Shane Watson, who is making a comeback in the Australia team would look to contribute © Getty Images
Shane Watson, who is making a comeback in the Australia team would look to contribute for his team’s success © Getty Images

Nov 9, 2014

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Australia  146/8| Overs 20

C Boyce 1(1) C White  41( 31)

OUT! S Abbot lbw 5

South Africa just in it. A leg-before goes Kyle Abott’ s way. Boyce in now. He hits the bal lto backward point. Scores level now. White on strike now. White wins it for Australia



Australia  143/7| Overs 19

S Abbot 5(5) C White  39( 29)

Single off the first ball. Abbot on strike. This is South Africa’s opportunity. Parnell the bowler. A dot ball. Abbot edges it away for four. Takes a single after that only four required now. White takes a single. A dot ball. Aussies need three of the last over.



Australia  136/7| Overs 18

S Abbot 0(2) C White  37( 27)

OUT! P Cummins c and B Wiese 3

Wiese gets another one. Now the Proteas are into the tail. One more and panic will really set in in Australian ranks. Wide ball there.  10 from 12 needed.



Australia  132/6| Overs 17

P Cummins 3(4) C White  35( 23)

Four of the first ball. Good hook by White. Abbott has to keep things tight here. a single for White. Cummins on strike. Abbott beats the bat. Next ball Cummins gets it away for a single. Another single by White. Good shot by Cummins as he picks up two.


Australia  125/6| Overs 16

P Cummins 0(1) C White  30( 23)

OUT! J Faulkner c Miller     b de Lange 9 (8)

JUst when Australia seemed to be moving ahead they lose Faulkner. A needless shot espcially after a six the ball befotre. SA still not out of it


Australia  114/5| Overs 15

J Faulkner 3(5) C White 25( 20)

Wayne Parnell back into the attack again. A dot to start the over. White goes after him and connects. Ball’s in the stands. Parnell has been off-colour today. White takes a single.  A wide now. An expensive over.


Australia  105/5| Overs 14

J Faulkner 1(1) C White 18(18)

The equation is still in Australia’s favour but the Proteas keep on picking wickets. If de Lange can knock another one over they would be into the tail. White has to stay.



Australia  101/5| Overs 13

J Faulkner 0(0) C White 13(10)

OUT! G Maxwell c Hendricks b Petersen 23

Maxwell’s impetuosity gets the better of him. Tries to hit another six but can only pick out Hendricks. Petersen keeps South Africa in the game. A tight game now.



Australia  97/4| Overs 12

G Maxwell 22(13)C White 13(10)

Wiese still in the attack. He’s picked up two crucial wickets. Another one here would set the cat among the pigeons. Good fielding off his own bowling there by Wiese. A quiet over so far. A slower ball that goes for one. Good shot by Maxwell for four there.


Australia  90/4| Overs 11

G Maxwell 17(10)C White 11(7)

Maxwell comes down the wicket, hits the ball into the stands. a dot ball there. A reverse sweep there by Maxwell that goes for four. Fantastic improvisation. A short ball hit through the off-side


Australia  76/4| Overs 10

G Maxwell 4(5)C White 10(6)

Parnell into the attack again. Some pace and bounce from Parnell. Maxwell plays and misses. South Africa have clawed their way back into the game here. The Proteas would love to bag Maxwell’s wicket. We might be in for a tight finish. Bad ball there which White hooks away for four.


OUT! S Watson c Miller b Peterson 5

Australia  64 /4| Overs 9

G Maxwell 1(2)C White 0

Another one down for Australia. They seem to be losing their way here. South Africa have induced some panic in the Australian line-up. However the dangerous Maxwell is still there.


OUT! N Maddison b Wiese 4(6)



OUT! B dunk c and b Petersen  14 (8)

Australia  53 /2 | Overs 6

S Watson  2(5) N Maddison

Petersen strikes for his team. He fired the ball in there and Dunk could only hit it back to the bowler. Seven runs and a wicket there. South Africa would want to make more inroads.


Australia  45 /1 | Overs 6

S Watson  2(5) B Dunk 8(6)

Good drive by Dunk there. Even though the Aussies have lost their captain Finch they are placed comfortably. Some pace there from de Lange–145.6. Watson was in good form on Friday. Good ball by de lange. He’s hitting the bat hard. One run of f the last ball.


OUT! A Finch c de Lange b Wiese 31

Australia  40 /0 | Overs 5

S Watson ,  B Dunk 4(3)

Finch out. South Africa would be relieved. He was hitting the fours and sixes. Unfortunately he could not clear de Lange. Brings in S. Watson.




Australia  36 /0 | Overs 4

A Finch  29(21),  B Dunk 4(3)

Wayne Parnell into the attack now. Good shot by Finch, nearly goes for six. Lots of width. Good fielding by Miller. That had four written all over it. Finch is going after Parnell. SIX off Finch’s bat over long on. A length ball that’s gone into the crowd. Fifteen from the over.


Australia   21/0 | Overs 3

A Finch 14 (16),  B Dunk 4(2)

Abbott runs in again. Punched away by Finch for two. Quick start by the Aussies. No room given by Abbott. A dot there. So far Abbotts’s pitched it up.


Australia   17/0 | Overs 2

A Finch 11 (11),  B Dunk 3(1)

Finch swings a short ball by de Lange for four. The tall pacer is generating some pace and bounce. Finch finds the gap, drives it away for two. Wide ball there, not collected by the keeper, de Kock. A play and a miss by Finch there. Another four by Finch.


Australia   4/0 | Overs 1

A Finch 1 (5),  B Dunk 3(1)

Ben Dunk starts the scoring for Australia with three runs scored off a drive. Kyle Abbott will want to keep things tight for his team, an early breakthrough would be terrific. No room to Finch there, bowling full, produces a but of an inside edge.


South Africa  145/6 | Overs 20

RPeterson 4(4), D Miller 34(26)

Dot ball first up. Good short ball by Cummins. Only a single. Miller off strike. Not good running from Peterson there. He cannot get it away. Two dots in the last over. Aussies would be pleased as punch. Another slower one, one more single. Miller on strike. He can only get it away for a single. Three runs only in this over. One ball to go. Peterson makes contact, gets it away for two.


South Africa  140/6 | Overs 19

RPeterson 1(1), D Miller 27(21)

OUT! Riese c Dunk b Faulkner 0(1)

OUT! Duminy c Maxwell b Faulkner 2(5)

Brilliant over for Australia. Two wickets would have set back the Proteas furthermore.  Miller strikes a four, a shot hit straight down the ground. He tries to hit out but miscues but he’s safe.




South Africa  132/4 | Overs 18

JP Duminy 1(3), D Miller 26(20)

Cummins back again. First ball is a slower one. Duminy cannot get it away. The Aussies have done a terrific of pulling back things. Cummins does not give Miller any room. Still no boundaries. The Proteas need them bad now. A good slower bouncer to end the over.


South Africa  124/4 | Overs 17

JP Duminy 0(0), D Miller 24(18)

OUT! F. Behardien c Abbott b Faulkner 1(5)

Behardien tries to swing one over deep mid-off for six but cannot clear the man there. In comes Duminy. Miller strikes the last ball for four. SA need more of this.




South Africa  120/3 | Overs 16

F. Behardien 0(2), D Miller 17(15)

OUT! R.Hendricks b Bollinger 49(48)

Bollinger induces an inside edge of Hendricks which knocks off the bails. It brings Behardien in. Bollinger is running in and hitting the deck hard. Only two runs so far. Good over. What will Miller do?




South Africa  115/2 | Overs 15

R Hendricks 49(47), D Miller 13(11)

Faulkner comes in again. Good platform for South Africa here. Faulkner’s got to keep it full here. Only one from the first three deliveries in this over. Good over so far for Australia. No room given. NO boundaries in this over. Aussies would be happy so far. Briliant over, only three.


South Africa  112/2 | Overs 14

R Hendricks 46(43), D Miller 12(9)

Boyce continues. Good shot by Miller now. If he stays till the end South Africa can still get to a big total.  Another four in the over, this time Hendricks swings it over the deep.

South Africa  100/2 | Overs 13

R Hendricks 41(40), D Miller 6(6)

Maxwell back into the attack. Spin seems to be doing the trick. Hendricks starts to attack. He needs to. The dangerous Miller needs more of the strike. Maxwell is keeping things tight. He’s not giving any room.


South Africa  93/2 | Overs 12

R Hendricks 21(21), D Miller 4(3)

OUT! Rossouw c Abbott b Boyce 4(3)

Big over for Australia. Boyce threw it up and the southpaw tried to hit for a six, he only succeded in hitting it to long off. A heartening aspect of Boyce’s bowling is that he gives it air. Hendricks needs to get a move on. The dangerous Miller is in now. an


South Africa  75/1 | Overs 8.4

R Hendricks 21(21), R Rossouw 0(0)


South Africa  75/1 | Overs 8.4

R Hendricks 21(21)

And that’s the first man out for South Africa, huge wicket for the Aussies.

OUT! Q de Kock 48(27) c Dunk b Cummins

South Africa  59/0 | Overs 7

Q de Kock 35(21), R Hendricks 21(21)

Maxwell back into the attack. Terrific fielding there. Maxwell has been the least expensive here. Three singles there.  Maxwell keeps them quiet. What will de Kock do inthe next over?

South Africa  53/0 | Overs 6

Q de Kock 32(19), R Hendricks 19(17) De Kock getting a move on here. two more fours here. South Africa have got a move on here. They have gone after Sean Abbot here in his first over.  Maybe Maxwell wil come back into the attack.

South Africa  22/0 | Overs 4

Q de Kock 15(11), R Hendricks 8(13) James Faulkner into the attack now. de Kock goes after the pacer. He hammers a six straight down the ground. The first six of the game. How will Faulkner respond. South Africa wouldbe looking to accelerate now. A slow start fro Hendricks.

South Africa  11/0 | Overs 2

Q de Kock 7(6), R Hendricks 4(6)

Finch introduces spin in the form of Maxwell. A bit of a risk here? Three balls done, the batsmen haven’t attacked him. Maybe de Kocck wil go after him. He can’t get him away.

South Africa  6/0 | Overs 1

Q de Kock  5(3) R Hendricks 1(2)

Doug Bollinger begins proceedings again. Last time the pacer had removed de Kock for a duck. de Kock is off the mark with a flick. Six runs for South Africa there. Four by off the last ball of the over.

Australia captain Aaron Finch wins the toss and chooses to field in this decider.


Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Sean Abbott, Doug Bollinger, Cameron Boyce, Ben Cutting, Ben Dunk (wk), James Faulkner, Nic Maddinson, Shane Watson, Cameron White, Glenn Maxwell.

South Africa: JP Duminy (c), Kyle Abbott, David Miller, Wayne Parnell, Rilee Rossouw, David Wiese, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), Marchant de Lange, Reeza Hendricks, Ryan McLaren.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the third Twenty20 International (T20I) between Australia and South Africa at the Homebush Bay, Sydney. I am Indrajit Dutta, and I will be bringing you the updates from this match. The first two T20 Internationals (T20Is) between Australia and South Africa turned out to be one-sided encounters.

South Africa creamed Australia in the first T20I played at Adelaide, while it was too easy for Australia to push aside South Africa in the second T20I. So, the decider will now be played at Sydney, with the trophy at stake. Bowlers have dominated this T20I series so far. Surprisingly, only nine sixes have been hit by the batsmen in this series. Both teams have performed well in patches and the two encounters have turned out to be low scoring. In the deciding game, Australia will most probably field an unchanged side for this decider. On the other hand, South Africa may mull a few replacements. Aaron Phangiso might get a look in.


Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Sean Abbott, Doug Bollinger, Cameron Boyce, Pat Cummins, Ben Dunk (wk), James Faulkner, Nic Maddinson, Shane Watson, Cameron White, Glenn Maxwell

South Africa: JP Duminy (c), Kyle Abbott, David Miller, Wayne Parnell, Rilee Rossouw, David Wiese, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), Marchant de Lange, Reeza Hendricks, Ryan McLaren


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