England are currently leading the five-match ODI series 1-0 © Getty Images
England are currently leading the five-match ODI series 1-0 © Getty Images

Catch live cricket scores and updates of the 2nd ODI between England and New Zealand

(Can England carry their dominant form over from the 1st ODI, or will New Zealand bounce back from the humiliating defeat and draw level with the hosts? Catch Live Cricket Score and Updates of the 2nd ODI between England and New Zealand here)

Man of the Match: Ross Taylor for his 96-ball 119 not out.

It was a good contest. Nobody gave England a chance after New Zealand scored 398, but Eoin Morgan led the chase, and at one time it seemed England may even pull it off. Then a collapse reduced to 275 for 7 before Adil Rashid and Liam Plunkett put up a gallant partnership. They needed 53 from 37 balls when rain intervened, following which the score read 34 from 13. It turned out to be too much for the tail-enders.

Live cricket score: England 365/9 | Overs 46 | New Zealand win by 13 runs | Series levelled 1-1

Jason Roy 39(37) Alex Hales 54(49) Joe Root 6(10) Eoin Morgan 88(47) Ben Stokes 28(17) Jos Buttler 41(38) Sam Billings 12(16) Adil Rashid 34(26) Liam Plunkett 44(30) Chris Jordan 3*(2) Steven Finn 6*(4) Tim Southee 9-0-69-0 Trent Boult 10-1-53-2 Mitchell McClenaghan 9-0-61-2 Nathan McCullum 9-0-86-3 Mitchell Santner 7-0-73-2 Martin Guptill 1-0-12-0 Grant Elliott 1-0-9-0

Elliott to bowl the last over. They run a bye off the first ball, 23 from 5. Jordan drives through extra-cover for two, 21 from 4. Jordan lofts to long-off, single, 20 from 3. Full-toss, Finn has a go, boundary past mid-wicket, 16 from 2. Finn has another go, two more, 14 from 1. Play and miss, New Zealand win by 13 runs.

Live cricket score: England 355/9 | Overs 45 | Need 24 from 6 balls

Chris Jordan 0(0), Steven Finn 0(0)

OUT! Liam Plunkett c Brendon McCullum b Nathan McCullum 44(30)!

OUT! Adil Rashid c Trent Boult b Nathan McCullum 34(26)!

Rashid plays and misses, Southee bowls out, 34 from 12. Nathan McCullum will bowl the penultimate over. Plunkett hits it back to him, 34 from 11. Plunkett gives the second ball his all, the ball disappears over mid-wicket, SIX! 28 from 10. Once again Plunkett hits back to Nathan, 28 from 9. The pressure was mounting, and Plunkett had to do something. He tried to clear mid-off, but found the New Zealand captain there, 28 from 8. Rashid thumps the next ball through extra-cover, 24 from 7. That is an outrageous catch, Southee caught it on the fence, went over, threw it back, and Boult took it, spectacular effort, 28 from 6! 

1.33 AM IST. The players are coming out. Southee to Rashid it will be.

1.29 AM IST. The covers have come off, and play will resume. England will need to score 379 from 47 overs. Southee can bowl one more ball. McClenaghan has bowled out.

1.27 AM IST. Since Boult has bowled out, no other bowler can bowl 10 overs. This means this will be Southee’s last ball, McClenaghan has bowled out, and McCullum has to the spinners (or someone else) to bowl the two overs.

1.22 AM IST. It seems the revised target will be 379 from 46 overs, which means that if play resumes England will have to score 34 from another 13 balls. This will happen only if play gets underway by 1.40 AM IST.

1.20 AM IST. Knight confirms it has indeed stopped raining. The crowd is doing their best to cheer everyone, though I am not sure how that is going to help. Fingers crossed. It may still start.

1.18 AM IST. Atherton says rain has stopped. The Oval crowd is chanting on.

1.17 AM IST. They are not carrying umbrellas anymore. The rain seems to have stopped, though Atherton says it is drizzling. The groundsmen are quite busy out there.

If play starts by 1.21 AM IST we do not lose overs, and England resume with what they have now. After that overs will be docked. The cut-off time for a no-result is 1.45 IST.

Live cricket score: England 345/7 | Overs 43.5 | Need 53 from 37 balls | Rain stops play | England are 9 behind on Duckworth-Lewis

Adil Rashid 30(23), Liam Plunkett 38(26)

Boult to bowl out, which is probably a good decision. He concedes a mere 4, and finishes with 10-1-53-2. Southee replaces Santner. Plunkett hits one in the stratosphere, but a running Guptill grasses it at cover-point! Plunkett responds with a six over deep mid-wicket. He drives straight, we well-fielded by McCullum sr, the 50-partnership comes up!

Santner replaces Boult, and Plunkett lofts him over cover, inside-out, six! Rashid comes to the party as well, lofting Santner over mid-off, it falls just short of the fence, four! Southee pitches up, lovely wristwork from Rashid, flicks over wide mid-wicket for four, and RAIN STOPS PLAY.

Live cricket score: England 309/7 | Overs 40 | Need 90 from 60 balls

Adil Rashid 19(15), Liam Plunkett 13(11)

New Zealand get the big wicket of Eoin Morgan, who holes a catch towards deep point to depart after scoring a superb 88 off 47 deliveries. Morgan’s presence gave England hopes of pulling off a miraculous win, with the required run-rate falling below the eight-run mark at one stage. Grant Elliott takes the catch, and it is McClenaghan who gets the prized wicket of the opposition skipper.

And the Black Caps get another wicket! This time Sam Billings is the man to be dismissed, who attempts a cut after being offered room outside off, with Guptill taking the catch at backward point. Adil Rashid and Liam Plunkett are the new batsmen at the crease at the moment, and look vulnerable at the moment.

Plunkett brings up 300 for England with a boundary, as the pair look to take England to a respectable score.

OUT! Eoin Morgan c Elliott b McClenaghan 88 (47); Sam Billings c Guptill b Boult 12 (16)

Live cricket score: England 273/5 | Overs 35 | Need 126 from 80 balls

Eoin Morgan 88(46), Sam Billings 10(13)

England are almost favourites at the present stage, with a plenty of overs and wickets and two set batsmen at the crease. Morgan moves into the 80s with a six off Santner. And Boult finally gets the breakthrough! Buttler gets an inside edge off the first ball of the 33rd over, to depart for a 38-ball 41. Though it brings an end to the dangerous-looking 96-run stand, the presence of Eoin Morgan will continue to be a worrying factor. Boult and co. need to tighten their line and length, and not let go of the opportunity.

OUT! Jos Buttler c Ronchi b Boult 41 (38)

Live cricket score: England 241/4 | Overs 30 | Need 158 from 120 balls

Eoin Morgan 77(37), Jos Buttler 32(30)

And Ross Taylor gives a breather to Buttler, much like in the previous game. Let us hope Taylor does not go on to rue this drop,although that would seem unlikely at this stage. Eoin Morgan eventually smashes his way to his 24th ODI fifty, getting to the milestone in just 28 balls. The hosts are scoring at over seven runs per over at the moment, and the Kiwis must restrict the flow if they are to prevent the unlikely from happening.

Live cricket score: England 191/4 | Overs 25 | Need 208 from 150 balls

Eoin Morgan 41(22), Jos Buttler 18(15)

OUT! Ben Stokes c Luke Ronchi b Mitchell McClenaghan 28(17)!

Nathan McCullum oversteps, and Morgan dispatches him over the mid-wicket fence for six! He follows with a rank long-hop, and Buttler pulls him behind fine-leg, easy pickings. Buttler lofts him over cowshot, 19 off the over!

As easy as it goes! Stokes tries to keep the tempo up, makes room and tries to cut, and Ronchi gobbles it up behind the wickets!

SIX! The English captain goes downtown, straight and big, that was emphatic! Lofts over mid-wicket, four more! McClenaghan replaces Guptill, and Morgan pulls with panache, four more! Buttler walks out…

Live cricket score: England 145/3 | Overs 20 | Need 255 from 180 balls

Eoin Morgan 15(9), Ben Stokes 27(15)

The introduction of the young Mitchell Santner proves to be a turnaround for New Zealand, with the leg-spinner getting two quick wickets, both of which were interestingly similar in fashion, to put the Black Caps in the driver’s seat in the match. Joe Root attempts a sweep, and gets a thick outside edge to offer Nathan McCullum a catch at mid-wicket. Couple of deliveries later, Hales attempts a similar shot, the only difference being that the ball flew a little further towards deep mid-wicket. Two quick wickets mean translates to a lot of pressure for skipper Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes, with the former releasing some pressure with a six off Santner in the 18th over towards the cow corner. Stokes smashes Nathan McCullum against the spin in the following over for a six over deep midwicket. And its drinks at the end of 19 overs.

OUT! Joe Root c N McCullum b Santner 6(10); Alex Hales c Boult b Santner 54(49);

Live cricket score: England 98/1 | Overs 15 | Need 301 from 210 balls

Alex Hales 54(47), Joe Root 4(6)

Alex Hales hits one of the most unusual boundaries, with the final ball of the 12th over, bowled by Mitchell McClenaghan hitting the back of his back. The much-needed breakthrough is finally brought about, and by none other than Nathan McCullum himself. Roy attempts a reverse sweep, only to offer a catch to Ross Taylor at short-third man. Hales eventually brings up his maiden ODI fifty in his 12th appearance in the format.

OUT! Jason Roy c Taylor b N McCullum 39 (37)

Live cricket score: England 65/0 | Overs 10 | Need 334 from 240 balls

Jason Roy 24(27), Alex Hales 40(33)

England have made good use of the batting powerplay, with Alex Hales and Jason Roy adding 65 runs for the first wicket stand so far. After a slow and anxious start, Roy and Hales began to open up, getting the occasional boundary along their way. Hales smashed the first six of the innings at the start of the eighth over. Mitchell McClenaghan concedes 16 runs off his first over of the match.

Live cricket score: England 28/0 | Overs 5 | Need 371 from 270 balls

Jason Roy 17(18), Alex Hales 10(12) 

We’re back. Jason Roy gets off with a couple off his pads. These are the first international runs of his career, and he is in his third ODI. He pulls Southee’s fifth ball to the fence. Hales leg-glances Boult’s first ball and punches the next past point for fours, he’s away. Roy goes after Southee, and the slash flies over slip for four! DROPPED! Southee finds Roy’s edge, but Nathan McCullum drops him at second slip! Roy leg-glances Southee for four.

STAT ALERT: New Zealand batsmen hit 40 fours in the match, equalling their own world record. They had hit 40 against Pakistan at Napier earlier this year. However, while they had hit 8 sixes in that match, their tally has been 13 here.

New Zealand would probably have taken this total before the match, but they would probably rue the fact that they did not score another 20 — something that looked possible at one time. Brendon McCullum, as always, led the charge; Martin Guptill scored a composed 50; Kane Williamson was unfortunate to miss out on his 100, but Ross Taylor made it. Grant Elliott, Luke Ronchi, and Mitchell Santner all made crucial contributions. For England, Steven Finn and Liam Plunkett looked good at times, but it was largely a below-par contest.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 398/5 | Overs 50

Martin Guptill 50(54) Brendon McCullum 39(22) Kane Williamson 93(88) Ross Taylor 119*(96) Grant Elliott 32(15) Luke Ronchi 33(16) Mitchell Santner 15*(11) Steven Finn 10-1-69-1 Chris Jordan 9-0-97-1 Liam Plunkett 9-0-71-1 Adil Rashid 10-0-72-0 Ben Stokes 9-0-66-2 Joe Root 3-0-20-0

Taylor slog-sweeps Stokes over the mid-wicket fence, again into the stands! He slams the last ball of the 49th over past extra-cover for four more! Taylor flicks Plunkett for four more. Plunkett hit Taylor on the pad, it is referred.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 374/5 | Overs 48

Ross Taylor 100(87), Mitchell Santner 12(8)

Santner is the new batsman. Taylor cuts violently, and the ball moves like a streak of lightning to the fence! Stokes replaces Jordan, and Santner pulls him over deep mid-wicket for four! Taylor pushes through mid-wicket for two and hooks (while in control) to bring up his 13th ODI hundred! Santner finishes the over with a pulled boundary! Finn bowls out (10-1-69-1).

OUT! Luke Ronchi c Jos Buttler b Steven Finn 33(16)!

It was on the cards. Ronchi tries to make room, but can only find the edge. Finn celebrates.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 351/4 | Overs 45

Ross Taylor 89 (78), Luke Ronchi 33(15)

Ronchi comes to party! He goes after poor Jordan, lofting him over the looong straight boundary, and flicks him disdainfully over backward square-leg! Plunkett replaces Jordan, but Ronchi does not care: he lofts over wide long-off for six, pulls for four, and punches through extra-cover for four more. Taylor lofts Jordan over mid-wicket for four!

OUT! Grant Elliott LBW b Chris Jordan 32(15)!

Elliott shuffles and misses completely, Jordan goes up in appeal, Elliott doesn’t even review! A breezy cameo comes to an end.

SIX! Jordan bounces, and Elliott pulls with ease, those are short boundaries! The next ball vanishes over deep mid-wicket for six! He drives the one after that through cover for four!

Live cricket score: New Zealand 289/3 | Overs 40

Ross Taylor 79(68), Grant Elliott 15(10)

Rashid oversteps, and there is a FREE HIT, but Elliott finds only a single. The next ball is tossed up to Ross Taylor in his zone, and it lands into the second tier over deep mid-wicket! Rashid bowls out (10-0-72-0). Elliott drives a full-toss from Stokes through cover for four, and follows up with another past extra-cover. Taylor blasts him over backward point for six, New Zealand are threatening to take the match away from England. Jordan bowls short, and Taylor pulls for four, and leg-glances the next one to the fine-leg fence! He goes after Jordan again, and once again the shot lands in the top tier over the cowshot corner! He upper-cuts Finn for four!

Live cricket score: New Zealand 235/3 | Overs 35.4

Ross Taylor 43(50), Grant Elliott walks out

OUT! Kane Williamson c Liam Plunkett b Ben Stokes 93(88)!

Root drops Taylor at extra-cover! It was a difficult one, Root flung himself to his left, got his fingertips but could not hold on to it. Stokes bowls a full-toss, Williamson is caught at mid-wicket, but Steve Davis calls it a no-ball for height — but hang on! The third umpire rules in England’s favour!

Here’s Finn. He bowls short, and Williamson pounces upon it, pulling disdainfully to the mid-wicket fence. He goes over the bowler next ball, perfect balance, still head, what a shot! Stokes comes on from the other end. Stokes bounces, and Taylor immediately hooks for four. Rashid bowls another tight over. While he has not got wickets, he has looked impressive at times. Batting Powerplay to begin.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 209/2 | Overs 30

Kane Williamson 80(71), Ross Taylor 31(33)

Root comes on. Williamson steps out and lofts him through mid-wicket for four. Meanwhile, Taylor, settled in by now, looks busy, and is rotating

the strike with ease. Rashid drops a short one, and almost immediately Williamson rocks back and pulls him over the mid-wicket boundary. Two balls later he takes Rashid on again, taking advantage of the fact that mid-off was inside the circle. Morgan does not bring the mid-off in, and Rashid does an encore.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 159/2 | Overs 24

Kane Williamson 51(52), Ross Taylor 12(15)

The 150 is up for the visitors, as the last five overs have been quite expensive, with Williamson mostly going for the shots and also bringing up his 17th ODI half-century in 52 deliveries.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 115/2 | Overs 19

Kane Williamson 20(33), Ross Taylor 0(5)

OUT! Martin Guptill c Jordan b Stokes 50(54)

Gone!!!!!!! Martin Guptill departs just after scoring his half-century. Short one from Stokes, Guptill goes for a pull but doesn’t find the gap at mid-wicket, and hands it to Chris Jordan. Ross Taylor comes in.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 103/1 | Overs 16 | Drinks

Martin Guptill 39(42), Kane Williamson 19(32)

On comes Stokes, and starts with a wide outside leg. He follows it up with five dot balls and a two, and the players break for drinks.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 100/1 | Overs 15

Martin Guptill 39(42), Kane Williamson 17(26)

Jordan switches ends once the Powerplay is over. Williamson flicks Plunkett past mid-wicket for three, and punches Jordan through cover for three more. Morgan introduces Rashid in the 15th over. A terrible misfield from Hales at square-leg gives Williamson an easy boundary, but barring that it is a tidy over.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 77/1 | Overs 10

Martin Guptill 33(33), Kane Williamson 2(5)

Excellent over from Plunkett, a mere two runs off it and the all-important wicket of McCullum. The wicket of McCullum has brought a sense of calm in The Oval as the batsmen are focusing on singles. Guptill finally breaks the shackles with a gorgeous cover-drive off Plunkett, following it with a bowler’s-back drive. He is in excellent touch today.

OUT! Brendon McCullum c Ben Stokes b Liam Plunkett 39(22)!

Morgan introduces Plunkett, and the ploy works! Plunkett bounces, McCullum pulls, but the ball grows on him too fast. Stokes runs and comes up with an easy catch at mid-wicket.

Jordan pitches up, McCullum comes down the track, and once again the long straight boundary comes in his way; he gets a four. The next ball soars over backward-point for six. He pulls the next ball out of the ground! The over turns more and more eventful as Jordan bounces, and the top-edge flies over a confused, not-too-cautious Stokes. McCullum follows it by lofting Finn over third-man.

Live cricket score: New Zealand 29/0 | Overs 5

Martin Guptill 16(17), Brendon McCullum 12(13)

Steven Finn starts proceedings with a maiden to Martin Guptill. Chris Jordan shares the new ball, and Brendon McCullum smashes his second ball over mid-wicket. McCullum tries to clear long-on off Finn, but the straight boundaries at The Oval are too long for these shots. Guptill response with a lovely square-cut to the fence. Jordan errs by giving Baz room, and the square-drive disappears to the point boundary. Finn bounces, and Guptill chooses the smart option, hooking him for six.

Toss: New Zealand win the toss, and skipper Brendon McCullum elects to bat.


England:  Alex Hales, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(wk), Sam Billings, Adil Rashid, Chris Jordan, Liam, Plunkett, Steven Finn. New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum(c), Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Grant Elliott, Mitchell Santner, Luke Ronchi(wk), Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan, Trent Boult.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second One-Day  International (ODI) between England and New Zealand at the Oval, London, on Friday. England are currently leading the five-match series, courtesy a crushing 210-run win in the first ODI at Edgbaston. New Zealand though, will look to bounce back in order to keep the series alive. This is Amit Banerjee, and I will be presenting to you the live updates from the match. PREVIEW: England vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI at Oval

England outplayed New Zealand, who were tagged as favourites at the start of the limited-overs fixtures, in every department in the series opener. After losing a couple of early wickets, including Jason Roy off the first ball of the match, England managed to stage a recovery courtesy a Joe Root (104) century and a fifty by Eoin Morgan (50). Free Live Streaming: England vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI at Oval

A brief collapse in the middle overs brought the Black Caps back in firm control, before a 177-run stand for the seventh-wicket between Jos Buttler (129) and Adil Rashid (69) helped England post their first-ever 400-plus total. New Zealand, in reply, were off to a shaky start, before knocks by Kane Williamson (45) and Ross Taylor (57) took New Zealand to 185 for 4. A middle and lower-order collapse saw New Zealand lose their last seven wickets for a mere 13 runs. Live Cricket Score: England vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI at Oval


England: Eoin Morgan (c), Alex Hales, Jos Buttler (wk), Jason Roy, James Taylor, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Adil Rashid, Chris Jordan, Mark Wood, Steven Finn, Liam Plunkett, Sam Billings, David Willey. New Zealand: Brendon McCullum (c), Martin Guptill, Luke Ronchi (wk), Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Grant Elliott, Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan, Trent Boult, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Mitchell Santner, Ben Wheeler.

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