Ola! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Australia v England, ICC Women’s World T20 2016, Semi-Final 1 at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. England are yet to be beaten in this edition of World T20, while Australia are coming off a loss and three wins in the group stage. The only match which they loss was against the White Ferns (New Zealand). Both sides entered the tournament as world’s top two teams with Australia on the No. 1 spot as per ICC Team Rankings. While England who won the inaugural edition of Women’s World T20 in 2009, the Southern Stars have won the next four and are well in a position to challenge for a record fifth title. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Australia vs England, 1st Semi-Final, ICC Women’s World T20 at Delhi

Live Cricket Score, England Women 127/7 in overs 20, Batting: Lydia Greenway 3(4), Danielle Wyatt 10(9): Rene Farrell with the ball. 13 needed off the last over. Outside, hits towards mid-on, single. Inside edge, job well done by the skipper. No run. Hits it higher up over mid-wicket, single.Another single follows. 10 needed off the last two. Takes the bottom edge, hits towards mid-on, single. Last ball, full, outside, single. AUSTRALIA WOMEN WIN BY 5 RUNS.

Player of the match: Meg Lanning

Live Cricket Score, England Women 120/7 in overs 19, Batting: Lydia Greenway 14(14), Danielle Wyatt 0(1): Dances down the pitch, Fullish, outside and Brunt drives it through cover for 4. GONE! Danger man, Katherine Brunt goes back. The middle-stump goes off. Goes for two, CHANCE OF A RUN OUT! Umpire goes up. GONE BY A MILE! Lydia off the mark with a single. Game slipping away from England slowly. Hits it hard, but just a single. Takes a single. One over to go.

OUT! Jenny Gunn run out 1(2)

OUT! Katherine Brunt b Megan Schutt 11(5)

Live Cricket Score, England Women 112/5 in overs 18, Batting: Katherine Brunt 14(14), Danielle Wyatt 0(1): OUT! A juggling catch by Elyse Villani there at long-on and Heather Knight is gone. Wyatt comes in. Rene Farrell with the ball. Goes over cover, Single. Tries a reverse sweep, Sarah Taylor is gone. No need to play that shot, basics. SIX! Brunt shows her class, hits over mid-wicket. Osborne tries to get it, not enough high the jump, not possible for any fielder that.

OUT! Sarah Taylor c Alyssa Healy b Rene Farrell 21(23)

OUT! Heather Knight c Elyse Villani b Erin Osborne 1(6)

Live Cricket Score, England Women 91/3 in overs 16, Batting: Sarah Taylor 14(14), Heather Knight 1(5): Perry to bowl her last. Dot to start. Sciver plays to fine leg, a single. Fielder at deep. BOWLED! Exposed the stumps shuffled towards off and makes it easier for the bowler. Straight and fullish, dot to end. Beams with the balls. Swings and a single. 3 runs of the keeper’s gloves, reverse sweep by Taylor. Hits straight to the bowler.

OUT! Natalie Schiver b Elysse Perry 0(3)

Live Cricket Score, England Women 90/2 in overs 14, Batting: Sarah Taylor 14(14), Natalie Schiver 0(1): Megan Schutt with ball. Slower one, hits towards mid-on, dot. Another dot follows. Uses the foot, hits it to deep mid-wicket for a single. OUT! Tammy Beaumont goes up, Meg Lanning takes her at extra cover.Natalie Schiver comes in, flicks it through square leg, single. Dot to finish, good over.

OUT! Tammy Beaumont c Meg Lanning b Megan Schutt 32(40)

Live Cricket Score, England Women 88/1 in overs 13, Batting: Sarah Taylor 12(10), Tammy Beaumont 32(39):Kristen Beams with the ball. Single off the first. DROPPED! Taylor went up to long-on, a running effort there by Villani but finally drops it. Full, at leg, driven to mid-wicket, single to end it. Jonassen with the ball. Flicked towards fine leg, single. Full toss, went up with that dropped short of mid-on. Single. SIX! Goes for an inside out shot, Taylor hit that hard. Goes for a reverse sweep, single. Single to end.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 73/1 in overs 11, Batting: Sarah Taylor 3(4), Tammy Beaumont 26(33): Sarah Taylor in, Elysse Perry with the ball. Single off the pad. Full length, outside off, a couple of runs. Wide down the leg. Full at leg, played to deep mid-wicket, nice work by the fielder there. A couple of runs. Shorter outside off, driven to cover, dot.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 67/1 in overs 10, Batting: Tammy Beaumont 25(31): Chance created by Beams there at mid-wicket but the fielder missed by half-an-inch. The jump wasn’t well-timed, loose shot by Edwards, tried to get to the pitch of the ball but not enough power to it. A couple of runs. Couple of singles follow. Good shot by Tammy, at leg, flicked to fine leg, well done by the fielder at deep. GONE! The skipper goes, easy catch there at extra-cover. Skipper took the catch of the skipper.

OUT! Charlotte Edwards c Meg Lanning b Kristen Beams 31(29)

Live Cricket Score, England Women 61/0 in overs 9, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 29(26), Tammy Beaumont 21(28):Rene Farrell with the ball. Full at off, creates little room to flick it to the on side, quick single. Good length, outside off, cut to the point fielder, dot. Full length at offstump, driven to cover, a single. 60 runs partnership comes up. Full toss, straigther, Edwards directs it towards fine leg, good work there at the deep, just a single. CONFUSION, CHANCE OF A RUN OUT, but nothing interesting by the fielders. Tammy defends to the mid-off fielder. No run.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 58/0 in overs 8, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 27(24), Tammy Beaumont 20(24): Jess Jonassen comes in. Short outside off, pulled over mid-wicket, a couple of runs. Cut to short third man by Charlotte. FOUR! The skipper goes for a one bounce four over cow corner. Hits the next straight, gets a single. Nice use of feet, flicked through short mid-wicket, beats the fielder there, mis-field actually, gets a single. Tries a reverse sweep by English skipper, single to end.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 50/0 in overs 7, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 21(20), Tammy Beaumont 19(22): Skipper bringing in leg spin with Beams. Picks from outside to pull it to mid-wicket. Cuts the next through backward point for single. A lot of singles, keeping the scoreboard going. Reverse sweep by Charlotte and that runs past the fielder at third man for four!

Live Cricket Score, England Women 40/0 in overs 6, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 15(17), Tammy Beaumont 15(19): Perry with the ball. Straight and fullish, good footwork by Edwards and hits it to mid-wicket for 2. Dot follows. Good length, Edwards picks it up and it lands short of deep square leg. single. Tries a scoop moving towards off but failed, landed in the keeper’s gloves. SIX! Pulled from outside off and hit over backward square, clears the ropes easily. Defended the next to mid-off, dot. End of powerplay.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 31/0 in overs 5, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 12(14), Tammy Beaumont 9(16): Scutt starts with a dot. FOUR! Edwards lucky there as she edged it and it bounced past the keeper for for. Outside off, Edwards tries to sweep it, goes past the keeper this one as well, the fielder at short third man chases it down. Hits the next towards cover, single. Tammy defends the last of the over and a dot.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 24/0 in overs 4, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 11(9), Tammy Beaumont 9(15): WIDER AND A FOUR! Mistimed dive there at short third man, the ball finds the ropes. Dot off the next. Rene Farrel goes for a fullish delivery, a single. Full length, Edwards top edged that, great dive from Beth Mooney and drops that. Yet another one hit upwards by the England skipper but again dropped by Mooney. A dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 17/0 in overs 3, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 6(6), Tammy Beaumont 7(12):Megan Schutt with the ball. Nice ball to start with, Charlotte misses it. Wider at off stump, missed this one as well. FOUR! Driven straight, full length, outside off-stump.Pulled the next towards mid-wicket, races towards boundary but th fielder at deep stops it, a couple of runs. Tammy pushes the next to mid-off. Nice line and length from the bowler, defended, a dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, England Women 12/0 in overs 2, Batting: Charlotte Edwards 1(2), Tammy Beaumont 7(12): A terrible start with the ball by Jess Jonassen as she gives three extras in the very first over in the form of three wides. Perry with the ball. FOUR! Bowling fullish at the leg, Tammy flicks it over square leg and it lands at deep, one bounce four. Tammy plays the next straight to mid-on, no run. Full length at off, driven  to mid-off, no run. Straighter one, a dot to end. Just a boundary.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 132/6 in overs 20, Batting: Beth Mooney 1(1): Jenny Gunn going slow, and that is what has helped the bowlers here. A couple of singles. GONE! Finally, a great work by Shrubsole from deep as he successfully executes a direct hit and the danger man Lanning is run out. Just singles off the last few. OUT! Jess Jonassen goes a long way up and the ball lads safe in Jenny Gunn’s hands.

OUT! Jess Jonassen caught and bowled Jenny Gunn 4(6)

OUT! Meg Lanning run out Anya Shrubsole 55(50)

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 127/4 in overs 19, Batting:  Alex Blackwell 10(12), Meg Lanning 51(46): Katherine Brunt with the ball. A slower one, cuts it through point, fielded at deep, single. RUN OUT! Great throw by Schiver, and hits directly the stumps, Blackwell is gone by a mile. Jess Jonassen comes out, BIG APPEAL, missing the leg stump. Lanning got to a good position, makes room, hits to extra cover, single. Bit of footwork there by Jess, sent towards long-on. Single.

OUT! Alex Blackwell run out Natalie Schiver 11(13)

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 121/3 in overs 18, Batting:  Alex Blackwell 10(12), Meg Lanning 51(46): Blackwell takes the stance outside again. Weird shot, a single. Lanning gets her second fifty and an important one at this stage. A single off the next, tries to sweep it towards square. What happened there? Both Blackwell and Sarah not able to read the ball. Blackwell falls down.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 116/3 in overs 17, Batting:  Alex Blackwell 8(9), Meg Lanning 48(43): Slower leg cutter, got the endge, deflected weirdly and Taylor failed to grab it. Single. Blackwell again is standing outside off, adjusts herself towards leg stump. Single. Hits the next through mid-wicket, but poor piece of fielding, again, and that could have been a wicket off a run out.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 110/3 in overs 16, Batting:  Alex Blackwell 6(7), Meg Lanning 45(39): Something new from Blackwell, stands outside off and then adjusts herself towards leg to send it towards mid-wicket. 100 comes up for Australia. NO BALL! No, this is the last thing England wanted. Blackwell tried a scoop there. Goes up with the free hit and it lands short of deep mid-wicket. Just a single. Misses the next, dot. Fullish delivery, gives herself room and cuts through point, Tammy there at deep. Can’t stop a couple. FOUR! Beautiful shot, cuts it through backward point. Drives the next to deep cover, Single.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 98/3 in overs 15, Batting: Alex Blackwell 4(4), Meg Lanning 37(35): FOUR! Poor fielding, mistimed dive. Lanning cuts it through backward point. Good line in the next. Gives herself room, cuts it through cover and point, the fielder at deep gets it, single. Tries a reverse sweep, Blackwell, got a bit of flight but landed safe. Single. Yet another misfield by Luara Marsh, quite a few by the English ladies today. Single to end it.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 90/3 in overs 14, Batting: Alex Blackwell 2(2), Meg Lanning 31(31): GONE! Off the first ball of the Sciver over! Big, big wicket! Good shot by Alex Blackwell to go off the mark, flicked towards third man. Perry went for cheap. Lanning pushes the next one towards square leg, takes a quick single. Blackwell send the next in the same area, yet another single. Fuller delivery, cut towards backward point, a single to end it.

OUT! Elysse Perry c Heather Knight b Natalie Sciver 10(16)

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 86/2 in overs 13, Batting: Elysse Perry 10(15), Meg Lanning 29(28): Great ball to start with by Heather Knight. A single follows. Lanning pushes the next through cover. Nice work by Tammy Beaumont. FOUR!  Not connected well, fullish delivery, sent past third man. The outfield is quick and it races for 4 runs. Dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 78/2 in overs 12, Batting: Elysse Perry 9(13), Meg Lanning 23(24):Dot to start with. Chance of a run out, poor, poor throw. Lanning uses her feet, flicks it through mid-on to get a single. Lanning cuts it through point and civer but th fieder at deep gets it, single. Drives the next through square leg, Katherine Brunt there at deep. Very reluctant, could be a single but gives a couple of runs.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 66/2 in overs 11, Batting: Elysse Perry 7(10), Meg Lanning 20(21): Chance of a run out, the fielder misses the stumps widely. Lanning drives the next, takes a single. Drives the next one towards mid-off, another single. Lanning went up with the next, drops short of point. Dot. FOUR! Beautiful shot, comes out and cuts it through backward point.Dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 66/2 in overs 10, Batting: Elysse Perry 5(8), Meg Lanning 15(17): Jenny Gunn to continue. Good comeback by the bowlers as the boundaries have stopped, run-rate dropped. Pushed it towards cover, a quick single. Cut towards point, yet another single. Perry defends the next with a straight bat. Fullish delivery, straighter, Perry flicks it towards square, takes a single. FOUR! Full length at leg, sweeped through backward square and four runs. Dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 59/2 in overs 9, Batting: Elysse Perry 3(5), Meg Lanning 10(14): Shrubsole starts off with a single. FOUR! Lanning opens the face of the bat, uses the pace and it runs through backward point. Hits it towards cover, there’s a fielder there. Three dots to end. Marsh into the attack, single and a dot. Fullish delivery, straighter, defended to the cover fielder, a dot.Tries a pull, misses big time.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 51/2 in overs 7, Batting: Elysse Perry 1(1), Meg Lanning 4(6): Laura Marsh into the attack. 50 comes up for Australia. Starts off with a single. A fulltoss follows, Lanning cuts it through point, takes two runs. Dot and a single follows. LBW! Alyssa Healy has to go as the umpire is convinced. Tried a reverse sweep but failed and a wicket. Elysse Perry comes out.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 47/1 in overs 6, Batting: Alyssa Healy 25(14), Meg Lanning 1(2): Natalie Schiver to into the action. Bowls a dot. OH, Schiver IS INJURED! Brunt throws the ball back but it heats Schiver straight at her head. She has recovered, back in the business. LBW! First wicket for England. Villani is gone. Clearly hitting the leg stump. Lanning has come in. And a wide down the leg side, quick work there by keeper. Lanning off the mark with a single. She has a half century here at this ground. FOUR! Fullish , outside off, Healy cuts if through backward point and it beats the fielder there.

OUT! Elyse Villani lbw Natalie Schiver 19(20)

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 41/0 in overs 5, Batting: Alyssa Healy 21(13), Elyse Villani 19(17): Skipper hand sthe ball to Laura Marsh. Single to start, Villani came down the crease and pushed it towards mid-on. Appeal of the next delivery, umpire not interested. FOUR! Sits down, gets to the pitch of the ball, great effort by Jenny Gunn at mid-on as she dives to stop it but it races through to boundary at deep. Healy hits the next over square leg for a single.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 35/0 in overs 4, Batting: Alyssa Healy 20(12), Elyse Villani 14(12): FOUR! Beautifully cut through the fielders at point and cover, great timing and placement. FOUR! What a drive! Sits down on her knee and send it through extra cover. FOUR! Villani on fire, leans back, makes room balances well on her backfoot, the ball lands just in front of the long-on boundary.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 23/0 in overs 3, Batting: Alyssa Healy 20(12), Elyse Villani 2(7): Brunt back in action. Swing and a miss. Healy pushes the next one to the cover fielder. Goes above the bowler’s head and the ball races through the long-on boundary. Healy goes high up again, full length ball, and it lands past the fielder at cover. Mis-field, the ball deflects off the cover fielder’s hand, single. FOUR! Healy on fire, plays a beautiful sweep through mid-wicket for 4 runs.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 11/0 in overs 2, Batting: Alyssa Healy 8(6), Elyse Villani 2(6): Anya Shrubsole into the attack. HUGE APPEAL! Umpire not interested, hawk eye shows clipping the leg stump. Shrubsole unhappy. Villani hits the next high up, lands far from the fielders at point and cover, a couple of runs. Wide, swing and a miss off the next. Turns the next beautiful, Villani flicks it through the fine leg, no run.

Live Cricket Score, Australia Women 8/0 in overs 1, Batting: Alyssa Healy 8(6), Elyse Villani 0(0): Katherine Brunt opens the bowling. Full and straight with the first one, dot. Bowls the next at Healy’s leg and it is driven through the square leg for 4! BOUNDARY, the first one for Australia! Dot off the next few, good comeback. Good length, outside off and Healy middles it with the bat and cuts it through point for 4!

It’s time for national anthem. Players walk into the field.

TOSS: England Women have won the toss and have elected to field against the Southern Stars!


Australia Women: Elyse Villani, Alyssa Healy(wk), Meg Lanning(c), Ellyse Perry, Alex Blackwell, Jess Jonassen, Beth Mooney, Erin Osborne, Megan Schutt, Rene Farrell, Kristen Beams

England Women’s: Charlotte Edwards (c), Tammy Beaumont, Katherine Brunt, Sarah Taylor (wk), Lydia Greenway, Jenny Gunn, Heather Knight, Laura Marsh, Natalie Sciver, Danielle Wyatt, Anya Shrubsole

The Southern Stars and England will be led by their regular Twenty20 International (T20I) skippers, Meg Lanning and Charlotte Edwards respectively. England will once again depend on their skipper for the majority of their runs. Charlotte is currently the second highest run getter in Women’s World T20 2016 with 171 runs off four innings. On the other hand, Australia’s highest run scorer in this edition has been their opening batter Elyse Villani with 100 runs.

Southern Stars skipper, Meg Lanning is confident ahead of the semi-final clash. “We’re very confident as a team heading in, but when you’re in a new country and new conditions it’s a bit difficult to worry about what’s happened before. We’re just focusing on what’s going to happen in this tournament and how we’re playing now,” she said.


Australia Women: Elyse Villani, Alyssa Healy (wk), Ellyse Perry, Alex Blackwell, Jess Jonassen, Meg Lanning (c), Erin Osborne, Megan Schutt, Rene Farrell, Kristen Beams, Lauren Cheatle, Nicola Carey, Beth Mooney, Holly Ferling, Sarah Coyte

England Women: Charlotte Edwards (c), Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor (wk), Heather Knight, Natalie Sciver, Lydia Greenway, Danielle Wyatt, Katherine Brunt, Jenny Gunn, Anya Shrubsole, Rebecca Grundy, Danielle Hazell, Georgia Elwiss, Amy Jones, Tash Farrant.

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