Australia will look to bounce back after loss against New Zealand © Getty Images
Australia will look to bounce back after loss against New Zealand © Getty Images

Live Cricket Scores Australia (AUS) vs Afghanistan (AFG) in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

(Australia (AUS) take on Afghanistan (AFG)  in the crucial ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match at Perth. Catch Live Cricket Score and Updates of the match here)

Australia have won by 275 runs and this is the biggest win by any side in the history of the World Cup. The Australians also broke India’s record of highest World Cup total and now this. One would have expected Afghanistan to put up a strong fight but they could not stand a chance against the Australian pacemen. Here’s Nishad Pai Vaidya’s final report of the Australia vs Afghanistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match.

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 140/10 in 37.3 Overs: It’s all over! Mitchell Johnson takes his fourth wicket as Hamid Hassan tries to pull but ends up giving a dolly to David Warner. Australia slam Afghanistan by 275 runs! NOT OUT: Shapoor Zadran 0 (4)

OUT! Hamid Hassan c David Warner b Mitchell Johnson 5 (18)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 140/9 in 37 Overs: DROPPED! Shapoor Zadran gets an outside edge and the ball lands between Clarke and Steven Smith in the slips. BATTING:  Hamid Hassan 5 (15), Shapoor Zadran 0 (4)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 140/9 in 36.1 Overs:  And there is the ninth wicket! Hazlewood gets Zazai caught by Haddin and Australia are just one more wicket away from a mammoth win.  BATTING:  Hamid Hassan 5 (15)

OUT! Afsar Zazai c Brad Haddin b Josh Hazlewood 10 (40)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 140/8 in 36 Overs: Mitchell Johnson continues for his seventh over as Afghan batsmen add another two runs to their total.  BATTING: Afsar Zazai 10 (38), Hamid Hassan 5 (15)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 138/8 in 35 Overs: Josh Hazlewood continues post the drinks break. Only one run is scored . BATTING: Afsar Zazai 9 (36), Hamid Hassan 4 (11)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 137/8 in 34 Overs: Starc continues as an outside edge off Hamid Hassan’s bat falls short of Aaron Finch at the first slip. The second last ball is a well-directed yorker but Hassan does well to defend it. Afghanistan add two more runs to the total. BATTING: Afsar Zazai 9 (30), Hamid Hassan 4 (11)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 135/8 in 33 Overs:  It’s pacers from both the end as Josh Hazlewood is into the attack. Australia need two more runs to win. Only three runs added in that over. BATTING: Afsar Zazai 8 (29), Hamid Hassan 3 (6)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 131/8 in 31.5 Overs: Starc cleans up the new man Dawlat Zadran on the fifth ball of the over as it seems to be getting over for the Asian side quite quickly. BATTING: Afsar Zazai 7 (27)

OUT! Dawlat Zadran b Mitchell Starc 0 (4)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 131/7 in 31.1 Overs: End of the resistance from Najibullah as Starc bowls a yorker and the left-hander is cleaned up. Afghanistan are seven down. BATTING: Afsar Zazai 7 (27)

OUT! Najibullah Zadran b Mitchell Starc 24 (31)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 131/6 in 31 Overs: And out of the blue, Najibullah dances down the track to hit a massive, massive six over long on off Maxwell. It was a tremendous strike as the ball just kept flying and flying. BATTING: Najibullah Zadran 24 (30), Afsar Zazai 7 (27)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 122/6 in 30 Overs: Clarke summons Starc as Australia are looking to finish this one off quickly. Afghanistan add only one more run to their total. BATTING: Najibullah Zadran 15 (26), Afsar Zazai 7 (26)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 121/6 in 29 Overs: Maxwell continues. The first ball is hit for a single, followed by three dots. Afghanistan have scored only 27 runs off the last nine overs. BATTING: Najibullah Zadran 14 (24), Afsar Zazai 7 (22)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 120/6 in 28 Overs: Faulkner oversteps on the fifth ball as Afghanistan get a free hit. The followup delivery is wide, and then Zazai hits straight to the fielder. Four runs added in the 28th over. BATTING: Najibullah Zadran 13 (23), Afsar Zazai 7 (17)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 116/6 in 27 Overs: Maxwell continues. Afghanistan batsmen add another 11 runs to the total. While Warner saves a boundary on the second last ball, Najibullah slams one right down the ground for four . BATTING: Najibullah Zadran 13 (23), Afsar Zazai 5 (10)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 105/6 in 26 Overs: It certainly has been disappointing to see that none of the Afghanistan batsmen have put up some kind of resistance against the Australian bowlers. The runs seem to have stopped coming in almost. Single off the final ball with a thick edge flying over the third slip. BATTING:  Najibullah Zadran 6 (19), Afsar Zazai 1 (8)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 103/6 in 25 Overs: Glenn Maxwell is into the attack and strikes immediately, removing Afghan captain Mohammad Nabi. The right-hander looked to play a sweep shot but got and edge. He reviewed the decision, which went against him. BATTING:  Najibullah Zadran 5 (17), Afsar Zazai 0 (4)

OUT! Mohammad Nabi c Michael Clarke b Glenn Maxwell 2(10)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 103/5 in 24 Overs: The runs have dried up completely for Afghanistan. Nabi and Najibullah are not looking to score which indicates that they might be looking for some quality match practise. Playing the full quota of 50 overs is another key factor. One run scored off Faulkner. Batting: Mohammad Nabi 2 (8), Najibullah Zadran 5 (17)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 102/5 in 23 Overs: Johnson continues, Afghan batsmen take singles off the first two balls. 100 up for Afghanitan in the over as Johnson bangs one very short. Afghanistan get five runs off the Aussie pacer.  Batting: Mohammad Nabi 1 (6), Najibullah Zadran 5 (13)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 97/5 in 22 Overs: James Faulkner into the attack, with Najibullah defending the first three deliveries of the over. Takes a single off the fifth ball. One run at the end of the over, with the run-rate being a little over four per over Batting: Mohammad Nabi 0 (5), Najibullah Zadran 2 (8)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 96/5 in 21 Overs: Afghanistan’s batting mainstay in this match, Nawroz Mangal departs after scoring 33 off 35 balls, edging a rising delivery to the slips where Aaron Finch takes  terrific catch after diving to his right. Should not be long before the Aussies wipe out the rest of the batting order. Batting: Mohammad Nabi 0 (4), Najibullah Zadran 1 (3)

OUT! Nawroz Mangal c Aaron Finch b Mitchell Johnson 33 (35)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 94/4 in 20 Overs: Shenwari sweeps the third ball, and tries to repeat the shot in the fourth ball to get caught by Mitchell Johnson off the bowling of Michael Clarke. Batting: Nawroz Mangal 33 (34), Mohammad Nabi 0 (2)

OUT! Samiullah Shenwari c Mitchell Johnson b Michael Clarke 17 (31)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 93/3 in 19 Overs: Afghanistan batsmen are cautious against Mitchell Johnson. The left-arm pacer maintains a probing line outside the off stump. A boundary is hit down the ground after five dot balls. BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 32 (32), Samiullah Shenwari 17 (30)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 88/3 in 18 Overs:  Clarke continues to attack. Dot off the first three deliveries of the over. The batsmen then scramble to add another three runs off the Aussie captain. BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 32 (32), Samiullah Shenwari 13 (24)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 85/3 in 17 Overs: Marsh was struggling with his hamstring a little bit in the last over but he does well in the over. The right-arm seamer maintains a good line and length and even beats Mangal on the final ball. BATTING: Nawroz Mangal 31 (29), Samiullah Shenwari 11 (21)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 82/3 in 16 Overs: The Australian captain is having a good spell as he has tied down the batsmen from his end. Mangal gets a couple of runs on the final ball with a sweep shot, taking the run count from the over to two. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 31 (28), Samiullah Shenwari 8 (15)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 78/3 in 15 Overs: Marsh continues as he pins down the Afghan batsmen after the big last over. Samiullah Shenwari gets a four on the second last ball in the over and then bowls a wide. Another good over as the Afghans get six runs off it. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 28 (26), Samiullah Shenwari 7 (11)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 72/3 in 14 Overs: Clarke continues as Afghans look to rotate the strike. Both Mangal and Shenwari are experienced enough to hang around in the middle and keep the scoreboard ticking. Five more runs added. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 27 (24), Samiullah Shenwari 2 (7)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 67/3 in 13 Overs: Mitchell Marsh is into the attack and Mangal slams two massive sixes and then collects three runs on the off side to get his side some momentum. The last ball is a boundary, albeit an edge but nevertheless a good over for the Afghans! BATTING Nawroz Mangal 24 (19), Samiullah Shenwari 1 (6)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 48/3 in 12 Overs: Michael Clarke comes on to bowl the 12th over and Afghans manage only two runs off it. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 9 (14), Samiullah Shenwari 1 (5)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 46/3 in 11 Overs: Samiullah Shenwari has walked out to bat after the fall of Shenwari. Afghanistan desperately need a partnership here. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 8 (13), Samiullah Shenwari 0 (0)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 46/3 in 10.2 Overs: OUT! Mitchell Johnson gets his second wicket as Stanikzai, who was looking to hit on almost every ball, gets a leading edge and Steven Smith does well to avoid collision and take a catch! BATTING Nawroz Mangal 8 (9),

OUT! Asghar Stanikzai c Steven Smith b Mitchell Johnson 4 (10)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 36/2 in 10 Overs: Two consecutive boundaries to Nawroz Mangal who gets going. The strokes off Hazlewood were cleanly hit, and the Afghans will hope that their premier batsman gets some crucial runs here. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 8 (9), Asghar Stanikzai 2 (8)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 36/2 in 9 Overs: Good to see positive approach from the two senior Afghan batsmen against Mitchell Johnson. Asghar Stanikzai is there in the middle, trying to attack the ace Aussie pacer. Swings and misses a couple of times as well.  BATTING Nawroz Mangal 0 (3), Asghar Stanikzai 2 (8)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 33/2 in 8 Overs: Australia have made the breakthroughs early on and now at the crease are the experienced pair of Nawroz Mangal and Asghar Stanikzai.  BATTING Nawroz Mangal 0 (3), Asghar Stanikzai 0 (2)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 32/2 in 7.4 Overs: Josh Hazlewood takes his first wicket as Javed Ahmadi gets one rising delivery, and an outside edge flies to Michael Clarke at the second slip. BATTING Nawroz Mangal 0 (3)

OUT! Javed Ahmadi c Michael Clarke b Josh Hazlewood 13 (24)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 30/1 in 7 Overs: Successful start for Mitchell Johnson as he gets Australia the first breakthrough. Nawroz Mangal is at the crease now and he sees off the remainder of Johnson’s over. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 11 (20), Nawroz Mangal 0 (3)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 30/1 in 6.3 Overs: Mitchell Johnson is into the attack and he strikes immediately! Usman Ghani is caught by James Faulkner at mid on. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 11 (20), 

OUT! Usman Ghani c James Faulkner b Mitchell Johnson 12 (19)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 25/0 in 6 Overs: Hazlewood continues. The right-arm pacer maintains a good line on the off stump as the Afghans are not able to score easy runs off him. Only three runs scored in the over. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 11 (20), Usman Ghani 12 (16)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 22/0 in 5 Overs: Starc continues. The initial struggle seems to be over against Starc as both Ahmadi and Ghani are looking to score runs against the Aussie pacer. Six runs added from Starc’s third over in the innings. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 11 (16), Usman Ghani 11 (14)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 16/0 in 4 Overs: Couple of runs for the Afghans on the off side as Ahmadi hits past the fielder at extra cover for three runs and then Ghani takes two in the same area. The final ball is hit on the leg side for two more runs off Hazlewood. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 10 (15), Usman Ghani 6 (9)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 9/0 in 3 Overs: Starc continues. He continues to trouble the two right-handed batsmen. Only one run scored. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 7 (12), Usman Ghani 2 (6)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 8/0 in 2 Overs: Josh Hazlewood comes on for the second over in the Afghan chase. He maintains a good line aiming the off-stump. One loose ball is hit towards the fine leg fielder. Only one run scored in the over. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 6 (9), Usman Ghani 2 (3)

LIVE SCORES Afghanistan 7/0 in 1 Over: Javed Ahmadi leaves the first two balls which were very close to the off-stump off Mitchell Starc. On the third ball, Ahmadi gets a four with an edge between the wicketkeeper and the first slip. There is an appeal of leg before on the fourth ball, umpire says no. BATTING: Javed Ahmadi 5 (5), Usman Ghani 2 (1)

Excellent effort by Australia, who have now broken India’s record of highest total in the history of World Cup tournaments. Afghanistan will be disappointed with their effort, but not much can even the top teams do when the Warners and Maxwells are going full throttle. Here’s Nishad Pai Vaidya’s innings report of Australia scoring 417/6 against Australia. Stay tuned for Afghanistan’s reply!

Little bit of fun here, England’s Stuart Broad attracts wrath on his struggling batsmen with this tweet:


LIVE SCORES Australia 417/6 in 50 Overs: Haddin slams a six straight down the ground and then a four to break India’s World Cup record! This is also the highest ODI cricket total on the Australian soil. Marsh has fallen on the final ball of the over. NOT OUT: Brad Haddin 20 (9)

OUT! Mitchell Marsh Najibullah Zadran b Nawroz Mangal 8 (9)

LIVE SCORES Australia 403/5 in 49 Overs: 400 up for Australia in the penultimate over of the innings. The highest score in World Cup belongs to India, 413 vs Bermuda in the 2007 World Cup. Will this record be broken today? Hamid does well to keep both Haddin and Marsh quiet. Six more runs added. BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 5 (6), Brad Haddin 9 (6)

LIVE SCORES Australia 397/5 in 48 Overs: No sign of Michael Clarke yet as Brad Haddin comes out to bat. Haddin is away immediately with a fine stroke past the short third man. Australia add seven more runs in their total. Dawlat’s spell ends as he has given more than 100 runs in 10 overs. BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 2 (3), Brad Haddin 6 (3)

LIVE SCORES Australia 390/5 in 47.2 Overs: Dawlat continues and Maxwell slams a four over the mid off fielder on the first ball.  But he is OUT the next ball. Trying to clear the fielder at extra cover, he ends up giving a straight catch. World Cup record stays with Kevin O’Brien for now!  BATTING: Mitchell Marsh 1 (2)

OUT! Glenn Maxwell c Mohammad Nabi b Dawlat Zadran 88 (39)

LIVE SCORES Australia 385/4 in 47 Overs:  Maxwell is continuing the attack as Samiullah Shenwari does extremely well to save a boundary. Good over for Afghanistan, only three runs were scored.  BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 84 (38), Mitchell Marsh 1 (2)

LIVE SCORES Australia 382/4 in 46.1 Overs: OUT! James Faulkner has been cleaned up by Hamid Hassan! The bowler is pumped up as he bowls a fine delivery, an inswinging delivery which Faulkner misses out completely.  BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 81 (34),

OUT! James Faulkner b Hamid Hassan 7 (6)

LIVE SCORES Australia 382/3 in 46 Overs: Maxwell begins Nabi’s over with another massive six. Remember, the fastest World Cup century was scored off 50 balls and Maxwell can break the record today. It currently belongs to Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien. The final ball is again clobbered for another six.  BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 81 (34), James Faulkner 7 (5)

LIVE SCORES Australia 366/3 in 45 Overs: Faulker gets his first four with the ball hitting end of the bat and racing away for four through third man. The fielders were standing close. Maxwell then hits a six on the leg side off Shapoor. The bowler then bowls a beamer, outside off. Poor work from Shapoor who doesn’t see there is no fielder, and Maxwell collects two runs on the leg side when there was only one run. 16 runs added.   BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 66 (30), James Faulkner 6 (4)

LIVE SCORES Australia 350/3 in 44 Overs: Glenn Maxwell brings up his half-century with another reverse sweep off Nabi. This is now the highest ODI total by any side at the WACA, Perth. Maxwell completed his half-century off just 21 balls. This is the joint third fastest World Cup half-century, after (1) Brendon McCullum, (2) Brendon McCullum and (3) Brendon McCullum, Mark Boucher and then this man, Maxwell.   BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 56 (24), James Faulkner 1 (2)

LIVE SCORES Australia 340/3 in 43 Overs: Maxwell swats one towards midwicket for four as he is continue to score quick runs. Let me tell you, this guy here, Maxwell, is really insane. Never seen so much power in a reverse sweep shot from any batsmen. Yes, Kevin Pietersen was there but did he have so much power? I don’t think so. This time he has hit a six over third man off Shapoor. Misfield gets additional runs to Australia. Oh dear! Smith has fallen! He has given away a dolly to Najibullah Zadran at mid off. James Faulkner is in.  BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 47 (19), James Faulkner 1 (1)

OUT! Steven Smith c Najibullah Zadran b Shapoor Zadran 95 (98)

LIVE SCORES Australia 325/2 in 42 Overs: That’s insane! Maxwell reverse-sweeps one on the off-stump over the fielders and the ball just falls short of the ropes. Australia add another nine runs off Dawlat Zadran. BATTING: Steven Smith 95 (97), Glenn Maxwell 34 (15)

LIVE SCORES Australia 316/2 in 41 Overs: Smith gets into the 90s with a four off the first ball from Nabi. The boundary also takes Australia past 300. More punishment for the Afghans. Maxwell rams a full toss over midwicket for a massive six, and the next delivery is again a six, over deep square leg.  BATTING: Steven Smith 92 (94), Glenn Maxwell 29 (12)

LIVE SCORES Australia 299/2 in 40 Overs: Dawlat Zadran continues. And Glenn Maxwell goes down on one knee for him. Dawlat isn’t crying tears of joy though, that’s six over long-off! Slower ball, and he can’t get it past third man this time. Another good slower ball, Smith can only thrash it to third man for one. Goes for a reverse sweep now, Maxwell, but he misses. Maxwell ends the over with a boundary.  BATTING: Steven Smith 88 (92), Glenn Maxwell 17 (8)

LIVE SCORES Australia 286/2 in 39 Overs: Maxwell announces arrival at crease with a reverse sweep for four. Australia will be aiming to carry the momentum and not let Warner’s dismissal affect the scoring rate.  BATTING: Steven Smith 86 (90), Glenn Maxwell 6 (4)

LIVE SCORES Australia 278/2 in 38 Overs: Glenn Maxwell has walked out to bat after Warner’s dismissal. Smith gets another four as he is nearing his century now. Let’s see if Australia can go past 400 or not. BATTING: Steven Smith 85 (88), Glenn Maxwell 0 (0)

LIVE SCORES Australia 274/2 in 37.2 Overs:  The partnership between Steve Smith and David Warner is now the highest for any wicket for Australia in ODI cricket. And there is the second wicket! No double century for Warner who mistimes a stroke and the ball goes high in the air. OUT! Shapoor Zadran has a wicket! BATTING: Steven Smith 81 (84)

OUT! David Warner c Mohammad Nabi b Shapoor Zadran  178 (132)

LIVE SCORES Australia 273/1 in 37 Overs: Talks about Warner getting his 200 are on now. There are more than 13 overs left in the innings. The partnership is now past the 250-run mark. Smith blocks one with hard hands and the ball races to the boundary.  BATTING: David Warner 178 (132), Steven Smith 80 (83)

LIVE SCORES Australia 266/1 in 36 Overs: Poor start from Dawlat as he bowls  a full toss above waist, away from Warner who slams a four. The partnership is now closing on the 250-run mark. What a clean strike! Smith just effortlessly lifts the ball which sails past the ropes over long on. Another no ball, this time the bowler overstepped the crease, and Warner slices past the short third man fielder for another four.   BATTING: David Warner 177 (130), Steven Smith 74 (79)

LIVE SCORES Australia 248/1 in 35 Overs: Peach of a delivery from Hassan who gets some reverse swing and beats Steven Smith outside the off stump. A fine over from the right-arm pacer as he gives away only two runs. BATTING: David Warner 168 (126), Steven Smith 67 (75)

LIVE SCORES Australia 246/1 in 34 Overs: Shapoor continues post drinks break. After a couple of dots and singles, Warner gets a full toss on the leg side which he sends flying for a massive six over the leg side. This is now David Warner’s highest score in ODI Cricket!   BATTING: David Warner 167 (124), Steven Smith 66 (71)

The kid who was hurt by a stroke from Warner is back into the stands. He has bandage going across the shoulders. Here’s the video of the brutal hit the kid copped:


LIVE SCORES Australia 233/1 in 33 Overs:  David Warner slams another ‘flat, hard’ stroke down the ground for another four. He races past 150 off just 118 balls and hits another boundary down the ground off Nabi. STATS ALERT: This score from Warner is already the highest individual total at WACA.  BATTING: David Warner 156 (120), Steven Smith 64 (69)

LIVE SCORES Australia 222/1 in 32 Overs:  David Warner begins the batting powerplay with another massive six — his third in the innings — off Shapoor Zadran. The second ball is short and wide on the off and Warner sends it over midwicket boundary for another six! Oh dear! The ball was flying really fast and it hit a child sitting in the stands. I hope he is not hurt. The ball hit him on the shoulder.  We will share the video of the same very soon. Looks like it is an Afghan fan. Oh dear, he is crying.  BATTING: David Warner 147 (115), Steven Smith 63 (68)

LIVE SCORES Australia 207/1 in 31 Overs: Excellent over from Nabi as Australia manage only four runs off it. Warner is beaten on the final ball of the over. BATTING: David Warner 133 (110), Steven Smith 63 (67)

LIVE SCORES Australia 203/1 in 30 Overs: Now Dawlat is back into the attack as Afghanistan are looking for their second wicket. Smith gets a four on the second ball and then Warner slams the first six of the game right down the ground. The fifth ball is a full toss and Warner sends it flying over the ropes once again! The final delivery gets an outside edge and Warner gets another four, Australia go past 200! BATTING: David Warner 130 (106), Steven Smith 62 (65)

LIVE SCORES Australia 180/1 in 29 Overs: After a couple of quiet games, Smith has registered his presence with a fine half-century. He swats a four on a widish delivery from Nabi to hit a boundary. The final ball bounces more than normal and Warner is taken by surprise. I am not sure if there was an edge. The Afghans did not look like they missed a chance. BATTING: David Warner 114 (103), Steven Smith 55 (62)

LIVE SCORES Australia 173/1 in 28 Overs: Absolutely no challenge for the Australian batsmen as they are scoring runs easily on both sides of the wickets. Hassan continues as the hosts add another six runs off the Afghan pacer, who has now given more than 50 runs off just six overs.  BATTING: David Warner 113 (100), Steven Smith 49 (59)

LIVE SCORES Australia 167/1 in 27 Overs: Smith dances down the wicket to hit a four as he is closing to a well-deserved half-century. This pair of the Aussie batsmen has completed the 150-run partnership. Afghanistan desperately need wickets to come back in this contest. BATTING: David Warner 110 (97), Steven Smith 46 (56)

LIVE SCORES Australia 161/1 in 26 Overs: Hassan has struggled all over and he starts his second spell with a very short ball to Warner, who hits over mid-on for another boundary. Smith and Warner’s partnership is now nearing 150-run mark. Final ball is again short, another four to the left-handed Warner.  BATTING: David Warner 109 (96), Steven Smith 41 (51)

LIVE SCORES Australia 151/1 in 25 Overs: Shenwari continues. Warner takes two runs on the leg side to move onto 99. And David Warner completes his century against Afghanistan with another single on the leg side. No jump in the air, sedate celebrations from the dashing opener.  BATTING: David Warner 100 (92), Steven Smith 40 (49)

LIVE SCORES Australia 143/1 in 24 Overs: Stats show Steven Smith has scored 29 per cent of his runs since 2011 by coming down the wicket to the spinners. Certainly, he is one of those who use their feet well. Six runs added off Ahamdi. BATTING: David Warner 97 (88), Steven Smith 35 (47)

LIVE SCORES Australia 137/1 in 23 Overs: Shapoor continues as the Australians are doing well as far as taking singles is concerned. The Afghans must be cautious to not give away loose balls and they are doing exactly that. Oh no, the final delivery is on pads and Smith hits a four.  BATTING: David Warner 93 (84), Steven Smith 33 (45)

LIVE SCORES Australia 129/1 in 22 Overs: Javed Ahmadi continues. Smith and Warner are dealing in the singles, with the latter moving into the 90s. Four more runs added to the total.  BATTING: David Warner 91 (81), Steven Smith 27 (42)

LIVE SCORES Australia 125/1 in 21 Overs: Shapoor Zadran was unimpressive in his first spell and the Afghan captain has summoned him to make amends in the second run. Australians look to keep rotating the strike as they add four runs off the 21st over. BATTING: David Warner 89 (78), Steven Smith 26 (39)

LIVE SCORES Australia 121/1 in 20 Overs: Javed Ahmadi is continuing from the other end. He is doing a good job as far as controlling the runs is concerned. Australians scramble to add only four more runs.  BATTING: David Warner 87 (75), Steven Smith 24 (36)

LIVE SCORES Australia 117/1 in 19 Overs: Shenwari continues. After a couple of singles, Warner makes room to hit through covers for a four. The partnership between Smih and Warner is of 102 runs nowBATTING: David Warner 85 (72), Steven Smith 22 (33)

LIVE SCORES Australia 109/1 in 18 Overs: Smith takes a risky single off Javed Ahmadi on the first ball. He really had to rush to the non-strikers end to make it on time. Warner gives a thumbs up from the other end. Looks like Australians are not trying for boundaries or quick runs now. They are easily rotating the strike.  BATTING: David Warner 79 (68), Steven Smith 20 (31)

LIVE SCORES Australia 104/1 in 17 Overs:  Warner breaks the shackles with a boundary off Shenwari as Australia cross the 100-run mark in the over. The fifth ball is again hit for a four — short and wide as Warner makes room to hit past fielder at point.   BATTING: David Warner 77 (65), Steven Smith 17 (28)

LIVE SCORES Australia 94/1 in 16 Overs: The partnership between Smith and Warner is of 80 runs now. Nabi has changed ends and Afghans are now attacking with slow bowlers. The run flow has come down a bit as well. Four runs added off Nabi.  BATTING: David Warner 67 (59), Steven Smith 17 (28)

LIVE SCORES Australia 90/1 in 15 Overs: Samiullah Shenwari is into the attack post drinks break. Warner gets a full toss but he hits straight back to the bowler. The second delivery is defended. Warner is off the strike with a single on the fourth delivery. Smith is back, counting fielders. Excellent over this by the skippers, only two runs given. BATTING: David Warner 64 (56), Steven Smith 16 (26)

LIVE SCORES Australia 88/1 in 14 Overs: Hamid Hassan has been wayward today. Afghans will certainly be disappointed with his effort. No threat whatsoever to Smith and Warner. He has given 35 runs off his first four overs. Surprisingly, there were only two runs scored in this over.  BATTING: David Warner 63 (52), Steven Smith 15 (23)

LIVE SCORES Australia 86/1 in 13 Overs: Nabi continues. The first ball is on pads and Smith takes a single. Warner then hits in the air and the fielder in the deep does well to save a boundary. Warner collects two runs off the final ball. Seven runs added off the 13th over. BATTING: David Warner 62 (51), Steven Smith 14 (18)

LIVE SCORES Australia 79/1 in 12 Overs: Hassan continues. Smith takes a single off the first delivery. Warner on strike and the second ball is pulled away for another four. Afghanistan cannot afford to let Warner score so easily. The batsman is far too comfortable against deliveries that are short and on the leg side. Another nine runs added to the total. BATTING: David Warner 57 (47), Steven Smith 12 (16)

LIVE SCORES Australia 70/1 in 11 Overs: Good decision from Mohammad Nabi to replace Dawlat Zadran. The captain is into the attack and he does well to allow only two runs off the over. BATTING: David Warner 51 (44), Steven Smith 10 (13)

LIVE SCORES Australia 68/1 in 10 Overs: Hassan is short on the first ball and Warner is making the right moves here. He swats another four on the leg side, and then follows it up with a stroke over the mid-on fielder for another. Ominous signs for Afghanistan, they cannot let Warner get away with easy runs here. The fourth ball is another bad delivery, Warner slams right down the ground for his seventh four.  A single from the last ball and Warner brings up his half-centuryBATTING: David Warner 50 (40), Steven Smith 9 (11)

LIVE SCORES Australia 54/1 in 9 Overs: Warner finally gets his bat on one widish delivery and he slaps it through covers for four off Dawlat. The third ball is hit in the air over the bowler as Australia continue to score easily. 50 comes up for the hosts in the 9th over. The final ball is poor, short and without any pace. Warner gets another four. BATTING: David Warner 37 (35), Steven Smith 8 (10)

LIVE SCORES Australia 41/1 in 8 Overs:  Hamid ‘Rambo’ Hassan is into the attack, replacing Shapoor. The first ball is wide and the second gets two runs to Australia with Smith hitting on leg side. Hassan surprises Smith as he zips one between the bat and the pads, but the ball was away from the bad, flicking pants on the way to the wicketkeeper. Warner takes three runs on the off side, and the final ball is again hit on through covers for another three runs. BATTING: David Warner 25 (29), Steven Smith 8 (10)


LIVE SCORES Australia 30/1 in 7 Overs: Dawlat starts his fourth over with a wide. The second delivery is a fine in-swinging one and Warner struggles as he defends. The third one has width, and Warner hits between fielders to collect three more runs. Smith too collects a couple with a stroke on the leg side. Dawlat has been very impressive so far today, but not in this over.  BATTING: David Warner 19 (27), Steven Smith 4 (6)

LIVE SCORES Australia 24/1 in 6 Overs: Shapoor continues. Warner is pinned on the strike the first three balls in the over. The fourth is on the pads and Warner collects a single. Smith gets on outside edge as he looks to hit on the leg side on the fifth ball. Excellent over as only one run is scored in it. BATTING: David Warner 16 (22), Steven Smith 1 (3)

LIVE SCORES Australia 23/1 in 5 Overs: Dawlat Zadran continues in the fifth over. Afghanistan will be pleased with this start as they have not really allowed the Australians to get away. Smith is off the mark with a single on the third ball. The bowler then beats Warner who tries to drive the next two identical deliveries. The final ball is pushed on the leg side as Australia take three runs.  BATTING: David Warner 15 (18), Steven Smith 1 (1)

LIVE SCORES Australia 19/1 in 4 Overs: No Shane Watson means the in-form Steven Smith has come out to bat at No. 3. there is a loud appeal for caught behind against David Warner from Shapoor and wicketkeeper Afsar Zazai. The umpire is not interested. Replays show Warner is safe. The batsman then pulls one very short for his second boundary on the leg side. Australia add five runs form the over.  BATTING: David Warner 12 (15), Steven Smith 0 (0)

LIVE SCORES Australia 14/1 in 3 Overs: Dawlat continues. The right-arm pacer is very impressive throughout the over as he maintains pressure on Finch consistently. The five balls are dots and the final one is a brilliant one — outside the off stump, drawing the batsman forward. Finch drives but gets an edge and the first slip does not fumble in taking the catch! Finch falls early!!! BATTING: David Warner 8 (9)

OUT! Aaron Finch Nawroz Mangal b Dawlat Zadran 4 (9)

LIVE SCORES Australia 14/0 in 2 Overs: Shapoor Zadran is into the attack from the other end. The first ball is short and on the leg side, Warner jumps and swats it on the leg side to get the first boundary. This is proving to be an expensive over as Australian score runs off almost every ball. Finch hits the final ball past point, in the air but safe. BATTING: David Warner 8 (9), Aaron Finch 4 (3)

LIVE SCORES Australia 3/0 in 1 Over: Dawlat Zadran begins the proceedings for Afghanistan and David Warner, the man on strike, is beaten on the first ball. The left-hander is cautious early on as the first four balls are dots and then the fifth is hit in the air on the leg side for a run. Aaron Finch collects two runs through covers on the final ball. BATTING: David Warner 1 (5), Aaron Finch 2 (2)

Afghanistan’s decision to bowl first is certainly a brave one. Both Aaron Finch and David Warner would be aiming to get off a good start and get runs under their belt. They are at the crease now.

TOSS: Michael Clarke flips the coin. Afghanistan have won the toss and elected to bowl first. Australia have made one change in their side with Josh Hazlewood coming in place of the injured Patrick Cummins. But the good news is that Australia have finally taken the sensible decision to leave out struggling Shane Watson, and the big hitting James Faulkner has walked in


Australia: Aaron Finch, David Warner, Michael Clarke (c), Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, James Faulkner, Josh Hazlewood.

Afghanistan: Javed Ahmadi, Nawroz Mangal, Asghar Stanikzai, Samiullah Shenwari, Mohammad Nabi (c), Afsar Zazai (wk), Najibullah Zadran, Usman Ghani, Dawlat Zadran, Hamid Hassan, Shapoor Zadran

Aftab Alam says his ‘favourite heroine’ in Bollywood is Salman Khan. Well, these Afghan guys are truly inspiring as well as sweet. More power to them and their cricket! Toss about a few minutes away.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 26th match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament’s Pool A, between the co-hosts Australia and Afghanistan at the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) Ground in Perth on Wednesday. This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. READ: Australia vs Afghanistan, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Preview: Spirited Afghanistan take on Australian might

Australia will be eyeing a big win as out of three matches so far, they have won only one match (against England) and lost their previous tie against New Zealand by a narrow margin of one wicket. Their second match — against Bangladesh — was washed out and both the teams shared one point each. Australia are currently at the fourth position in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 points table, behind Bangladesh and this is where they will want to get their act together and register a big win.  Read: Australia vs Afghanistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Hamid Hassan wants to inflict pain on Australia

On the other hand, one would expect Afghanistan to come out strongly as they have won their match against Scotland. Afghanistan are right below Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 points table. They have won only one match and have lost two. The Afghans have a strong side and on their day they have the ability to surprise the strongest of the teams in this World Cup.

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Australia: Michael Clarke (c), Aaron Finch, David Warner, George Bailey, Shane Watson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson, Xavier Doherty, James Faulkner, Josh Hazlewood.

Afghanistan: Mohammad Nabi (c), Afsar Zazai (wk), Nawroz Mangal, Samiullah Shenwari, Javed Ahmadi, Gulbadin Naib, Nasir Jamal Ahmadzai, Asghar Stanikzai, Hamid Hassan, Shafiqullah Shafiq (wk), Shapoor Zadran, Dawlat Zadran, Aftab Alam, Usman Ghani, Najibullah Zadran.

Live Cricket Scores and ball-by-ball commentary of the Australia vs Afghanistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015