England batsmen had a mixed day on Wednesday © Getty Images
England batsmen had a mixed day on Wednesday © Getty Images

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End of another thrilling day on a very dull wicket. Australia trail by 166 more runs, and they will aim to clear this deficit sometime in the second session. For England, the only aim would be to earn at least 100 runs as lead, because the only way either of the two teams can tame their opponents is by having heaps of runs on the scoreboard. Stay tuned, we will bring lot’s to read on till play resumes tomorrow. Start with Shiamak Unwalla’s final report of the second day of Ashes 2015.

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 264/5 | Overs 70: So, the nightwatchman Nathan Lyon does well to survive till the end of the day. Australia walk off with 166 runs more in the deficit, something they will aim to clear when play resumes on the third day.

BATTING:  Shane Watson 29 (51), Nathan Lyon 6 (10)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 258/5 | Overs 67.2: Watson and Voges were going strong, but the latter has perished on a loose stroke, caught at extra cover. A late wicket for England and boy they will be delighted. There are not many overs left for the play to end and Australia are still behind by more than 170 runs.

BATTING:  Shane Watson 29 (45)

OUT! Adam Voges c James Anderson b Ben Stokes 31 (75)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 247/4 | Overs 64: Watson and Voges have deal a fine job so far. We are heading towards the end of the day. The English bowlers are looking a little tired but they are still trying all they can on this flat deck. Voges in particular, has looked in an excellent touch. Australia trail by 183 runs.

BATTING: Adam Voges 26 (64), Shane Watson 24 (36)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 238/4 | Overs 60: Australia trail by less than 200 now. They still can gain the upperhand if they are able to put up a strong partnership. Watson and Voges have looked very positive so far, they must carry on till the end of the day.

BATTING: Adam Voges 22 (50), Shane Watson 19 (27)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 223/4 | Overs 57: Watson and Voges are looking to steady Australia’s innings. The umpires are not happy with the shape of the ball, I think it has been replaced. Australia trail by 207 runs.

BATTING: Adam Voges 21 (43), Shane Watson 9 (14)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 207/4 | Overs 52.1Slowly and steadily, Australia are trudging along. Voges is showing application but it is Moeen who has delivered a huge blow to the Aussies! Clarke comes down and hits straight in the hands of the bowler. England fighting hard and they have taken a big wicket here. Australia trail by 223 more runs. They need a partnership. Shane Watson to come now.

BATTING: Adam Voges 14 (30)

OUT! Michael Clarke c & b Moeen Ali 38 (52)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 202/2 | Overs 49Voges hits a FOUR straight down the ground as Australia go past the 200 run mark in their first innings. Clarke has stood tall with a watchful innings. Australia trail by another 228 runs in the first innings.

BATTING: Michael Clarke 34 (40), Adam Voges 13 (23)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 185/2 | Overs 46Australia are taking their time in the middle. Neither Clarke nor Voges has shown any intention to pick up from where Rogers left. For England, Wood is bowling well, he is swinging the ball and even getting a little bit of reverse.

BATTING: Michael Clarke 26 (33), Adam Voges 4 (12)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 184/2 | Overs 43Oh dear oh dear! Seven half-centuries on a trot but Rogers remains unlucky to get to a century! Mark Wood gets the key wicket as he bowls one outside the off-stump. Rogers, looking for runs as he has been scoring easily all this while, tries to cut but gets an edge. England rejoice, they get the third wicket. Rogers falls for 95. Australia trail exactly by 250 runs. Adam Voges starts his Ashes career with a boundary off the first ball.

BATTING: Michael Clarke 25 (25), Adam Voges 4 (2)

OUT! Chris Rogers c Jos Buttler b Mark Wood 95 (133)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 173/2 | Overs 42: Broad tries to have some fun with Rogers from around the wicket. The bowler attacks the batsman with short balls and Rogers obliges one with an upper cut, which races to boundary flying just over the wicketkeeper’s head.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 95 (132), Michael Clarke 18 (22)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 160/2 | Overs 40: Not much trouble for the Australians as they are scoring runs at ease. Stuart Broad and Mark Woods are bowling in tandem right now. Different field placements have being tried out and different bowling angles. Australia trail by 270 runs.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 82 (123), Michael Clarke 18 (19)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 149/2 | Overs 37: Play has begun in the final session with Australia’s resolve firm of not losing many wickets here. If they are able to add another 100 odd runs, they will be in a good position to call the shots. But for that, they will have to bat really well.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 75 (112), Michael Clarke 14 (12)

Fair enough to say that the second session belonged to Australia, who lost two wickets but brought down England’s lead below 300. A strong partnership of about 100-150 runs will change the course of this game. Stay tuned, we will be back in 20 minutes.

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 145/2 | Overs 36: Michael Clarke has joined Rogers in the middle and the ‘Dad’s Army’ is finally in association at the crease. Australia still trail by more than 280 runs, and they need one strong partnership of about 100-150 to get a strong grip of the proceedings in this Test. That’s it for this session, it is time for tea.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 74 (110), Michael Clarke 11 (8)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 127/2 | Overs 33: This is unbelievable! Steven Smith has fallen in one of the most bizarre manners. Smith dances down to hit Moeen, who sends a very straight delivery down the leg side. Since Smith is already out of the crease, he tries to hit the ball on the leg side, but got a top edge, and Cook, standing very close to the pitch and the non-striker collects the ball. Wicket for England out of nowhere! 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 69 (100),

OUT! Steven Smith c Alastair Cook b Moeen Ali 33 (56)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 127/1 | Overs 32: Smith gets a ball way outside off and he goes for the drive off Stokes. The ball hits the bottom of the bat, rams in to the turf and the second slip catches the ball. England appeal for caught behind. Smith then tries to pull a short and slow delivery, but is hit on the thigh. Australia trail by 303 runs. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 69 (100), Steven Smith 32 (51)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 123/1 | Overs 30: Australia going strong at the moment. We are about 25 minutes away from the tea break. Moeen and Stokes bowling in tandem at the moment. Australia trail by 307 runs in the first innings.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 68 (95), Steven Smith 29 (43)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 121/1 | Overs 28: Smith decides to attack Moeen as the England specialist spinner is slammed for three boundaries in the 27th over of the innings. Two of them were hit straight down the ground while one was hit over cover. Rogers is meanwhile collecting runs on both the sides of the wickets. England have now introduced Ben Stokes in the bowling attack. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 66 (89), Steven Smith 29 (37)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 102/1 | Overs 26: Australia have done a fine job with the bat so far. No unnecessary risks have been taken, and runs have flowed in quite easily for them. Rogers, who has just completed his seventh half-century on the trot, brings up the team’s 100-run mark with a superb stroke through cover for FOUR. Smith has also wriggled out himself from the slumber and has started scoring runs.  50-run partnership for Rogers and Smith now.  

BATTING: Chris Rogers 61 (85), Steven Smith 15 (29)

Finally, Alastair Cook has returned to the field. Good to see him back on the feet.

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 81/1 | Overs 23: There it is! 12th half-century for Chris Rogers in 21 Tests as the left-hander cuts one outside off from Moeen to collect the needed runs. Australia will be delighted with his effort, afterall it is the final outing in national colours for Buck. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 51 (75), Steven Smith 6 (21)

Well, Joe Root could not control his smile as Alastair Cook suffered severe pain © Getty Images
Well, Joe Root could not control his smile as Alastair Cook suffered severe pain © Getty Images

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 77/1 | Overs 22: Rogers is nearing his half-century, but for some reason Smith is struck at the score of 6. Australia have done well enough so far in their innings. There is about one more hour left for the tea break, they should be able to reach a score of 120 or 130 from hereon. Australia trail by 353 runs. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 47 (69), Steven Smith 6 (21)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 68/1 | Overs 19: Rogers is looking very positive in the middle, no sign of rustiness after a long injury layoff. He strikes a glorious drive through cover for a FOUR off Anderson as Australia continue to collect runs. Smith seems to be settling down well. Australia trail by 362 runs. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 38 (58), Steven Smith 6 (14)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 61/1 | Overs 16: Anderson and Wood are bowling in tandem now. Cook remains off the field. Smith gets his first four, a stroke in the air past point off Anderson. Australia trail by 369 runs. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 32 (51), Steven Smith 5 (9)

An outside edge off Steven Smith’s bat falls short of Cook in the first slip, and hits him in the groin region. Cook was in severe pain, and has now walked off the field.

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 52/1 | Overs 14.3: WICKET! England finally have something to cheer about after 14.3 overs as Anderson bowls a peach of a delivery to get rid of David Warner. The ball was pitched up, asking Warner to go for the drive. The batsman went for the stroke, but some extra bounce did the harm. The ball took the edge and Alastair Cook tool a sharp catch in first slip. Warner pays the price of driving on the up. World No. 1 Steven Smith walks in. 

BATTING: Chris Rogers 24 (47),

OUT! David Warner c Alastair Cook b James Anderson 17 (42)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 47/0 | Overs 13: There is nothing for bowlers in this pitch — Anderson gets an outside edge off Rogers’ bat but the ball drops short of Joe Root in the slips. Australia going strong. England wicketless.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 24 (47), David Warner 17 (37)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 42/0 | Overs 11: Finally! Anderson is getting the swing across the batsmen and he manages to hit Warner’s backfoot on one occasion. The English fielders appeal loudly and Kumar Dharmasena agrees with them that it was OUT! Warner, however, reviewed it and the replays showed the ball did not touch the bat and instead, had pitched way outside the leg stump. This is bad umpiring, I must say. Australia use one review, and it goes in their favour. Warner gets a four through cover in the same over.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 19 (32), David Warner 17 (34)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 37/0 | Overs 9The sun is shining bright, and that implies Australia have a good wicket to bat on. The scoring was a lot easier when the sun was out on Day One, with ball not troubling the batsmen at all. Runs for Australia in the first over of this second session, with Warner getting his first FOUR and Rogers collecting runs around the park quite comfortably. Broad bowls the fifth ball full and in the zone, and Warner slams another four down the ground. 11 runs from the over.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 18 (31), David Warner 13 (23)

The players are out there on the field with England coming first, and then the Aussie openers walking out. Broad will perhaps bowl the first over of the second session.

David Warner cut a few deliveries outside the offstump but fails to get a run, as Moeen Ali starts off with a maiden. Nine overs were bowled after England were bowled out for 430, and Australia will have to be at their best as they trail by 404 runs at lunch on the second day. Chris Rogers is unbeaten on 15, while Warner is on 5. We will catch up after 40 minutes. Stay tuned!

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 26/0 | Overs 8: Mark Wood replaces Broad and bowls a fine first over. He gets enough bounce and carry but the challenge here will be to bowl when the ball has softened up a bit. Moeen Ali to bowl now.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 15 (29), David Warner 5 (19)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 21/0 | Overs 6: Due to the hardness of the new ball the English bowlers are getting bounce and good carry, but there is no swing for them. About 10 minutes are left for the lunch break, Australia will still have to be careful to not lose a wicket.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 10 (19), David Warner 5 (7)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 16/0 | Overs 4: Anderson is looking to swing across the left-handers Rogers and Warner. Two runs were added from his over. Broad comes on for the fourth over. Rogers is beaten as he gets lured to drive on a delivery going away from him. The English bowlers are getting good carry through the wicket. Something that Johnson was not getting. Good stroke from Rogers as he drives a fuller delivery past point for FOUR, Australia’s first in the innings from the bat.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 7 (16), David Warner 3 (8)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 10/0 | Overs 2: Stuart Broad steams in for the second over. Rogers is looking quite positive, he takes a single on the third ball after defending the first two. Broad then bowls a yorker to Warner on the first ball he faces, and there is a loud appeal for leg-before. The ball had struck the pads but it pitched outside the leg stump. Another fuller delivery, Warner punches well and the ball beats Moeen at extra cover. Three runs taken. A massive wide means Broad will have to bowl another ball to end the over. A very loud appeal for leg before, England take a review!

The ball swung into Rogers, and hit him on the pads. Looks like there is an inside edge. Yes, England waste a review! There was an inside edge. Good ball, good appeal but a review wasted. There is a short leg in place, he could have heard the ball hitting the bat.

Turns out it was actually a good review, the ball had pitched in line of leg stump and was hitting the wickets as well. The inside edge saved Rogers.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 2 (9), David Warner 3 (3)

Live Cricket Score AUSTRALIA: 5/0 | Overs 1: Runs for the Aussies on the first ball as Anderson bowls on Rogers’ pads and the ball races down to the boundary for FOUR, leg-byes. Rogers has been away for quite a while, it will certainly be a little tough for him in the first couple of overs. A single is taken on the fifth ball of the innings, a gentle nudge towards the leg side.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 1 (5), David Warner 0 (1)

England are out in the field led by Alastair Cook, they are now forming a hurdle. Big ask for the Aussie openers to remain unscathed till lunch. Chris Rogers has come out now followed by Dave Warner.

England will be really pleased with their effort as they were able to add 87 crucial runs with their last three wickets. Moeen Ali was the key as he scored splendid 77. The hero for the Australians was Mitchell Starc, who has started off this Ashes with a five-wicket haul. We have about 10 minutes for the players to change and get ready for play. About 40 minutes are left for lunch, means Australia will bat for about half an hour.

Live Cricket Score England: 430 | Overs 102.1: Johnson misses to judge the trajectory of a stroke hit carelessly in the air by Anderson and the ball lands safely. The crowd cheers for the missed chance. Wood and Anderson both are looking to hit, which means England want as many runs as possible before either of them gets out. Wood survives a close appeal for stumping. And there it is! Starc has his fifth wicket of the innings as Anderson makes room to hit and misses, and is cleaned up.

BATTING: Mark Wood 7 (10)

OUT! James Anderson b Mitchell Starc 1 (6)

Live cricket score England: 419/9 | Overs 100.2: WICKET! Starc has his fourth as Moeen is caught at the first slip! The left-hander goes or a mighty drive but gets a thick edge, and is caught in the slip for a well-made 77. James Anderson walks out to bat.

BATTING:  Mark Wood 3 (5)

OUT! Moeen Ali c Shane Watson b Mitchell Starc 77 (88)

Live cricket score England: 405/8 | Overs 98: Nathan Lyon is brought on and he takes a wicket almost immediately! Stuart Broad is the man to go, trying to bring out the slog sweep only to get a faint under-edge to Haddin. Mark Wood comes in at No. 10. Moeen slogs, and brings up England’s 400 with a four.

BATTING: Moeen Ali 65 (76), Mark Wood 1 (3)

OUT! Stuart Broad 18 (26) c Brad Haddin b Nathan Lyon

Live cricket score England: 385/7 | Overs 96: Moeen and Broad are batting really well here. England have every chance to go past 400 if they can continue. Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson have not posed too many tough questions, though Moeen has flashed at a few on occasion. Moeen gets to his half-century. Not quite the best shot to bring up the landmark, gets an inside edges past the stumps to fine leg for four!

BATTING: Moeen Ali 53 (71), Stuart Broad 15 (22)

Live cricket score England: 361/7 | Overs 91: Josh Hazlewood opens bowling from the other end. Stuart Broad gets off the mark with a straight drive. Good shot! Hazlewood sends one in short and Broad pulls nicely! Johnson again, and this one is six now! So England have started well this morning!

BATTING: Moeen Ali 34 (51), Stuart Broad 10 (12)

Live cricket score England: 344/7 | Overs 89: And we’re off one Day Two! Mitch Johnson takes the ball, Moeen Ali to face off! Steady start from Mitch, just outside off. Moeen leaves it alone. Couple of dots to follow. Still no real pace from Johnson. This Cardiff track is not particularly conductive to his kind of bowling. Moeen drives well and gets the first run of the day. Broad faces the last ball, beaten outside off.

BATTING: Moeen Ali 27 (43), Stuart Broad 0 (8)

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the second day’s play in the opening Ashes 2015 Test between England and Australia on Thursday. England will resume their first inning at 343 for 7, and this is Devarchit Varma, bringing you the live cricket scores and updates.

It was a mixed day for both England and Australia at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff on Wednesday. England, deciding to bat after winning the toss, lost a chance to put up a strong total as they reached 343 for 7 at stumps, with Moeen Ali and Stuart Broad at the crease. READ: England 343/7  against Australia at stumps on Day One of 1st Ashes Test at Cardiff

England found their heroes in Joe Root, who smashed his seventh Test ton, and Gary Ballance as well as Ben Stokes, who chipped in with crucial half-centuries. Root’s century was also special as it was the sixth fastest Ashes ton by an Englishman in their history. READ: Ashes 2015 1st Test at Cardiff: Australia must learn to thrive on flat decks

For Australia, it was a sad affair. They came into this Test boasting of an excellent bowling attack, but a flat deck at Cardiff sucked out all energy as they toiled hard for the seven wickets they grabbed on Day One. READ: The Ashes 2015: England wasting Joe Root at No. 5

Mitchell Johnson was the centre of attraction but he had a miserable day, but Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood chipped in with three wickets each to keep the Australian hopes alive.

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