(Catch live updates of first ODI between Bangladesh and South Africa from Mirpur here. It is a 40-over match.)

Here’s Shamim Chowdhury. Shakib is Bangladesh Player of the Match. As expected, Rabada is Man of the Match.

Bangladesh were thoroughly outplayed today. Kagiso Rabada took a hat-trick on debut in the fourth over of the match, reducing them to 17 for 3. They never recovered, and Rabada came back to finish with 6 for 16 — the best figures by a debutant in ODIs. South Africa lost Amla early, but de Kock, du Plessis, and Rossouw made sure there were no hiccups.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 164/2, win by 8 wickets with 53 balls to spare

Quinton de Kock 35(41) Hashim Amla 14(18) Faf du Plessis 63*(75) Rilee Rossouw 45*(53) Mustafizur Rahman 6-2-15-0 Nasir Hossain 7-1-28-1 Mashrafe Mortaza 6-0-36-1 Shakib Al Hasan 5-1-27-0 Jubair Hossain 5-0-31-0 Mahmudullah 2-0-17-0 Sabbir Rahman 0.1-0-4-0

South Africa are clearly not in a hurry. Faf and Rossouw seem keen to be around to finish the match off. Mortaza bowls outside off, Faf steers very fine to the fence, only 10 needed now. Jubair tosses up, rank full-toss, Rossouw thwacks over mid-wicket, six more, can he finish it off with one hit? Faf goes down on one knee and slog-sweeps for four, scores are levelled. On comes Sabbir. Rossouw cuts the first ball for four to bring up an 8-wicket win.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 141/2 | Overs 28 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Faf du Plessis 51(66), Rilee Rossouw 34(43)

Faf lofts Mahmudullah over extra-cover for four, following it up with a cut past backward point. South Africa are closing down. Rossouw comes to party, slog-sweeping over deep mid-wicket for six! Faf pushes to deep mid-wicket to reach his 16th ODI fifty.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 116/2 | Overs 24 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Faf du Plessis 36(54), Rilee Rossouw 24(31)

Shakib is back. Faf dispatches him over mid-wicket to the fence, 100 comes up for South Africa. Mustafizur unleashes one of those cutters, Rossouw is rapped on the pads, survives. Another cutter, this time takes Faf’s leading edge. This is good bowling. Rossouw smashes Shakib over extra-cover, four more. Mustafizur bowls short, Rossouw’s well-directed pull races past backward square-leg for four. He leg-glances for two, bringing up the fifty for the partnership.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 95/2 | Overs 20 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Faf du Plessis 29(43), Rilee Rossouw 12(19)

Rossouw takes on Jubair, thumping him through a vacant, very straight mid-off for four. Jubair hits Rossouw on the pad, not out, Mortaza asks for a review, it would have clipped leg, umpire’s call, not out. An excellent googly from Jubair, beats Faf comprehensively. Jubair has gone for runs here, but he has been quite deceptive with his googlies. Mahmudullah comes on. Sharp single, a direct hit would have got Faf at the bowler’s end.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 73/2 | Overs 16 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Faf du Plessis 17(27), Rilee Rossouw 3(10)

Faf cuts loose, lofting Shakib over extra-cover for four. De Kock joins the fun, lofting Shakib over square-leg for four more. Nasir replaces Mortaza, and strikes immediately! Rossouw plays out the remaining balls, wicket-maiden for Sabbir! Mortaza has finally summoned Jubair. Good, steady bowling from Jubair.

OUT! Quinton de Kock c Sabbir Rahman b Nasir Hossain 35(41)!

Nasir comes on round the wicket, and QdK ends up hitting straight to Sabbir at extra-cover!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 55/1 | Overs 12 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Quinton de Kock 30(37), Faf du Plessis 7(17)

Shakib on as Powerplay 2 starts. Faf punches it hard, but there is a diving stop at cover, excellent fielding. Shakib bowls a maiden. QdK cuts Mortaza hard, but once again there is a spectacular save, this time at point. He steps out next ball and dismisses it past extra-cover for four, he looks a bit impatient. Mortaza cuts down his pace, bowling off a shorter run-up. Mortaza pitches short, and de Kock pulls him violently over wide mid-wicket for four, this is slipping away from Bangladesh’s grip. Yet another pull, de Kock is getting into the groove. He lofts the next ball straight, clears mid-on, and the ball rolls to the ropes. That is 50 for Bangladesh.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 33/1 | Overs 8 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Quinton de Kock 10(23), Faf du Plessis 5(7)

The Nasir ploy did not work, so Mortaza comes on himself. Faf walks out, and almost immediately pulls Mortaza past square-leg for four! Mustafizur continues, conceding a mere three, but Bangladesh need wickets here.

OUT! Hashim Amla c Mahmudullah b Mashrafe Mortaza 14(18)!

Amla shuffled across and tried to clear fine-leg, but ends up hitting straight to him!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: SOUTH AFRICA 21/0 | Overs 4 | Target 161 in 40 overs

Quinton de Kock 3(14), Hashim Amla 14(10)

Mustafizur, Bangladesh’s new pace sensation, starts proceedings for Bangladesh. South Africa get four leg-byes, but a fine over otherwise. Nasir comes on, there is a third-umpire call for run out, but Amla was well in. Amla flicks Mustafizur to the mid-wicket fence for four, then pulls Nasir for four more.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 160 | Overs 36.3 (40-over match)

Tamim Iqbal 0(13) Soumya Sarkar 27(27) Litton Das 0(1) Mahmudullah 0(1) Shakib Al Hasan 48(51) Mushfiqur Rahim 24(38) Sabbir Rahman 5(13) Mashrafe Mortaza 4(12) Jubbair Hossain 5(9) Mustafizur Rahman 0*(11) Kyle Abbott 6-0-41-0 Kagiso Rabada 8-3-16-6 Chris Morris 6.3-0-32-2 Imran Tahir 8-1-38-1 JP Duminy 8-0-28-1

OUT! Nasir Hossain b Chris Morris 31(44)!

Morris came back. Sabbir, out of desperation, shuffled across for a slog sweep. He missed the line completely, and Morris hits timber!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 160/9 | Overs 36 (40-over match)

Nasir Hossain 31(41), Mustafizur Rahman 0(11)

Abbott tries to york Nasir, but bowls a full-toss. Nasir flicks it easily for four. He drives to long-on, but turns the single down. The next ball is pulled hard, another four, but he could not get a run off the last ball. Powerplay 3 begins with Mustafizur on strike as Tahir comes on. Mustafizur plays out a maiden. Duminy comes on from the other end, Nasir does not seem keen on those easy singles. He finally gets one off the fifth ball to bring up 150 for Bangladesh. He then lofts Tahir down the ground for SIX. Tahir bowls out, 8-1-38-1. Mustafizur hits a full-toss to long-on but Nasir sends him back. Duminy bowls out, 8-0-28-1.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 141/9 | Overs 31 (40-over match)

Nasir Hossain 12(21), Mustafizur Rahman 0(1)

Steady line and length from Abbott, Jubair looks all at sea. He manages to steer one past QdK, for some reason Amla doesn’t have a slip, the ball runs for four! There is a huge, HUGE appeal as Abbott hits Jubair’s pads on the full, but he survives, Amla smiles, it would have missed. The slip is there now, for Rabada. He finishes with 8-3-16-6, the best figures by anyone on ODI debut.

OUT! Mashrafe Mortaza c Quinton de Kock b Kagiso Rabada 4(12)!

OUT! Jubair Hossain b Kagiso Rabada 5(9)!

Poor delivery. Mortaza tried to pull it fine, but de Kock flung himself to his left to come up with a stupendous catch!

A screaming yorker, too good for Jubair, crashes on to the base of the stumps!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 132/7 | Overs 28 (40-over match)

Nasir Hossain 10(17), Mashrafe Mortaza 4(8)

Morris bowls short, and Shakib smashes past backward point. Bouncer outside leg, called wide. The Bangladesh captain walks out and starts with a cheeky leg-glance. Rabada is back, remember, his figures read 5-1-14-4 (including a hat-trick), and this is his ODI debut. He unleashes a vicious bouncer, Nasir ducks out of the way. Abbott comes back, and starts with his usual wide. Nasir pulls him disdainfully through mid-wicket for four.

OUT! Shakib Al Hasan LBW b Imran Tahir 48(51)!

Tahir hits pad, and they go up in unison. The umpire’s finger goes up, Shakib reviews immediately, it was an umpire’s call, Shakib falls! 

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 108/6 | Overs 24 (40-over match)

Shakib Al Hasan 43(48), Nasir Hossain 3(4)

Morris starts off with a bouncer, Sabbir ducks. Shakib plays past point, Bangladesh bring up their 100. Nasir plays deftly to deep third-man, but Abbott slides to pull it back, boundaries have dried out somewhat. Nasir walks out as Tahir replaces Duminy. No-ball, and Shakib dismissed the Free Hit through extra-cover.

OUT! Sabbir Rahman b Chris Morris 5(13)!

Excellent off-cutter, jagged back off a length, hits middle and leg!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 94/5 | Overs 20 (40-over match)

Shakib Al Hasan 33(39), Sabbir Rahman 1(1)

Shakib sweeps Duminy, they get four. This is a delightful innings from Shakib till now after the Rabada burst. Morris replaces Tahir. It seems extremely humid out there. Shakib is sweating profusely and has just asked for water. Duminy bowls short, Mushfiqur pulls it to deep mid-wicket, that will be the 50-run partnership (from 72 balls), excellent batting under pressure!

OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim c Imran Tahir b JP Duminy 24(38)!

Just when things looked in control, Mushfiqur attempts a slog-sweep and holes out to Tahir at deep mid-wicket, Duminy strikes!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 76/4 | Overs 16 (40-over match)

Shakib Al Hasan 23(28), Mushfiqur Rahim 16(26)

Tahir is getting good turn off the surface, while Duminy is more or less on target. Shakib and Mushfiqur are slowly stitching a partnership together, though Bangladesh would need them to bat on for longer.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 60/4 | Overs 12 (40-over match)

Shakib Al Hasan 16(17), Mushfiqur Rahim 8(13)

Powerplay 2 begins. Shakib cuts Morris hard to the fence, that is four. He leg-glances the next, but de Kock pulls off a spectacular take. Rabada bounces at Mushfiqur: he hooks, the ball takes the top-edge, and soars behind QdK for four! Tahir comes on and hits Shakib on the pad. The verdict is ‘not out’, Amla reviews! It was missing, so a review is wasted. Shakib steers the next ball, but that man Rabada pulls off a spectacular save at deep third-man, they run three. Duminy replaces Rabada (whose figures read 5-1-14-4).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 42/4 | Overs 8 (40-over match)

Shakib Al Hasan 6(4), Mushfiqur Rahim 1(2)

Shakib starts off with a gorgeous cover-drive off Abbott for four. Soumya flicks Rabada delightfully past mid-wicket, they run two. The next ball flies over backward-point, they’re playing with fire here! Abbott has been wayward, and has been replaced by Morris after a 3-over spell. Soumya greets him with a delightful square-drive, and follows it with another boundary. Long-hop, Somuya pulls behind square, terrible misfield from Tahir, they get an easy two.

OUT! Soumya Sarkar c JP Duminy b Kagiso Rabada 27(27)!

That’s the big wicket! Sarkar cover-drove uppishly, and these South Africans never miss anything. JP takes an easy catch at short cover.

Kagiso Rabada becomes the second player to take a hat-trick on ODI after Taijul Islam. Maurice Allom, Peter Petherick, and Damien Fleming have done the same in Test cricket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE: BANGLADESH 17/3 | Overs 4 (40-over match)

Soumya Sarkar 9(9), Shakib Al Hasan 0(0)

The match gets underway. Remember, it is a 40-over match. Abbott starts with a wide humongous enough to remind one of Harmison a la Ashes 2006-07. The second ball is an encore. The third ball is also a wide, but he is spared. No more runs from the over. Rabada starts off from the other end, and Faf pulls off a spectacular save at square-leg. Rabada strays down leg, and they get four leg-byes. Rabada bounces, too high, QdK leaps in the air to cling on to it. Soumya goes after Abbott, the ball takes a thick outside edge and flies above Amla at first slip. The flick off the next ball is much more authentic, four more! Abbott follows up with a wide down leg.

OUT! Tamim Iqbal b Kagiso Rabada 0(13)!

OUT! Litton Das c Farhaan Behardien b Kagiso Rabada 0(1)!

OUT! Mahmudullah LBW b Kagiso Rabada 0(1)!

Unlike Soumya, Tamim had not looked too comfortable. That one from Rabada was too quick for Tamim. The bat came down slowly, and off-stump went for a walk.

Litton plays the first ball he faces to short mid-wicket. Easy catch, two in two!

Once again, too quick for Mahmudullah: the ball raps on to his pads, the umpire has no doubt!

BANGLADESH: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Jubair Hossain, Litton Das, Mustafizur Rahman

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa: Hashim Amla (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Faf du Plessis, Rilee Rossouw, JP Duminy, David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Chris Morris, Kyle Abbott, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir.

UPDATE: Bangladesh win the toss and elect to bat.

UPDATE: Toss will happen at 5.10 PM (4.40 PM IST). Match to start at 5.40 PM (5.10 PM IST). It will be a 40-over match.

They will inspect at 4.45 PM. That will be 4.15 PM IST.

Some good news, finally. The covers are coming off. Will the match really get underway? Meanwhile, check Faf du Plessis’ Instagram picture from today.

Rain has stopped at Mirpur, but when will things get underway?

It is still raining, but the intensity is not as much as it was 15 minutes back. Let us see.

Bad news, folks. The outfield is wet, and that is an understatement. Even if play gets underway anytime soon, it will almost certainly not be cricket. You may actually see Morkel snorkel (sorry for the terrible pun, but could not resist it).

It is raining heavily in Mirpur, which is terrible news. An excellent contest was on the cards, what with Bangladesh thrashing Zimbabwe 5-0, Pakistan 3-0, and India 2-1 with a World Cup quarterfinal berth in between. It is a shame the weather is behaving this way.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first One-Day International (ODI) between Bangladesh and South Africa at Dhaka. I am Abhishek Mukherjee and I will be bringing all the updates of the match here. After dominating the limited-overs at home for the last one month, Bangladesh were handed defeat when South Africa clinched the Twenty20 International (T20I) series 2-0. Bangladesh now host the Proteas in the three-match ODI series. READ: Bangladesh vs South Africa 2015, 1st ODI at Dhaka Preview

Bangladesh have been powerful post their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 journey. They beat visiting Pakistan and India at home. A win against South Africa will help their chances and qualification for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar and Mushfiqur Rahim will be crucial for Bangladesh’s success in the one-dayers, with Mustafizur Rahman emulating his performances against India against South Africa. Shakib Al Hasan and Mashrafe Mortaza’s experience will strengthen Bangladesh.


Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Litton Das (wk), Arafat Sunny, Jubair Hossain, Rubel Hossain and Mustafizur Rahman.

South Africa: Hashim Amla (c), Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy, Faf du Plessis, Rilee Rossouw, David Miller, Chris Morris, Wayne Parnell, Kagiso Rabada, Farhaan Behardien, Kyle Abbott, Morne Morkel, Eddie Leie, Imran Tahir, Ryan McLaren.

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