Aaron Finch has been picked as the captain of the second-string Australia T20 squad © Getty Images (File Photo)
Aaron Finch has been picked as the captain of the second-string Australia T20 squad © Getty Images (File Photo)

Nov 5, 2014

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Miller carves the off side field for a boundary off the first ball of Richardson over. Two runs more for SA to win the first T20 encounter. Miller collects another single. One run required now. Duminy hits the winning runs. South Africa win this encounter by seven wickets. First T20 win for Duminy as a captain.




One run from first three balls from Faulkner. Are the South African batsmen delaying it a bit? Another dot ball. It’s 8 from 14 deliveries now. Duminy pushes the ball towards the mid-off fielder for a single now. Last ball coming up. Miller ends the over with a single.




Two runs from the first three balls bowled by Pat Cummins. Duminy picks up a single now.End of the over. Nine runs needed from three overs.




Another wicket. This time Cameron White holds onto the catch. de Kock misses out on his half-century. Finally a wicket for Boyce. 14 runs needed from 24 balls.
OUT! de Kock c Cameron White b Boyce 46(39)




Cummins created a chance but Cameron White couldn’t hold on to it. He banged it short which just climbed on de Kock, Cameron White reached to the ball but couldn’t collect it. Finally a wicket. Again a shorter delivery, Rossouw tried to hoick it away but got a top edge which settled in the hands of Ben Cutting at mid-on.
OUT!Rossouw c Ben Cutting b P Cummins 78(50)




Rossouw reverse weeps Boyce for a boundary on the second ball of the over. de Kock steps out on the fourth ball and hits it straight past the bowler for a boundary. Another boundary by de Kock. It’s a matter of few minutes before South Africa win this one.




Two runs from the third ball of the over. It was a shorter ball from Cummins, Rossouw just smashed it but the ball stopped before reaching the boundary ropes. Good over from Cummins so far. Three runs from it. 109 from 75 balls, this partnership between de Kock and Rossouw.





Ben Cutting has bowled two balls and both of them were strayed down the leg side. He was lucky not to get hit. de Kock gets into action now. 100 partnership comes up. Fuller delivery this time, de Kock gets it away for a boundary. Cutting bowls the last ball short and umpire calls it a wide. He will walk back to bowl an extra delivery. A single from the last delivery.




Rossouw has timed it so well. Richardson bowled it on the good length and Rossouw just presented the full face of the bat and it pierced the in-field for a boundary. Rossouw is dominating the Australian bowling now. A short ball outside off, Rossouw shimmies down the wicket slaps it for a boundary. Nine overs left and 54 runs to win? Looks like they will get it easily.




Rossouw brings up his half-century with a brilliant six. It was short from Faulker, Rossouw just went back and pulled it in the gap between the fielders for a six. He has played so well today. Eight runs from this over. We have reached the half-way mark. South Africa look well on course at this stage.





Boyce is back to ball his second over. Rossouw smashes the full delivery outside off from Boyce in the gap on the off side for a boundary. Eight runs from this over. They both are doing a good job.Rossouw is also closing in to his half-century.




Four runs from the first three balls bowled by James Faulkner. A single towards deep midwicket for de Kock now. South Africa is taking this match away. Australia need to get quick wickets. A single for Rossouw. One ball pending in this over. de Kock makes room , swings hard but misses. End of the over. Only six runs from it.





The leg spinner Cameron Boyce comes on to bowl now. Six runs from the first five deliveries. Another single from the last ball. Tidy start by Boyce.




Watson gets the treatment from de Kock on the second ball of his first over. It was full, outside off and de Kock just powered it away for a big six over deep midwicket. One ball to go and seven runs from this Watson over so far. That’s better from Rossouw, he takes few steps down the wicket, takes the half volley and smashes it over the long on fielder.13 runs from Watson over. 102 m six that was.





Rossouw collects 10 runs from the first two balls. Four more. That’s 14 from the first deliveries. Now a dot ball. The drop catch from Reardon has really cost Bollinger many runs. One more ball to go. Can he finish well?Rossouw shimmies down the wicket but totally misses to connect to the ball.14 from the over. A good comeback from Bollinger.




Kane Richardson comes in to bowl. Three runs from the first three balls. de Kock was quite for sometime but he opens up with a boundary straight down the ground. End of the over. 9 runs from this one.




Three dot balls from Doug Bolllinger in this third over. He is looking in good shape and is getting some movement from the wicket. OH NO! Nathan Reardon, the debutant has dropped it. The ball was high in the sky, Reardon just messed it up. Missed opportunity. And to the sum it up, Rossouw hits a boundary off the next ball.




Pat Cummins comes in to bowl for Australia. Seven runs so far from first five balls. The last ball pitched full outside off, de Kock tries to play it away to the leg side but misses it completely.




Australia have started well here. Hendricks gets an edge to the wicketkeeper. A wicket and only one run from this first over.
OUT!Hendricks c Dunk b Bollinger 0




Australia pick up two runs from the second ball of the over. A full toss and it was slammed down the ground. Abbott is accurate this time, a yorker outside off stump, Faulkner manages to dig out for a couple. Three balls to go. Can Faulkner get some runs? Again a full toss from Abbott, Faulkner makes some space and thrashes but the fielder is protecting the boundary. Cutting gets a half volley but hits it straight to David Miller at long on. Last ball coming up. Abbott pushes it up outside off, Faulkner collects two runs to end the Australian innings. So 144 is what Australia have managed to get in 20 overs.
OUT!Cutting c D Miller b Kyle Abbott 6(6)





Three runs from the first three balls. South Africa are doing well here to restrict Australia to a achievable score. Seven runs from the penultimate over of the Australian innings.





Unlucky Australia? This time too it was hit well. Shane Watson smack a half volley straight to JP Duminy at covers. Ben Dunk was also unlucky to hit ball straight to the fielder. Watson also misses out on his fifty. Kyle Abbott has given only 12 runs from three overs he has bowled and also picked up two wickets.
OUT!Watson c Duminy b Kyle Abbott 47(36)
Two runs from the first two deliveries bowled by Wayne Parnell. Parnell keeps it down to seven from this over. Three more to go.




Tahir is getting difficult to score. The ball is coming a bit faster. But no, Watson has chopped it over the deep mid wicket region for six. It was way too short. Watson provided the right treatment. 12 runs from Tahir over. Four overs more to go. 150 plus?




Faulkner attempts to play it away to the leg side on the first ball bowled by McLaren. He fires his bat on the next ball but is lucky to get the inside edge, ball races past the fine leg fielder for a boundary. Two good balls from McLaren. Another good ball, fuller and outside off stump, Watson tried to point it away between the 30 yard fielder but doesn’t gets it right. Single from last ball. Seven runs from this over. A good comeback from McLaren.




Duminy brings back Tahir. A neat over so far. Tahir is skidding the ball and it is getting difficult to hit him. Just four from this over.




McLaren will bowl now. Tahir does a good bit of work on the boundary ropes and keep the stroke from Watson to three. McLaren bowls a short delivery next, Faulkner smacks it, Behardien make just lets it for a six after putting up a faint effort. Good over for Australians. 14 from it.





Three runs from first four deliveries from the 19-year-old Rabada. He has been impressive so far. Watson spoils the hard-work from Rabada and strikes the last ball for a big six. Some relief, finally.





They dropped few catches earlier in the innings but now there are picking up stunning catches. Reardon tried to nudge the short ball over the slip cordon but instead got an edge and De Kock jumped to get it with one hand. Australia are struggling big time. Some rustiness is visible. The edge from Reardon’s bat was travelling quick but he timed the jump to perfection. James Faulkner comes to the hitting duty. Can he rescue the Australians?
OUT! Reardon c de Kock b Kyle Abbott 4(8)





Shane Watson finally manages to get one away. Bends down, sweeps firmly and just manages to get it over the deep mid-wicket fielder. There could have been a run-out on the next delivery but the batsmen just managed to clear the confusion. 11 runs from this over. Australia are just over the marker. They still need to step up the scoring. Remember the last match played at the same venue had more than 400 runs scored?





Duminy bowls another good over. No, wait he has sprayed the last ball for a wide. Watson adds single from the last delivery. But still, a very good over.





The leggie Imran Tahir has come on to bowl . And that is a wicket. Duminy takes a catch at the covers. Dunk hits a flighted delivery straight to the hands of SA hands of SA skipper. It was hit firmly but the placement was not that impressive. Nathan Reardon comes to the middle. SA are doin well picking up the wickets and also keeping the run flow in check. Five balls and only three runs. Can Tahir keep this under six? Yes, a single to end the over. Good one, SA hold the advantage now.
OUT!Ben Dunk c Duminy b Tahir 2(6)




The captain of the team JP Duminy comes on to bowl now. Three runs so far from first five balls. A single from last ball by Watson. Duminy starts off well.



White dismissed to a stunning catch. Australia lose two quick wickets now. Behardien timed his jump to perfection on that occasion.
OUT!Cameron White c Behardien b Parnell 24(21)




Ryan McLaren comes on to bowl and gets a wicket on his first ball. Finch was not looking at ease. He just tried to power a good length delivery over covers but didn’t had much power or elevation. Shane Watson joins White now. White gets a big shorter delivery and he drabs it away and get for runs. Six runs from this over.
OUT!Finch c Rossouw b McLaren 14(11)
White gets a freebie straying down the leg side from Rabada and he just slams it for a boundary. Four balls done and six runs conceded. White tries to find the gap past the point fielder but couldn’t. Last ball to go. A decent delivery outside off to end the over.
Finch powers Parnell for a four off the second ball. Looks like a high scoring wicket. What will be a good total ? 10 from this Parnell over.
White collects three runs from the first delivery bowled by Rabada. Finch has faced three balls still no runs from his bat. Now he gets off the mark with a boundary. Rabad again strays down the leg side. One ball to to end this over. A short delivery, brushes past the batsmen. 12 runs from this over.
What a dramatic first over. A boundary from the second ball and then two drop catches. But good for South Africa as only five runs were conceded.

Australia XI: Aaron Finch (c), Cameron White, Ben Cutting, Pat Cummins, Kane Richardson, Cameron Boyce, Doug Bollinger,Shane Watson, Ben Dunk (wk), Nathan Reardon, James Faulkner.

South Africa XI: Quinton de Kock (wk), Reeza Hendricks,  Imran Tahir, Wayne Parnell, Kyle Abbott, Kagiso Rabada, Rilee Rossouw, JP Duminy (capt), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Ryan McLaren

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the first Twenty20 International (T20I) between Australia and SouthAfrica at the Adelaide Oval. I am Varun Arora, and I will be bringing you the updates from this match.

The team that South Africa face in the Twenty20 Internationals (T20I) is a second-string one, given that the main players are yet to return from their tour of the UAE. The overall aura is not a motivating one for the Australian team, especially after the Test series loss to Pakistan, but the fresh faces need to forget those cruel thoughts and get back to hitting sixes in the shortest format.  South Africa played the practice match at Sydney but they will now move to Adelaide- the southern part of Australia. The last T20I played at this venue between England and Australia fetched a total of 429 runs.

Aaron Finch has been picked to lead Australia in the T20s. The Aussies will miss the services of Glenn Maxwell, David Warner, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Marsh and Steven Smith. The the wicket-keeping duty is handed over to Ben Dunk owing to his recent form in the domestic season. Queensland left-hand batsman Nathan Reardon has also made it to the squad as he had smashed 75 runs from 35 balls in the Matador Cup match recently.  Doug Boullinger is also back with the team after he last played T20I in April 2014 at Dhaka. But it will be interesting to Shane Watson getting back to the loop after string of injuries kept him out of action for a long time. Overall, the team is a perfect blend of fresh faces, as well as players making their way to the team after a gap.


South Africa: JP Duminy (c), Kyle Abbott, David Miller, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Kagiso Rabada, Rilee Rossouw, David Wiese, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), Marchant de Lange, Reeza Hendricks, Imran Tahir, Ryan McLaren.

Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Sean Abbott, Doug Bollinger, Cameron Boyce, Patrick Cummins, Ben Cutting, Ben Dunk (wk), James Faulkner, Nic Maddinson, Nathan Reardon, Kane Richardson, Shane Watson, Cameron White.

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