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Catch live scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of the tri-series final between Australia and England

(Can England win the One-Day International (ODI) tri-series or will Australia keep their winning record intact? Catch live updates of the tri-series final between here Australia and England here)

Australia have decimated England by 112 runs to win the final match of the Carlton tri-series between Australia and England at the Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA) at Perth. Glenn Maxwell was the undisputed star of the match, first with an innings of 95, and then taking four wickets to stunt England. James Faulkner, Mitchell Marsh, and Mitchell Johnson were the other standout performers for the hosts. In case you missed any of the action, you can read Nishad Pai Vaidya’s match report here.

England lost wickets in a heap, as Glenn Maxwell took two wickets in two balls to go with the clump of wickets that fell at the start. England were in deep trouble, with Eoin Morgan, Moeen Ali, James Taylor, and Ian Bell getting out early. Morgan was bowled first ball, Moeen edged behind to Aaron Finch, Taylor played the ball in the air to Glenn Maxwell at point — all three off Johnson. Bell started well, hitting Mitchell Starc for two boundaries before Hazlewood squared him up and induced an outside edge which was taken well by a diving Brad Haddin.

Glenn Maxwell’s excellent 95 from 98, Mitchell Marsh’s 68-ball 60, and James Faulkner’s 24-ball 50 not out helped Australia end at 278 for eight at the end of their 50 overs after struggling at 60 for four at one stage. Australia suffered another bout of quick wickets as Brad Haddin, Mitchell Marsh, and Glenn Maxwell were dismissed in quick succession. Marsh got out after making another belligerent half century, while Maxwell was out for a terrific 95 off 98 balls, which helped Australia recover after a slew of early wickets. Steven Smith was out for a well-compiled 40, stumped by Jos Buttler off Moeen Ali.

Earlier, England won the toss and elected to bowl first against Australia. David Warner and Aaron Finch came out to open the innings for Australia as both sides look to pull off a win in what will be a one-off final, which is in contrast to what has been seen in tri-series in Australia in the past. England have named an unchanged side, while the big guns, Mitchell Johnson and David Warner, return for Australia.

Maxwell again. Just the three runs off that over. And it’s the batting powerplay now. Marsh again. Bopara is playing for a draw. Not quite the type of innings one would expect with the side eight wickets down. Two runs off that over. Maxwell again. Starts with a wide. Six runs in that over. Here’s Josh Hazlewood back in now. One to Bopara. And Finn defends the next five. Maxi again. AND HE STRIKES! That’s the end of Bopara for a nothing innings. Here is James Anderson. Slogs off the first ball, gets a top edge that lands safely. Anderson is off the mark. Anderson plays a reverse sweep! Well well well. You know what they say about Karma! Here’s Hazlewood. AND HE’S BOWLED HIM! It’s all over, and Australia have won by 112 runs!
R Bopara 33(59) c Bailey b Maxwell, S Finn 6(36) b Hazlewood


Mitch Marsh continues. Dot ball to Finn. And another dot ball. In the air, but Johnson has dropped a dolly! Finn survives. Just two runs off that over. Starc continues. And that’s four leg byes, late swing into the pads. One more. Starc goes past Finn’s outside edge. Marsh again. Bopara on strike. Just three more runs.


Maxwell again. Broad on strike. One run. Bopara on strike. And another run. Broad again. He swings, and GONE! Broad holes out to the fielder in the deep. Maxwell gets his third victim! Johnson again. Finn on strike. And he defends resolutely. Finn plays out a maiden over. Starc continues. Bopara defends. Four runs off that over.
OUT! S Broad 24(20) c sub b Maxwell


Johnson back in now. He will replace James Faulkner. Dot ball to start with. One more run to Bopara. Short ball, Broad ducks. Just the one run off that over. Maxwell continues. Broad works this away for a couple down fine leg, but it’s off the pads. BANG! Six over midwicket. Johnson continues. Oh SHOT! Broad whacks this down the ground for four. SIX! Short outside off, and Broad slashes this over third man! One more to end the over.


Here’s Starc again. One more. Dot ball. And another dot. One more. SHOT! Buttler gets four off the last ball. Now Faulkner, bowling to Bopara. Great shot! Four more! Oh dear, Faulkner is walking off the field now. Aaron Finch continues. Three singles to end the over. Maxwell continues. Reverse sweep there, AND HE’S GONE! Buttler out caught by Pat Cummins! In comes Chris Woakes. OUT HE GOES! Maxwell has another, Woakes caught and bowled first ball! Maxi is on a hat-trick! Broad on strike. And it’s a leave. Broad gets a leading edge, but it falls safe. And he ends with a boundary, swept away for four.
OUT! J Buttler 15(18) c sub b Maxwell, C Woakes 0(1) c&b Maxwell


Here’s Mitch Starc. Buttler looking really good, he drives this one through covers for four more! Eight runs off that over. Faulkner continues. And he bowls a maiden! Starc continues. One more. And Buttler slashes it away for four to end the over.


Marsh and Maxwell bowling well in tandem. Root and Bopara are finding it difficult to get the ball of the square. Just 10 off the last four overs. Here’s James Faulkner now. AND HE’S GONE! Root cleaned up with a yorker! Jos Buttler comes in. SHOT! Four runs down the ground first ball. What a hit!
J Root 25(37) b Faulkner


The third Mitchell comes on now, Marsh. Starts with a wide. Just four runs coming in that over. Here’s Mitch again. Just three runs off that over, to Root. Marsh again. Five dot balls in a row to Root, and a single off the last ball. Here’s Maxwell. Two to Root to start with. FOUR through point! Good shot.



Hazlewood continues. Dot ball to Root. And another. FOUR! Pulled away by Root to midwicket. Nicely played. Mitch Johnson continues from the other end. OH GONE! That’s trademark Mitch! Short, into the body, and Moeen can only fend it to the man at slip! AND HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Eoin Morgan is bowled first ball! Mitch is on a hat-trick! Bopara comes in. And he leaves the ball harmlessly.
OUT! M Ali 26(30) c Finch b Johnson, E Morgan 0(1) b Johnson


Hazlewood again. Just three runs off that over. Again, Hazlewood manages to stifle the batsmen. Mitch Johnson again. GONE! That’s the end of James Taylor. Johnson picks up a wicket now, and England in some trouble. In comes Joe Root. And Moeen manages to get a boundary off the final ball, driven well through covers once again.
OUT! J Taylor 4(18) c Maxwell b Johnson


Starc again. Moeen picks this one off his pads, it’s four through square leg. And again on his pads, that’s four more runs! Once again Starc concedes two boundaries in an over. He needs to work on his line. Hazlewood continues. Short ball, Taylor goes for a pull and misses. It’s a maiden over from Hazlewood, he continues being impressive. And here’s Big Mitch Jonson! Moeen on strike. Full and on the pads, Moeen picks him off for one. Taylor gets off the mark. Oh tremendous shot! Moeen drives this one beautifully through covers for four.


Here comes Mitchell Starc, bowling to Moeen Ali. Nicely bowled, dot ball to start with. Moeen takes a single, Bell on strike. Oh lovely shot! FOUR through covers! Over-pitched again, and FOUR more to end the over! Hazlewood continues. Three for Moeen. And that’s three runs off that over. Starc again. Nicely played, four more for Moeen, flicked away. Hazlewood continues. AND HE STRIKES! That’s the big wicket, Bell is out! In comes James Taylor.
OUT! I Bell 8(9) c Haddin b Hazlewood


In case you missed out on any of the action, you can catch Nishad Pai Vaidya’s innings report here.


Last over of the innings, Finn to Johnson. Slower ball, Johnson manages to hit it down the ground in the air for one. Faulkner on 41. Short ball, Faulkner gets it on the splice for just one. Good over so far for England. GONE! Johnson holes out, but the batsmen cross, so Australia won’t mind this. Faulkner picks this one off for two more. Two balls remain. Starc is the new man in but he isn’t on strike, Faulkner is. Short ball, but too high and it has been called wide! Another good ball, Faulkner swings and misses! Last ball now. Faulkner six away from a fifty. Can he get it? Here comes Finn. AND HE DOES! SIX off he last ball, Faulkner remains unbeaten on 50 off 24 balls. Australia end at 278 for eight!
OUT! M Johnson 3(10) c Morgan b Finn



Woakes to bowl out now. Faulkner takes a single. Johnson on strike. He needs to get in a few big hits here. Short ball, and manages to pull this away for one. SIX! Short ball again, and this time Faulkner pulls this viciously for six! FOUR! This time down third man. SIX! Full toss and Faulkner gets this right out of the middle of the bat! Last ball of the over now. BANG! SIX more to end the over! Faulkner absolutely murders Woakes’ last over!


Last three overs of the innings now. Anderson continues. It’s his last over. SHOT! Down on one knee, and Faulkner slogs this away for four down fine leg. Slower ball, and Faulkner gets two more down the ground. Short and slow this time, and Faulkner pulls this one away for four more runs! Good late charge here for Australia. Short ball, and Faulkner ducks. Two balls to go. Leg bye, no one wanted to run! Faulkner and Johnson scramble through in the end. Johnson tries to go for a ramp shot, gets a leading edge for no run.


Broad again, into his final over. Faulkner on strike. Dot ball to start with, that one hits Faulkner on the pads. Oh lovely shot, squeezes this one away through covers for four! Quick single. Oh well bowled, that one went past the bat! Johnson looking scratchy here. Defended away for one. Last ball now. Faulkner on strike. Another single to end with.


In comes the second Mitch of the innings, Johnson. Anderson again. Dot ball to start with. One more for Faulkner. Johnson on strike. Dot ball. He leaves this one alone, but it swings back in. Another dot ball. And he defends off the last ball. Just a single off that over.


Broad again. Faulkner on strike. Dot ball to start with. And a single down the ground now. One more for Haddin. Three balls remain in the over. Dot ball to start with. And one more run. AND HE’S GONE! Haddin pulls one straight to midwicket. Australia sink further.
OUT! B Haddin 9 (12) c Taylor b Broad


Finn to Haddin. OH HE’S GONE! Massive wicket, this! Marsh is run out going for the second run. Disaster for Australia! James Faulkner comes in now. Dot ball. And another. Three in a row. Oh lovely shot to end the over! Four more down the ground, this time from Haddin. He will need more to make up for the run-out though.
OUT! M Marsh 60 (68) run out


Broad again. Single for Marsh. One more for Haddin down third man. Short ball, and Marsh pulls this one for four more to midwicket! He took one hand off the handle as well, but that didn’t affect the strength. Short ball, and four more through point! Lovely batting again. Marsh is cutting loose. Single to fine leg. And now one more to fine leg for Haddin.


Moeen comes on. Marsh gets a single. Haddin is the new man in, and takes a single first ball. Marsh on strike. Dot ball. And another dot ball. And he takes one more, that’s his 50. Good knock from Marsh. Last ball, Haddin goes for the pull but misses.


Marsh on strike, Broad the bowler. WHAT A SHOT! Tremendous hit from Marsh, steps out and sends this one through covers in a flash! Dot ball. And another, trying a bit too hard. SHOT! Lovely, this time down the ground. No stopping that! One more for Marsh. Maxwell on strike now, on 95. OH MAXWELL WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! Goes for the pull, gets a leading edge, and Jos Buttler accepts it happily. Tremendous knock from Maxi comes to an unfortunate end.
OUT! G Maxwell 95 (98) c Buttler b Broad


Woakes to Marsh. One run on the leg side. Dot ball to Maxi, short ball but misses. BANG! FOUR! Maxwell nearly takes out Marsh on the way for four! Wide ball. FOUR more! This one through mid-off. Slower ball, and Maxi reverse hits this for FOUR more! And ANOTHER FOUR to end the over with! Madness at the WACA!


Anderson again. Marsh picks up a couple down the ground. Another single. Maxwell on strike. Oh he misses the yorker but the ball misses the stumps too! Maxwell lucky to survive. They take a single. Marsh hits this one down the ground for one more. Maxi on strike again. Short bouncer, Maxwell waits, waits, and misses! Last ball now. FOUR! What sort of a shot is that? He has flicked this over the off side and got four through covers! Mind-numbing shot, that!


Woakes again. Marsh on strike. Dot ball. Follows up with another dot, just tapped away. Short ball, pulls that between fine leg and square leg, but just one. It wasn’t off the middle. Maxwell again. Short ball, Maxi makes room and slaps it away through the off side for four! Maxi steps out again, but misses it. Oh lovely yorker there from Woakes, Maxi keeps it out.


Anderson comes back on now. Maxwell on strike. FOUR! Short ball on leg, and Maxwell flicks it away for four down fine leg. He steps out, slogs this away the ball goes a mile and a half up, lands in no-man’s land, and takes two. Much ado about not much there! Pulls again, but not off the middle so they’ll only get one. Oh well bowled by Anderson, Marsh plays early but he is lucky that Bopara can’t quite hang on to it. Quick single again. And that’s the 100 partnership too. Maxi on strike. Goes for the reverse pull, misses it entirely!


Marsh on strike, as Chris Woakes steams in. Dot ball to start with. And another dot ball, driven to the fielder. SHOT! SIX! Picked up wonderfully by Marsh, big over midwicket! Tapped away by Marsh, dot ball. Slower ball, no run. This is a good over for England despite that six. Nicely played but it’s back to Woakes, no run again.



Finn continues. One to Marsh. Maxwell takes a single now, played away to midwicket. Dot ball. Marsh drives this down the ground, but no run. Oh lovely shot, Marsh picks this up off his pads and flicks it for four more runs! Another short ball, another pull and just a single to end the over. Time for drinks too.


Moeen again. Reverse sweep from Maxi to start off with! And again, but no run. Maxwell ramps this one down fine leg for two more. One more. Marsh on strike. Last ball of the over. And another single to end with.


Finn again. One to Maxwell. Oh SHOT! Four to Marsh, short-arm pull to midwicket. Another short ball, single to Marsh this time. Maxwell inside edges, lucky the ball missed the stumps. Oh, and again! Maxwell was lucky the ball did no damage to his stumps. And another good ball, Maxwell looking awkward his over. He gets one off the last ball.


Moeen again. Short ball to Marsh, dot ball. Another dot ball. Single to Marsh. Dot ball to Maxwell. Maxi steps out, can’t get the ball away. Another dot.



Finn continues. Single to Maxwell to third man. Dot ball to point from Marsh. And one more to the leg side. Dot ball to Maxwell. Defended, another dot. Last ball now. Oh nearly shopped in half, big appeal, but no response from the umpire.


Moeen continues. Reverse sweep, but no run. And another dot ball. FOUR! Another reverse paddle, this time it’s good enough to reach the fence. Very fine innings from Maxwell he has shown some restraint. This is his half-century. Another dot ball. And another reverse sweep! Just one. Dot ball to end with.


Woakes again. Maxwell on strike. Dot ball to start with. Maxi goes for a pull, but is hit near the unmentionable area. Two more for Maxwell, this time to third man. Dot ball again. Single this time to fine leg. And a dot ball to end with.


Moeen continues. No run. And another dot ball. Three in a row. And now Marsh takes one. Another dot ball. And one to end the over, just two runs off it. Moeen going though his overs very quickly.


Woakes returns for another spell. Maxwell defends, dot ball. Another dot ball. And now Maxwell gets two to square leg. One more to third man. Marsh gets a single. Nicely run. Woakes hasn’t looked as potent as usual. And a dot ball to end the over.


Moeen again. One for Maxwell to long on. Dot ball to Marsh. One more to long off. Dot ball to Maxwell, who has restrained himself against Moeen. Another single to deep midwicket. And a dot ball to end with.


Broad continues proceedings. Dot ball to Maxwell. Four more, that’s punched away and Moeen can’t stop it. Nicely driven, but no run. Single to the off side there. Marsh on strike now. Defended off the back foot, but it’s in the gap so the batsmen will take singles. Last ball now. Maxi on strike. And he takes one down third man.


Moeen continues. One to Maxwell to the leg side. Oh lovely shot, Marsh punches this for four through covers! Four runs for that. Single for Marsh. And now one for Maxwell. Dot ball to Marsh. Last ball now. And another dot to end with.


Great shot by Maxwell of the first ball but Stuart Broad manages to keep it quiet in the rest of the over. Australia look to consolidate after the loss of their skipper Steven Smith a little while back.


Moeen Ali bowls another fantastic over as Glenn Maxwell and Mitchell Marsh play him out cautiously. Stuart Broad is now back into the attack in pursuit of more wickets.


Here’s Finn again. Maxwell pulls it away for two. Dot ball, defended. Oh SHOT! Lovely from Maxi, he drives this one straight back past Finn with authority! Blocked this time by Maxi. Oh dear, poor ball from Finn it was on his pads and Maxwell gets four more to fine leg. Last ball now. Cut away to point, but no run.


Moeen continues. Marsh gets one to long-on. Maxwell defends this next one. Another dot ball. One more to Marsh, well played. Last ball now. And another single for Maxwell.


Finn continues. SHOT! Maxwell drives this away beautifully for four through cover. Dot ball to follow up. And another dot ball. Oh lovely shot there, four more through mid off! And another dot ball. Dot to end with.


Here comes Moeen Ali. Full toss to start with, and Maxwell gets a single down the ground. It was hit back to Moeen, but he let it go through his hands. Single to Smith, whipped away off his pads. One more to Maxwell, worked away to the leg side. OH HE’S GONE! Moeen coerces Smith to leave the crease and beats him, Buttler fumbles but manages to recover in time to whip the bails off. Massive wicket, this! Local boy Mitch Marsh walks out now. Defends off the first ball. And another dot to end with. England in complete control of this match.
S Smith 40 (50) st Buttler b Moeen


Finn continues. Dot ball to start with. And now Smith takes a single to the leg side. Another single for Maxwell. Smith plays this one off his pads, but no run. Two off the over, which makes this the most expensive over in the last three! Nicely played again by Smith, defended off the back foot. Last ball now. And another dot ball to end with.



Broad continues. Dot ball to Maxwell to start with. Oh short ball this time, Maxwell looks to ramp it over the slips, but misses. Pushed away to point, but no run. And another dot ball again, five in a row. Australia going nowhere at the moment. And it’s a maiden over for Broad. Drinks on the field now.





Finn continues. Dot ball to Maxwell. And another. Defended away for a dot. And another dot ball. Maxwell is being remarkably patient here, five dot balls in a row without any rush of blood. This is the perfect opportunity for him to play himself in. And a single to end the over, down to third man.



Broad again. Dot ball to start with, left outside off by Smith. Wide ball, this is the first extra of the innings. Smith picks up a single this time to midwicket. Dot ball to Maxwell. And he gets off the mark now with a single. Left alone by Smith, another dot ball. SHOT! Smith whacks it away through midwicket for four to end the over!



Here’s Steve Finn. Dot ball to start his spell, driven to the fielder. And another dot ball. Three in a row, played to point, no run. Finn strays on his pads this time, and Smith gets one to deep midwicket. First ball for Maxwell. And it’s a dot.



Broad again. Smith on strike, and he gets a single to start with. Bailey on strike. And another dot ball, he just hasn’t been able to get the ball off the square. Defended again. And he is finally off the mark! Off the 16th ball he faces, he manages to cut it away for two. GONE! Bailey’s crawl is over! Short ball into the body, Bailey gets surprised and just pops it up to short leg!
OUT! G Bailey 2 (17) c Taylor b Broad



Anderson again. Dot ball to start with, outside off. And he follows up with another, cut away by Smith but straight to the fielder. Another dot ball. And a fourth. Played away to point, no run. Anderson has been absolutely magnificent! And Smith works it away for one to end with.



Stuart Broad comes into the attack, and interestingly, he bowls cross-seamed in a bid to generate even more bounce at this WACA pitch. Australia add three more runs to their total.



Anderson to Bailey. Another dot ball to start with. Nicely bowled, another dot. This one is outside off, left alone by Bailey. Short ball, Bailey tries to pull the covers off that one, doesn’t make good enough connection, no run. Nicely bowled, another dot ball, defended to the off side. Last ball now. And another dot ball, another maiden over!



Woakes again. Anderson is bowling superbly at the other end, but Woakes is struggling a bit. Oh SHOT! Four more for Smith, this one through mid-off. Dot ball to follow up. And another dot ball. Three in a row. Good comeback from Woakes, another dot ball. Last ball of the over now. Oh dear, he strays onto his pads again, two more to end the over.



Anderson again. AND HE’S GOT HIS MAN! David Warner is out! Uppishly played to point, and James Taylor gobbles it up gleefully. Here comes skipper George Bailey. Starts off with a dot ball. Shoulders arms, the ball passes outside off. Defended again, one more dot. Another short ball, and Bailey weaves out of the way. Defended again, so it’s a wicket maiden for Anderson!
D Warner 12(18) c Taylor b Anderson



Woakes to Smith. FOUR! Shot! That’s a booming on-drive from Smith! Dot ball, this one was on his pads. Smith flicks that away for another boundary! Dot ball. And another dot. Three dot balls to end the over! Smith batting really well at the moment.



Anderson comes on again. Single to Smith. And one more for Warner. Defended off the back foot by Smith, no run. Oh that one swung in, Smith manages to inside edge it on to his pads. Another dot ball. Quick single to the leg side for Smith. Last ball coming up now. Defended off the back foot again.



Woakes again. FOUR! Lovely shot from Smith, cut away with disdain. Just a single there. FOUR! Lovely shot once again from Warner, this time it’s all along the ground through the off side. Dot ball. Oh nice yorker to end with, Warner digs it out. No run.



Anderson continues. Dot ball to start with. Two more through covers, but not quite off the middle. Anderson is bowling beautifully, and Warner has been kept quiet here. Another dot ball. Oh he strays onto his pads, and Warner picks up four! Another dot ball to end the over with.





Here’s Chris Woakes now. Nicely played by Smith, drives firmly to cover and takes a single off the mis-field. Dot ball to Warner, defended away. And another dot ball. Single to third man, Warner is off the mark. Defended resolutely by Smith. Last ball of the over now. Woakes drifts onto his pads, and Smith flicks it away to midwicket. Fielded in the deep, might be a boundary. The third umpire has been called upon. But the batsmen run four anyway, so it’s a moot call.



So we are now ready to start proceedings. Aaron Finch will take strike with David Warner at the other end. Here’s James Anderson. WHAT A START! Finch beaten all ends up. Dot ball to start with. And another dot ball to continue. AND HE’S GONE! Anderson induces the edge, and Finch is out for a three-ball duck! Here’s Steven Smith. Off the mark straight away, but he gets one by exposing his middle and leg stump! Dot ball to Warner. And another dot to end a superb over.
OUT! A Finch 0(3) c Root b Anderson




Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, George Bailey (c), Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood

England: Moeen Ali, Ian Bell, James Taylor, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (c), Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Steven Finn





Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the final match of the Carlton tri-series  between Australia and England at the Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA) at Perth. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will bring you live updates from the match. READ: Australia vs England Final at Perth, Preview.

Old rivals Australia and England will take on each other in title clash of the Carlton tri-series at the WACA, Perth. Both teams had a good outing so far in the series, as both sides outplayed India to reach the final. Though England are yet to beat Australia so far on this tour, it will be a great chance for them to claim a One-Day International (ODI) series after a long time. Australia, on the other hand, will look to continue their winning habit. READ: England becoming better one-day unit.

Before this tri-series in Australia, England were struggling in the ODI format. They had lost four out of five ODI series in 2014 and the string of poor results had resulted in Alastair Cook getting sacked as ODI skipper. There were issues regarding the team’s composition and confidence. However, England looked a different side under Eoin Morgan’s leadership. Although they failed to beat Australia, their performances against India have been wonderful, with wins in Brisbane and Perth. England will be aiming to go one step further and win the tournament in order to gain significant confidence ahead of the World Cup. READ: George Bailey not surprised by India’s tri-series exit.

Australia will most likely stick to players who will feature in the World Cup, which means the impressive Gurinder Sandhu will most likely not get another game this season. Pace spearhead Mitchell Johnson will be back in the Australian line-up for this game. The final will be played at Perth, the venue of the sixth ODI. The bowlers of each side will undoubtedly play a large role, though both teams bat deep and it could it could well be the side that bats better that will emerge victorious. An exciting final is one the cards. READ: Mitchell Johnson set to return for Australia.

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