Hello! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the first Twenty20 International (T20I) between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka on Friday. Bangladesh who are on a high after winning the One-Day International series 3-0 against Zimbabwe will want to continue their winning streak at home. Zimbabwe will look to at least have a victory on this tour with only the 2nd T20I remaining after this match. Captain Mashrafe Mortaza will want to cap off a wonderful year for Bangladesh cricket by winning the T20 series before the players move on to play the Bangladesh Premier League(BPL) after this. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD 1st T20I match, Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe 2015, at Mirpur

Here is the Match Report

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 136/6 | overs 17.4| Target 132 |Batting: Mahmudullah 22(21), Mashrafe Mortaza 15(12): Mahmudullah picks a single on the first ball of the eighteenth over. Mashrafe carts a four and six on successive deliveries and finishes off the game in style. The six was struck down the ground off the bowling of Luke Jongwe. Bangladesh continue their winning momentum. Zimbabwe have to do some serious home work. Their batting which was their chief worry let them down in this match as well. Malcolm Waller was adjudged man of the match for his flamboyant knock of 68. He was sad that he ended up on the losing side.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 125/6 | overs 17| Target 132 |Batting: Mahmudullah 21(20), Mashrafe Mortaza 5(9): Liton Das has no answer for a Chisoro’s bouncer, he cuts it and the ball lands in the hands of Cremer at third man. No run in the next five deliveries, excellent bowling by Liton Das. Mashrafe Mortaza pulls Neville Madziva for a four. He takes  a single the next ball towards deep mid wicket. Seven runs come from the seventeenth over. Bangladesh excruciatingly close to win the match. OUT! Liton Das c Cremer b Chisoro 17(12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 118/6 | overs 15| Target 132 |Batting: Mahmudullah 19(18), Liton Das 17(11): Liton Das slams a boundary of Chisoro’s bowling towards the third man. Eight runs come from the 14th over. Mashrafe Mortaza is next in the batting order if a wicket falls. Panyangara is brought back into the attack, Liton Das steers a ball towards third man region for a single. Panyangara bowls a no ball, free hit for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah will face the Free Hit delivery in which he cannot get out except for a run out and the fielding cannot be changed. Mahmudullah fails to score of a Panyangara’s yorker, no run. He picks a single on the leg side next delivery. Panyangara again oversteps the crease. Free Hit ball to be bowled again. This time Mahmudullah gets a boundary off a full toss. He gets four runs on the next ball too of an inside edge.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 96/5 | overs 13 | Target 132 |Batting: Mahmudullah 8(9), Liton Das 9(6): Williams bowled a tight eleventh over giving just six runs. Liton Das slams two back to back fours off Cremer towards short fine leg. He follows it up with a couple over square leg. Bangladesh have an upper hand in this match now and are looking favourites to win it.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 80/5 | overs 11 | Target 132 |Batting: Mahmudullah 1(2), Liton Das 0(1): Nasir Hossain carts a six over long-on, looks like he wants to finish off the match quickly. However, Williams shows resilience and gives just four runs in the next five balls.  Cremer bowls the eleventh and he is welcomed by Nasir Hossain with a four through the covers. But Cremer comes back, bowls a googly and gets him trapped before the stumps. Cremer takes another wicket, this time of Tamim Iqbal. He too is trapped before the stumps. Liton Das comes to the middle after his departure.  OUT! Tamim Iqbal lbw Cremer 31(28), OUT!  Nasir Hossain lbw Cremer 16(12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 66/3 | overs 9 |Target 132 | Batting: Tamim Iqbal 30(26), Nasir Hossain 4(5) : Chisoro gives just five runs in the eighth over. Cremer too bowls pretty well. Bangladesh batsmen try to rotate the strike and this is right too, they are not chasing a very big score. Tamim is batting on 30 having struck three boundaries.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 54/3 | overs 7 |Target 132 | Batting: Tamim Iqbal 23(19): Chisoro sends the dangerous looking Shabbir Rahman back to the pavilion. Shabbir pulls the ball and Ervine takes a brilliant diving catch. Mushfiqur Rahim comes to the middle after Shabbir’s departure. He takes a single to bring Tamim Iqbal on strike. Tamim late-cuts the ball towards third man which fetches him three runs. Legbreak googly bowler Graeme Cremer is brought into the attack. He proves his captain right by picking the wicket of Rahim. Mushfiqur Rahim is unable to get his timing right of a pull shot and holes it down the throat of Sikandar Raza. OUT! Shabbir Rahim c Ervine b Chisaro 18(16), OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim c Sikandar Raza b Cremer 2(5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 41/1 | overs 5 | Target 132 |Batting: Tamim Iqbal 16(14), Shabbir Rahman 18(14): Neville Madzivas is bowling pretty well, giving no room for Bangladesh batsmen to open their arms. Just six runs of his second over although he went for 11 in the first. Right-arm medium-pace bowler Luke Jongwe is brought into the attack. He bowls a full ball and then a length delivery, lucky for him no run scored on those lose deliveries.  However, Shabbir Rahman doesn’t misses on the third ball and slams it over cover for a boundary. He follows it up with two more shots to the fence— one through a cut and the other behind square.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 22/1 | overs 3 | Target 132 | Batting: Tamim Iqbal 6(9), Shabbir Rahman 10(7): Bangladesh lose their first wicket in the form of Annamul Haque. He made just one run. At the moment Tamim Iqbal and Shabbir Rahaman are at the crease, batting on six and 10 respectively. Shabbir has struck two and Tamim has slammed one boundary so far. Match has got interesting. Let’s see how Tamim tackles Zimbabwe’s spinners later on. OUT! Anamul Haque run out 1(2)

Here is the Innings Report

Innings Break

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 131 | overs 19.3| Batting:  Tendai Chisoro 6(8): AG Cremer comes to the middle, he tries to hit the ball on the leg and fails completely and is bowled. Zimbabwe is in danger of getting bowled out. Pangayara hits a four but gets out the next delivery. Rahman pitches a yorker on middle and leg stump, the ball hits Pangayara’s toe and the umpire umpire has no hesitation in giving him out leg-before-wicket. With this Zimbabwe are bowled out for 131. It’s a very paltry score in T20 cricket. If it wasn’t for Malcolm Waller, Zimbabwe could had been bowled out for under 100 runs.  OUT! AG Cremer b Al-Amin Hossain 3(3), OUT! Panyangara lbw Mustafizur Rahman 4(3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 122/8 | overs 18| Batting:  Tendai Chisoro 6(8): Mortaza carted over extra cover for a big six by Waller. Malcolm takes his score to 66 and picks a single next ball. Chisoro facing Mustafizur Rahman, Chisoro trying to take a single to give Waller the strike but succeeds only on the third ball after failing to find gaps. Waller steers the ball for a quick single. Chisoro takes a single on the next delivery. Let’s see if Waller tries to take a single to give himself the strike in the next over or tries a slog shot. Mustafizur Rahman is Bangladesh’s saviour, he sends Waller to the dugout. Waller slams the ball to deep mid wicket only to find a fielder. OUT! Malcolm Waller c Liton Das b Mustafizur Rahman 68(31)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 115/7 | overs 16| Batting: Malcolm Waller 60(26), Tendai Chisoro 0(0): Erwine attempts a sweep over the leg side off Mahmudullah, fails completely and is bowled. Jongwe comes at the crease, unable to get off the mark on the first four deliveries he faces. Awesome, maiden over and a wicket; just what the doctor ordered for Bangladesh. Waller is still at the crease and Bangladesh desperately need his wicket. Luke Jongwe tries a reverse sweep but fails to make contact and gets out leg-before-wicket. Neville Madiza arrives, he takes a quick single and brings the big man Malcolm Waller on strike. He picks a quick single, now Madiza will have to face the last ball of the 16th over. Madiza advances down the track but is not able to get his timing right and is caught at long-off.  OUT! Craig Ervine b Mahmudullah 20(31), OUT! Luke Jongwe lbw Jubair Hossain 0(5), OUT! Madziva c Nasir Hossain b Jubair Hossain 1(3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 105/4 | overs 14| Batting: Malcolm Waller 58(25), Craig Ervine 20(29): Waller gets down the wicket on Mahmudullah and slog sweeps him for a six. Bangladesh have to stop Waller or else Zimbabwe might runs away with the match. Erwine joins the party, hits Hossain for a four over mid-off. He takes a single next ball bringing the dangerous Waller into strike. Test of Hossain against Waller, will it make any difference? It doesn’t, another four down the ground. A leg bye fetches Waller a single in the next delivery.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 82/4 | overs 12| Batting: Malcolm Waller 43(17), Craig Ervine 14(25): Waller is in no mood to back down. He carts two sixes and two boundaries in the eleventh over, his approach to counter-attack is amazing.  Mustafizur Rahman bowling the twelfth over, Ervine takes a single and brings Waller on strike. Waller finding it difficult to hit Rahman. Just six runs of his over, good job by Rahman.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 56/4 | overs 10| Batting: Malcolm Waller 20(6), Craig Ervine 13(24): Nasir Hossain cleans up Sean Williams. The batsman steps down seeing a flighted delivery, he swings the bat but fails to make contact, leg stump is dismantled. Jubair Hossain is handed the ball. Let’s see if Zimbabwe have any answer to his leg spin. Waller has total disregard for the bowler, he carts a four and follows it up with a gigantic six on the next delivery. He slams another six, this time on long on. OUT! Sean Williams b Nasir Hossain 15(21)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 36/3 | overs 8| Batting: Sean Williams 14(18), Craig Ervine 13(21): Off break bowler Nasir Hossain bowling well. Batsmen are finding it difficult to pick his turn. Another off break bowler Mahmudullah bowls the eighth over. Erivine and Williams take a few singles and doubles on his bowling. This is what is required, keep rotating the strike if big shots are hard to come.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 24/3 | overs 6| Batting: Sean Williams 5(12), Craig Ervine 10(16): Mortaza is doing all sorts of stuff with his bowling, pitching it short, varying his pace and alternating his swing direction. Maybe he wishes to bowl out Zimbabwe for under 100. Zimbabwe need a partnership at this moment and they should try to just rotate the strike as of now and that’s exactly what Sean Williams and Craig Ervine are trying to do. Mustafizur Rahman is brought into the attack.  He is playing with his swing and Ervine is unsure on which shot to execute on the left-arm pacer. He is bowling good inswingers, the batsmen are not able to make the full face of the bat make contact on his bowling.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 17/3 | overs 4| Batting: Sean Williams 3(7), Craig Ervine 6(8): Zimbabwe in danger, they lose their third wicket in the form of Elton Chigumbura. Elton misjudges the Mortaza’s line and is bowled. Craig Ervine has come to the middle. Ervine slams a four on Hossain’s bowling. OUT! Elton Chigumbura b Mashrafe Mortaza 0(5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 9/2 | overs 2| Batting: Sean Williams 1(4), Elton Chigumbura 0(0): Bangladesh won the toss and decided to bowl first. Raza and Chakawa opened the batting for Zimbabwe. Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza bowled the first over. Mashrafe bowled a slower delivery on the off side, Sikandar Raza gets down the wicket but is only able to cart it on the mid-off region and is caught. Al-Amin Hossain gives four runs through a leg bye but gets the wicket of Regis Chakabva next ball. Chakabva attempts a scoop but ends up sending the ball in air to be caught by Mushfiqur Rahim. Brilliant start by Bangladesh. OUT! Sikandar Raza c Liton Das b Mashrafe Mortaza 4(3), OUT! Chakabva c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al-Amin Hossain 0(3)

TOSS: Bangladesh won and elected to bowl first.

Playing XI:

Bangladesh XI: Tamim, Liton, Anamul, Mahmudullah, Mushfiq, Sabbir, Nasir, Mashrafe, Mustafiz, Al-Amin, Jubair

Zimbabwe XI: Raza, Chakabva, Chigumbura, Ervine, Williams, Waller, Chisoro, Panyangara, Madziva, Jongwe, Cremer

On the other hand Zimbabwe captain Elton Chigumbura will hope to see a better batting performance from his batsmen who failed in the ODI series. Chamu Chibhabha, Craig Ervine, Sean Williams and Sikandar Raza will want to come good with the bat and lead Zimbabwe to may be a series victory as both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have played fewer T20’s as comparison to other teams world-wide. In a head to head record in T20’s in three matches Bangladesh lead Zimbabwe 2-1, having played their last T20 match in 2013.


Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Litton Das, Mahmudullah, Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Mashrafe Mortaza(c), Arafat Sunny, Mustafizur Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Jubair Hossain, Al-Amin Hossain, Kamrul Islam Rabbi.

Zimbabwe: Chamu Chibhabha, Regis Chakabva(w), Craig Ervine, Sean Williams, Elton Chigumbura(c), Malcolm Waller, Sikandar Raza, Luke Jongwe, Graeme Cremer, Tinashe Panyangara, Taurai Muzarabani, Tendai Chisoro, Neville Madziva, Wellington Masakadza, Richmond Mutumbami, John Nyumbu.

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