Rilee Rossouw played an excellent innings in the first T20I © Getty Images
Rilee Rossouw played an excellent innings in the first T20I © Getty Images

Nov 7, 2014

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Parnell again. Dot ball to start with. Another single to Finch. He has batted really well. White on strike, one run needed to win. Short ball, and that’s it. Finch guides Australia to an easy seven-wicket win. But the match was set up by supreme spells from Cameron Boyca and co.

Rabada continues. Short ball, Finch gets it away to fine leg, four more. Another couple of runs, just four runs needed to win. Finch tries to smash this, just gets a single. Maxwell hoicks at this, gets a top edge and is taken nicely by Rilee Rossouw. Dot ball to end with.
OUT! G Maxwell 0(2) c Rossouw b Rabada

Parnell continues. And he starts off nicely, dot ball to start with. And another dot ball. Watson smashes this one to mid on but its a dot ball. Watson looking to wind up, not getting it off the middle of the bat. Oooh short ball, swing and a miss. Slower ball, and Watson slaps this one to the fielder. In comes Maxwell.
OUT! S Watson 30(23) c Abbott b Parnell

Rabada again. Single off the first ball. And another one off the next. Four more for Watson, he has looked really good today. Just the one run for Finch. Last ball now. And it’s another dot. Seven off the over, Australia eight runs away from a win.

Parnell again. Australia just racing away with the victory. Two off the first ball. Single to Watson. Two more to Finch. Dot ball. And another single. Final delivery now, and another single to end with.

Tahir continues. Single off the first ball. And another single. Short ball, pulled away for four more! Eight runs off that over.

Ryan McLaren is into the attack. And Watson gets four off the first ball. Dot ball. And FOUR more! Great shot. Oh and another, top batting from Watson! BANG! four more. Four boundaries off the over, and Finch and Watson are finishing the match early.

Imran Tahir into the attack. Starts off with a wide ball down the leg side. Just a single to Finch. And four runs more to Finch. Googly, short ball, Finch pulls, and four more. And another dot ball. And a leading edge.

Wayne Parnell into the attack now. Dot ball to Dunk. Short, and Dunk gets four more. Oops, its a no ball. Free hit, and another dot ball. Just two more for Dunk. OH HE’S GONE! Dunk smashes this to the fielder Abbott. Watson gets off the mark right away. And a dot ball to end the over.
OUT! B Dunk 23(20) c Abbott b Parnell

JP Duminy into the attack now. Couple of dot balls to start with, followed by a single. And four more over midwicket, great shot. And Finch goes down the ground now. This could be over very quickly at this rate.

Abbott continues. Nicely played again, three to Dunk. Short ball, pulled savagely by Aaron Finch, and four runs more. Short again, pulled again, four again. Great stuff from the Australian skipper! Another single for Finch.

Kagiso Rabada, South Africa’s Under-19 World Cup winning player, into the attack. Short and wide, Dunk cuts this well. Full delivery, and this time he hits a gorgeous straight drive. Four more, back to back. And a single here. Wide down the leg side now. Nervous start from Rabada, this. Good ball to end with.

Kyle Abbott to open the bowling. Dunk on strike. Four swipes, four misses. Good start for the Proteas. And he finally gets one away, three more runs. And a dot ball to end the over. Just three off the over.

Cummins to bowl the final over. Parnell yet to score a run, he has faced four balls so far. Abbott on one off one. Three balls remain in the innings. Just another single. South Africa just barely getting to 100 here. And they finally get to three figures, with one ball remaining. And so South Africa end at 101 for 7.

Faulkner continues. And he spears it into leg stump, Duminy can’t get it away. Two off the first ball, two more off the third. Duminy looks to go down the ground, and Finch takes a superb catch at long off! He ran all the way from long on. Excellent spell from Faulkner, and he continues to keep things tight. His spell reads 4-0-25-3, great work!
OUT! JP Duminy 49(51) c Finch b Faulkner

Pat Cummins continues. Just two off the first four deliveries. Short ball, McLaren pulls this one, gets a huge top edge and is taken very well by Faulkner at fine leg. In walks Wayne Parnell.
OUT! R McLaren 1(4) c Faulkner b Cummins

Faulkner again. Just a couple of runs off the first two balls. WHAM! Where have you been, Mr Duminy? That was slogged with ferocious power. Tries to go again, one bounce to the deep. Oooh short ball, and Miller finds the fence at third man. OH HE’S HIT THIS STRAIGHT TO THE MAN! Miller times this chip shot beautifully, but he picks out the fielder with perfect precision.
OUT! D Miller 11(15)

Sean Abbott again. Four to third man for JP. Another single now. Miller tries to cut it, doesn’t get it away. Slower ball, another miss. Really not very much happening for South Africa. It has been a very strange innings so far.

Boyca again. He continues to flummox the batsmen. Really nothing much happening for South Africa now. They will have to accelerate a lot but it might just be too late unless there’s a serious surge.

Glenn Maxwell comes back to bowl now. It’s SuperMax to Killer Miller. KXIP party right now. No fireworks yet. Just two off the over. Another single down to long on. And another dot ball to end with. Just a dot ball to end with.
Cameron Boyce again. Just a single to JP. AND HE’S GOT HIS MAN AGAIN! Stumped by Dunk, another one bites the dust! In walks David “Killer” Miller. What an opportunity this is for him to unleash those big hits that make him such a prized possession for Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. Gets off the mark with a single. Last ball, just a single.
OUT! F Behardien 5(10) st Dunk b Boyce

Bollinger to bowl out here. He has bowled three overs for just 18 runs so far. And he continues to bowl well. Duminy is really struggling to score quickly. He has looked scratchy all innings. Final ball now of Dougie’s spell. And it’s just a single to end with. He ends with an economy rate south of six.

Boyce continues. And he continues to strangle the batsmen. Just two off the first five balls of the over. And a single to end with. Really great work here by the Aussies, the Proteas need to kick on now, or they won’t get much.

Cummins continues. Just a couple of singles to start off. And another very tidy over, just four singles off it. Australia really keeping a lid on it at the moment!

Cameron Boyce into the attack now. Oh and he draws Hendricks forward right away. Good ball to start with. Just a single there. Boyce bowling really slowly here. OH HE’S GONE! Beautiful delivery, drew Hendricks forward again, got the ball to rip away and Dunk gets an easy stumping. In walks Farhaan Behardien. OH HE NEARLY RUNS DUMINY OUT! Brain freeze in the middle as everyone makes a mess of things, poor fielding, poor backing up, terrible running. No harm done in the end.
OUT! R Hendricks 18(22) st Dunk b Boyce

Here’s Pat Cummins. Couple of dot balls to start with. Oooh JP is swinging a bit wildly here. Not moving his feet much. Three dot balls in a row from Cummins. And now a viscous short ball, ‘keeper Dunk takes it high over his head. And another dot ball, it’s five in a row now. JP unable to get the ball away. And it’s a maiden over.

On comes SuperMax, sans beard. Oh and he induces an outside edge first ball! Goes for a boundary though, Madxwell will consider himself unlucky. Just a single there. And a couple of singles to follow up. One more to end with. Good over from Maxi.

Bollinger again. Oh good ball, that was quick and swinging in. Hendricks manages to keep it out. Short ball again, pulled away hard but goes to the fielder on the bounce. Could have been a boundary, but could have been out as well. Another good, pacy over from Dougie. Just a couple of runs off the first four balls. And another single for Hendricks. Oh lovely shot, four to end the over. Straight drive from JP, pristine shot!

Here’s Sean Abbott into the attack now. And that’s four off the first ball for JP! Great shot, bit of width, and cut away for four. Misses a pull there, does JP. And now gets a single. Hendricks isn’t able to get the ball off the square here. Scratch that, short ball and Reeza pulls this away for four, full blooded one at that. And another quick single to end with.

Couple of dot balls from James Faulkner. And another tidy over, just the three runs off the over. South Africa really pegged back after those two quick wickets.

Bollinger continues. Australia off to a great start. Just the one run off the first four deliveries, great stuff from Dougie. Oooh short ball, and Duminy looks to play an awkward swipe, fails to make connection. Excellent over so far. Outside edge off the last ball, and it’s just a single. Two off the over.

James Faulkner comes on to bowl the second over. Starts off with a dot ball to Reeza Hendricks. And a single there. Oh nicely played back to the bowler by Rilee, he is timing the ball nicely, carrying on his form from the first T20I. Nicely bowled again, Russouw can only chip it back, evades the bowler. On his pads, and another boundary for Russouw. That’s his third scoring shot, and third four. Slower ball AND HE’S GONE! Russouw gets a leading edge, and Faulkner takes it brilliantly.
OUT! R Russouw 12(8) c & b Faulkner

Here comes Doug Bollinger to start proceedings. OH HE’S GOT HIS MAN! Quinton de Kock knocked over for a duck! Rilee Russouw comes in at No. 3, and Australia are pumped up. Short ball, Russouw tries to swipe at this and misses, but Dunk takes it brilliantly, really deserved to be a catch to his name. Oooh uppishly played by Russouw, no fielder in the air and it’s four for South Africa. Oh he goes again, gets another boundary down the ground. Eventful first over!
OUT! Q de Kock 0(1) c Dunk b Bollinger

So South Africa have won the toss and gone in with the same side. Australia, on the other hand, bring back their T20 superstar Glenn Maxwell.


Australia: Ben Dunk(wk), Aaron Finch(c), Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, Cameron White, Nathan Reardon, James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Sean Abbott, Cameron Boyce, Doug Bollinger

South Africa: Reeza Hendricks, Quinton de Kock(wk), Rilee Rossouw, Jean-Paul Duminy(c), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Ryan McLaren, Wayne Parnell, Kyle Abbott, Imran Tahir, Kagiso Rabada

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the first Twenty20 International (T20I) between Australia and SouthAfrica at the Adelaide Oval. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will be bringing you the updates from this match.

Australia seem to have hit a lean patch; first the drubbing in the two-Test series against Pakistan and now a loss in the first T20 international (T20I) against South Africa at Adelaide on Wednesday.

South Africa, without the services of of regular skipper Faf du Plessis, outplayed the Aussies as they romped to a seven-wicket win. The Aussies,  playing their first T20 match at home under newly-appointed skipper Aaron Finch,  could  not seize the ascendancy.

Glenn Maxwell is set to return to the squad. For the Aussies this is nothing short of terrific. Maxwell is known for his fearsome hitting, especially in this format. In addition his more than useful bowling will be handy. The now-famous double-wicket maiden over against Pakistan in the recently-concluded One-Day series he should take inspiration from.

The Proteas’ usual ruthlessness was on show on Wednesday, and Quinton de Kock and Rilee Roussouw should look to carry off from they left. If they lose early wickets the trusted JP Duminy is always there. One man who could play a crucial role is dynamic southpaw David Miller.  The southpaw can clear boundaries with nonchalance, if he can get going the Aussies are going to have their work cut out.

In this game Finch has to seize the momentum right from the beginning and go and at the Proteas hard. The fact that it is a game which they have to win to stay alive in the three-match series may see them pull out all the stops. The South Africans would dearly love to continue their dominance in every aspect of the game, as they did in the first encounter at Adelaide—if they do so another triumph is on the cards.


South Africa: JP Duminy (c), Kyle Abbott, David Miller, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Kagiso Rabada, Rilee Rossouw, David Wiese, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), Marchant de Lange, Reeza Hendricks, Imran Tahir, Ryan McLaren.

Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Sean Abbott, Doug Bollinger, Cameron Boyce, Patrick Cummins, Ben Cutting, Ben Dunk (wk), James Faulkner, Nic Maddinson, Nathan Reardon, Kane Richardson, Shane Watson, Cameron White, Glenn Maxwell.

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