Life threats to me, family the reason for moving to London, reveals Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi said that he has never refused to co-operate with authorities on any issue Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Nov 3, 2011

Former Indian premier League Chairman Lalit Modi has reaffirmed that he is not hiding in London to avoid court hearing for the cases lodged against him in India with regards to mismanagement of the league he found.

He wrote in his blog,” My life in London is an issue I have been asked about on a regular basis via e-mail and on social networking sites both by the media and members of the general public. I understand the reasons for the questions – all of them fed by repeated misinformation and innuendo.”

“So let me re-affirm my position with three, elementary and categorical statements that answer the fundamental accusations surrounding my stay here:

1 I have not “run away”

2 I have absolutely nothing to hide

3 I have not refused to co-operate with the authorities on any matter.”

“My reasons for moving to London should be easy to understand in light of the fact that this security was withdrawn without warning by the very same authorities that first alerted me to the assassination attempts and without any evidence to suggest an end to the threat to my life. “While the threat remains very real to me and my family, I cannot return to India but my ‘refusal’ to return has been seized upon by my detractors, who have conveniently ignored the reasons why.”

Modi also revelaed that he had to leave India in the wake of increasing threat and reduction of security offered to him. He said,” The global news networks are full of stories of teams of investigators travelling to different countries to interview people. Why do they refuse to see me?

“Especially, when I am offering to cover their costs to mitigate my presence back home. The letters from the police confirm their acceptance of a genuine threat; a threat that has never been downgraded but was, in my opinion, increased with the withdrawal of security without warning. That’s why I left. And it is the only reason I left.”