Will England continue to make giant strides or will Australia bounce back? Catch live cricket scores and updates of the 2nd Ashes 2015 Test at Lord’s here. Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the second Test in the ongoing Ashes 2015 series at the iconic Lord’s, between England and Australia starting Thursday. This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates from the match. It will be nothing less than a test of character for Michael Clarke and his men to bounce back, after they were smashed by 169 runs in the first Test by England. Catch live cricket scores and updates of England vs Australia 2nd Ashes 2015 Test at Lord’s, Day 1 here

A fantastic day for Australia and England would be slightly disappointed with the wicket at Lord’s, which according to Alastair Cook does not have enough grass as it was against New Zealand. Smith and Rogers have put up a splendid partnership, and these two will aim to make few more runs tomorrow morning. Signing out for today, here is Nikhil Popat’s final report of the day.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 337/1 in Overs 90: There it is. End of the first day, completely dominated by Australia. This is a second best partnership for Australia at Lord’s for any wicket. They have already bettered the second wicket record stand of 231 runs between Sir on Bradman and Bill Woodfull back in 1930. Rogers and Warner are just one run away from the 260-run stand between Mark Waugh and Michael Slater, which is the highest stand for any wicket for Australia at Lord’s.  BATTING: Chris Rogers 158 (282), Steven Smith 129 (217)

Two more overs left in the day

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 327/1 in Overs 87: Chris Rogers continues his impressive day at work for Australia as he brings up 150 for himself, his maiden score of over 150 in Tests. The landmark courtesy a late dab to the third man fence. Australia continue to pile on the agony on England. BATTING: Chris Rogers 151 (272), Steven Smith 127 (208)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 315/1 in Overs 84: The new ball has been taken but Rogers and Smith are going undeterred. Wood beats Smith on one occasion but the batsman pulls one short mercilessly for four. BATTING: Chris Rogers 143 (261), Steven Smith 123 (202)

England have taken the second new ball. Mark Wood to bowl.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 301/1 in Overs 81: The new ball is available but England have thrown the old one to Moeen Ali to bowl the 81st over. Perhaps Cook is thinking his bowlers are tired. I reckon they would be. Australia have brought up their 300 with only one man down, certainly a very inspired performance with the bat after the flop show in Cardiff. Australia would want to have at least 500 or more from here on. BATTING: Chris Rogers 139 (255), Steven Smith 113 (190)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 289/1 in Overs 76: The new ball is four overs away but with only one wicket so far in the day, England look completely demoralised. Rogers and Smith are going on strong as they have been throughout today. There are about 14 more overs left in the day. BATTING: Chris Rogers 131 (234), Steven Smith 109 (181)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 282/1 in Overs 74: Battered England have started to leak runs and they are coming quite easily for Australia. Both Rogers and Smith have turned up the ante and England are on for leather hunt at the moment. There was an outside edge off Rogers’ bat, once again an opportunity produced by Stokes but it was wide off the slips. BATTING: Chris Rogers 126 (227), Steven Smith 108 (176)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 254/1 in Overs 69.1: Chris Rogers you beauty! The drought of a century finally ends for the captain of the Australian ‘Dad’s Army’ as he gets to his fifth century in Test cricket. Rogers achieves the feat with a single off Anderson, a fantastic knock indeed. He has also completed 150-run stand for the second wicket, and Australia are right there on the top with a splendid performance throughout the day today. Steven Smith brings up his 1,000 runs versus England in Test cricket. BATTING: Chris Rogers 103 (210), Steven Smith 103 (165)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 247/1 in Overs 67.1: And there it is!!! Century no. 10 in Test cricket for Steven Smith, who has played a brilliant knock. Not the usual attacking innings from Smith, he dropped down the anchor and has produced a fantastic knock. Everything is going Australia’s way, these two have added more than 160 runs for the second wicket now. Smith hits a four off Anderson on the midwicket region and celebrates his 100. BATTING: Chris Rogers 89 (195), Steven Smith 102 (161)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 224/1 in Overs 65: So far so good for Australia in this season as well. Smith and Rogers will soon be getting into their 90s, and expect both these men to get a little cautious. England seem clueless, they were able to pick wickets easily and set up the batsmen well, but not here at Lord’s. BATTING: Chris Rogers 89 (195), Steven Smith 87 (154)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 204/1 in Overs 60: The final session of the day resumes with Australia firmly poised towards a major score. The 200-run mark is completed at the start of the 60th over, which is bowled by Moeen Ali. Rogers meanwhile, is on the brink of his fifth Test hundred. BATTING: Chris Rogers 87 (180), Steven Smith 69 (139)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 191/1 in Overs 57: And the Aussies head into tea in full dominance, with the partnership between Rogers and Smith now worth 113. BATTING: Chris Rogers 81 (166), Steven Smith 62 (135)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 180/1 in Overs 52: An excellent day for Australia so far. Rogers and Smith have slammed half-centuries and they have completed a 100-run stand for the third wicket. BATTING: Chris Rogers 73 (148), Steven Smith 59 (123)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 168/1 in Overs 50: DROPPED! An edge for the third time in the day and from Steven Smith’s bat. It does flies to Ian Bell in the second slip off Ben Stokes but the fielder spills it under him after getting his hands on the ball. Stokes has his hands on the head and rightly so, chances to not come on these pitches often. BATTING: Chris Rogers 69 (143), Steven Smith 51 (116)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 167/1 in Overs 49: There it is! Finally some runs for Steven Smith as he gets to his 12th half-century in Test cricket! Not the most fluent of knocks that we have seen from Smith but such innings always help the batsmen to get back to their best. England toiling at the moment, searching for that elusive wicket. Wood trying to test Rogers with some short stuff on the leg stump now. BATTING: Chris Rogers 69 (142), Steven Smith 50 (111)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 159/1 in Overs 46: England have started to look a little restless. The pitch is not providing them any assistance. Australia’s discipline must be commended, they have batted responsibly and have not given England any chance to cause harm. Smith has taken himself off the slumber. He is batting well at the moment. There was however, a nervous moment for Smith as an outside edge flew past the second slip in the 46th over. The right-hander is now nearing his half-century. BATTING: Chris Rogers 64 (129), Steven Smith 47 (106)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 146/1 in Overs 42: Smith has finally started to look good with couple of strokes coming off well. A boundary was hit past gully off Stokes and then a pull stroke to the man in deep midwicket. But both these strokes suggested he has started to watch and play the ball well. BATTING: Chris Rogers 60 (121), Steven Smith 38 (90)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 138/1 in Overs 40: This wicket is very good for batting but equally tough for the bowlers. At Cardiff, at least wickets were tumbling at regular intervals. English bowlers are looking tad frustrated. Jimmy kicked a ball sometime ago in anger. In search of a wicket, Alastair Cook has sought the services of Joe Root. Rogers is going on comfortable, gets into 60s with a fine late cut off Moeen. BATTING: Chris Rogers 60 (120), Steven Smith 30 (79)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 128/1 in Overs 36: Fine effort by Chris Rogers and Steven Smith as they bring up their 50-run stand. It is important that these two go on to get a big score, which Australia need desperately. Smith is going on a bit awkwardly, the fluency is nowhere to be seen.  BATTING: Chris Rogers 52 (108), Steven Smith 28 (67)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 122/1 in Overs 34: Australia going strong but there are some worries. Steven Smith is not middling the ball as well as should be, couple of strokes going haywire. He once tried to drive but the ball went to the short midwicket.   BATTING: Chris Rogers 52 (103), Steven Smith 23 (60)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 114/1 in Overs 30: Stuart Broad and James Anderson are in operation post lunch break. Rogers brings up his half-century, he has been in a rich form. Wonder why has he chosen the Ashes 2015 as his final series. The 13th half-century of the career is completed with a superb stroke square of the wicket off Broad. There is a strong breeze flowing across the ground, but there is no swing for the English bowlers.  BATTING: Chris Rogers 51 (95), Steven Smith 16 (44)

Play has resumed post lunch break. Steven Smith is on the strike and Stuart Broad will bowl the first over of the afternoon session.

It is time for lunch and it will be fair to say that it belonged to Australia. They won the toss, did not play poor cricket like they did throughout the last Test. However, Warner’s manner of dismissal was a reminder of why Australia did poorly last Test, and it should serve as a lesson to the others. We will be back in about 40 minutes. Australia will resume at 104/1.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 103/1 in Overs 26: An outside edge off the bat for the first time in the day, in the 26th over. Smith defends one on the backfoot but gets and edge off Stokes, who has been bowling really well. The ball drops way, way short of the slip cordon.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 43 (83), Steven Smith 15 (32)


Moeen and Stokes continuing. Australia have scored at a healthy rate today and they have completed 10o runs in the first 24 overs of the day. About 13 minutes left for the lunch break, interesting to see if Rogers will get to his half-century before that or not.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 43 (77), Steven Smith 14 (26)


Stokes and Moeen are in operation now. England’s overrate has been good today, I am sure we will have more than 25 overs in this session. Stokes is getting some swing into the right-hander Smith. Not much turn or bounce for Moeen either.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 40 (74), Steven Smith 14 (17)


The old man Rogers has looked in splendid touch today. Australia are looking to revive their innings after the fall of David Warner. Smith has looked positive as well.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 39 (68), Steven Smith 8 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 83/1 in Overs 18: Wicket-taker Moeen and James Anderson are in operation now. England would like to snaffle out another wicket as there are more than 30 minutes to go for lunch. Scoring rate has fallen down for Australia after that wicket.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 38 (65), Steven Smith 2 (2) LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 78/1 in Overs 15: SUICIDE! When all was going their way, David Warner decided to go aggressive and then plays the false shot. Moeen Ali was introduced after the drinks break and Warner had hit two fours of the first two balls, on the leg side. However, impulse got over him and he hit one really high in the sky — looking for a six. James Anderson at wide long off judges the catch well and takes it cleanly. Poor, poor stroke.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 34 (48), OUT! David Warner c James Anderson b Moeen Ali 38 (42)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 68/0 in Overs 14: It has been Australia’s session so far today. Runs have flowed in easily and England have not been able to trouble either of Warner or Rogers. Warner has not been at his aggressive best but he still has got runs on this flat deck, which looks excellent for batting. BATTING: Chris Rogers 34 (48), David Warner 29 (37)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 50/0 in Overs 12: Not much swing or any assistance from the pitch at Lord’s, and the sun has given Australia a good track to bat on. Anderson comes back in to the attack from the Nursery End. There is still some swing for him across the left-handed Rogers. Joe Root is standing on close third slip, with a helmet on, for some unexplained reason. Four byes from Anderson as he strays down the led side and wicketkeeper is far off from the ball. Rogers ends the over with a four on the leg side. Well struck. Fine start this, 50 up in 12 overs. BATTING: Chris Rogers 27 (41), David Warner 18 (32)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 34/0 in Overs 10: Anderson is off the attack and Wood comes on in the ninth over. The fifth ball of the over is short and Warner swats it on the leg side for a four. Slow but steady for Australia.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 23 (35), David Warner 10 (26)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 30/0 in Overs 8: England have not looked like taking a wicket so far in this innings. Broad has not got the pace and bounce and Anderson’s swing has not troubled the Australians much. So far so good for the tourists. Change in bowling attack, Mark Wood to bowl now.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 23 (29), David Warner 6 (20) LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 28/0 in Overs 5: Not much pace and bounce in the pitch — Alastair Cook had already said during the toss that the grass looks less than what it was for the match versus New Zealand earlier this season. Broad and Anderson in search of the first breakthrough. Warner and Rogers have batted positively but also a little awkwardly. Rogers, like at Cardiff, is looking more aggressive than Warner.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 21 (23), David Warner 6 (14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 19/0 in Overs 4: Looking for swing across these two left-handers, Anderson has been running into the danger area in his follow through. He has done that one time. To get the swing across the batsman, it is obvious that he has to deliver the ball really close to the wickets. An inside edge off David Warner’s bat and England have their hands up in despair. The sun is out. No swing at all for Broad, not much pace either.

BATTING: Chris Rogers 13 (14), David Warner 5 (11)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 13/0 in Overs 2: David Warner is off the mark with a sharp single on the off side. Stuart Broad is bowling from the Nursery End, and starts off with a big no ball. No swing from Broad, who gets hit for three more runs on the leg side by Rogers on the leg side. BATTING: Chris Rogers 11 (7), David Warner 1 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES AUSTRALIA 8/0 in Over 1: James Anderson begins the proceedings for England and there is an outside edge off Chris Rogers’s bat on the third ball. It flies well over the slips and Australia and Rogers are off the mark. Anderson is getting excellent swing across the batsman, and it is never a good sign for the opposition. Australia will have to be very, very careful. The fifth ball is pitched up, swinging away and Rogers pushes it well through cover for second four in the over. BATTING: Chris Rogers 8 (6), David Warner 0 (0)

Players have walked out amid huge applause in the Long Room at Lord’s. England led by Alastair Cook and David Warner charges out first for the tourists. Hope the contest is not as lame as it was from Australia in the opening Test.

Ricky Ponting rings the bell on the first day as the play is just a few minutes away. Ponting is looking a little overawed with the occasion, rings the bell with a smile on the face. The Aussies are having a little bit of laugh about it in the dressing room.

Toss: Australia have won the toss, and have elected to bat first. Two changes confirmed by Clarke: Mitchell Marsh and Phil Nevill in place of Shane Watson and Brad Haddin. England have named an unchanged side.

History of the Ashes suggests that in past couple of editions the team taking a lead in the five-Test series has gone on to win the urn, and Australia will have to get their A game forward in order to stop England from doing so. READ: Ashes 2015 England vs Australia, 2nd Test at Lord’s: Preview

While England are likely to retain their winning combination, it is Australia who have made two changes in their side. Brad Haddin’s pull out from the second Test means a Test debut for his understudy Peter Nevill, and a wise decision was finally taken to get in Mitchell Marsh in place of Shane Watson, whose horror in England seemed to have no end. READ: 10 things you need to know about Peter Nevill, Australia’s new wicketkeeper

Australia will be boosted with the fact that Mitchell Starc will play in this Test, as he was by far their most impressive bowler in the first Test. The form of Mitchell Johnson will definitely be a concern, as he had struggled on a flat track at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. READ: Ashes 2015: England must guard against complacency going into 2nd Test at Lord’s


England (squad): Alastair Cook (c), Jos Buttler (wk), Joe Root, Ian Bell, James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Moeen Ali, Gary Ballance, Steven Finn, Adam Lyth, Adil Rashid, Ben Stokes, Mark Wood.

Australia (Playing XI): Michael Clarke (c), David Warner, Chris Rogers, Steve Smith, Adam Voges, Mitchell Marsh, Peter Nevill (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Nathan Lyon.

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