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  • 5:48 PM IST

    Thank you very much. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. We will be back with the one-dayers between the two sides.

  • 5:43 PM IST

    Best Batsman of the Series: Mohammad Nabi

    Best Bowler of the Series: Rashid Khan
    Man of the Series: Rashid Khan
  • 5:42 PM IST

    Man of the Match: Mohammad Nabi — 89 (30), 1 for 43 and 3 catches.

  • 5:32 PM IST

    Ireland have now extended their winning run to 11. We saw 438 runs scored. By the way, 11 years back, South Africa scored 438 to chase down Australia’s 434. coincidence

  • 5:30 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 205 (19.2) | Jacob Mulder 0 (0): Rashid finishes with 4-0-28-3. Nabi to bowl the final over. McCarthy’s poor game continues as he is run out of the first ball of the over. Now Dockrell departs. He had no choice but to go for the big one. Ghani takes a simple catch. Nabi gets a wicket. Quite fittingly, it was his knock that made the difference in the end.

    Ireland did well to get to 205. They lost 5 wickets off the last 8 balls. It’s a 3-0 for Afghanistan.

    OUT! George Dockrell c Usman Ghani b Mohammad Nabi 2 (3)
  • 5:26 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 204/8 (18) | George Dockrell 1 (1), Barry McCarthy 0 (0): Wilson needs support here. Tucker unfortunately isn’t doing enough. Wilson starts with 2. He sprints back for the second. Wilson now goes for a big one and finds the deep midwicket fielder. Not a good idea to play across the line. A very good knock from Wilson ends. No support for him. It seems over for Ireland. Now Tucker looking to clear midwicket boundary is cleaned up.

    A googly and Rashid gets his third. Thompson departs. He is cleaned up.

    OUT! Gary Wilson c Samiullah Shenwari b Rashid Khan 59 (34)
    OUT! Lorcan Tucker b Rashid Khan 16 (14)
    OUT! Greg Thompson b Rashid Khan 0 (1)
  • 5:19 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 199/5 (18) | Gary Wilson 57 (32), Lorcan Tucker 14 (12): Shapoor is into the attack. He was expensive in the first spell, going away for 47 from his 3 overs. Full from Shapoor and he smacks it in the off-side for 2. That’s Wilson’s second T20I fifty. He follows it with a wide. That’s the first wide in the innings. Ireland had 6 in their innings. A single and Tucker now gets 2. Good fielding at the boundary, surely saved 2 there. But it’s a no ball and therefore a free-hit. Can this ball get Ireland back in the game? Tucker only manages a single off it. Wilson heaves, gets an inside edge and it’s FOUR. Wilson follows it with a single. A big hit can bring Ireland back in the game. Can Tucker go for a big one? He looks for a reverse scoop and misses.

    Ireland need 35 runs from 12 balls.
  • 5:11 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 186/5 (17) | Gary Wilson 49 (28), Lorcan Tucker 11 (9): Tucker starts Rashid’s over with a straight six. A dot ball and then a single. What a googly to end the over. That ball spun back sharply and struck Wilson on the pad. That looked out. Umpire thinks otherwise. 10 from it.

    Ireland need 48 runs from 18 balls.
  • 5:08 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 176/5 (16) | Gary Wilson 47 (26), Lorcan Tucker 3 (5): Nabi is back into the attack. He has gone for 30 runs from 2 overs. Tucker gives strike to the more set Wilson and there it is. SIX. Wilson needs more of them if Ireland have to cross the line. A dot ball. And now a straight four. It was a full toss. 11 from 4 balls. They need more. 13 from the over. It has not been Nabi’s day with the ball.

    Ireland need 58 from 24 balls.
  • 5:04 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 163/5 (15) | Gary Wilson 36 (22), Lorcan Tucker 1 (3): Almost a wicket for Rashid. Wilsod got a leading edge. Shapoor and Stanikzai came in running from gully and point respectively. They almost collided and the catch was dropped. 0,1,1,0 and now Wilson places one in the leg side. Ireland sprint for 2. There was a run out scare but Wilson is quick enough. Only 2 from the 5 balls. And a dot to end it.

    Ireland need 71 from 5 overs.
  • 5:00 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 159/5 (14) | Gary Wilson 33 (17), Lorcan Tucker 0 (2): This will be Janat’s final over. The Irish run hard and get 2. Single now. This is an important over in context of the game. They need to make use of the remaining balls of the over. McBrine goes across the stumps and clears long leg for a six. Just what I was saying. McBrine now looks for a reverse scoop and is trapped in front of the stumps. Umpire raises his finger. McBrine departs.Ireland lose half their side.

    Lorcan Tucker joins Wilson. The 20-year-old does not have impressive numbers. The over ends with two dot balls. Janat finishes with 4-0-34-2. Ireland need 75 from 6 overs.

    OUT! Andy McBrine lbw b Karim Janat 13 (8)
  • 4:54 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 150/4 (13) | Gary Wilson 30 (15), Andy McBrine 7 (6): Here’s Rashid. The 18-year-old ended with figures of 5 for 3 in the last game. He is the ranked fifth T20I bowler in ICC Rankings. 0,1,2,1 and now Wilson uses the bottom hand well to get a boundary. That went straight. Wilson keeps strike with a single. 9 from the over.

  • 4:51 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 141/4 (12) | Gary Wilson 24 (11), Andy McBrine 4 (4): Janat has bowled some crucial overs here. He will continue. 2, 0, 1, 2 and SIX. That went over cover — flat. 12 from the over. Wilson will be the key for Ireland here. This will not be easy with Rashid Khan’s four remaining.

  • 4:47 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 129/4 (11) | Gary Wilson 15 (8), Andy McBrine 1 (1): Hamza to bowl his final over. Porterfield finds the deep backward square leg boundary. Manages another 2. This time trying to clear long on, the Ireland skipper finds Nabi. Well, his third catch. Andy McBrine walks out in the middle. He does not have very impressive numbers. McBrine survives a run out scare. Meanwhile, Wilson smartly places the final ball throught the point and gully region towards thirdman for a boundary.

    OUT! William Porterfield c Mohammad Nabi b Amir Hamza 16 (14)
  • 4:42 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 117/3 (10) | William Porterfield 10 (11), Gary Wilson 10 (6): Janat to continue. 1, 1 and Wilson makes use of the width as he cuts it past point for a boundary. Another single. The last boundary came after 19 deliveries. Single to Porterfield. Ireland need boundaries. Singles won’t hurt the Afghans. 10 from the over.

    Ireland need 117 from 10 overs. They are not out of the contest yet.
  • 4:37 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 107/3 (9) | William Porterfield 8 (9), Gary Wilson 2 (2): Hamza to continue with his left-arm spin. 1, 1, 1, 0 and now a reverse sweep attempted. 2 runs, followed by a dot ball to end the over. Ireland have scored 12 from 17 balls since Thompson’s wicket.

  • 4:34 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 101/3 (8) | William Porterfield 4 (5), Gary Wilson 0 (0): Karim Janat is into the attack. Starts with two dot balls and then a single. The skipper now gets a single. 100 on the board. Things have slowed down since Thompson’s dismissal. O’Brien looks to clear the long on boundary and finds Nabi there. The ball is finding Nabi everywhere. Ireland have been rocked on the back foot. Gary Wilson comes out.

    OUT! Kevin O’Brien c Mohammad Nabi b Karim Janat 3 (6)
  • 4:29 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 98/1 (7) | William Porterfield 2 (3), Kevin O’Brien 2 (2): Hamza is back into the attack and Thompson straightaway muscles it over cover for a boundary. He attempts another one, misses and his stumps are rattled. Another big blow for the Irish men. Kevin O’Brien is in the middle now. A quiet over in context of the game. Only 7 from it.

    OUT! Stuart Thompson b Amir Hamza 43 (18)
  • 4:25 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 91/1 (6) | Stuart Thompson 39 (16), William Porterfield 1 (1): 1,0 and 0. Good comeback from Nabi. Well Thompson finds the ropes. Two back-to-back sixes and single. 14 from the over. Whew. This has been a run fest so far. Thompson starts from where Stirling left. 91 from the Powerplay!

  • 4:22 PM IST
    Live – Ireland 77/1 (5) | Stuart Thompson 26 (11), William Porterfield 0 (0): Shapoor to continue. He is lauched over midwicket for a boundary. Now a ‘free hit’. It’s a SIX over long on. Whew. That’s been the norm of the day. Zadran gets Stirling now, finally. He shuffles to his off-stump and Zadran fires it in straight. Stirling times it well but finds Nabi patrolling the deep square leg boundary. Big blow for Ireland. No fifty for him. No stopping for Thompson though. Clears long-on and its SIX. The finds one through cover for a boundary. Thompson slams another straight but a superb piece of fielding saves 2 runs for Afghans. 23 from the over.

    OUT! Paul Stirling c Mohammad Nabi b Shapoor Zadran 49 (20)
  • 4:12 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 54/0 (4) | Paul Stirling 39 (17), Stuart Thompson 14 (7): Nabi is into the attack. The hero of the day. Can he star with his off-spin? Short and Stirling cuts it away for a boundary. Dot. Another cut and it’s four. Brilliant from Stirling. He is making use of the Powerplay. 9 from the first four balls of Nabi. Thompson on strike. He will face his first ball from this end. Slogs and misses. Another short delivery and Thompson clears the leg side ropes for a six. 15 from the over.

  • 4:08 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 39/0 (3) | Paul Stirling 30 (13), Stuart Thompson 8 (5): It is important for Thompson to rotate the strike. Dot ball and now a quick single. Stirling is back on strike. He is the man for Ireland. Dropped! Stirling makes room and drives it hard to the cover. It was quick and Shenwari drops it. Lucky escape for Stirling but that’s the order of the day. They run 2. Thompson is in serious discomfort. He seems to have pulled a muscle. Another dropped catch of Stirling. This was an easy catch at backward square-leg. Shapoor should be fuming. Thompson now gets into the act. Rocks on the back foot and smacks it over the deep extra cover fence for a six. 10 from the over.

  • 3:58 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 29/0 (2) | Paul Stirling 27 (11), Stuart Thompson 1 (1): Amir Hamza into the attack. The left-arm spinner starts with two dot balls. Now Stirling steps out and clears deep midwicket for a huge six. This is one of the best shots of the day. Now stays on the back foot and clears deep extra cover for another boundary. This was too short. But this wicket is a belter. Stirling needs to be careful as he is the key man in the line-up. The final ball, he steps out and beautifully times it through the off-side gap for a boundary. That’s the class of Stirling.

  • 3:54 PM IST

    Live – Ireland 15/0 (1) | Paul Stirling 13 (5), Stuart Thompson 1 (1): Shapoor Zadran to start. Two singles and now Shapoor strays down the legs and Striling finds the long leg boundary. He comes down the wicket and clears the off-side infield and gets 2 runs. Wow! Stirling picks the length early and it’s over long on for a huge six. Shapoor now follows the batsman and its a single. 15 from the first over.

  • 3:41 PM IST

    The last six overs yielded 104 runs for Afghanistan. This is their highest T20I score.

  • 3:39 PM IST
    Live – Afghanistan: 233/8 (20) |Rashid Khan 0 (1): What is happening here? Rashid gets a single. Nabi clears long off for a six. He follows it with two more sixes. Now he gets a thick inside edge for a boundary. He is run out in the final ball. He smacks one straight to the stumps. In attempt of a quick single, he is run out. McCarthy pulls out the disloged stumps to make that possible. What a knock from Nabi. Pure brute hitting.

    McCarthy picked 4 wickets in the last game. He finishes with figures of 4-0-69-0.

    OUT! Mohammad Nabi run out 89 (30)
  • 3:35 PM IST
    Live – Afghanistan: 210/7 (19) | Mohammad Nabi 67 (25), Rashid Khan 0 (0): O’Brien to bowl his final over. Shenwari mis-times a slog and finds the deep midwicket fielder. This was the need of the hour. Karim Janat comes in. Nabi smacks one and finds the gap between long-on and mid-wicket. Four. Janat smacks a six and is dismissed the next ball. Nabi ends the over with a boundary.

    OUT! Samiullah Shenwari c George Dockrell b Kevin O’Brien 13 (10)
    OUT! Karim Janat c Jacob Mulder b Kevin O’Brien 6 (2)
  • 3:26 PM IST

    Live – Afghanistan: 195/5 (18) | Samiullah Shenwari 13 (9), Mohammad Nabi 58 (22): Thompson to Shenwari. He sweeps it and FOUR. He just swept a pacer. Brave. Now plays it in the air and gets 2. It falls between three fielders. Nabi on strike. 2 short of his fifty. Can he get it this ball? That’s a dot. Nabi slams it straight for boundary. That’s his fifty. What a knock! 21 balls. I enjoyed it more than Shahzad’s. He ends the over with a huge six. Nabi should start for SRH in IPL.

  • 3:22 PM IST

    Live – Afghanistan: 178/5 (17) | Samiullah Shenwari 6 (6), Mohammad Nabi 48 (19): McCarthy to bowl at the death. Starts with a wide. Shenwari gives the strike to Nabi. A dot ball and then the bowler bowls a high full toss and Nabi dispatches it over backward square leg for a six. That’s what happens when you miss a yorker. Gets 2 and now Nabi finds the gap between long on and deep midwicket for another boundary. It is not easy to dispatch full tosses like that. Oh well! He finds the same region again. That is pure power. It’s a SIX this time. 20 from the over!

  • 3:17 PM IST

    Live – Afghanistan: 158/5 (16) | Samiullah Shenwari 5 (5), Mohammad Nabi 30 (14): Dockrell to continue. That’s cheeky from Nabi. Opens the face at the last moment for a boundary. 7 from first 4 balls. And now Nabi powers one over deep extra cover for another six! 13 from the over.

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Hello and welcome to live cricket score and updates of the third and final Twenty20 International (T20I) of the three-match series between Afghanistan and Ireland at Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground, Greater Noida, India. We will be bringing to you all the updates, funny tweets and gems from the social media related to this contest in this presentation. Our correspondent Aditya Sahay will be covering the contest from the venue, giving us live happenings of this battle between the Associate Nations. Our exclusive coverage, thus, will keep you updated and ahead in terms of all the information from this game. Full Cricket Scorecard, Afghanistan vs Ireland, 3rd T20 at Greater Noida

Winning the first two games, Afghanistan have already pocketed the three-match series. This match, thus, will only be of academic interest. However, it will be far from being a dead rubber. The quality of cricket being played in this series has been exceptional so far. While Afghanistan chased down 166 runs in the first game in 18 overs, the second rain-curtailed fixture saw the bowlers coming to the party. Rashid Khan (2-1-3-5) registered best figures by an Associate bowler in his side’s 17-run win.

On batting front, Najeeb Tarakai has had brilliant run in the two games thus far. He scored 15-ball 27 in the first game before going on to hammer 58-ball 90 in the second game. In the third game too the young opener will look to make the most of his purple patch.

Nothing has gone Ireland’s way as yet. They have failed to fire collectively as a unit, and that has pegged them back. The last game presents them with a perfect opportunity to get their act together before the five-match One-Day International (ODI) series commences. Afghanistan will look to win the final contest and seal the series 3-0. Ireland, on the other hand, will have to play out of their skin to salvage some pride and get some momentum going their way before the ODIs, which will be played at the same venue.


Afghanistan: Mohammad Shahzad (c & wk), Fareed Ahmed, Aftab Alam, Usman Ghani, Hamza Hotak, Karim Janat, Rashid Khan, Gulbadin Naib, Mohammad Nabi, Shafiqullah Shafaq, Samiullah Shenwari, Najeeb Tarakai, Dawlat Zadran, Najibullah Zadran, Shapoor Zadran, Afsar Zazai.

Ireland: William Porterfield (c), George Dockrell, Joshua Little, Jacob Mulder, Andy McBrine, Barry McCarthy, Kevin O’Brien, Boyd Rankin, Paul Stirling, Greg Thompson, Stuart Thompson, Lorcan Tucker, Gary Wilson (wk), Craig Young.

Full Cricket Scorecard, Afghanistan vs Ireland, 3rd T20 at Greater Noida