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  • 9:53 PM IST

    LIVE- England 204/10: And that’s it for the home team. They have won the second ODI by 34 runs. Bangladesh started off poorly with early wickets but Mahmudullah and Mashrafe Mortaza’s knocks kept the hosts alive with a respectable total. England lost wickets early too with a brilliant display of bowling by their skipper who was supported well by Shakib Al Hasan and Taskin Ahmed. England were outdone by some lateral movement on the turf but they did fight till the very end. This sets up a riveting contest between both the teams for the series finale. Do join us for that, until then its Goodbye from here!

  • 9:19 PM IST

    LIVE- England 159/9 in 39 Overs: And the writing is there on the wall. 80 runs still needed for England but only a solitary wicket remaining for them to achieve the target. Moeen Ali, Jason Roy and Ben Stokes’ poor showing costed England the match which they should have won easily. But cricket is really a funny game. Last match was Bangladesh’s but they lost. This game was heading in England’s favour but England lost convincingly in the end. This makes the series finale intense and exciting. Both teams have come hard against each other and there in not much to separate between these two sides. Memorable performances by Mashrafe Mortaza, Mahmudullah and Taskin Ahmed.

  • 8:31 PM IST

    LIVE- England 123/7 in 27.1 Overs, Chris Woakes 1: And the big wicket is gone! Jos Buttler departs for 57 off 57 balls. He moved too much across the stumps trying to flick the ball to the leg side but missed the length of the ball completely. Buttler went for a review but sadly had to walk out. Bangladesh all over England again after Jonny Bairstwow’s dismissal. Meanwhile, Bangladesh are doing what they do best! The team shouted in jubilation, infront of Buttler, showing their happiness which was very absurd. This is immature behaviour from a team making giant strides in international cricket. They time and again show that they can never be a respectable bunch of team. This is not sporting spirit. This is not gully cricket and Bangladesh are showing they are not willing to learn. Win as much as you guys want but DARE you cross the limits. “Typical Bangladeshi behaviour”.

  • 8:13 PM IST

    LIVE- England 112/5 in 25 Overs, Jos Buttler 54, Moeen Ali 1: Just when the pair of Buttler and Bairstow were looking firm with the proceedings, Bairstow departs for 35. Meanwhile, Jos Buttler has registered another fifty for his side. Clearly he is the man Bangladesh wants to see in the dugout. He is standing tall in between of home team and a much needed victory.

  • 7:59 PM IST

    LIVE- England 101/4 in 22 Overs, Jonny Bairstow 34, Jos Buttler 45: England showing they have improved a lot in ODI outfit. Buttler is leading the charge as he is nearing a half-century very swiftly along with Jonny Bairstow looking set as well. The duo have added 75 off 74 balls as of now. Bangladesh need to curb the singles as it is easing off the pressure of England’s batsmen.

  • 7:36 PM IST

    LIVE- England 67/4 in 16 Overs, Jonny Bairstow 24, Jos Buttler 22: Slowly and steadily England are recovering here. The duo have added 41 off 38 balls with ease and without taking much risks. Jos Buttler is again looking good here with Jonny Bairstow making it up for a ‘no-show’ in first ODI. They need to stick together for long here. The target has become a steep one with Bangladesh coming out all guns blazing. Buttler is counter attacking by coming down the track to negate the slight movement of the white ball and to disturb the rhythm of Bangladeshi bowlers. Interesting phase this with Bangladesh rotating bowlers well and fielders showing their efforts by being quick and alert.

  • 7:19 PM IST

    LIVE- England 50/4 in 11 Overs, Jonny Bairstow 21, Jos Buttler 9: Bangladesh are totally on top of the match at the moment. Mashrafe Mortaza’s amount of sweat on his face shows how much he wants to contribute to the team in this crucial encounter. The skipper is not only leading well with bat and ball but also making sure England work hard for runs. He has an attacking field with the ball just moving around a little. Will Jos Buttler bail his side out yet again in this tricky chase?

  • 6:58 PM IST

    LIVE- England 25/3 in 9 Overs, Jonny Bairstow 6, Ben Stokes 0: Oh boy oh boy! What is happening here in Dhaka? Bangladesh are bang on target and look set to defend this modest target in hand. Bangladesh have not only shown discipline with the white ball but are eager to win this and keep the series alive. Their body language has to be complimented. At the moment, they are all over England and making it up for losing the first ODI which they should have won easily.

  • 6:40 PM IST

    LIVE- England 14/2 in 5 Overs, Jason Roy 8, Jonny Bairstow 0: And England have started worse than Bangladesh. Now this is known as a ‘comeback’ by the home team after struggling for most part of their innings. Skipper Moashrafe Mortaza and Shakib Al Hasan have stood up in this crucial part of the match with a modest total to defend in hands. Bangladesh’s body language has changed all of a sudden. Will they continue in similar fashion?

  • 5:57 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 238/8 in 50 Overs, Nasir Hossain 27, Shaijul Islam 0: So that’s the end of an exciting first innings here at Dhaka. Bangladesh have made up some sort of score for their bowlers to defend in this do-or-die game for them. After losing early wickets, Bangladesh were struggling for a competitive score. Mahmudullah handled the bulk of scoring for his side till the time he was there in the middle. After he went, there were few starts which led to nothing extra ordinary but skipper, Mashrafe Mortaza’s 44 off 29 balls bailed his side from putting up a paltry score. Mortaza stitched an important stand with Nasir Hossain blazing some lusty blows in the death overs. Nonetheless, England bowlers were disciplined expect in the last few overs when they were made to think for the first time in the innings. Still a chase of 239 for a batting line-up which have batsmen till No. 8 or 9 is not a challenging one. Join us back after the break for the result of this game.

  • 5:12 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 187/7 in 44 Overs, Mashrafe Mortaza 14, Nasir Hossain 8: A small and vital partnership rising between skipper and Nasir Hossain. They need to bat out the overs and get the team to a total in around or excess of 220. Can they do it? Chris Woakes comes to bowl who has been economical so far.

  • 4:55 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 161/6 in 39.4 Overs, Mosaddek Hossain 26: Another one, or should I say, BIG WICKET, down for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah departs for a well made 75 off 88 balls off Adil Rashid’s bowling. Rashid has been on target in this tour so far and Jos Buttler’s ploy of making him ball before the last ten overs has somehow worked for the team. Bangladesh’s only hope in form of Mahmudullah has gone. Will Bangladesh get to 200?

  • 4:43 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 148/5 in 37 Overs. Mahmudullah 70, Mosaddek Hossain 18: A small partnership browsing between these two batsmen. Mossadek is new but has shown he has a steady mind by playing some cameos in the last series vs Afghanistan. Can he deliver in a crunch game for his side to keep the series alive going into the third game at Chittagong? Mahmudullah needs support as Adil Rashid is looking to bowl his full quota of overs here. Maybe England missing a trick by giving him so many overs before the last ten overs. Time for some speedsters maybe?

  • 4:30 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 127/5 in 34 Overs. Mahmudullah 61, Mosaddek Hossain 7: Mosaddeik Hossain needs to stick for long here with Mahmudullah. All depends on who will stand up and support Mahmudullah for him to go for a big innings and take Bangladesh to a respectable total. Meanwhile, Jos Buttler has captained his side really well. He is involved in the game and looks a thinking skipper. He has a tight and attacking field setting for newcomer Mosaddek. Let’s see if this duo can turn the tides for his side.

  • 4:21 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 117/5 in 32 Overs. Mahmudullah 59, Mosaddek Hossain 1: Mahmudullah needs to play a very clever innings here. As no one is willing to stick with him, Mahmudullah will not only have to play maximum balls but also ensure he takes risks seeing the bowler against him at the other end. Mosaddek has come to bat and the duo have started the repair work, again, slowly.

  • 4:08 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 114/5 in 29 Overs. Mahmudullah 57, Mosaddek Hossain 0: Bangladesh lose half the side for 114 in 29 overs. This brings Mosaddek Hossain to the crease with Mahmudullah being the lone warrior for Bangladesh. He is the only one who has looked composed which was missing from the batsmen who threw their wickets after starts. Too many soft dismissals are costing them at the moment.

  • 3:57 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 107/4 in 26 Overs. Mahmudullah 51, Shakib Al Hasan 2: Bangladesh need Mahmudullah to stay for long here to help them reach to a respectable total. Shakib Al Hasan is in form and will again have to stitch a long partnerhsip like he did the other night with Imrul Kayes. Shakib can slog whereas Mahmudullah can play along with calculative risks.

  • 3:43 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 93/4 in 23 Overs. Mahmudullah 41, Shakib Al Hasan 0: Another one bites the dust for Bangladesh as they are in all sorts of trouble. Mushfiqur Rahim departs for 21 just when he and Mahmudullah had added 50 runs on board together. Bangladesh have slipped at regular intervals as England are controlling the proceedings here. Shakib Al Hasan is the new man as Jake Bell gets his second scalp.

  • 3:30 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 82/3 in 20 Overs. Mahmudullah 32, Mushfiqur Rahman 19: Bangladesh’s most experienced middle-order batsmen, Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur Rahim, are doing a good recovery job here for their side. The duo have added 43 runs together as Mushfiqur completes 4,000 ODI runs in process. Both are looking promising but they have to carry on in the same stead.

  • 3:06 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 47/3 in 14 Overs. Mahmudullah 9, Mushfiqur Rahman 8: Bangladesh sink further down the barrel as third wicket goes down for the hosts. Sabbir Rahman’s inconsistent batting has let his side down again as he played down Jake Bell’s second ball of his first over and now its upto the experienced pair of Muhmudullah-Mushfiqur to bail their team out.

  • 2:57 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 37/2 in 10 Overs. Sabbir Rahman 2, Mahmudullah 8: This pair needs to fire on all cylinders for Bangladeshi bowlers to have some kind of total to defend. Must say England’s new-look side has planned things well and executed it to perfection. They were involved in the last game when things were looking totally out of hands and today have begun well sticking to basics.

  • 2:46 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 30/2 in 10 Overs. Sabbir Rahman 0, Mahmudullah 4: And that’s the end of the first ten overs with England already having a good lead in the second match. Bangladesh needs to step up if they do not want to concede the series here itself. Chris Woakes has bowled well and taken both the wickets so far.

  • 2:31 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 25/1 in 7 Overs. Tamim Iqbal 13, Sabbir Rahman 0: So Tamim stays and Kayes goes, ah after that century he has probably given up now. Sabbir Rahman has come, he had a decent outing last time. Woakes strikes. This could be a new partnership in the making or is it England carrying the momentum ahead.

  • 2:26 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 23/0 in 6 Overs. Imrul Kayes 11, Tamim Iqbal 12: Willey has come into attack and has been pretty restrictive with the ball. Bangladesh can only cheer for Kayes I guess. He is the only one scoring runs once again. Tamim is also not bad and has not scored much yet. Dropped catch of Tamim and Jason Roy did that. Really?! That was shocking indeed.

  • 2:20 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 11/0 in 4.4 Overs. Imrul Kayes 6, Tamim Iqbal 5: So Sabbir Rahman says this about Adil Rashid here. They are going for singles now in this match. Bangladesh will have to go all out in this match. The crowd needs something to cheer.

  • 2:12 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 7/0 in 3 Overs. Imrul Kayes 4, Tamim Iqbal 3: It’s Bangladesh batting and why is it just singles here? Is it not supposed to be electrifying? England are doing their job well especially the bowlers. Will ball have a ‘ball’ today once again?

  • 2:09 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 6/0 in 2 Overs. Imrul Kayes 4, Tamim Iqbal 2: Last time at this moment, Bangladesh had already started with blistering boundaries like Kayes. England are still in the momentum of the first ODI.

  • 2:03 PM IST

    LIVE- Bangladesh 5/0 in 1 Over. Imrul Kayes 4, Tamim Iqbal 1: So Woakes takes his place to attack from England and the star player Kayes has come on crease along with Tamim. Tamim takes the strike first. Can understand, Kayes has done enough last match and he be like let Tamim take the control. But looks like Kayes has all the energy left.

  • 1:46 PM IST

    Bangladesh (Playing XI): Tamin Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Sabbir Rahman,
    Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain,
    Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Shafiul Islam, Taskin

  • 1:42 PM IST

    England (Playing XI): Jason Roy, James Vince, Ben Duckett, Jonny
    Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk & c), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, David
    Willey, Jake Ball, Adil Rashid

Jake Ball was the highlight of the match as he got fifer in the first ODI © Getty Images
Jake Ball was the highlight of the match as he got fifer in the first ODI © Getty Images

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of England tour of Bangladesh 2016-17. This is the second One-Day International (ODI) and will pretty much set the tone for the series. Here you will get all the live updates of the match. It is scheduled to be played at the Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka. England have already taken lead in the series with their first one and that happened with Ben Stokes century. Jos Buttler also chipped in with his half-century. Bangladesh also fought back hard with Imrul Kayes century and Shakib Al-Hasan’s half-century that built the momentum for Bangladesh for a momentum, but with the fall of his wicket, England got back in the game. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Bangladesh vs England, 2nd ODI at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Dhaka

Paceman Jake Ball claimed five wickets on debut after Ben Stokes scored his maiden century as England came from behind to snatch a 21-run win over Bangladesh. Stokes hit 101 off 100 balls to guide England to 309-8 but it seemed not good enough as opener Imrul Kayes struck a century and shared a 118-run partnership with Shakib to take Bangladesh tantalisingly close to a heroic win. With Bangladesh needing 39 off 51 balls, Ball, who finished with 5-51 runs, removed Shakib for 79 and then bowled young Mosaddek Hossain off the next ball to help England claw their way back.

Bangladesh lost all hope when leg-spinner Adil Rashid, who also played a big part in the visitors’ win with 4-49, dragged Kayes out of his crease off a wide ball for England skipper Jos Buttler to complete the stumping. Kayes departed for 112 after facing 119 balls with Bangladesh still needing 30 runs from six overs. Bangladesh lost their last six wickets for just 17 runs to be dismissed for 288 in 47.5 overs, handing England a 1-0 lead in three-match series. ALSO READ: BAN vs ENG 2nd ODI: Hosts’ successful home run at stake as visitors look to clinch series

Kayes struck 11 fours and two sixes and batted with muscle cramp since he was on 81. He paired with Shakib after Ball and Rashid landed some early blows to leave Bangladesh on 153-4. Stokes, who hit eight fours and four sixes, was dismissed just after completing his century by nudging paceman Shafiul Islam towards midwicket for a quick single. Stokes, who was dropped twice by Mahmudullah and Mosharraf Hossain when he was at 69 and 71, received invaluable support from debutant Ben Duckett and the duo put on 153 runs for the fourth wicket stand.

Duckett, batting at one-down position in his first international, showed composure with 60 off 78 balls, including six boundaries. England slowed down after the rapid departure of Duckett and Stokes but skipper Buttler kept up the momentum, taking his side past the 300-run mark.


England: Jason Roy, James Vince, Ben Duckett, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk & c), Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, David Willey, Jake Ball, Adil Rashid, Sam Billings, Liam Dawson, Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Sabbir Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mosharraf Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Shafiul Islam, Soumya Sarkar, Nasir Hossain, Al-Amin Hossain