‘Let’s not put nature in crisis’: Kevin Pietersen as world seeks solutions for COVID-19
Image: Twitter

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen on Monday urged the people to not put the nature in crisis as the world continues to seek solutions to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

Pietersen released a video on Twitter, saying that the pandemic should now be enough to make people understand that they do not own this planet.

“Resilience is the power to recover quickly in difficulties, we as humans are part of a natural resilient world, micro and macro organisms in nature have countless inter-relationships that keep our planet healthy and our modern world functional. We aren’t voids of nature, we are citizens of the normal world, humanity is being reminded more than ever now that we do not own this planet,” Pietersen said in the video.

“The lessons and solutions rest in nature, ultimately it is the understanding of the natural world and nature that offers us the solutions we seek. As we seek solutions in the terms of crisis, let us not put nature in crisis, but it gives me hope that we as humans are caring,” he added.

COVID-19 has spread across continents and territories, has infected at least 1.2 million and killed close to 70,000 others.

The coronavirus death toll in the United Kingdom had surpassed 4,900 on Sunday after the Department of Health and Social Care announced that 621 more people have lost their lives after contracting the disease.

According to the UK government’s daily statistical bulletin, the death toll as of 17:00 GMT on Saturday stood at 4,934.

The total number of COVID-19 cases confirmed in the UK stood at 47,806, the government stated.

On Saturday, the UK government had warned that stricter lockdown measures could be implemented following reports that thousands of citizens took to the country’s parks.

Currently, the government is allowing citizens to leave their residences for exercise once a day.

Several leading government officials, such as Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have tested positive for COVID-19.

The World Health Organisation had termed coronavirus as a ‘pandemic’ on March 11.