy every single player. The one thing he can do is copy everyone really nice. He is a jolly chap. He creates a nice atmosphere in the dressing room,” Ishant said about his statemate.

The 24-year old described his 100th wicket as the most memorable moment in his Test career.

“There is only one dismissal I can’t really forget. It is my 100th Test wicket. It was Darren Sammy,” he said.

For Sanga, Muttiah Muralitharan is an ultimate character.

“Murali, he is always talking in the dressing room, so we never sit next to him before we go out to bat. Because he will bring his chair next to you and say Sanga don’t drive. Be careful of pulling. He is bowling well isn’t he? It’s quick. It’s turning. Be careful don’t go down the track. Ultimately, you are left with no shots to play other than a forward defence,” the former skipper joked.

Questioned about some embarrassing misses and dismissals, Sangakkara referred to a missed stumping off Andrew Symonds during the 2003 World Cup as one that still rankles him.

“We were playing Australia in the semi-finals in Port Elizabeth. We had Australia at 60 for 5, Andrew Symonds was on 11 when he went down the track to Sanath Jayasuriya, missed the ball and I missed the stumping. Symonds scored 90 and Aussies won the match.”

For Sangakkara, Sanath Jayasuriya was the most destructive batsman, he has ever seen.

“Jayasuriya could embarrass the bowlers. He did that to Manoj Prabhakar [during World Cup 1996] when he was forced to change to off-spin from medium pace.”