Live Cricket Score, Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe 2015, 3rd ODI at Mirpur

Hello! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the second One-Day International (ODI) between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur on Wednesday. This is Paulami Chakraborty, and I shall be updating with the events of the match as and when they happen. Bangladesh are currently leading the series 2-0 following their 58 runs victory in the second one-dayer at the same venue. Zimbabwe winning the toss again elected to field, as Bangladesh scored just about a par score of 241 for 9 with Imrul Kayes making 76 with help from Nasir Hossain contributing 41. Zimbabwe, in reply, was bowled out for a lowly score of 184, with new bowling sensation Mustafizur Rahman picking up 3 for 33 in his 8 overs. A victory in the third match will make a wonderful reading to the year for Bangladesh Cricket as this would be there the fourth series unbeaten streak at home.  LIVE SCORECARD: Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe , 3rd ODI at Mirpur

And Bangladesh wins the match and the series. Zimbabwe final score 215 all out.Here is the match report

OUT! Taurai Muzarabani c & b Arafat Sunny 0(5)

OUT! Tinashe Panyangara c & b Mustafizur Rahman 3 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 213/8 | overs 42 | Batting: Graeme Cremer 3(5), Tinashe Panyangara 3(4) : And Bangladesh got the wicket they wanted. Dangerous Sikandar Raza is gone, Mustafizur strikes twice as he also gets Luke Jangwe. Zimbabwe have almost lost it.

OUT! Luke Jongwe c Sabbir Rahman b Mustafizur Rahman 11 (13)

OUT! Sikandar Raza c Sabbir Rahman b Mustafizur Rahman 9 (12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 198/6 | overs 39 | Batting: Luke Jongwe 3(7), Sikandar Raza 8(9) : মুরতাজা, অসাধারন ! And Zimbabwe lost yet another crucial wicket as Sean Williams is removed by Mortaza. Sikandar Raza is Zimbabwe’s last hope.

OUT! Sean Williams c Sabbir Rahman b Mashrafe Mortaza 64 (84)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 186/5 | overs 36 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 63(83), Sikandar Raza 0(2) : ওয়ালার আউট! Malcolm Waller is dismissed. Sikandar Raza comes in but that is no good news for Bangladesh as he can make his side win as he has the ability to pull of a good knock.

OUT! Malcolm Waller c Nasir Hossain b Al-Amin Hossain 32 (40)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 172/4 | overs 33 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 23(29), Sean Williams 58(75): উইলিয়ামস, খুব ভালো! Sean Willams is going slow and steady and he can lead his side to a victory if he gets some support from the other side.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 152/4 | overs 30 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 10(16), Sean Williams 49(64): জিম্বাবোয়ের দেড়শত রান। Zimbabwe went past 150 and Sean Williams is batting at 49. A good sign to see them scoring run, the visitors need that. 

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 130/4 | overs 24 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 4(4), Sean Williams 40(52): ওয়ালারের সুন্দর চার।  What a beautiful shot. From the middle of the bat it comes and runs through the backward point for four. Sikandar Raza had been in good touch and after Chigumbura, he was expected to come. But that shot suggests that the captain has something else in mind.

OUT! Elton Chigumbura b Sabbir Rahman 45 (47)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 117/3 | overs 21 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 38(38), Sean Williams 33(41): দারুন চার চিগাম্বুরা! A beautiful shot down the gap between covers and a terrific placement. More such shots are needed. Sean Williams need to rotate the strike and let the skipper have most of the opportunities.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 101/3 | overs 18 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 26(27), Sean Williams 30(34): খুব ভালো বাংলাদেশ। Back to back attacks from the hosts. They are certainly looking for yet another wicket. Both the Zimbabwe batsmen need to settle down.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 86/3 | overs 15 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 23(23), Sean Williams 15(20): জিম্বাবোয়ে ঘোর বিপদে। Chigumbura needs to keep his calm. Runs are coming in singles. But Zimbabwe needs quick but safe runs and boundaries are always welcome at this stage.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 67/3 | overs 12 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 12(13), Sean Williams 10(12): খুব ভালো মূরতাজা। A commendable rotation of bowlers by Bangladeshi captain Mortaza has brought them to a good state. Zimbabwe captain will again have to perform and get going for his side. He needs support from he other end.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 52/3 | overs 9 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 1(1), Sean Williams 6(6): বাংলাদেশী বোলিং, অতুলনীয়। 3 Wickets down already by the 9th over and Zimbabwe in prominent trouble. Skipper Chigumbura in the crease and if Zimbabwe can pull of a victory from here, it will be really great. Zimbabwe goes past 50.

OUT! Craig Ervine lbw b Nasir Hossain 21 (25)

OUT! Regis Chakabva c Nasir Hossain b Mustafizur Rahman 17 (20)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 38/1 | overs 6 | Batting: Regis Chakabva 17(17), Craig Ervine 14(14): খুব ভালো মুরতাজা। A very good over as not many runs came from it. Zimbabwe needs to protect the wickets as well as score runs fast as the total is quite good.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Zimbabwe 23/1 | overs 3| Batting: Regis Chakabva 10(7), Craig Ervine 8(9): বাহ মুস্তাফিজুর! A wicket in the very first over! Mustafizur sends Chibhabha back after he hit a first ball boundary. Well done ! Zimbabwe in trouble.

OUT! Chibhabha b Mustafizur Rahman 4 (2)

*Zimbabwe innings starts*

*Bangladesh innings ends* Here is the innings report

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 276/9 | overs 50| Batting: Aarafat Sunny 3(5): খুব ভালো বাংলাদেশ। The innings ends with a wicket for Zimbabwe. Bangladesh put up a good 276 to chase for Zimbabwe.

OUT! Mustafizur Rahman run out 1 (1)

OUT! Mahmudullah run out 52 (40)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 263/7 | overs 48| Batting: Mahmudullah 43(34): বাংলাদেশ কি পারবে 280 করতে? Another wicket for Zimbabwe. Bangladesh is looking forward to score 280+. Mahmudullah needs to play more balls.

OUT! Mashrafe Mortaza b Panyangara 16 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 236/6 | overs 45| Batting: Mahmudullah 22(17), Mashrafe Mortaza 1(1): দারুন বোলিং জিম্বাবোয়ে। Bangladesh lose some quick wickets as Graeme Cremer picks up three. Mahmudullah and Mashrafe Mortaza are in the crease for the final few overs and they need to push themselves to add as much as they can.

OUT! Nasir Hossain c Cremer b Jongwe 0 (2)

OUT! Sabbir Rahman c Cremer b Jongwe 1 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 224/4 | overs 43| Batting: Mahmudullah 22(17), Sabbir Rahman 1(2): যাহ! লিটন আউট। Disappointment continues as Liton Das again departs for a low score. Some back to back wickets for Zimbabwe. Good piece of fielding as well. Zimbabwe are getting back on track.

OUT! Liton Das c sub (WP Masakadza) b Cremer 17 (22)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 205/3 | overs 40| Batting: Mahmudullah 6(7), Liton Das 15(16): Bangladesh loses another wicket as Mushfiqur Rahim departs. Could not perform up to the mark. Mahmudullah is in the crease.

OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim st Chakabva(wk) b Waller 28 (25)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 182/2 | overs 36| Batting: Mushfiqur Rahim 25(20), Liton Das 2(4): আবার চার। Mushfiqur hits another four. Liton Das is in the crease. He needs to perform well in the match as he has not got runs recently in this innings. Rahim is in his usual mode of destruction.

OUT! Tamim Iqbal st Chakabva (wk) b Cremer 73 (98)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 165/1| overs 33| Batting: Mushfiqur Rahim 12(11), Tamim Iqbal 71(93): সুন্দর চার। A boundary from Rahim just after he started his innings. He is one dangerous batsman Zimbabwe would like take care of.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 149/1| overs 30| Batting: Mushfiqur Rahim 1(1), Tamim Iqbal 69(84): জিম্বাবোয়ের উইকেট। Zimbabwe finally gets the breakthrough they wanted. Imrul Kayes left after making a good 73 and giving a boost to his side’s scorecard. Mushfiqur Rahimis is in.

OUT! Imrul Kayes st Chakabva(wk) b Sikandar Raza 73 (116)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 134/0 | overs 27 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 70(89), Tamim Iqbal 57(73): খুব ভালো তামিম। Tamim Iqbal completes his 50 and ends the innings with a massive six. Both the batsmen are on fire and don’t look like they can be easily removed. Zimbabwe need to do something urgently or the match will slip away from their hands.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 110/0 | overs 25 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 57(83), Tamim Iqbal 47(67): সাবাস ইম্রুল কায়েস। Second half century in the series for Kayes. Bangladesh resch their team total of 100.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 95/0 | overs 22 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 48(73), Tamim Iqbal 41(59): ভালো বোলিং জিম্বাবোয়ে। Sikandar Raza gets edges twice but a poor show of captaincy as there is still no slip. Bangladesh inching towards their 100 while Kayes will complete his 50 anytime now.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 85/0 | overs 18| Batting: Imrul Kayes 40(57), Tamim Iqbal 42(57): বাংলাদেশের আক্রমণাত্মক আরম্ভ। Bangladesh have not lost a wicket yet and are doing very well while Zimbabwe bowlers and fielders require more involvement in the game. Both the openers are on the verge of their half centuries.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 70/0 | overs 15 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 39(49), Tamim Iqbal 28(41): ক্যাচ ড্রপ! Graeme Cremer drops the chance at backward point and Imrul Kayes is saved. Bangladesh has go a good start and is cruising towards a good total.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 60/0 | overs 12 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 35(39), Tamim Iqbal 23(33): কায়েসের ব্যাট ঝড় তুলেছে! Beautiful shots from Kayes’s Willow. Tamim Iqbal also joins him and completes his 2000 runs is Mirpur. Bangladesh hammering the Zimbabwe bowlers.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 37/0 | overs 9 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 24(29), Tamim Iqbal 13(25): ভালো ওভার জিম্বাবোয়ে। Zimbabwe bowlers have been able to stop the runs and just one run came from Panyangara’s last over. Bangladeshi bowlers need to rotate strike more often and get singles.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 30/0 | overs 6 | Batting: Imrul Kayes 18(22), Tamim Iqbal 12(14): দুরন্ত ছক্কা! Imrul Kayes is hitting it big. boundaries after boundaries. Zimbabwe bowlers need to attack and pick up a wicket in the early overs.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE| Bangladesh 9/0 | overs 3 | Batting: Imrul Kayes, Tamim Iqbal: বাংলাদেশ খেলা শুরু করে দিয়েছে। Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes have opened the innings for Bangladesh. Boundaries have already started coming.

*Bangladesh innings starts*

TOSS: Bangladesh won and elected to bat first. বাংলাদেশ টস জিতে ব্যাটিং করার সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে।

Bangladesh earlier had won the first match by a huge margin of 145 runs with former captain Mushfiqur Rahim hitting  a wonderfull century. Zimbabwe could only manage to score 128 with Elton Chigumbura making 41, Shakib Al Hassan picked up his first ever 5-wicket haul in ODI cricket. Shakib is very likely to miss this ODI just as the 2nd ODI.


Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Al-Amin Hossain, Arafat Sunny, Imrul Kayes, Jubair Hossain, Kamrul Islam Rabbi, Liton Das, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mustafizur Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal

Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Regis Chakabva (wk), Chamu Chibhabha, Tendai Chisoro, Graeme Cremer, Craig Ervine, Luke Jongwe, Neville Madziva, Wellington Masakadza, Richmond Mutumbami (wk), Taurai Muzarabani, John Nyumbu, Tinashe Panyangara, Sikandar Raza, Malcolm Waller, Sean Williams