Lahiru Thirimanne fell early in the second over    Getty Images
Lahiru Thirimanne fell early in the second over Getty Images

Live Cricket Scores Australia (AUS) vs Sri Lanka (SL) in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

(Australia and Sri Lanka clash in a crucial ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match at Sydney. Catch Live Cricket Scores of the World Cup match here)

So, Australia finally manage a win as Sri Lanka went down fighting. They lost an early wicket but Dilshan and Sangakkara kept the hopes alive. Are there any words left in praise for Kumar Sangakkara? He scored his third World Cup century on a trot, also completed 14,000 ODI cricket runs! But Sri Lanka slowed down post Dilshan’s dismissal and despite bit of a fightback by Mathews and Chandimal, they did not have enough in the lower order to carry on. Sri Lanks will feel the game could have been their’s had Chandimal stayed on. But that is not how it was meant to be! Glenn Maxwell is the Man of the Match for the fastest ODI century by an Australian. Here is Shiamak Unwalla’s report of the Australia vs Sri Lanka match.

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LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 312/9 in 46.2 Overs: Senanayake gets a four off the outside edge but he gives a simple catch to the man at mid off. Australians are not celebrating as they think Chandimal will come out to bat. But he will not. Handshakes all around. Australia win! NOT OUT: Lasith Malinga 0 (2)

OUT! Sachithra Senanayake c Xavier Doherty b Mitchell Starc 7 (8)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 308/8 in 46 Overs: The asking rate is now almost 16. No sign of Chandimal, means it is all over for Sri Lanka. BATTING: Sachithra Senanayake 3 (6), Lasith Malinga 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 306/8 in 45.2 Overs: Opening batsman Upul Tharanga was pushed way back at No. 7 and he has fallen without making a mark here! Tries to clear midwicket off Faulkner but is caught in the deep. Lasith Malinga is the new man in. BATTING: , Sachithra Senanayake 1 (3)

OUT! Upul Tharanga c David Warner b James Faulkner 4 (5)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 306/7 in 45 Overs: Sachithra Senanayake has walked out to bat and there are a couple of swings and misses. The asking rate is past 13 an over now . BATTING: Upul Tharanga 4 (4), Sachithra Senanayake 1 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 305/7 in 44.3 Overs: Six overs remaining in the game and Starc, who has three left, is in the attack. Clarke now needs to worry from the other three overs as Starc is the man in form. He does the job as Seekkuge Prasanna is cleaned up. BATTING: Upul Tharanga 3 (3),

OUT! Seekkuge Prasanna b Mitchell Starc 9 (11)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 304/6 in 44 Overs: A boundary is scored off the second last ball with an outside edge as Sri Lanka go past the 300-run mark. They now need another 73 runs to win from 36 balls. BATTING: Upul Tharanga 3 (3), Seekkuge Prasanna 9 (9)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 296/6 in 43 Overs: No sign of Chandimal who can come out to bat again, depending on how he is feeling now. Johnson strikes back with good disciplined bowling as Seekkuge Prasanna has joined Upul Tharanga in the middle. BATTING: Upul Tharanga 3 (3), Seekkuge Prasanna 1 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 293/6 in 42.2 Overs: Australia need to remove Perera now. Sri Lanka need at least two runs per ball. And Johnson does it! Perera is OUT! Poor shot from the batsman as he hits an awkward shot, loses grip on the bat and Doherty takes a good catch. Sri Lanka in trouble! BATTING: Upul Tharanga 1 (1)

OUT! Thisara Perera c Xavier Doherty b Mitchell Johnson 8 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 292/5 in 42 Overs: The asking rate is once above 11 run an over now. Perera hits a four on the second last ball of he over. Sri Lanka need to keep going on and on. The final ball is again slammed for four as Watson’s poor run continues. BATTING: Thisara Perera 8 (2), Upul Tharanga 1 (1)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 283/5 in 41.3 Overs: Chandimal wants to continue despite Mathews wanting him back in the pavilion. Remember, Chandimal cannot run between the wickets. Watson starts off with a full toss. And Chandimal finally walks off after a splendid 24-ball 52 not out. Intelligent decision keeping the match situation in mind. And Watson strikes! Mathews falls! Watson bowls a short ball and Mathews gets caught behind! BIG WICKET!!! . BATTING: Thisara Perera 0 (0)

OUT! Angelo Mathews c Brad Haddin b Shane Watson 35 (31)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 280/4 in 41 Overs: Johnson comes back as he has three overs left. There is a long break as Chandimal is struggling with some strain in the leg. The next ball is hit high in the air and it once again drops luckily between two fielders. Chandimal cannot run. Stand and deliver is all he will have to do. Brings up his half-century. BATTING: Angelo Mathews 33 (29), Dinesh Chandimal 51 (23)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 272/4 in 40 Overs: Watson is hit for a single and then a boundary a lucky one as a thick edge gets Chandimal the runs. Sri Lanka are not giving up this chase early. Plenty of batting yet to come Upul Tharanga and then Thisara Perera. Mathews hits a full toss in the deep and it’s only a single. Poor from Watson as a full toss is gifted outside off stump. 105 runs off 60 needed now. BATTING: Angelo Mathews 30 (26), Dinesh Chandimal 46 (20)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 261/4 in 39 Overs: Johnson is welcomed back into the attack with a four on the off side by Mathews. The partnership is past 50 runs now. Chandimal hits an awkward shot, the ball lands safely. Aleem Dar calls an outgoing delivery a wide, Johnson tells him clearly he is wrong. The final ball is hit for a four. BATTING: Angelo Mathews 28 (23), Dinesh Chandimal 37 (17)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 249/4 in 38 Overs: Faulkner comes on. Mathews sets off for a risky single and he would have been out had Clarke hit the wickets. Mix-up between the batsmen as they are running for everything. Faulkner goofs up in collecting the ball on time and the batsman is safe. Chandimal survives. BATTING: Angelo Mathews 23 (21), Dinesh Chandimal 31 (13)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 243/4 in 37 Overs: Mathews whacks a six over midwicket off Doherty and then follows it up with a four on midwicket area. Chandimal hits a four down the ground as Sri Lanka continue to score quick runs. The final ball is again hit for a four! 19 runs off the over! BATTING: Angelo Mathews 20 (17), Dinesh Chandimal 29 (11)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 224/4 in 36 Overs: Chandimal is in splendid touch as he slams a four on the off and then a six over midwicket off Watson to keep the scoreboard ticking. Good over for Sri Lanka as they add 16 runs off it. BATTING: Angelo Mathews 9 (13), Dinesh Chandimal 21 (9)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 208/4 in 35 Overs: Chandimal strikes a four through midwicket off Doherty as Sri Lanka add another six runs to their total. The asking rate has now soared past 11. BATTING: Angelo Mathews 9 (13), Dinesh Chandimal 5 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 202/4 in 34 Overs: There is the big wicket! Kumar Sangakkara has fallen and Sri Lanka are now crumbling under pressure! Big wicket that Faulkner has got here. They checked for the no-ball but the umpire thought it was fine! Australia right back on top!!! BATTING: Angelo Mathews 8 (10), Dinesh Chandimal 0 (0)

OUT! Kumar Sangkkara c Aaron Finch b James Faulkner 104 (107)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 200/3 in 33 Overs: The required run rate has soared past 10 now and Sri Lanka are going only six an over at the moment. Once again, Sangakkara is the key. Mathews is having some trouble running between the wickets. Sanga hits in the air and they are able to take only two runs. Mathews is struggling. 200 up for Sri Lanka in the 33rd over. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 104 (106), Angelo Mathews 6 (5)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 195/3 in 32 Overs: What a player!!! Kumar Sangakkara becomes the first man in the history of cricket to complete three tons on a trot in World Cups! Sangakkara hits on the leg side to collect two runs and bring up his century! Meanwhile Angelo Mathews has joined Sanga in the middle after Jayawardene fell for 19. Sri Lanka need 182 runs from remaining 18 overs. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 101 (102), Angelo Mathews 4 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 188/3 in 31 Overs: Starc comes on to bowl the second over in the powerplay. Sangakka is beaten outside off on the second ball. What a ball, Sangakkara just manages somehow to keep the yorker away! BIG WICKET! Mahela Jayawardene is run out on the final ball as Clarke’s direct hit does it for Australia BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 99 (99),

OUT! Mahela Jayawardene run out 19 (22)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 186/2 in 30 Overs: Sri Lanka need 208 more runs from 21 overs and batting powerplay has been taken. James Faulker to bowl. Sangakkara hits the second ball in the air and Maxwell sprints from the deep but the ball falls short. The next ball is pulled for four. Another four as a slower ball is hit for a four on the leg side. The last ball is again hit for a four! What a comeback from Sri Lanka! BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 98 (96), Mahela Jayawardene 18 (19)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 169/2 in 29 Overs: Jayawardene hits in the air off Shane Watson as Sri Lanka take two runs off the first ball and one off the second. The asking rate has soared past 9.50 and Sri Lanka cannot afford to keep it moving up. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 84 (92), Mahela Jayawardene 15 (17)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 164/2 in 28 Overs: Jayawardene takes a run off the third ball from Maxwell. Sanga too takes a single on the fourth ball. Sri Lanka have slowed down surprisingly. Sangakkara gets a top edge but the ball falls right behind the wicketkeeper. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 83 (89), Mahela Jayawardene 12 (15)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 159/2 in 27 Overs: Sangakkara hits a four on the second ball but he is not able to add any more runs in the remaindee of the over. Another good over for Australia and the asking rate is now close to 9.50 per over. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 80 (87), Mahela Jayawardene 9 (10)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 154/2 in 26 Overs: Australia continue to dominate as the Sri Lankans are not able to score freely anymore. Maxwell’s fifth over gets only four runs to them. The required run rate is past nine now. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 76 (82), Mahela Jayawardene 8 (9)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 150/2 in 25 Overs: Brilliant over by Mitch Johnson as first five balls are dots and the final ball is hit on the fine leg area for a single. Sri Lanka reach the 150-run mark. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 74 (79), Mahela Jayawardene 6 (6)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 149/2 in 24 Overs: Jayawardene is away with a four on the deep midwicket region off Faulkner. Fine strike as he just flicked the ball in the air over the fielders. Sri Lanka will have to maintain scoring rate of 6-7 runs an over as the asking rate has started to move up in the past couple of overs. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 73 (73), Mahela Jayawardene 6 (6)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 142/2 in 23 Overs: Sangakkara gets one on the pads from Johnson and he puts it away for a four down the leg side. It’s four via leg byes. Australia cannot afford to bowl many loose balls here. Johnson is trying to wary the pace. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 71 (60), Mahela Jayawardene 1 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 137/2 in 22 Overs: Mahela Jayawardene comes out to bat after a long, long time. The Sri Lankans have been doing extremely well with the bat but today it will be a tough competition for them. He starts off with a risky single. Sri Lanka need these two to stay and score runs. 240 more needed at 8.50 per over. BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 70 (65), Mahela Jayawardene 1 (3)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 135/2 in 21.3 Overs: Faulkner strikes!!! Dilshan has fallen and Australia finally get the wicket they wanted! The left-arm bowler puts one slower in line of middle and leg. Dilshan goes for his shot but misses and the ball hits him on the back leg! BATTING: Kumar Sangkkara 69 (64)

OUT! Tillakaratne Dilshan lbw James Faulkner 62 (60)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 135/1 in 21 Overs: Australia are in desperate search for wickets as Mitchell Johnson comes on for his fourth over. The first three balls from the pacer keeps Kumar Sangakkara pinned on the strike. Sanga takes a single on the fourth ball. Another good over as Sri Lanka are able to manage only two more runs. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 62 (59), Kumar Sangkkara 69 (65)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 133/1 in 20 Overs: Faulkner is bowling well as the Sri Lankans are only managing singles off him. An outside edge off Sanga’s bat falls in no-man’s land. Excellent over from him as Sri Lanka manage only two runs off it. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 61 (55), Kumar Sangkkara 68 (60)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 131/1 in 19 Overs: Sanga chips one in the air and the ball lands safely as they run for two. Dilshan gets width outside off from Maxwell and he pierces the field for another boundary. Sri Lanka add eight more runs to the total. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 60 (51), Kumar Sangkkara 67 (58)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 123/1 in 18 Overs: James Faulkner comes on after the drinks break. Dilshan reaches another milestone as he completes 1,000 runs in World Cup tournaments in 25 matches. Sri Lankans looking good with these two doing the job well so far. Four runs scored in that over. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 55 (49), Kumar Sangkkara 64 (54)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 119/1 in 17 Overs: The partnership is well past 100 as Sangakkara swats a flat six over midwicket off Doherty. Sri Lanka are scoring above six an over and the asking rate is not much as well with them doing good work so far. Final ball is hit for a boundary as Sri Lanka add 13 runs off the over! Time for drinks with Sri Lanka needing 258 more runs from 33 overs. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 53 (46), Kumar Sangkkara 62 (51)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 106/1 in 16 Overs: Dilshan too brings up his half-century as Sri Lanka are replying on a very strong note here. The Aussies do not look like creating an impact with the spinners. Runs coming in easily for the Lankans. The partnership is now close to 100-run mark. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 51 (44), Kumar Sangkkara 51 (47)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 101/1 in 15 Overs: Stumping appeal against Sanga is reviewed and the batsman is safe. The Sri Lankan legend then brings up his 94th half-century in the format with a single off Doherty. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 49 (40), Kumar Sangkkara 50 (45)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 96/1 in 14 Overs: Milestone achieved as Kumar Sangakkara has completed his 14,000 runs in One-Day International cricket! What a player! Sangakkara then dances down the track to hit over midwicket for four, and then cuts to get the same result. Sri Lanka are cruising at the moment. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 47 (42), Kumar Sangkkara 47 (37)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 86/1 in 13 Overs: Would you believe this? Of all people Michael Clarke has dropped a catch as he failed to grab one running behind. Dilshan mistimed a stroke and Clarke did well to cover the ground, but could not grab the ball. Doherty’s over gets another five runs to Sri Lanka. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 47 (37), Kumar Sangkkara 37 (36)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 81/1 in 12 Overs: Man of the moment Glenn Maxwell is into the attack as spinners are bowling for Australia in tandem now. Australia need to keep taking wickets in order to maintain pressure on the Sri Lankans, who have many big hitters in their side. five runs taken via singles. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 44 (33), Kumar Sangkkara 35 (34)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 76/1 in 11 Overs: Xavier Doherty is deployed into the attack and Sri Lankan batsmen scramble to add another seven runs from the 11th over. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 43 (32), Kumar Sangkkara 31 (29)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 69/1 in 10 Overs: Australia pulling back things in control as another over is finished without a boundary. Mitchell Starc is spot on with his line and length as always. Sri Lanka now need 308 more runs to win from 40 overs. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 42 (30), Kumar Sangkkara 25 (25)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 65/1 in 9 Overs: Good comeback by Watson as he lets only a couple of singles in the first five balls. Another single on the final ball which was hit well by Sangakkara. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 41 (26), Kumar Sangkkara 23 (23)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 59/1 in 8 Overs: Sangakkara begins with a four on square of the wicket but is hit on the third ball in the stomach as he tried to pull. The fifth ball is a ripper an inswinging yorker and Aussies have their hands up on the heads how did that miss the wickets! Haddin does well to collect it and save a certain four. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 38 (23), Kumar Sangkkara 20 (20)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 55/1 in 7 Overs: Sangakkara pushes one through covers as the batsmen scramble for three more runs. Seven fours in a row for Dilshan! Watson sees the second ball ‘dilscooped’ over the short fine leg. What brilliant batting this! Dilshan dances down but misses to connect this time around. Another mishit a dilscoop falls safely ahead of third man. Dilshan is setting things on fire! Sri Lanka bring up their 50. Sangakkara hits over the close in fielders for his second four. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 38 (23), Kumar Sangkkara 16 (14)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 42/1 in 6 Overs: Dilshan finally gets things right as he strikes two deliveries down the ground off Johnson for four and the third one is again a four, pulled on the midwicket region. The fourth ball is once again a four, pulled convincingly. Johnson having a chat with the batsman. And ANOTHER! Five in a row! All the Sri Lankans are in joy as Dilshan cracks one through covers off the Aussie tearaway! AND YES! Last ball is again a boundary! 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 in the over!!! READ: Tillakaratne Dilshan hits six boundaries in one over off Mitchell Johnson

BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 33 (20), Kumar Sangkkara 8 (11)

Here is Kumar Sangakkara’s special helmet I was talking about:

Sanga helmet

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 18/1 in 5 Overs: Dilshan is struggling with his timing today. Gets two runs off the second ball in backward square leg region. Dilshan tries to pull, does not connect. The ball goes in the air but falls safely. Sanga looking much better. Another gentle push down the ground for two runs. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 9 (14), Kumar Sangkkara 8 (11)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 13/1 in 4 Overs: Johnson continues. He has not been very quick today but has got good amount of bounce so far and the pace has been impressive as well. Sangakkara is off the mark with two runs on the off side. First boundary for Sri Lanka, not very convincing as Sanga gets a leading edge and hits a four on the leg side. Good over for Sri Lanka, seven runs scored off it. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (10), Kumar Sangkkara 6 (9)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 6/1 in 3 Overs: Dilshan is beaten outside the off stump by Starc as the batsman once again goes for a drive but misses out to connect. Sangakkara is batting with a unique helmet one which has protection towards the back of the head. Let me not say the spot where Phillip Hughes was hit, but for you to understand better exactly that area. Sanga has it covered from both the sides. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 5 (7), Kumar Sangkkara 0 (6)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 5/1 in 2 Overs: Kumar Sangakkara has walked out to bat at No. 3 with Sri Lanka in dire straits. Thirimanne was one of their biggest hopes to get runs as he has been in prime form. Australia have maintained the intensity and it’s up to Sri Lanka to put up a fight here. BATTING: Tillakaratne Dilshan 4 (4), Kumar Sangkkara 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 5/1 in 1.4 Overs: Mitchell Johnson is bowling first up. Dilshan pushes one down the ground to take three runs. Thirimanne is surprised with the bounce and Brad Haddin takes a good catch as Johnson has struck early! Big blow to Sri Lanka as one of their in-form batsman has fallen early!!! BATTING: , Tillakaratne Dilshan 1 (3) READ: Thirimanne dismissed early

OUT! Lahiru Thirimanne c Brad Haddin b Mitchell Johnson 1 (5)

LIVE SCORE Sri Lanka 2/0 in 1 Over: Lahiru Thirimanne is on strike and Mitchell Starc is in for the opening over. A single taken on the second ball of the over. Tillakartane Dilshan goes for the mighty drive on the first ball and is beaten! The right-hander is beaten on the next ball as well, which was fuller. Dilshan then takes a single off the second last ball. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 1 (3), Tillakaratne Dilshan 1 (3)

Game on! Tillakartane Dilshan and Lahiru Thirimanne have walked out to bat. Sri Lanka’s forte is batting and Australia cannot drop down the guard.

Let’s take a breath here, after all the last 15-20 overs have been really entertaining! Australia started off on a poor note by losing their openers early on, but Michael Clarke and Steven Smith held fort and added 134 runs for the third wicket to lay a strong foundation. But the 160-run partnership between Glenn Maxwell and Shane Watson off only 13.4 overs broke Sri Lanka’s back. Maxwell was his brutal best, slamming six sixes and 10 boundaries to score his maiden century. Full marks to Shane Watson as well, who came out fighting strong having so much pressure on him! Here is Shiamak Unwalla reporting Glenn Maxwell s 51-ball century leads Australia to 376/9 against Sri Lanka in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Pool A Match 38 at Sydney

LIVE SCORE Australia 376/9 in 50 Overs: Haddin hits a four on the second ball but departs as he tries to clear the fielder at mid off. Fine contribution from Haddin. Perera takes a clean catch. In and out for Starc as well, who is run out without facing any delivery. BATTING: Mitchell Johnson 3 (3), Xavier Doherty 0 (1)

OUT! Brad Haddin c Thisara Perera b Angelo Mathews 21 (9)

OUT! Mitchell Starc run out 0 (0)

LIVE SCORE Australia 368/7 in 49 Overs: Brad Haddin takes charge of the run scoring as the first ball is hit for a six over covers and then two fours are hit on the next two balls in the same area. The fourth ball gets a bottom edge and beats Sangakkara behind the wickets to race away for another boundary. DROPPED! Haddin swings and the fielder at deep midwicket dives but fails to grab the ball. And Watson falls on the final ball, for a 42-ball 67. BATTING: Brad Haddin 21 (7)

OUT! Shane Watson c Dinesh Chandimal b Thisara Perera 67 (42)

LIVE SORE Australia 349/6 in 48 Overs: Australians have played Malinga really well in the past couple of overs. But the Sri Lankan pacer is really impressive in this over, only four runs scored off him. BATTING: Shane Watson 67 (41), Brad Haddin 2 (2)

LIVE SCORE Australia 345/6 in 47 Overs: Watson hits a brilliant boundary to end the over on a high as Australia add another eight runs despite losing two wickets. Maling to bowl the next over. BATTING: Shane Watson 65 (36), Brad Haddin 0 (0)

LIVE SCORE Australia 338/6 in 46.3 Overs: In and out for James Faulkner as he is run out for a duck off the first ball. BATTING: Shane Watson 57 (32)

OUT! James Faulkner run out 0 (1)

LIVE SCORE Australia 337/5 in 46.1 Overs: Maxwell has fallen after a stunning and brutal knock as Malinga takes a fine catch to end his innings at 102 off 53 balls, studded with 10 boundaries and 6 sixes. WHAT A KNOCK!!! Maxwell and Watson added a mammoth 160 runs off just 13.4 overs, and they seem to have taken the game away from Sri Lanka. BATTING: Shane Watson 57 (32)

OUT! Glenn Maxwell c Lasith Malinga b Thisara Perera 102 (53)

LIVE SCORE Australia 337/4 in 46 Overs: Watson slams a six over the deep square leg and then hits down the ground to raise his half-century off just 30 balls. What a comeback for the Aussie veteran! Watto’s back!!! This is 32nd half-century. Maxwell in strike. He is on 99 from 50 balls. 10 fours. 6 Sixes. And there it is! Maxwell hits his MAIDEN CENTURY IN ODI CRICKET!!!! Maxwell is jumping in joy and then a few tears. Hugs Watson for a very long time then wipes the tears. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 102 (52), Shane Watson 57 (32)

LIVE SCORE Australia 320/4 in 45 Overs: Maxwell takes two runs off the first ball. Maxwell then takes a single and umpire Ian Gould, in his 100th ODI, takes the eternity to declare it a leg bye. Oh dear, the record stays with Kevin O’Brien. Poor Maxwell, comes very close to break the record twice within a week but fails. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 99 (50), Shane Watson 44 (28)

LIVE SCORE Australia 315/4 in 44 Overs: And Watson is making most of the lifeline here as he swats a six over the midwicket region off Mathews to start the over. The second ball is a wide. The fastest century in World Cup history is set to be broken as Maxwell is going berserk at the SCG. He slams a four off the third ball and then takes two runs as Sangakkara DROPS a catch! He is on 96 not out, Maxwell’s highest score this is in ODIs. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 96 (47), Shane Watson 42 (25)

LIVE SCORE Australia 300/4 in 43 Overs: Maxwell and Watson are taking the game away from the Sri Lankans here Watson gets a full toss and he slams a six over midwicket. Maxwell then slams a four over mid off. What a shot!!! Maxwell picks one outside the off stump and sends it flying over the midwicket region for a HUGE SIX!!! Maxwell on fire! Sri Lanka in trouble!!! BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 89 (44), Shane Watson 35 (22)

LIVE SCORE Australia 280/4 in 42 Overs: Glenn Maxwell hits high in the air on the leg side and the fielder in the deep miss on a tough chance. Another good over for Australia as they add 10 runs off the Sri Lankan skipper. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 77 (40), Shane Watson 28 (20)

LIVE SCORE Australia 270/4 in 41 Overs: Sri Lanka bring on Prasanna but Maxwell derails him with three boundaries off the first four balls. Two boundaries are scored in the midwicket region and one is hit in the deep fine leg area. Maxwell is going full throttle. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 69 (36), Shane Watson 26 (18)

LIVE SCORE Australia 253/4 in 40 Overs: Good over from the Sri Lankan perspective by Malinga as the Australians are able to add only eight runs off it. There are 10 more overs to go and Australia will be looking for another 70-80 odd runs. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 54 (31), Shane Watson 24 (17)

LIVE SCORE Australia 245/4 in 39 Overs: Another quickfire half-century for Glenn Maxwell who brings up the feat with a six over midwicket to Perera. Another good over for Australia as they add 10 more runs to their total. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 52 (28), Shane Watson 18 (14)

LIVE SCORE Australia 235/4 in 38 Overs: Maxwell makes room to slam a four off Malinga through covers. Australia are looking good for 300, but they should not lose many wickets. Watson makes his presence felt as he gets a boundary over mid-0n fielder. Watson pulls the final ball for another four. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 43 (24), Shane Watson 17 (13)

LIVE SCORE Australia 219/4 in 37 Overs: Prasanna comes on post drinks break and Maxwell slams a massive six over the deep square leg boundary. And here comes the reverse sweep for a boundary over short third man fielder. 17 runs added. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 38 (22), Shane Watson 6 (8)

LIVE SCORE Australia 202/4 in 36 Overs: Watson takes a single and rotates the strike to Maxwell. Lasith Malinga continues and a yorker. Glenn Maxwell blocks it and another yorker in the leg side and Maxwell defends again. Maxwell unable to break free. And Maxwell manages to take a single finally. Single to end the over. And that is drinks. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 22 (17), Shane Watson 5 (7)


LIVE SCORE Australia 199/4 in 35 Overs: And Maxwell is away as he slams a four and a six both in the cover region off Dilshan to take Australia close to the 200-run mark in the 35th over. Australia would be praying that Maxwell stays on till the end. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 22 (14), Shane Watson 3 (5)


LIVE SCORE Australia 185/4 in 34 Overs: Australia look to pick up after the double blows as Watson and Maxwell have a huge responsibility on their shoulders right now. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 8 (8), Shane Watson 2 (4)

LIVE SCORE Australia 178/4 in 33 Overs: Sri Lanka have done well to gain back the control in this contest. Two new batsmen at the crease and Australia will hope that they do not lose many wickets in the batting powerplay, which can hamper their chances to score 300. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 3 (4), Shane Watson 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Australia 176/4 in 32.3 Overs: Oh dear! Smith comes down the track and hits very high in the air off Dilshan. Australia have lost their fourth wicket and Thisara Perera takes a brilliant catch in the deep. BATTING: Glenn Maxwell 1 (1)

OUT! Steven Smith c Thisara Perera b Tillakaratne Dilshan 72 (88)

LIVE SCORE Australia 176/3 in 32 Overs: Glenn Maxwell comes on to bat and he gets a brilliant yorker first ball. He does well to stay out of trouble. BATTING: Steven Smith 72 (88), Glenn Maxwell 1 (1)

LIVE SCORE Australia 175/3 in 31.5 Overs: Malinga comes on as Sri Lanka feel they need to break this partnership. The first ball is short and Clarke pulls to collect two runs. The fourth ball is in the zone and Clarke punches it straight down the ground and gets a boundary. But Malinga has the final laugh as he has cleaned up Clarke! What a ball! Right through the gates! Umpires check for overstepping and Clarke is OUT! BATTING: Steven Smith 72 (88),

OUT! Michael Clarke b Lasith Malinga 68 (68)

LIVE SCORE Australia 169/2 in 31 Overs: Good football skills once again on display as Perera uses his foot to save a four in the cover region. Australia have really stepped on the scoring rate in the past couple of overs. Smith makes room and swats a four on the off side off Senanayake. BATTING: Steven Smith 72 (87), Michael Clarke 62 (63)

LIVE SCORE Australia 159/2 in 30 Overs: Australia bring up their 150 in the 30th over. A bit slow but steady so far given the fact that they had lost their openers early on. Clarke and Smith have done well in getting quick runs in the past few overs. Change of pace from Perera does not work as Clarke gets another four through deep fine leg. Clarke ends the over with a fantastic stroke over the mid off fielder for four. BATTING: Steven Smith 66 (84), Michael Clarke 59 (61)

LIVE SCORE Australia 149/2 in 29 Overs: Senanayake comes on to bowl. Clarke makes room to hit a four through the covers. He then takes a single to bring up the 100-run stand with Smith. And there it is!!! Half-century for the Australian captain with a single. Smith ends the successful over for Australia with a massive six down the ground. BATTING: Steven Smith 65 (83), Michael Clarke 50 (56)

LIVE SCORE Australia 135/2 in 28 Overs: Clarke slaps through the covers as he gets a four off Mathews. The first short ball of the match has been bowled in the 28th over! Smith lets it go. Good over for Australia as they are able to add another nine runs to the total. BATTING: Steven Smith 56 (79), Michael Clarke 44 (53)

LIVE SCORE Australia 126/2 in 27 Overs: Clarke and Smith are doing fine as far as rotating strikes is concerned, but Australia need few boundaries here and then to boost their scoring rate. Both the batsmen play attacking strokes in the over from Dilshan but could not get a boundary. The partnership is of 85 runs now. BATTING: Steven Smith 54 (76), Michael Clarke 38 (50)

LIVE SCORE Australia 121/2 in 26 Overs: Mathews comes on to bowl as a misfield from Upul Tharanga gets two extra runs for the Australians. Clarke gets an inside edge off the final ball. The Australians have slowly wrestled back command in this contest. BATTING: Steven Smith 52 (74), Michael Clarke 35 (46)

LIVE SCORE Australia 114/2 in 25 Overs: Clarke pulls one short from Dilshan and collects a single as Malinga saves another boundary with a fine fielding effort in the deep. Smith gets the final ball past the fielder at short fine leg and gets his half-century! BATTING: Steven Smith 50 (72), Michael Clarke 30 (42)

LIVE SCORE Australia 107/2 in 24 Overs: Prasanna continues as Smith hits a four past the fielder at short third man. Both Clarke and Smith are looking to score aggressively now as they have constructed a good stand so far and now is the time to launch. BATTING: Steven Smith 46 (69), Michael Clarke 30 (42)

LIVE SCORE Australia 100/2 in 23 Overs: Tillakaratne Dilshan comes on to bowl now. Australians are doing extremely well as far as rotating strike is concerned. 100 up for Australia and the partnership for the third wicket is now of 59 runs. BATTING: Steven Smith 41 (67), Michael Clarke 26 (36)

LIVE SCORE Australia 95/2 in 22 Overs: Good football skills from Malinga save a certain boundary as Smith had played the cut shot well off Prasanna. Australia are looking to up the scoring rate now. Two runs scored in the over. BATTING: Steven Smith 40 (65), Michael Clarke 22 (31)

LIVE SCORE Australia 93/2 in 21 Overs: Perera continues as one feels the scoring rate has gone down a little bit for Australia. But no more. Clarke smashes one down the ground over mid on for a boundary. BATTING: Steven Smith 37 (59), Michael Clarke 22 (31)

LIVE SCORE Australia 86/2 in 20 Overs: Prsanna does well with a probing line as Smith is able to take a single only on the last ball of the over. BATTING: Steven Smith 35 (55), Michael Clarke 17 (29)

LIVE SCORE Australia 85/2 in 19 Overs: Perera continues post the drinks break. One hour into the game and both the sides would feel they have done well. Sri Lanka will feel good about removing the openers cheaply, and Australia will be happy with this partnership developing, BATTING: Steven Smith 34 (49), Michael Clarke 17 (29)

LIVE SCORE Australia 82/2 in 18 Overs: Senanayake comes back into the attack after a short break. Both Clarke and Smith have settled down comfortably at the crease and the pitch is not looking very tough for batting as well. Australia add three more to the total. BATTING: Steven Smith 32 (45), Michael Clarke 16 (27)

LIVE SCORE Australia 79/2 in 17 Overs: Good over from Perera as he keeps it tight. Australians manage only three runs off it. The partnership for the third wicket between Smith and Clarke is of 37 runs now. Australia need them to be there for a long run today. BATTING: Steven Smith 30 (42), Michael Clarke 15 (24)

LIVE SCORE Australia 76/2 in 16 Overs: Senanayake continues. Both Smith and Clarke are using their feet excellently against the Sri Lankan spinners. They are only looking to rotate the strike. Four runs added off the 16th over. BATTING: Steven Smith 28 (37), Michael Clarke 14 (23)

LIVE SCORE Australia 72/2 in 15 Overs: Thisara Perera has replaced Seekkuge Prasanna. After a couple of singles, Smith gets one on the pads and he hits it down the ground for a four. Australia add seven runs to their total. BATTING: Steven Smith 27 (36), Michael Clarke 11 (17)

LIVE SCORE Australia 65/2 in 14 Overs: Senanayake continues. He does well to bowl a couple of dot balls as the first four balls get only one run to Australia. Clarke pulls one short towards deep square leg for a single. BATTING: Steven Smith 22 (33), Michael Clarke 9 (15)

LIVE SCORE Australia 63/2 in 13 Overs: Yes, Australia are looking for stability as they are only dealing in singles and doubles against the Sri Lankan spinners. Clarke and Smith do well to take seven runs off Prasanna in the 13th over. BATTING: Steven Smith 21 (30), Michael Clarke 8 (12)

LIVE SCORE Australia 56/2 in 12 Overs: Senanayake has replaced Mathews after he was taken off for giving away 18 runs off the first three overs. Australians are not looking for boundaries as both Clarke and Smith are good in rotating strikes. Australia add four runs. BATTING: Steven Smith 18 (27), Michael Clarke 4 (9)

LIVE SCORE Australia 52/2 in 11 Overs: Prasanna continues as there is a loud appeal for leg-before against Clarke, who comes down and defends the ball. Australia cross the 50-run mark in the 11th over of the innings. . BATTING: Steven Smith 16 (24), Michael Clarke 2 (6)

LIVE SCORE Australia 49/2 in 10 Overs: Mathews continues as Smith hits the fourth and the final balls for boundaries. The fourth ball is hit down the ground with a full straight bat, while the last one is punched on the off side as Australia add eight runs. BATTING: Steven Smith 15 (22), Michael Clarke 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Australia 41/2 in 9 Overs: Sri Lanka have gained command early on with the two wickets. Australia would not have hoped for such a bad start, and with Michael Clarke and Steven Smith on the crease, they will hope for a big partnership. BATTING: Steven Smith 7 (16), Michael Clarke 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Australia 41/2 in 8.4 Overs: Seekkuge Prasanna comes on to bowl. The second ball is strayed down the leg side and Finch gets another boundary. But Finch commits suicide on the fourth ball as he comes down the track to hit it but the ball goes to Sangakkara, flicking the thigh pad, and the ‘keeper does the rest. BATTING: Steven Smith 7 (15)

OUT! Aaron Finch st Kumar Sangakkara b Seekkuge Prasanna 24 (24),

LIVE SCORE Australia 37/1 in 8 Overs: Change in the bowling attack as Senanayake is off and Angelo Mathews comes on. Finch hits down the ground to collect three runs on the first ball. Sri Lanka waste a review as Smith was hit on the back leg but the ball was hitting very high. BATTING: Aaron Finch 20 (20), Steven Smith 7 (15)

LIVE SCORE Australia 34/1 in 7 Overs: Malinga continues. Australia take a risky second run but Smith seemed to have made it on the non-strikers end on time. Good comeback by Sri Lanka as Australia are able to take only two runs off the seventh over. BATTING: Aaron Finch 17 (19), Steven Smith 7 (11)

LIVE SCORE Australia 32/1 in 6 Overs: Runs for Australia as Aaron Finch sweeps to get a boundary and then hits through off side to add another three runs off Senanayake. Good over for Australia as they add another eight runs to their total. BATTING: Aaron Finch 17 (19), Steven Smith 5 (5)

LIVE SCORE Australia 24/1 in 5 Overs: Steven Smith comes out to bat at No. 3, good that Australia have not sent the out of form Shane Watson at this spot. Sri Lanka have made a crucial breakthrough. Malinga is mixing up the fast ones as well as the slower ones brilliantly. Smith gets one outside the off and he creams it through covers for four. BATTING: Aaron Finch 10 (14), Steven Smith 4 (4)

LIVE SCORE Australia 19/1 in 4.2 Overs: And there’s the first blow! Warner gets a yorker on the first ball and Malinga’s brilliance once again is on display. After the yorker he bowls a slower delivery outside off stump, and Warner plays with hard hands and ends up giving a dolly to the man at extra cover! David Warner has been dismissed by Lasith Malinga. BATTING: Aaron Finch 10 (14),

OUT! David Warner c Seekkuge Prasanna b Lasith Malinga 9 (12)

LIVE SCORE Australia 19/0 in 4 Overs: Warner comes down the wicket, makes room and hits a four over the covers off Senanayake. Both the batsmen are looking to score aggressively early on. Six runs added from the fourth over. BATTING: Aaron Finch 10 (14), David Warner 9 (10)

LIVE SCORE Australia 13/0 in 3 Overs: Malinga continues and the third ball is hit between the point fielder and extra cover for four by Finch. There is a single taken on the final ball of the over as Australia add five more runs to their total. BATTING: Aaron Finch 9 (12), David Warner 4 (6)

LIVE SCORE Australia 8/0 in 2 Overs: Surprisingly, Sachithra Senanayke has been introduced into the attack in the second over itself. The idea would be to not let Australia get off a brisk start and also try and assess how much spin is there on this wicket. Warner takes a single on the second ball. Another lucky escape for Finch as he tries to sweep but the ball hits gloves and then the pads and the wicketkeeper is not able to collect it before it hits the ground. Three more runs off the final ball. BATTING: Aaron Finch 4 (6), David Warner 4 (6)

LIVE SCORE Australia 4/0 in 1 Over: Lucky start for Aaron Finch as an outside edge goes past Mahela Jayawardene at the first slip, off Lasith Malinga. Australia need a stable start in this big clash, early wickets will only put undue pressure on them. David Warner blocks a couple of first few balls. He then collects three runs with a gentle push on the off side. BATTING: Aaron Finch 1 (2), David Warner 3 (4)

Anthems are done and Aaron Finch and David Warner have walked out to bat. Lasith Malinga will be bowling the first over in the game.

Playing XI

Australia: Michael Clarke (c), Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, James Faulkner, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Xavier Doherty

Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Lahiru Thirimanne, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakarra (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Upul Tharanga, Thisara Perera, Seekkuge Prasanna, Sachitra Senanayake, Lasith Malinga

TOSS: Michael Clarke wins the toss and Australia will be batting first. Xavier Doherty and Shane Watson come in to the playing XI in place of Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Marsh. Sri Lanka too have made a couple of changes bringing in Sachithra Senanayake, Upul Tharanga and Seekkuge Prasanna.

08.25 AM IST: Looks like Shane Watson and Xavier Doherty will be making a comeback to the playing XI. Watson is certain to play, he is marking his run up at the ground ahead of the toss.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Pool A match between the co-hosts Australia and Sri Lanka at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Sunday. This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the updates from the 32nd match of this cricket World Cup 2015. PREVIEW: Australia vs Sri Lanka in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

There is a possibility that the winner of this match today will clash with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament favourites South Africa a team that both Australia and Sri Lanka would like to avoid. South Africa suffered an embarrassing defeat to Pakistan in their match yesterday as they lost the World Cup 2015 match by 29 runs via the Duckworth-Lewis method, but given the quality of the side that South Africa have at their disposal, no one would like to face them in a knockout match. Australia vs Sri Lanka, Live Cricket Score, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Australia are currently in the third position in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament’s Points Table, with five points in four match. They have won two games against England and Afghanistan. Australia lost to New Zealand by a narrow margin on one wicket and their match against the Asian side Bangladesh was washed out due to Cyclone Marcia a couple of weeks ago. Australia vs Sri Lanka, Free Live Cricket Streaming Online on Star Sports

On the other hand, Sri Lanka will feel that they are strong contenders in this 2015 World Cup with all-round show in the past couple of matches. While they lost to New Zealand in their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 opener, Sri Lanka have bounced back to register three wins on a trot and they will be confident going into the later stages of the World Cup.

Sri Lanka will be without the services of their ace spinner Rangana Herath, who was ruled out of the ongoing ICC World Cup 2015 due to a finger injury which he sustained in the match against England. They will also be without Dimuth Karunaratne and with these omissions, Sri Lanka will certainly have to look up to their bowlers for more inspiration. Live Scorecard: ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Australia vs Sri Lanka, Pool A match 32


Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dimuth Karunaratne, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dushmantha Chameera, Rangana Herath, Sachitra Senanayake, Thisara Perera, Jeevan Mendis, Lasith Malinga. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Pool-wise Team Standings

Australia: Michael Clarke (c), Aaron Finch, David Warner, George Bailey, Shane Watson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson, Xavier Doherty, James Faulkner, Josh Hazlewood. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage

Live Cricket Scores and ball-by-ball commentary: Australia vs Sri Lanka in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

LIVE SCORE Australia 159/2 in 30 Overs: Australia bring up their 150 in the 30th over. A bit slow but steady so far given the fact that they had lost their openers early on. Clarke and Smith have done well in getting quick runs in the past few overs. Change of pace from Perera does not work as Clarke gets another four through deep fine leg. Clarke ends the over with a fantastic stroke over the mid off fielder for four. BATTING: Steven Smith 66 (84), Michael Clarke 59 (61)