Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first day of the third Ashes 2015 Test between England and Australia at Edgbaston. This is Rishad D’ Souza and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of the match. The series is leveled at 1-1 with Australia coming back to winning ways courtesy of a thumping win over England in the second Test at Lord’s. Australia will wish to  continue on their good work as they take on a hurt England side. England have had history of losing the second Test of a series but have often backed themselves to bounce back, if they can do it in the third Test, the series will be set up nicely. Who will take the ascendancy? Catch live cricket scores and updates of England vs Australia 3rd Ashes 2015 Test at Edgbaston, Day 1 here

Live Cricket Score England 133/3 | Overs 29 | Batting: Joe Root 30(35), Jonny Bairstow 1(5): And that is stumps, this has been England’s day out and out. James Anderson ripped through the Aussie batsmen earlier in the day with assistance of conditions tailor-made for him. After Australia were shot out for 136, England were very good with the bat. Alastair Cook’s dismissal was unfortunate. Ian Bell looked amazing but went for a rash shot against a Nathan Lyon dipper and was caught but not before a fine fifty. Joe Root looked really good and is currently in company of fellow Yorkshireman Jonny Bairstow with England trailing by just 3 runs.

Live Cricket Score England 132/3 | Overs 28 | Batting: Joe Root 30(34), Jonny Bairstow 0(0): Oh no! What has Ian Bell done! He was looking so awesome through the off side and in general against the pace bowlers in general But when Lyon came on, made the mistake of hitting him in the air and was deceived with the dip given by Lyon. He mistimed it and was caught. He’ll be gutted, he lloked good for a big hundred. OUT! Ian Bell 53(56) c Warner b Lyon

Live Cricket Score England 109/2 | Overs 23 | Batting: Ian Bell 47(45), Joe Root 13(15): Ian Bell is batting beautifully, you wouldn’t say that when he just came out to bat, but he’s looked really comfortable playing some lovely shots thereafter. The fact that he’s scoring at more than a strike rate of 100 under such conditions and without pushing too hard testifies to the form he has found in a short time. Looks unstoppable at the minute.

Live Cricket Score England 77/2 | Overs 18 | Batting: Ian Bell 29(28), Joe Root 1(2): Alastair Cook falls prey to a freak dismissal. He confidently pulled a Nathan Lyon short ball and hit it well. Adam Voges at short leg instinctively crouched but the ball went straight to him and went in the hollowed part between his knees and chest. But credit to him for having the awareness to then get his hands to it and sealing the catch. Cook will be disappointed but such things happen. Meanwhile, Ian Bell has started batting really well too. OUT! Alastair Cook 34(48) c Voges b Lyon

Live Cricket Score England 53/1 | Overs 15 | Batting: Ian Bell 11(18), Alastair Cook 28(42): England are doing really well here Alastair Cook in particular has looked very good under these conditions. He has batted with positive intent and runs have come at quite a good nick He’s had a couple of inside edges but that’s expected here.

Live Cricket Score England 24/1 | Overs 8 | Batting: Ian Bell 1(2), Alastair Cook 13(16): Englad have lost their first wicket as Lyth goes chasing a widish delivery and finds the edge to Voges at first slip off Josh Hazewood.He departs for just 10 runs and Ian Bell makes his way to the middle. OUT! Adam Lyth 10(30) c Voges b Hazlewood

Live Cricket Score England 7/0 | Overs 3.5 | Batting: Adam Lyth 1(17), Alastair Cook 6(6): England have gone through the remainder of the afternoon session unscathed. But Lyth has looked extremely uncertain at the crease. Josh Hazlewood bowled quite well Australia will have to keep up the heat if they are to compete in the match.

Live Cricket Score Australia 136 | Overs 36.4 | Batting: Josh Hazlewood 14(16): It’s all over for Australia. James Anderson, the most deserving bowler, makes the final breakthrough and in the process takes his innings wicket tally to six which is his personal best in all Ashes series. Nathan Lyon was clean bowled by Anderson. Earlier, Mitchell Starc was dismissed by Broad. OUT! Mitchell Starc 11(20) lbw Stuart Broad, OUT! Nathan Lyon 11(11) b James Anderson

Live Cricket Score Australia 110/8 | Overs 32 | Batting: Josh Hazlewood 0(4), Mitchell Starc 10(15): Chris Rogers may have gotten a fifty, but frankly he didn’t look one bit comfortable at the crease throughout his innings. Ultimately, it is Stuart Broad who makes the breakthrough with a rather straight ball. Rogers was lbw, he reviewed the decision, but replays confirmed that the on-field decision was a rather good one. OUT! Chris Rogers 52(89) lbw Broad

Live Cricket Score Australia 94/7 | Overs 27 | Batting: Chris Rogers 46(78): That’s the James Anderson we all know. Four wickets in four overs after lunch. Bowls round the wicket to arch-rival Mitch Johnson, pitches it up and Johnson gets a thick edge to fine gully. Australia in bad shape. Can we expect a slight recovery to see them past the 150-run mark?  OUT! Mitchell Johnson 3(6) c Stokes b Anderson

Live Cricket Score Australia 86/6 | Overs 25 | Batting: Chris Rogers 41(70), Mitchell Johnson 0(2): James Anderson has picked yet another wicket. Peter Nevill isn’t quite like the man he’s replacing as far as coming on top in pressure situations is concerned. He left a straight one from Anderson, which ultimately crashed into his off stump. OUT! Peter Nevill 2(9) b James Anderson

Live Cricket Score Australia 84/5 | Overs 23 | Batting: Chris Rogers 40(65), Peter Nevill 2(3): James Anderson is wrecking havoc, Mitchell Marsh is his latest victim. Anderson was always going to be the hero under such conditions and he is certainly living up. Marsh was guilty of chasing a wide one by Anderson and got the edge on to Jos Buttler. Australia are in a world of trouble now. Peter Nevill comes out now, can he produce the counter-attacking innings of the kind Brad Haddin came to be known for. OUT! Mitchell Marsh 0(3) c Buttler b Anderson

Live Cricket Score Australia 77/4 | Overs 21 | Batting: Chris Rogers 36(58): James Anderson has been rewarded with a much deserved second wicket. Adam Voges has fallen to the swing-maestro. It was a shortish ball moving away and Voges was late in pulling his bat away to leave it alone but got the bottom edge on the way to the keeper. Jos Buttler took a good catch. OUT! Adam Voges 16(34) c Buttler b Anderson

Live Cricket Score Australia 72/3 | Overs 19 | Batting: Chris Rogers 35(54), Adam Voges 12(26): Rogers and Voges survive on through that short period after rain to get to lunch. More breathing space for the duo. Australia will look to rebuild after the break. But England need to keep taking wickets to secure advantage. Australia bat deep and they also have a bowling attack that will get on top of England if they have a goo score to fall back on.

Live Cricket Score Australia 63/3 | Overs 18 | Batting: Chris Rogers 31(52), Adam Voges 8(22): Things have looked slightly better for Australia after the rain break but the English bowlers are maintaining the pressure. Rogers has appeared scratchy and een though he now has 30 runs to his name, he’s not exactly set in yet.

Live Cricket Score Australia 38/3 | Overs 12 | Batting: Chris Rogers 14(36), Adam Voges 0(4): Rain is here to disturb proceedings at Edgbaston. Australia will be glad about it as they’ll now get some breathing space. Not a single Australian batsman has looked anywhere close to comfortable. James Anderson has been the pick of the bowlers but Steven Finn has two wickets. Anderson surely deserved another wicket for the way he’s bowled but he’ll be happy the that the team is on top anyway. To his credit, Finn did a fine job himself. Probably his extra bounce did in the Australian batsmen.

Live Cricket Score Australia 34/3 | Overs 12 | Batting: Chris Rogers 10(34), Adam Voges 0(4): Michael Clarke looked shaky right from the start He was thoroughly tested by James Anderson and later by Steven Finn who ultimately got his wicket off a yorker, clean bowled. Eight of Clarke’s 10 runs came from edges off James Anderson. In short he was never going to break away from bad form in conditions like these. OUT! Michael Clarke 10(10) b Steven Finn

Live Cricket Score Australia 18/2 | Overs 8 | Batting: Chris Rogers 9(24): The move to bring Steven Finn in for Mark Wood has reaped a mighty reward! He’s gotten rid of Australia run-machine Steven Smith. He bowled well the entire over, got movement of the pitch and through the air and the extra bounce he is known for and got his deserved prize. OUT! Steven Smith 7(18) c Alastair Cook b Steven Finn

 Live Cricket Score Australia 14/1 | Overs 7 | Batting: Chris Rogers 9(24), Steven Smith 3(12): Anderson is still causing plenty of troubles for the batsmen. England would like to take another wicket before the end of his spell. Australia’s Smith is playing uncharacteristically cautiously, but that’s the way to go under such conditions.

Live Cricket Score Australia 8/1 | Overs 3 | Batting: Chris Rogers 5(10), Steven Smith 1(2): Jimmy Anderson strikes. He’s usually too hot to handle in these conditions and today seems to be no exception. David Warner was out lbw off a good length away swinging delivery. Australia have lost a wicket and a review! Anderson went on to hit Smith’s pads next ball, but it was rightly adjudged not out. He again beat Rogers’ outside edge off the fourth delivery. OUT! David Warner 2(6) lbw Anderson

Live Cricket Score Australia 3/0 | Overs 1 | Batting: Chris Rogers 1(2), David Warner 2(4): Lovely first over for England by Jimmy Anderson. Got the first ball to swing away from Rogers off a good length and beat the outside edge. The second ball was off a fullish length on the pads, Rogers just about made contact and set off for a quick single. A direct throw seemed to have ended Warner’s innings before he ended but replays showed he was comfortably in with the dive. Nothing noteworthy thereafter, but good positive start for England, Anderson will be salivating over the conditions.

Toss: Australia win the toss and have elected to bat first. They are unchanged from the previous game. England were looking to bat first, they will want to use the overcast conditions and some grass on the wicket.

England will look to comeback in the series with a win as they were badly beaten in the second Test at Lord’s. The scars of the beating from Johnson would be fresh now but they know that they will have to move on and counter him on a possibly lively pitch at Edgbaston. Read: Ashes 2015 Eng vs Aus 3rd Test Preview: England look for inspiration as Australia aim supremacy

Australia will want to ensure that they do not let slip of the momentum coming into the first day of the third Test. They already announced an unchanged eleven which has also led to a lot of outrage particularly for Brad Haddin who has been left out of the side. Read: Ashes 2015, 3rd Test at Edgbaston: England aim to overcome Mitchell Johnson nightmare


England: Alastair Cook (c), Jos Buttler (wk), Joe Root, Ian Bell, James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Moeen Ali, Jonathan Bairstow, Steven Finn, Adam Lyth, Adil Rashid, Ben Stokes, Mark Wood.

Australia: Michael Clarke (c), Steven Smith, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson, Josh Hazlewood, Chris Rogers, David Warner, Shane Watson, Fawad Ahmed, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Marsh, Shaun Marsh, Peter Nevill (wk), Peter Siddle, Adam Voges, Pat Cummins.

Catch live cricket scores and updates of England vs Australia 3rd Ashes 2015 Test at Edgbaston, Day 1 here