SAU 24/0 in 3.1 overs | Live Cricket Score, Assam vs Saurashtra, Ranji Trophy 2015-16, 1st semi-final, Day 3 at Vadodra: Saurashtra win by 10 wickets

Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of day 3 of the first semi-final of the Ranji Trophy 2015-16 between Assam and Saurashtra at Vadodara.

Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of day three of the first semi-final of the Ranji Trophy 2015-16 between Assam and Saurashtra at the Reliance Stadium in Vadodra. After a modest outing in the first day by Assam they were eventually bundled up for 234 they are now in a delicate situation as Saurashtra have surpassed their total and have gained a healthy lead. Saurashtra bowlers did an outstanding job with the ball in picking ten wickets and have made a solid comeback in such a decisive game. Jaydev Undakat and Hardik Rathod accounted for six wickets between them to dismantle Assam to such a poor total. FULL COVERAGE: Ranji Trophy 2015-16

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 353 & 24/0 | Overs 3.1 | Target 21 | BATTING: Avi Barot 1(9), Sagar Jogiyani 23(10): Saurashtra openers— Avi Barot and Sagar Jogiyani take their team to victory by completing the formality of scoring in excess of 20 runs. It is a massive 10-wicket victory for Saurashtra. Assam tried but could not give much resistance to the opposition and were outplayed in all the departments of the game.


Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 139 | Overs 39.1 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Krishna Das 0(4): Assam’s tail fails to wag and consequently they get bowled out for 139. They lost their three wickets only for four runs. For Saurashtra, Jaydev Unadkat took a five-wicket-haul while Hardik Rathod contributed with three wickets. Saurashtra will need to score only 21 runs in the final innings to win the match. OUT! Dhiraj Goswami c Sheldon Jackson b Jaydev Unadkat 15(20), OUT! Arup Das b Jaydev Unadkat 0(3), OUT! Syed Mohammed b Hardik Rathod 39(69)

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 135/7 | Overs 37 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Syed Mohammed 35(62), Dhiraj Goswami 15(18): Sarupam Purkayastha is caught by Sagar Jogiyani off Deepak Punia’s bowling. He scored 19 runs. Dhiraj Goswami has come to the middle. Assam now leads by 16 runs. Some respite for them, they have dodged an innings defeat but can they give at least a lead of 100 for the opposition to chase down in the final innings of the match? We will soon get to know. OUT! Sarupam Purkayastha c Sagar Jogiyani b Deepak Punia 19(33)

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 95/6 | Overs 30.1 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Syed Mohammed 19(43), Sarupam Purkayastha 15(31): Assam’s lower-order is working to take the match to the fourth innings. They now require 24 more runs to achieve it. The current partnership is now worth 38 runs. Chirag Jani has been handed the ball; he is yet to pick up his first wicket. Assam has tried five bowlers in this innings. Deepak Punia, having bowled six overs has also been wicketless till now.

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 87/6 | Overs 25.2 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Syed Mohammed 15(28), Sarupam Purkayastha 11(17): Dharmendrasinh Jadeja picks up his first wicket in the form of Arun Kathick. Assam is now in shambles, needing 32 more runs to avert an innings defeat. Saurashtra has played well in all the three departments of the game and what would be more rewarding then an innings victory. We are already running in Assam’s tale. Let’s see for how long they resist. OUT! Arun Kathick c Makwana (Sub.) b Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 15(29)

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 55/5 | Overs 19.3 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Arun Kathick 7(24), Syed Mohammed 6(15): Arun Kathick and Syed Mohammed are doing damage repair. They have a hard job ahead of them. First, they have to clear off the trail and then put up at least some runs on board for their bowlers to defend in the fourth and final innings of the match. Saurashtra, on the flip side is striving for an innings victory.

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 49/5 | Overs 15.1 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Arun Kathick 1(11), Syed Mohammed 2(2): Assam lose three wickets in quick succession. Hardik Rathod joins the party by picking up two of the three wickets that fell. Assam are now tottering on 49 for the loss of five wickets. They are still trailing. They need 62 more runs to avert an innings loss. Some really special bowling from Saurashtra. OUT! Tarjinder Singh c Arpit Vasavada b Hardik Rathod 0(11), OUT! Amit Verma c Sagar Jogiyani b Jaydev Unadkat 16(11), OUT! Gokul Sharma c Sagar Jogiyani b Hardik Rathod 1(8)

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 45/2 | Overs 10.5 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING:Tarjinder Singh 0(8), Amit Verma 16(9): Jaydev Unadkat provides Saurashtra the first breakthrough by taking the wicket of Pallav Kumar Das. He soon follows it up with Rahul Hazarika. Assam have still not averted the first innings trail; hence they cannot afford to lose another wicket. Unadkat is bowling exceedingly well and Assam batsmen have to remain wary of him. Tarjinder Singh is the new man at the crease; he is yet to open his account. OUT! Pallav Kumar Das c Avi Barot b Jaydev Unadkat 19(25), OUT! Rahul Hazarika c Sagar Jogiyani b Jaydev Unadkat 10(17)

Live Cricket Score, Assam 234 & 16/0 | Overs 6.2 | Saurashtra 353 | BATTING: Pallav Kumar Das 6(21), Rahul Hazarika 10(17): Assam have started batting in their second innings. Both the openers— Pallav Kumar Das and Rahul Hazarika are taking time to get their eye in. The first task before them is to eclipse the first innings deficit of 119 runs, which now stands at 103 runs. Jaydev Unadkat and Hardik Rathod have been handed the new ball.


Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 353 in 113.5 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Deepak Punia 42(44): Saurashtra are bowled out for 353 in their first innings. Assam will start their second innings on a 119-run deficit. Deepak Punia remained unbeaten on 42. Assam will have to bat sensibly and with discipline if they wish to get rid of the deficit and then start thinking of posting a good total for Saurashtra to chase in the final inning of the match. OUT! Dharmendrasinh Jadeja b Amit Verma 14(27), OUT! Hardik Rathod c Gokul Sharma b Amit Verma 0(1)

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 350/8 in 113 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Deepak Punia 41(42), Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 12(25): Deepak Punia is batting at just a run less than run-a-ball. He needs nine more runs to get to his fifty. Dharmendrasinh Jadeja is giving him good support at the other end. Saurashtra are now leading by 116 runs. The ninth-wicket partnership has fetched them 47 runs. Saurashtra would want Punia to reach his fifty soon.

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 329/8 in 110 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Deepak Punia 20(28), Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 12(22): The ninth-wicket partnership between Deepak Punia and Dharmendrasinh Jadeja is now worth 26 runs. Saurashtra are very close to the 100-run lead mark but they will hoping to stretch the lead as far as it is possible for them. Good batsmanship by Saurashtra’s tailenders as well after some brilliant batting display by Avi Barot, Cheteshwar Pujara, Sheldon Jackson and Chirag Jani. Out of the four, only Pujara succeeded in getting to three digits.

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 307/8 in 104.3 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Deepak Punia 10(16), Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 0(0): Dhiraj Goswami traps Chirag Jani leg-before for 43. Can Saurashtra still cross the 350-run mark or at least give a lead of 100 to Assam, when the latter comes to bat later on? We will soon find out. Dharmendrasinh Jadeja is the new batsman at the crease. Krishna and Arup Das are bowling well in tandem. Saurashtra are leading by 73 runs. OUT! Chirag Jani lbw Dhiraj Goswami 43(123)

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 299/7 in 101.5 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Chirag Jani 41(116), Deepak Punia 4(7): Krishna Das takes another wicket. Jaydev Unadkat is sent back to the pavilion for 14. Chirag Jani is nearing his half century. He has tailored his innings as per the match situation, hitting only three fours so far. A fighting knock and he thoroughly deserves to get to his fifty. Saurashtra leads by 65 runs. OUT! Jaydev Unadkat c Syed Mohammed b Krishna Das 14(18)

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 288/6 in 98 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Chirag Jani 34(104), Jaydev Unadkat 14(14): Chirag Jani is batting very patiently. The scoring rate has reduced considerably after the fall of the key wicket of Cheteshwar Pujara. Jaydev Unadkat, on the other hand has already struck three shots to the fence, early on in his innings. Saurashtra will definitely be hoping to go beyond the 350-run mark. Assam have tried seven bowlers, out of which only Krishna and Arup Das have posed any threat to the opposition.

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 277/6 in 94.2 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Chirag Jani 33(90), Jaydev Unadkat 9(7): Finally, Assam strike gold. Cheteshwar Pujara, who was eyeing a big hundred, departs for 126. Saurashtra now leads by 43 runs. They would want to stretch their lead beyond 100. Krishna Das now has two wickets from the match. He has been the most economical, giving just 2.15 runs per over on an average. OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara c Syed Mohammed b Krishna Das 126(243)

Live Cricket Score, Saurashtra 257/5 in 85.3 overs | Assam 234 | BATTING: Cheteshwar Pujara 118(225), Chirag Jani 30(62): Saurashtra have resumed their batting from their overnight score of 254. In the 21 balls that have been bowled today so far, they have scored three runs. Pujara has held his ground firmly. We might see him up the scoring rate some time later. Dharmendrasinh Jadeja and Hardik Rathod are next in the batting order. Krishna Das is bowling at the moment. Arup Das has been the most successful bowler for Assam with his three wickets. Saurashtra is leading by 23 runs.

After a cautious start to their innings, Saurashtra lost wickets in plenty but Cheteshwar Pujara once again stepped up when his team needed him the most and contributed with a match winning century. At stumps, on day two, Pujara remained unbeaten on 116 along with Chirah Jani who is also batting at 29. Saurashtra have gained a healthy lead of 20 runs and have five wickets to spare. They will look to add maximum runs to their existing total and steer their side to a dominating position.

For Assam, Arup Das bowled well and picked up three wicket, Krishna Das too picked up a wicket along with Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad who also had scalp to his name. Assam have to play their cards right in this game from here on as they are already on the back foot going into the second day of the match. They showed that they can take on some of the big teams in the competition and come out with flying colours in the group stages and also the quarter-final. They will need to dig deep and look to make a match out of this as well.


Assam: Gokul Sharma (c), Pallav Das, Rahul Hazarika, Amit Verma, Arun Karthik, Tarjinder Singh, Syed Mohammad, Swarupam Purkayastha, Dhiraj Goswami, Krishna Das, Arup Das.

Saurashtra: Jaydev Shah (c), Cheteshwar Pujara, Avi Barot, Arpit Vasavada, Shirag Jani, Dharamendrasinh Jadeja, Hardik Rathod, Sagar, Jogiyani (wk), Sheldon Jackson, Deepak Punia, Jaydev Undakat.

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