Scotland will hope for Richie Berrington to continue in his good streak of form © Getty Images
Scotland will hope for Richie Berrington to continue in his good streak of form © Getty Images

Catch live cricket scorecard of England vs Scotland ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match here

(Can Scotland capitalise on England’s horrid form and register victory or will England finally fire to their poteserntial? Catch live cricket scores of the match here)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 184/9 | Overs 42.2

Iain Wardlaw 0 (0)

Its all over. Scotland all-out over at 184 runs. Majid Haq is the last man to go. England finally win their first match in this year’s World Cup. Moeen Ali’s sparkling century and a fine all-round performance from the bowlers have helped England to register valuable two points in the points table. READ Match Report Here

Majid Haq c Ballance b Woakes 15(24)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 184/9 | Overs 42

Majid Haq 1(8)

OUT! Alasdair Evans is gone. James Anderson gets his second wicket in the game. Poor show with bat by Scotland.

Alasdair Evans c Buttler b James Anderson 9(15)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 160/8 | Overs 38

Alasdair Evans 0 (5) Majid Haq 1(8)

Last recognised batsman is gone. England are all set win their first game in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Matthew Cross c J Root b Finn 23(32)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 150/7 | Overs 34

Matthew Cross 15 (20), Majid Haq 0 (1)

OUT! Seventh one down. Josh Davey is gone to Finn. The match is almost over. Meanwhile Scotland have reached 150.

Josh Davey c Buttler b Finn 9(15)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 128/6 | Overs 29

Matthew Cross 3 (4), Josh Davey 1 (2)

Another one bites the dust. England are all over Scotland. Its Richie Berrington, who has been dismissed now. Mooen Ali, who is England’s star performer of the day, gets the wicket.

Richie Berrington c Eoin Morgan b Moeen Ali 8(13)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 123/5 | Overs 27

Richie Berrington 2 (3), Matthew Cross 0(0)

Big wicket! Kyle Coetzer is gone now. He was set and holding one end up. But he loses concentration and loses his wicket. That might just be the match for England. For the second time in the game, Scotland lose two in two overs. Chips down the wicket and looks to lift it over mid-wicket, the ball balloons off the leading edge to long-on, Woakes runs forward, settles under it and takes it.

Kyle Coetzer c Woakes b Moeen Ali 71(84)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 118/4 | Overs 26

Kyle Coetzer 70 (82), Richie Berrington 2 (3)

OUT! The partnership is broken. Skipper Preston Mommsen is gone. Joe Root gets the wicket. Richie Berrington is the naew man in. He joins Kyle Coetzer. READ: Scotland losing plot thick and fast

Preston Mommsen c Broad b J Root 26 (42)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 111/3 | Overs 24

Kyle Coetzer 67 (77), Preston Mommsen 24 (39)

Finally Scotland batsmen have started to up the scoring rate. 37 runs form last four overs. Skipper Preston Mommsen is taking most of the initiatives of hitting the big shots.

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 74/3 | Overs 20

Kyle Coetzer 50 (64), Preston Mommsen 8 (26)

Maiden over Steven Finn. Scotland are going nowhere. They should look to score more freely now. Meanwhile Kyle Coetzer scores fifty. READ: Kyle Coetzer’s half-century

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 66/3 | Overs 17

Kyle Coetzer 46 (58), Preston Mommsen 4 (15)

Drinks time. England are completely in control. Kyle Coetzer is nearing his half-century. Scotland batsmen have slowed down significantly.

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 54/3 | Overs 12

Kyle Coetzer 21 (26), Preston Mommsen 0 (3)

OUT! Steven Finn strikes. Scotland losing the plot. Matt Machan is gone cheaply. Another bowling change and Scotland lose another wicket! Big wicket as Machan had batted superbly in the previous game.

Matt Machan c Buttler b Finn 5(7)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 51/2 Overs 11

Kyle Coetzer 21 (26), Mat Machan 4 (5)

Scotland have lost the second wicket in the form of Freddie Colemand.  Chris Woakes takes wicket with his first ball in the game. Scotland cross the 50 run mark.

Freddie Coleman c Eoin Morgan b Woakes 7 (16)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 17/1| Overs 3

Kyle Coetzer 13 (12), Freddie Colemand o (1)

OUT! First one down for Scotland. Calum MacLeod has played a poor shot and got out, caught behind to Anderson. Freddie Coleman is the naew man in.

Calum MacLeod c Buttler b J Anderson 4(6)

LIVE SCORE: Scotland 9/0| Over 1

Kyle Coetzer 5 (4), Calum MacLeod 4 (2)

Good start for Scotland. Nine runs from it. Kyle Coetzer was dropped in the second slip. Hard luck for James Anderson.

LIVE SCORE: England 303/8| Overs 50

Stuart Broad 0 (3) Steven Finn 1(1)

So England finish with 303 for eight. Two wickets fall in last over of Josh Davey, who has taken four wicket in the innings. Infact Scotland have done really well to restrict their big brother England to . Once, when Moeen Ali was batting, it was looking that England would reach 350. But some tight bowling supported by some impressive ground fielding by the Scottish cricketers and some poor shot selections by England batsmen pegged England back. 304 is a very achievable target on these conditions. But can Scotland get it. We will find out in the next innings. READ Innings report here

Chris Woakes c Mommsen b Davey 1(2)

Eoin Morgan c Mommsen b Davey 46(42)

LIVE SCORE: England 299/6| Overs 49

Eoin Morgan 46 (41) Chris Woakes 1(1)

OUT! Buttler falls after a handy cameo. This was full and wide from Wardlaw, Buttler was looking to go over extra cover, hits it a lot straighter and flatter, straight to Davey at long-off, ends an impressive little stand with Eoin Morgan.

Jos Buttler c Davey b Iain Wardlaw 24(14)

LIVE SCORE: England 286/5| Overs 48

Eoin Morgan 34 (37) Jos Buttler 24 (13)

Another good over of Scotland in the context of the game. Josh Davey bowls full and straight. The only time he missed, Buttler hit him for four.

LIVE SCORE: England 276/5| Overs 47

Eoin Morgan 32 (35) Jos Buttler 17 (9)

Boundary to finish the 47th over. Nine run came from it. Eoin MOrgan and Jos Butttler are giving England England the necessary push.

LIVE SCORE: England 267/5| Overs 46

Eoin Morgan 31 (33) Jos Buttler 11 (5)

Good over for England. Richie Berrington bowled bit some poor balls in this over. England looking good for a 300 plus score here. 

LIVE SCORE: England 256/5| Overs 45

Eoin Morgan 23 (27) Jos Buttler 4 (1)

England lose another wicket. Good bit of cricket by wicket-keeper Mathew Cross to get rid of Taylor. So last five overs coming up. Jos Buttler is at the crease to support Eoin Morgan.

James Taylor st Matthew Cross b Davey 17(26)

LIVE SCORE: England 246/4| Overs 44

Eoin Morgan 23 (27) James Taylor 12 (19)

Scottish bowlers are not England to get going. Still run rate under six runs per overs. Majid Haq finishes his excellent spell. His figures are 10 overs one fo 51. Not bad in this circumstances.

LIVE SCORE: England 241/4| Overs 43

Eoin Morgan 23 (27) James Taylor 12 (19)

Eoin Morgan’s wicket is key at this moment. He is scoring some useful runs. James Taylor is giving him goo company. Current partnership is nearing fifty. Scotland bowlers are bowling tightly.

LIVE SCORE: England 204/4| Overs 37

Eoin Morgan 0 (5) James Taylor 1 (4)

Another wicket, third wicket in last three overs. England are losing the plot now. Joe Root is back in the pavilion now. Josh Davey get him out. The ball was pitched up and nibbled away fractionally, draws Root forward before leaving him, the nick is found and it’s a simple catch to wicket-keeper Matthew Cross behind the stumps. James Taylor is in now.

Joe Root c Matthew Cross b Davey 1(3)

LIVE SCORE: England 203/3| Overs 36

Joe Root 1 (2) Eoin Morgan 0 (5)

What an over by Alasdair Evans. Wicket maiden. Ballance’s misery is over. This was a cross seam delivery, no pace for Ballance to work with, he ended up playing away from his body, gets a thick inside edge and the off-stump is rattled.

Gary Ballance b Alasdair Evans 10(18)

LIVE SCORE: England 203/2| Overs 35

Gary Ballance 10 (17) Joe Root 1 (2)

Out! Here comes the big wicket of Moeen Ali. This wicket will peg England back. Maajid Haq is the successful bowler. The ball was tossed up ever so slowly and on the off-stump line, Moeen was down on his knees as he went for the slog-sweep, doesn’t get hold of the shot and ends up finding Coleman at deep mid-wicket.

Moeen Ali c Coleman b Haq 128(107)

LIVE SCORE: England 200/1 | Overs 34

Moeen Ali 128 (106), Gary Ballance 8 (14)

Drinks at the ground now. England have reach 200. 16 overs still left. Scotland have tried to test the left-handed batsman with short deliveries, but they just aren’t quick enough to trouble them. On the other hand, Moeen’s opening partner, Bell, struggled for timing and wasn’t at his fluent best.

LIVE SCORE: England 195/1 | Overs 33

Moeen Ali 124 (103), Gary Ballance 7 (11)

So now the English batsmen are showing some attitude to up the scoring rate. Mooen Ali especially will be they kay wicket for both teams. England still have players like Morgan to come. 350 very much possible.

LIVE SCORE: England 175/1 | Overs 31

Moeen Ali 106 (93), Gary Ballance 3 (5)

OUT! Finally a success for the Scotland bowlers. Sharp catch at cover. The cutter from Berrington, Bell went hard and didn’t keep the drive down, hit it straight to the fielder and Coetzer took a good catch to his left. Ian Bell’s strange innings comes to an end. Gary Ballance comes at no. 3.

Ian Bell c Coetzer b Berrington 54(85)

LIVE SCORE: England 168/0 | Overs 29

Moeen Ali 106 (93), Ian Bell 52 (82)

So both openers reach their milestones. Mooen Ali scored his second ODI hundred, first as an opener. He gets his hundred with a six. Ian Bell has also got his half-century in the last over. England need to move on now. READ : IAN Bell’s half century


LIVE SCORE: England 151/0 | Overs 27

Moeen Ali 93 (85), Ian Bell 48 (78)

150 up for England. The opening partnership is still continuing. Amongst all the Scottish bowlers, the experienced off-spinner Majid Haq is bowling really well. In his six overs only 29 runs have came.

LIVE SCORE: England 144/0 | Overs 25

Moeen Ali 93 (75), Ian Bell 43 (69)

Halfway through the England innings. Scotland have bowled few tight overs. Mooen Ali is nearing his century. Though Bell needs to up his scoring rate. They will be looking for 350 after this start.

LIVE SCORE: England 132/0 | Overs 23

Moeen Ali 82 (75), Ian Bell 41 (64)

Runs are coming quite freely for England. No punch so far in the Scottish bowling. Only opening bowling Iain Wardlaw bowled with some pace and movement. Scotland have to do something to get back in the game.

LIVE SCORE: England 117/0 | Overs 20

Moeen Ali 73 (65), Ian Bell 36 (56)

At the end of 20 overs England are almost maintaining 6 runs per over net run-rate. It seems their neighbours are giving them good batting practice ahead of some important upcoming games for England.

LIVE SCORE: England 112/0 | Overs 19

Moeen Ali 71 (60), Ian Bell 32 (52)

100 up for England. Their opening pair is still unrepeated. Excellent batting by them. Mooen Ali has already scored his half-century. Bell nearing his. England are looking good for a 300 past score now. Scotland need a wicket immediately. READ: Mooen Ali scores fifty

LIVE SCORE: England 58/0 | Overs 10

Moeen Ali 35 (30), Ian Bell 16 (30) The first powerplay is over. Not a bad start for the English team. Fifity plus score in the scoreboard and still both openers are not separated. Scotland need to change their current strategy.



 LIVE SCORE: England 42/0 | Overs 7

Moeen Ali 24 (20), Ian Bell 11 (22)

Finally, England batsmen manage to put 40 plus run opening partnership in this edition of World Cup. Mooen Ali is doing most of the scoring. Ian Bell is giving himself some time at the crease.


LIVE SCORE: England 23/0 | Overs 4

Moeen Ali 17 (13), Ian Bell 2 (11)

Looks like England are slowly but steadily gaining confidence. Both Bell and Ali played some good shots. Ali also hit the first six of the game in this over.

LIVE SCORE: England 3/0 | Over 1

Moeen Ali 1 (1), Ian Bell 2 (5)

Good first over by Iain Wardlaw. Only 3 runs came form his over. England are desperate for a victory to get their campaign up and running. Scotland on the other hand will be looking for creating a history by winning this game.


Scotland have won the toss and chosen to bowl first. Conditions seem to be helpful for bowlers. Ian Wardlaw and Josh Davey could make merry.


England: Ian Bell, Moeen Ali, Gary Ballance, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), James Taylor, Jos Buttler(wk), Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad, Steven Finn, James Anderson, Ravi Bopara, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, James Tredwell

Scotland: Kyle Coetzer, Calum MacLeod, Hamish Gardiner, Matt Machan, Preston Mommsen, Richie Berrington, Matthew Cross, Josh Davey, Rob Taylor, Majid Haq, Iain Wardlaw, Freddie Coleman, Alasdair Evans, Michael Leask, Safyaan Sharif

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the England versus Scotland ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match in the Pool A, at the Hagley Oval, Christchurch on Sunday. This is Sandipan Banerjee, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.

The United Kingdom neighbours of England and Scotland will be eager to win this match as they have both failed to win a match at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 so far. England got smashed by both the host nations, which are Australia and New Zealand.  ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage

England’s match against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the opening day of the tournament saw them lose by 111 runs to their arch-rivals. Against New Zealand they were humiliated even further as they were skittled out for 123 before New Zealand chased the total in 12.2 overs with 8 wickets to spare. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

Scotland have played only one match so far and put up a far more convincing performance. Their match came against New Zealand and being put into bat they succumbed to 143 all-out to some fine bowling. But then retaliated with the ball to pick seven New Zealand wickets. However, it may still be presumptuous to say that their attack is more potent then England’s but it is certainly comparable.

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