Mandeep Singh is ona roll as he has taken control of the North Zone batting along with Gurkeerat Singh © IANS (File Photo)
Mandeep Singh misses his half-century by 10 runs while Gurkeerat Singh’s half-century was not enough to earn North Zone a victory over East Zone © IANS (File Photo)

Nov 30, 2014

(North Zone will be looking to start in dominant fashion against East Zone. Catch live cricket scores of the match here)

THAT’S IT!!!!! East Zone earn a commanding win over North, thanks to some great bowling by Surasish Lahiri as he claims three for 41 followed by Dinda and Samantray for two each.
OUT! Sandeep Sharma 1(5) c Deobrat b M Tiwary

GONE!!!! Amit Mishra who wanted to finish things early and was going after big shots departs early for just 13 after facing seven deliveries as Nadeem gets him out after handing a catch to substitute fielder, Jaggi.
OUT! Amit Mishra 13(7) c Jaggi b Nadeem, Nakul Verma 17(18) c Nadeem b Dinda

OUT!!!!! Rishi Dhawan doesn’t get to complete his half-century and falls short off 12 runs as Lahiri gets him of an outside edge to Goswami. Amit Mishra comes in and he is off to great start with some biggies scoring 13 off just six.
OUT! Rishi Dhawan 38(55) c Goswami b Lahiri

OUT!!!!! Two wickets go down as North Zone who were looking good during the chase suddenly seem to lose their momentum and lose two successive wickets. Gurkeerat and Rasool, both depart in just three overs.
OUT! Gurkeerat Singh 83(99) c VP Singh b Samantray, Parvez Rasool 8(7) c S Tiwary b Lahiri

Gurkeerat and Dhawan take control for the next few overs and no harm is done on their way to the chase as Gurkeerat keeps playing sensibly and comfortably hardly making any room for mistake after reaching his half-century. Dhawan too is batting quite well.

OUT!!!!!! Mandeep Singh who was going good falls short of his half-century by just 10 runs. Lahiri dismisses him as he hands a catch to Samantray. Rishi Dhawan comes in while Gurkeerat gets to his half-century.
Mandeep Singh 40(62) c Samantray b Lahiri

Good gameplay after three early setbacks. Mandeep is playing good along with Gurkeerat as both near a possible half-century.

Mandeep and Gurkeerat take control as they look to chase down the target of 274 set by East Zone batting first. Three early wickets have caused a setback but Mandeep seems to be on a roll here.

GONE AGAIN!!!! Another one goes down and it’s the big man, Yuvraj Singh who departs for just four as his poor domestic runs continues. Full outside off, he plays away from body and edged to the keeper.
OUT! Yuvraj Singh 4(10) c Goswami b Samantray

GONE AGAIN!!! Unmukt Chand now falls for cheap six off just 16 as he throws it away to VP Singh. Full outside off, he flashes hard, but straight to Lahiri at Backward Point. Two down for North in just six overs.
OUT! Unmukt Chand 6(16) c Lahiri b VP Singh

OUT!!! Just the start what East Zone wanted and a wicket in the first over itself. Manan Vohra departs for a golden duck after facing just three deliveries. Dinda strikes and gives East the first break-through. North yet to get off the mark
OUT! Manan Vohra 0(3) c Samantray b Dinda

Three wickets down in the last five overs of the innings, but East Zone won’t mind it as they finish on a good total and should be enough to defend it. Manoj Tiwary’s brilliant 151 puts them on top as they set a target of 274 for the North Zone.
OUT! Kumar Deobrat 15(18) c Verma b Dhawan, Manoj Tiwary 151(121) c Yuvraj b Sandeep, Saurasish Lahiri 15(9) cMishra b Sandeep

100 up for Manoj Tiwary. Brilliant knock under tough circumstances as he now makes sure to steer the innings quick and put a big total on the board while Deobrat looks to support him somehow and occasionally go for the biggie.

OUT! Manoj Tiwary seems to be strong and in a good form and mood scoring runs with ease and good flow. However, Samantary doesn’t last long and departs for mere 10 off 16.
OUT! Biplab Samantray 10(16) c Gurkeerat b Yuvraj

OUT!!!!!!!! Saurabh Tiwary departs just for mere 17. Full on off-stump, goes for a drive away from the body, edged and grabbed comfortably by the keeper.
OUT! Saurabh Tiwary 17(35) c Verma b Sandeep

East Zone in control so far as both the batsmen are batting quite comfortably and make sure they steer past to a respectable total. Manoj Tiwary is in total control with his half-century while Saurabh Tiwary looks to play reserved.

100 comes up for the East Zone as Manoj Tiwary too brings up his half-century. A good knock and an important one form from him to help and steer East Zone to a respectable and commendable total against a tough North Zone side.

OUT!!! Goswami misses out on half-century by 7 runs. A short one form Mishra as he charges forward for a flash but straight to Mandeep at mid-wicket.

Goswami and Tiwary in total control as East Zone steer their innings after two early setbacks. Goswami meanwhile is nearing a possible half-century as he almost enters the 40s.

BOWLED HIM! Virat Singh’s crawl comes to an end. Tokas knocks him over. In walks Manoj Tiwary, and he gets away by hitting Parvez Rasool for a six and a four off consecutive balls! Great start for the East Zone skipper.
OUT! V Singh 5(27) b Tokas

Goswami and Virat Singh have put their heads down and combated the probing North Zone attack. Virat is finding the going particularly difficult, having managed to score just five runs off the 20 balls he has faced so far. Dhawan and Sandeep bowling very well at the moment. Parvez Rasool comes in to bowl the 11th over.

North are a very powerful side, and they will looking to establish dominance today. Shreevats Goswami has been in superb form lately, and will be looking to boost his stats. Sandeep Sharma and Rishi Dhawan open the bowling. AND DHAWAN STRIKES! Parvez Aziz edges one to Yuvraj Singh at slip, and North have taken their first wicket!
OUT! P Aziz 4(13) c Yuvraj b R Dhawan

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the first Deodhar Trophy Semi-Final between East Zone and North Zone at Mumbai on Sunday. Yesterday, South Zone triumphed in a one-sided contest against Central Zone after a terrific batting display.

After the Vijay Hazare Trophy’s conclusion just a few days ago, we begin with the Deodhar Trophy. Punjab were the finalists there, and North Zone will be boosted with a lot of the big names of that side appearing in their squad. Victory will give North Zone plenty of hope, as the side contains a number of big players.


East Zone: Manoj Tiwary (c), Shreevats Goswami, Biplap Samantray, Saurabh Tiwary, Rahul Shukla, Arabind Singh, Ishank Jaggi, Shahbaz Nadeem, Saurasish Lahiri, Deepak Behera, Parvez Aziz, Pritam Das, Ashok Dinda, Kumar Deobrat, Virat Singh

North Zone: Harbhajan Singh (c), Yuvraj Singh, Unmukt Chand, Rishi Dhawan, Parvez Rasool, Manan Vohra, Nakul Verma, Sandeep Sharma, Mohi Sharma, Vikas Tokas, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Mandeep Singh, Taruwar Kohli, Milind Kumar, Amit Mishra