Kumar Sangakkara retires: Twitter trolls with #kumarsdad

Twitter rarely misses out on any trending topic around the world, be it Sports, Politics, Bollywood. When Kumar Sangakkara‘s father Kshema Sangakkara in his column for Indian Express wrote that his son could have done more than what he did in his international cricket career, Twitter took to it like a fish to water. It was intriguing to see how many could relate to their parents expecting a lot more from their child despite the proven success. It was Jarrod Kimber, who started the trend using the hashtag, #kumarsdad and the world picked it up to make it trend on Twitter. Read: Kumar Sangakkara could have done much better, says father Kshema Sangakkara








Such was the impact that there is an account for Dad of Sangakkara already!

Kumar Sangakkara‘s father, Kshema Sangakkara felt that his son did not do full justice to his batting talent. Kshema feels that his son “could have done so much better”. Self-proclaimed harshest critic of Kumar, Kshema added, “I have always been his harshest critic, and he knows about it all too well. For the world, Kumar was this venerated technician. But in my opinion, he never reached that level. He could have done so much better with the skills he had. Everybody speaks about his average being in the same league of Graeme Pollock and Garry Sobers, but Kumar could have done better.”

Kshema was quoted saying to Indian Express, “He too often let bowlers dismiss him rather than them having to get him out. For me, Don Bradman was the ultimate batsman. He scored a century once in every three innings. If you truly consider yourself to be a world-class batsman, you should be able to do that. Kumar did well, don’t get me wrong. But did he achieve his true potential? I don’t think so.” Kumar bid adieu to cricket after the second Test against India. He leaves the game with an average of 57.40 and with more than 12000 runs with 38 Test hundreds. According to Kshema, Mahela Jayawardene had a better batting technique but his batting record is not as great as Kumar’s. READ: Virat Kohli presents Kumar Sangakkara Indian jersey signed by players as tribute