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  • 10:03 PM IST

    LIVE- England 278/6 in 47.1 overs. Ben Stokes 41, Chris Woakes 27: Stoakes hits one straight for a huge six and the game is virtually over for Bangladesh. The next delivery concedes two while the under pressure Shafiul Islam bowls a wide. England are on a brink of a victory and Woakes has played a crucial role behind this. With some dew around, it was difficult to hit seamers but the duo has done well in keeping the scoreboard ticking. Woakes stunned everyone with a huge six over long off, which won the game for England in style and with it the series as well. England win by four wickets and 13 deliveries to spare and with it the series by 2-1. Woakes was instrumental with the bat in the end.

  • 9:55 PM IST

    LIVE- England 261/6 in 47 overs. Ben Stokes 38, Chris Woakes 21: A single of the first ball from Taskin Ahmed’s over. Woakes looks in good touch as the third ball of the over has been gracefully driven for a boundary by him. That was a much needed stroke under pressure. Woakes gets a reprieve as Imrul Kayes drops him at first slip. The ball took a genuine edge and was at a good height. Woakes makes him pay and smashes another boundary on the last ball of the over. England need 21 more runs to win from 24 deliveries with four wickets in hand.

  • 9:49 PM IST

    LIVE- England 251/6 in 46 overs. Ben Stokes 37, Chris Woakes 12: Scoring runs against the seamers still seems to be a difficult job as Stokes has not looked comfortable. Bangladesh attacking with pace and the asking rate is now above 6. Just couple of runs from the Shafiul Islam over as England bow feeling the pressure. They need 27 more runs to win from 24 deliveries.

  • 9:45 PM IST

    LIVE- England 249/6 in 45 overs. Ben Stokes 36, Chris Woakes 11: Woakes sensing the situation well and runs a double. Another wicket will put England in deep trouble but the body language of Bangladeshi bowlers are not looking good. 4 runs from this over and a good one for Bangladesh.

  • 9:40 PM IST

    LIVE- England 245/6 in 44 overs. Ben Stokes 35, Chris Woakes 8: Woakes gets off the mark with a boundary as he crafted an edge through the wicketkeeper for a priceless four runs at the stage. Taskin Ahmed bowling really hard to get a wicket. Woakes can bat and has won his side games in the past. England will forward to him to fire. Woakes pushes one through mid-on and collects three runs. Each and every run is important at this stage. Stokes seems to be struggling against Taskin as he hasn’t got going. England need 33 from 36 deliveries.

  • 9:34 PM IST

    LIVE- England 236/6 in 43 overs. Ben Stokes 34, Chris Woakes 0: Moeen Ali flounders once again at crucial juncture as Mortaza is leading from the front. Ben stokes will have to battle it out alone as wickets keep tumbling from the other end. They need 42 runs from 42 deliveries, which won’t be a problem if Stokes plays out the entire over.

    OUT! Moeen Ali c Mahmudullah b Mortaza 1 (3)
  • 9:24 PM IST

    LIVE- England 229/5 in 41 overs. Ben Stokes 28, Moeen Ali 1: Mortaza putting in the hard yards and Buttler welcomes him back with a boundary. Another wicket has been fallen at a crucial juncture as Buttler was unlucky to get out in this manner. Buttler departs for 25 and the game is once again evenly poised. England need a partnership while Bangladesh are eyeing for another wicket.

    OUT! Jos Buttler b Mashrafe Mortaza 25(26)
  • 9:16 PM IST

    LIVE- England 221/4 in 40 overs. Ben Stokes 27, Jos Buttler 19: Taskin Ahmed is back into the attack with intent to put brakes on England’s run. Taskin has delivered a silent over as he concedes just one run from the over. England need 57 more runs to win from 60 deliveries with six wickets in hand.

  • 9:12 PM IST

    LIVE- England 220/4 in 39 overs. Ben Stokes 27, Jos Buttler 18: Shakib back into the attack as Buttler and Stokes are now letting the asking rate climb. They are playing sensibly by rotating the strike and hitting the loose one for boundaries. This is a key partnership for England as this partnership can take the game away in a span of few overs. Stokes goes down the ground and smashed Shakib for a big six and nudges the next ball for a couple. Another good over for England

  • 9:07 PM IST

    LIVE- England 209/4 in 38 overs. Ben Stokes 18, Jos Buttler 16: Buttler takes a couple and eases off the pressure as Nasir Hossain is in the attack. Stokes reverse sweeps hard and earns a boundary. 9 runs have come from this over and a good one for England

  • 9:02 PM IST

    LIVE- England 200/4 in 37 overs. Ben Stokes 11, Jos Buttler 15: The next five overs are extremely crucial for both the teams as it will probably decide the fate of the match. England will look not to lose another wicket while Bangladesh will be looking forward to contain the batsmen and chip a wicket if possible. Shakib Al Hasan is back into the attack, England cross 200-runs mark.

  • 8:55 PM IST

    LIVE- England 192/4 in 35 overs. Ben Stokes 8, Jos Buttler 10: The asking rate is well under control and Mortaza is back into the attack. Buttler chips over the bowler’s head for a boundary and looks extremely comfortable in the middle. They need 86 more runs to win from 15 overs.

  • 8:50 PM IST

    LIVE- England 185/4 in 34 overs. Ben Stokes 6, Jos Buttler 5: Mushfiqur Rahim cupped an incredible catch behind the stumps to pull curtains on Duckett’s innings. He improvised to play in fine through the fine leg but Mushfiqur dived towards his right and grabbed a beauty. The game is now evenly poised and next few overs will be crucial for both the sides. English skipper Ben Stokes walks out in the middle and smashes a boundary in his first over.

    OUT Den Duckett c Rahim b Islam 63 (68)
  • 8:44 PM IST

    LIVE- England 178/3 in 33 overs. Ben Duckett 63, Ben Stokes 3: Mashrafe Mortaza back in to the attack as Bangladesh are looking for a wicket. He got the better of Ben Stokes int he previous game. England need 100 runs from 102 deliveries. Game on!

  • 8:35 PM IST

    LIVE- England 172/3 in 31.2 overs. Ben Duckett 61, Ben Stokes 0: Just when things were looking difficult for Bangladesh, Shafiul Islam provided another breakthrough in the form of Jonny Bairstow. The ball crashed into his off stump as he missed it completely.

    OUT! Jonny Bairstow b Shafiul Islam 15(18)
  • 8:30 PM IST

    LIVE- England 171/2 in 31 overs. Ben Duckett 60, Jonny Bairstow 15: Duckett takes charge as he swept one hard for a boundary and then goes down the track over mid-off for another boundary to Shakib Al Hasan. The momentum is now with the visitors as they look set to chase the target down with ease. Another good over for England as they squeezed 12 runs out of it.

  • 8:26 PM IST

    LIVE- England 159/2 in 30 overs. Ben Duckett 50, Jonny Bairstow 13: England are tightening the noose around Bangladesh as Duckett gets to his fifty. England need 119 runs more to win from 120 deliveries. Bangladesh need a wicket as the game seems to be slipping away from their hands.

  • 8:18 PM IST

    LIVE- England 150/2 in 28 overs. Ben Duckett 43, Jonny Bairstow 11: Bairstow goes down the track lofts one for a much needed boundary and the very next ball has been played down for a single. That is some sensible cricket by the Englishmen. Duckett slowly getting to his 50 as England reach the 150 mark.

  • 8:13 PM IST

    LIVE- England 140/2 in 27 overs. Ben Duckett 40, Jonny Bairstow 4: Duckett smashes the first ball of the over fora boundary and puts the pressure back on the bowler. The chase is turning out to be an interesting one and Duckett playing a good role out there in the middle.

  • 8:09 PM IST

    LIVE- England 132/2 in 26 overs. Ben Duckett 33, Jonny Bairstow 3: The asking rate is now of run a ball and English batsmen need to keep the scoreboard ticking by rotating the strike. Bangladeshi bowlers are pumped and their body language is now looking different. England need a quiet 30-40 runs partnership and add pressure on the hosts.

  • 8:04 PM IST

    LIVE- England 130/2 in 25 overs. Ben Duckett 32, Jonny Bairstow 2: Mosaddek Hossain back into the attack and he strikes as Billing top-edged one into the safe hands of deep square leg fielder. The extra bounce in the surface didn’t let Billing middle the ball as he falls for a well played 62. Jonny Bairstow walks in to bat and gets off the mark straight away.

    OUT! Sam Billings c Imrul Kayes b Mosaddek Hossain 62(69)
  • 7:57 PM IST

    LIVE- England 126/1 in 24 overs. Sam Billings 62, Ben Duckett 30: Billings ha sgrabbed the golden opportunity with both the hands and is playing a memorable innings out in the middle. He had to wait for his chances and is certainly making the most of it at the moment. Taskin bowled a good over and gave away just couple of runs in the entire over. England need more 152 runs from 156 deliveries.

  • 7:53 PM IST

    LIVE- England 124/1 in 23 overs. Sam Billings 60, Ben Duckett 30: Boundaries have started to dry up for England as Bangladeshi pacers are bowling some good line and not letting the opposition to rotate the strike. The asking rate is still under control and England will look to continue in this manner.

  • 7:44 PM IST

    LIVE- England 112/1 in 21 overs. Sam Billings 53, Ben Duckett 25: So, it’s pace from both the ends for Bangladesh at the moment with Shafiul Islam in attack. Duckett was lucky as a thick edge fell short at covers. A big appeal for leg before by Shaiful as the ball hits Billings bat. The decision is reviewed by Mortaza. The impact was outside the line and the on field call remains as not out. A good decision by umpire.

  • 7:37 PM IST

    LIVE- England 108/1 in 20 overs. Sam Billings 51, Ben Duckett 24: Taskin Ahmed back into the attack as both the batsmen were playing spin with ease. A good change by Mortaza though as Billings has got to his fifty and will look to shift gears. Bangladesh desperately need a wicket as the game is slipping away from their grasp. The extra pace from Taskin has beat the bats of both the batsmen and the crowd is on its feet as Taskin concedes just a solitary run.

  • 7:32 PM IST

    LIVE- England 107/1 in 19 overs. Sam Billings 50, Ben Duckett 24: Shakib tossing the ball up and letting it grip but English batsmen look determined. He is bowling tight but English batsmen are in no hurry as the asking rate is well under control. Billings gets to his maiden ODI fifty and has justified his selection.

  • 7:25 PM IST

    LIVE- England 102/1 in 18 overs. Sam Billings 47, Ben Duckett 23: Ben Duckett reverse seeps one with good control for a double and the duo is now building a partnership. They have some explosive batting to come and need a foundation to be laid for them express themselves. Duckett once again reverse sweeps one and this time has enough power for the ball to cross the boundary rope. 100 up for England.

  • 7:22 PM IST

    LIVE- England 92/1 in 17 overs. Sam Billings 45, Ben Duckett 15: Shakib Al Hasan back into the attack as he got the better of Duckett in the previous game. Bangladesh looking for a wicket Eengland need 186 more runs to win with nine wickets in hand.

  • 7:18 PM IST

    LIVE- England 88/1 in 16 overs. Sam Billings 43, Ben Duckett 13: Duckett smashes it over mid-wicket for a maximum and what a shot it was. Moments later, he went down the track and lofts it over covers for a couple. He looks so comfortable against the spin and is doing a good job out in the middle.

  • 7:16 PM IST

    LIVE- England 78/1 in 15 overs. Sam Billings 42, Ben Duckett 4: Duckett is the man in form and scored a tenacious fifty in the first game. Billings is confronting the spinner with immense confidence and playing his strokes at will. He is making good use of sweep shot and going down the track to get the spin out of equation.

Both Bangladesh and England have won a match each © Getty Images
Both Bangladesh and England have won a match each © Getty Images

Nomoskar! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Bangladesh vs England 2016-17. This is the third and final One-Day International (ODI) of the series and here you will get all the live updates of the match. England started off the series with a victory while Bangladesh won a leveler in the next match. The match is scheduled to be played at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong. Both the teams look to be equally powered. While Bangladesh have the home side advantage, England are the favourites looking at the team they have and their latest performance and the decider is expected to be a close competition. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: Bangladesh vs England, 3rd ODI at Mirpur

Bangladesh, though a new rising power in the cricketing world, have displayed good cricket and won hearts all over. The team looks strong with a balanced batting and bowling unit. The team has performed well with the bat in recent times, the most consistent performer being Tamim Iqbal. Tamim is one of the most experienced members of the side and has scored runs regularly in the last series. The player is yet to shine in this and is expected to do well with the last chance in hand before the Test series. Two other names who have played important roles with the bat are Imrul Kayes and Shakib Al Hasan.

Bangladesh bowlers have also impressed with their performance. Mashrafe Mortaza has emerged as the perfect leader, remaining extremely effective with the ball and leading the bowling attack. Shakib, besides being successful with the bat, has been a crucial element of the bowling unit as the leading spinner.

England on the other hand have not played up to the mark. With a change in leadership, the team has lost its usual rhythm and looks a bit scattered despite having a lot of talented players by the side. The top-order has failed to perform at all while the middle-order has taken up responsibilities. Newbie Ben Duckett has been impressive with the bat up the order.

Jake Ball’s performance with the ball has been the highlight of the English bowling performance. The young bowler has utilised whatever the conditions had on offer and produced successful spells. Bangladesh pitches support spin and Adil Rashid has been the most effective utilising that. The only part that the England team needs to take care of is  the top-order to get a kick start to their batting.


Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Al-Amin Hossain, Imrul Kayes, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mosharraf Hossain, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Nasir Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Shafiul Islam, Shakib Al Hasan, Soumya Sarkar, Tamim Iqbal, Taskin Ahmed.

England: Jos Buttler (c&wk), Moeen Ali, Johnny Bairstow, Jake Ball, Sam Billings, Liam Dawson, Ben Duckett, Steven Finn, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, James Vince, David Willey, Chris Woakes.