Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Afghanistan and Scotland of the first round of the ICC World T20, Group B qualifiers at Nagpur. Afghanistan have the momentum going into this match as they have beaten Zimbabwe in a T20 International (T20I) series leading up to the ICC World T20 2016. Scotland have had a mixed run going into the World Cup, having lost their warm-up match to Oman and their match against Netherlands was washed out. Mohammad Shehzad has been the star for Afghanistan in T20Is and has been a major reason behind Afghanistan’s tremendous run of late. Afghanistan have won 23 out of their last 16 matches. Live Scorecard: Afghanistan vs Scotland, ICC World T20 2016, group B match at Nagpur

Mohammad Shahzad has been declared man of the match.

Afghanistan beat Scotland by 14 runs. Here’s our MATCH REPORT

Live cricket score Scotland 156/5| Overs 20| TARGET 171| BATTING: Preson Mommsen 17 (19), Matt Cross 2 (2): Despite their best of efforts, Scotland have fallen short once again against Afghanistan. Afghanistan managed to pull things after Scotland had gotten themselves off to a good start. They will be delighted to get off the mark in the tournament. OUT! Matt Machan c Stanikzai b Nabi 36 (31) 

Live cricket score Scotland 126/4| Overs 16| TARGET 171| BATTING: Matt Machan 17 (18), Preson Mommsen 8 (10): Afghanistan have managed to keep things tight in the last couple of overs. Scotland will really have to press on the accelerator if they are to win from here. Afghanistan spinners have managed to pull the match in their favour. Scotland have just dealt in singles at the moment and will need asome big hits, if they are to win from here.

Live cricket score Scotland 109/4| Overs 13| TARGET 171| BATTING: Matt Machan 8 (9), Preson Mommsen 1 (2): Afghanistan have pulled things back in the last couple of overs and have also managed to pick up a wicket. They are in with a chance to win after it looked like Scotland would run away with the match at one stage. Berrington looked to sweep and was well down the ground as Shahzad knocks the bails away. Preston Mommsen is off the mark off his second delivery.  OUT! Richie Richington st Shahzad b Rashid 8 (10)

Live cricket score Scotland 101/3| Overs 11| TARGET 171| BATTING: Matt Machan 4 (5), Richie Berrington 4 (3): RUN OUT! MacLeod plays the ball down the ground, but slips as he looks for another run and is run out by a mile. Afghanistan have picked up three quick wickets here. Richie Berrington is the new batsman and is immediately off the mark. Shenwari has bowled an excellent over, but Scotland bring up their 100.  OUT! Callum MacLeod run out 2 (3)

Live cricket score Scotland 94/2| Overs 10| TARGET 171| BATTING: Callum MacLeod 1 (2), Matt Machan 3 (3): Rashid Kahan continues. OUT! Strikes off his very first delivery as Munsey has been trapped in front. Matt Machan is the new batsman. DOT! Machan cautiously defends. ONE! He pulls the ball to deep mid-wicket. DOT! Googly from Rashid and wrapped on the pads. ONE! Macleod is off the mark after playing it to long on. FIVE WIDES! Rashid strays down the leg side and misses everything, including the wicketkeeper. TWO to finish the over.    OUT! George Munsey LBW b Rashid 41 (29)

Live cricket score Scotland 85/1| Overs 9| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 41 (28), Callum MacLeod 0 (0): Samiullah Shenwari into the attack. He starts off well, giving away just one from his first two deliveries. TWO! Driven to the deep cover area. FOUR! Some pooer fielding in the short third man area, gives Scotland another boundary. OUT! A wicket finally for Afghanistan as Coetzer mistimes one straight down the throat of the man at deep square leg. Much needed wicket for Afghanistan this. ONE to finish the over.  OUT! Kyle Coetzer c Najibullah b Shenwari 40 (27)

Live cricket score Scotland 77/0| Overs 8| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 39 (25), Kyle Coetzer 34 (24): Nabi continues. TWO! The batsmen run through for a couple after Coetzer plays the ball to the mid-wicket area. ONE! Coetzer plays with soft hands and gets a single. DOT! Munsey reverse sweeps straight to the fielder. ONE! Munsey attempts the reverse sweep. but a good stop in the short fine leg area, gives the batsmen only a single. TWO! Coetzer goes over the top, but the fielder in the mid-wicket area cuts it out. Good fielding. TWO! A deft touch from Coetzer takes the ball past the short third man area. 

Live cricket score Scotland 69/0| Overs 7| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 38 (23), Kyle Coetzer 27 (20): Leg spinner Rashid Khan into the attack now. ONE! Good start, the batsmen play the ball away for a single. DOT! Wrapped on the pads, no run. DOT! Munsey goes for a reverse sweep, but misses it completely. FOUR! Reverse sweep again, but this time Munsey does not miss out. DOT! Reverse sweep again and misses again. FOUR! Reverse sweep again and this time gets hold of it.

Live cricket score Scotland 60/0| Overs 6| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 30 (18), Kyle Coetzer 26 (19): Mohammad Nabi into the attack now. DOT! Starts off with Coetzer playing it straight to mid off. DOT! Coetzer plays it back to the bowler this time. FOUR! Edged and the ball runs past the short third man fielder for another boundary. DOT! Played to the fielder at cover point. TWO! Batsmen collect an easy two runs through mid-wicket. ONE to finish. six off that over.

Live cricket score Scotland 53/0| Overs 5| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 30 (18), Kyle Coetzer 19 (13): Gulbadin Naib into the attack. DOT! Coetzer pulls the ball straight to mid on. FOUR! Coetzer flicks the ball to the deep backward fence. ONE! Top edge and falls short of third man.  FOUR! Munsey charges down and cuts the ball to the fence. FOUR MORE! And it’s a no ball as well. Munsey just flicks the ball on the inside. Free hit coming up! DOT! Excellent yorker and the ball goes between the leg, through to the ‘keeper. FOUR to finish! 18 off that over and Scotland bring up their 50 in no time. Excellent start.

Live cricket score Scotland 35/0| Overs 4| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 18 (13), Kyle Coetzer 14 (10): Dawlat continues. DOT! First ball defended. FOUR! Munsey now joins the act as Munsey clears the in field and hits the fence. DOT! Played to backward point. FOUR! Low full toss and punched wide of mid on for another boundary. FOUR! third boundary of the over. This time Munsey just slaps the ball past the mid off fielder. DOT to finish.

Live cricket score Scotland 23/0| Overs 3| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 6 (8), Kyle Coetzer 14 (10): Hamza continues. Munsey attempts a reverse sweep, but hits his pads and they get a single. FOUR! Inside out and Coetzer gets a boundary in the cover region. DOT! the balls nips back in and Coetzer defends cautiously. DOT! Coetzer goes for a sweep, but beats him and goes to the ‘keeper. TWO! Coetzer lofts the ball in the air, the fielder can’t get there, but good running from the batsmen. SIX! Coetzer charges down the track and dispatches the ball over the long off fielder. Good over for Scotland.

Live cricket score Scotland 10/0| Overs 2| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 6 (7), Kyle Coetzer 2 (5):Dawlat Zadran to bowl the second over. DOT! Coetzer is beaten outside off. DOT again, Coetzer is beaten again. Some movement for Dawlat. ONE! Coetzer taps the ball and runs through. WIDE! Dawlat strays down leg. FOUR! Munsey drives beautifully down the ground, collects another boundary. WIDE! Dawlat strays down the leg side again. ONE! Wrapped on the pads, but the batsmen take a single. DOT! Coetzer defends it.

Live cricket score Scotland 2/0| Overs 1| TARGET 171| BATTING: George Munsey 1 (5), Kyle Coetzer 1 (1): Afghanistan start with a spinner as well in the form of Hamza Hotak. Scotland are off the mark off the fifth delivery of the innings. Excllent first over for Afghanistan and the Scotland batsmen have not managed to get the ball away.


Live cricket score Afghanistan 170/5 | Overs 20| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 55 (50), Dawlat Zadran 3 (2): Josh Davey to bowl the final over. TWO! Played with soft hands towards mid-wicket, batsmen run quickly. WIDE! RUN OUT! Davey strays down the leg, but Shafiq runs runs through but his partner does not respond. TWO! Stanikzai smashes the ball in the air and runs a couple to get to his fifty. WIDE! Davey again, strays way outside off. FOUR! Stanikzai scoops and collects another four. WIDE Again! Davey again bowls outside off. TWO! Stanikzai hits the ball to long off. ONE! Asingle down the ground to finish. OUT! Shafiqullah run out 14 (5)

Live cricket score Afghanistan 155/4 | Overs 19| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 46 (46), Shafiqullah 14 (5): Shariff to bowl his final over. He starts well, but a misfield in the deep fetches batsmen a couple. ONE! Played to short fine leg. FOUR! Indsie edge and Shafiqullah gets a boundary to fine leg. 150 up! FOUR! Shafiq looks to sweep, but a top edge gets him a boundary.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 142/4 | Overs 18| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 42 (43), Shafiqullah 5 (2): Evans now! OUT! What an eventful start to the over. Stanikzai smashes the ball down the ground and hits the ball on to the stumps. But Evans quickly uproots the stumps and Nabi has to walk back. Shafiqullah is the new batsman. Afghanistan have not scored a boundary for a long time. Stanikzai hits theball to long on but bounces in front of the fielder. FOUR! Finally a boundary to finish the over.  OUT! Mohammad Nabi run out 1 (1)

Live cricket score Afghanistan 133/3 | Overs 17| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 38 (39), Mohammad Nabi 1 (1): Mohammad Nabi is the new batsman and Sharif comes on to bowl. Stanikzai will hope that he gets his team to a good position from here. Scotland have done well to pull things back in this match so far. Sharif has followed a good over from Davey in the previous over with another good one here. But in a bid to bowl wide outside off, Scotland have conceded a couple of wides. Just five off it. Excellent over.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 128/3 | Overs 16| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 35 (34): Josh Davey into the attack now. But he strays down the leg side. Afghanistan Another WIDE. but this time on the off side. ONE! Stanikzai looks to sweep, but an outside edge takes the ball to short third man. ONE! Played to deep cover. Excellent four deliveries from SHahzad so far. TWO! Naib smashes the ball to long off. OUT! Naib is dismissed after he looks to clear the mid-wicket fence, but is caught. OUT! Gulbadin Naib c Machan b Davey 12 (11)

Live cricket score Afghanistan 120/2 | Overs 15| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 33 (32), Gulbadin Naib 8 (7): Mark Watt now. He too has followed a good over from Machan with another good one. Excellent over from Watt, but Afghanistan have laid themselves a good platform from where they can explode in the last five overs.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 114/2 | Overs 14| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 31 (29), Gulbadin Naib 5 (4): Gulbadin Naib is the new batsman for Afghanistan and he too is no mug with the bat. Machan has bowled well this over and the batsmen too are happy to get the singles. FOUR! Naib finishes the over with a boundary to fine leg.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 107/2 | Overs 13| BATTING: Ashghar Stanikzai 29 (27): FOUR! Shahzad continues his unorthodox hitting to bring up 100. Shahzad does not find the meat of the bat, yet collects a boundar4y through mid wicket. OUT! Shahzad skies one and the fielder runs in from long on runs in and takes the catch. OUT! Mohammad Shahzad c McLeod b Watt 61 (39)

Live cricket score Afghanistan 96/1 | Overs 12| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  52 (35), Ashghar Stanikzai 27 (25): Evans now! TWO! Shahzad runs the ball down to third man and gets to his fifty! ONE! Shahzad puls the ball to square leg. DROPPED! A tough catch put down and Stanikzai survives. ONE! Shahzad survives despite taking an outside edge it falls short of third man. Good over from the bowler, but goes for eight runs.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 88/1 | Overs 11| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  48 (31), Ashghar Stanikzai 23 (23): Berrington now. Both batsmen have played sensibly so far and have been doing the same this over. FOUR! Shahzad improvises and scoops the over short fine leg. Another good over for Afghanistan comes to an end.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 79/1 | Overs 10| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  42 (27), Ashghar Stanikzai 20 (21): Sharif now. Stanikzai sensibly takes a single and gives the strike to Shahzad. Sharif is bowling excellent yorkers but the batsmen have managed to dig them out and get singles. 50 partnership between these two. FOUR! Stanikzai smashes one down the ground.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 73/1 | Overs 9| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  41 (25), Ashghar Stanikzai 15(17): Matt Machan is the new bowler for Scotland. Can the entire squad bowl? looks like it! SIX! Shahzad has a look at a couple of deliveries, but then charges down the track and smashes the ball for a couple of sixes down the ground. He sensibly takes a single after a couple of huge blows.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 58/1 | Overs 8| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  28 (21), Ashghar Stanikzai 13 (15): Richie Berrington into the attack, but some good running fetches them three off two balls to bring up 50. DOT! Beaten outside off. ONE! Shahzad takes a single to deep square leg. ONE! Quick single, direct hit, but the umpire goes upstairs. The batsman just about makes it to the crease. SIX! Shahzad smashes a full ball over the mid-wicket fence. Fine way to finish the over.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 47/1 | Overs 7| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  19 (17), Ashghar Stanikzai 11 (13): Watt into the attack and Shahzad is beaten outside off. FOUR! reverse sweep and Shahzad collects a boundary. DOT! Shahzad looks to cut but beaten again. DOT! Full toss and Shahzad fails to connect, plays it back to the bowler. ONE! Shahzad hits a full toss to long off. ONE! Played downto long on by Stanikzai.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 41/1 | Overs 6| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  14 (12), Ashghar Stanikzai 10 (12): Sharif is into the attack and starts well, gives away a single on the on side. ONE! Afghanistan are rotating strike well, Stanikzai takes another single. ONE! Shahzad heaves the ball on the on side. ONE! Ball smashed on the on side, fielded well. ONE! Another quick single. Five off five in this over so far. DOTto finish.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 36/1 | Overs 5| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  11 (9), Ashghar Stanikzai 8 (9): Evans continues. DOT! Full length and Stanikzai looks to cut but it takes an inside edges, pitches and goes to the wicketkeeper. DOT! Stanikzai cautiously plays it on the off side. DOT! Plays it to cover. ONE! Stanikzai plays it to mid-wicket. ONE to to mid on this time. DOT! ! Just two from that over.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 34/1 | Overs 4| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  10 (8), Ashghar Stanikzai 7 (4): Josh Davey continues and after a dot off the first ball, Shahzad plays it on the off side for a single. DOT! Stanikzai plays his first ball and he charges down the track but no run. SIX! this time Stanikzai smashes the ball over mid-wicket fence. ONE to finish the over

Live cricket score Afghanistan 26/1 | Overs 3| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  9 (6), Ashghar Stanikzai 0 (0): Evans into the attack now and starts of right on the money. The first ball is played away to covers, but the batsman is beaten in his second ball outside off. This time Noor Ali cuts and finds the fielder. FOUR! Noor Ali opens the face of the bat and collects a bounary through third man. OUT! Noor Ali cuts the ball straight into the hands of Josh Davey at third man. Just the breakthrough Scotland would have wanted. ONE to finish the over.  OUT! Noor Ali Zadran c Davey b Evans 17 (12)

Live cricket score Afghanistan 21/0 | Overs 2| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad  8 (5), Noor Ali Zadran 13 (7): Josh Davey into the attack now. DOT! Noor Ali defends it well. SIX! just a flick on the leg side and Noor Ali scores the first six of the match. FOUR! lovely drive through covers this time as Davey over compensates by bowling a bit outside off. ONE! Misfield in the mid-wicket area, fetches Afghanistan a single. ONE! Shahzad takes a quick single after running the ball to short third man. ONE! A quick sinlge to mid on to end the over.

Live cricket score Afghanistan 8/0 | Overs 1| BATTING: Mohammad Shahzad 7 (4), Noor Ali Zadran 1 (2):  We are underway at Nagpur and Shahzad smashes the ball to the cover fence. Brilliant start for Afghanistan. Slow left-arm spinner Watt has been entrusted to bowl the first over. ONE! Shahzad goes for a slog over mid-wicket, but gets only a single after he mistimes it. DOT! Wrapped on the pads of Noor Ali, but he is safe. ONE! Noor Ali is off the mark with a swat to square leg. TWO to finish the over.

Playing XI:

Afghanistan Ashghar Stanikzai (c), Mohammad Shahzad, Samiullah Shenwari, Gulbadin Naib,  Shafiqullah, Mohammad Nabi, Najibullah Zadran, Noor Ali Zadran, Dawlat Zadran, Rashid Khan, Amir Hamza.

Scotland: Kyle Coetzer, Henry Munsey, Callum MacLeod, Matt Machan, Richie Berrington, Preston Mommsen, Matthew Cross, Josh Davey, Safyaan Sharif, Mark Watt, Alasdair Evans.

TOSS: Afghanistan have won the toss and opted to bat first

This will be an interesting match between these two sides and they will want to get off to a winning run. The other two teams in Group B were Hong Kong and Zimbabwe, who had played the first match of the tournament earlier. The op team from this group will make it to the group stages of the main tournament and will play alongside England, South Africa , Sri Lanka and West Indies in Group 1.

Scotland participated in the ICC World Cup 2015, where they failed to win a single match in that tournament. They lost to Afghanistan in that tournament and will look to avenge their loss from that tournament. It will be an interesting toss up between both the sides, both looking for a place in the main draw of the tournament. Preston Mommsen will continue to lead Scotland and Afghanistan will be led by Asghar Stanikzai.


Afghanistan: Asghar Stanikzai (c), Amir Hamza, Dawlat Zadran, Gulbadin Naib, Hamid Hassan, Karim Sadiq, Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Shahzad (wk), Najibullah Zadran, Noor Ali Zadran, Rashid Khan, Samiullah Shenwari, Shafiqullah, Shapoor Zadran, Usman Ghani

Preston Mommsen (c), Kyle Coetzer, Richie Berrington, Matt Cross (wk), Josh Davey, Con de Lange, Alastair Evans, Michael Leask, Matt Machan, Callum MacLeod, Gavin Main, Henry Munsey, Safyaan Sharif,  Rob Taylor, Mark Watt

Catch ball-by-ball action of the Group B Match 2 of the ICC World T20 2016 qualifier here