For Mangeshkar, Tendulkar is an embodiment of all that is good about the game of cricket and its spirit—discipline, morality and gentlemanliness © IANS

Mumbai: Apr 20, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar calls her “Ma (mother)”. Lata Mangeshkar is delighted that Tendulkar calls her so. The two people have reached unprecedented levels of success in their respective fields and still strive for more.

“My cricket-watching—I must confess I understand very little of the game—is largely guided by whether Sachin is playing or not. I often switch off the television when Sachin gets out,” says the melody queen. This is a common sentiment that still pervades in the psyche of Tendulkar worshippers.

For Mangeshkar, Tendulkar is an embodiment of all that is good about the game of cricket and its spirit—discipline, morality and gentlemanliness.

Tendulkar has told Mangeshkar that listening to her songs has inspired him on many occasions. “I am
absolutely delighted he feels that way. If my music can inspire him to achieve further greatness for India, I’d only feel privileged,” Mangeshkar told Boria Mazumdar for a special edition of the Outlook magazine.
ike all his fans, Mangeshkar was taken by surprise when Tendulkar quit One Day Internationals in December 2012. “I did not like it when he quit one-day cricket. I still think he should have continued, for he has lots of cricket left in him. There’s no doubt his passion for the game is undiminished and I feel he should continue to play Test cricket as long as he loves the game the way he does. In fact, even after he leaves cricket (and this is very much my personal opinion), he should continue to play sport. Perhaps he can start playing golf seriously, maybe some other sport, but I firmly believe he should play some sport as long as he lives. All his life, he hasn’t done much else than play sport with complete commitment, so he shouldn’t give up what he loves so much,” opines Mangeshkar.

In a recent event, to celebrate Tendulkar’s 100 hundreds, at the Ambanis the stalwart of music and cricket were present. Mangeshkar was asked to speak a few words on the occasion. “Soon after I finished speaking, Sachin asked me to sing a couple of lines from the song ‘Tu jahan jahan chalega, mera saaya saath hoga…’, from the film Mera Saya, which he said was one of his all-time favourites. I did sing a few lines from the song for him and was happy to be able to do so,” recalls the receipient of Bharat Ratna, Mangeshkar.

Mangeshkar offers Tendulkar mother-like advice: “As Sachin turns 40, all I want to tell him is that he should never lose his balance. He has a lot to offer to India and to his fans. And life has just begun for him. In fact, he is half my age! He shouldn’t think of giving up cricket for anyone and should continue to play as long as his body and mind want to. Happy birthday, Sachin!”