England will look to make early breakthroughs in the Sri Lankan batting line-up © Getty Images
England remained clueless to take the Sri Lankan wickets © Getty Images

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(England and Sri Lanka clash in the 22nd match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Catch live cricket scores here)

Kumar Sangakkara has been named the Man of the Match for his splendid innings of 117 not out off just 86 balls. It was a different Sangakkara that we got to see today, as he slammed 11 boundaries and two sixes to help Sri Lanka win this game. But not to forget the brilliant centuries by Lahiru Thirimanne and Joe Root, as they both became the youngest World Cup centurions from their respective nations.

My colleague Pramod Ananth says this is no less than annihilation of England by Sri Lanka as they win by nine wickets. Spot on! England were never in the contest from the moment Sri Lankan batsmen started looking good, and not surprisingly they fizzled out without any fight at all. There will be questions, very serious ones though, not only for England cricketers to answer but also the team management and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). Bye for now, winner of the March 8 match between this England side and Bangladesh will meet the mighty India in the quarter-final…

Live Score Sri Lanka 312/1 in 47.2 Overs SRI LANKA WIN BY 9 WICKETS! Fitting to see Lahiru Thirimanne hitting the winning runs as he clobbers a six over long on as Sri Lanka complete a nine-wicket mauling of this England side. NOT OUT: Lahiru Thirimanne 139 (143), Kumar Sangakkara 117 (86)

Live Score Sri Lanka 304/1 in 47 Overs: Sri Lanka need only 10 more runs now. Can they finish the game in this over? Finn comes on to bowl and Sri Lankans take three runs off the first three balls. Fourth one is a dot.   BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 133 (142), Kumar Sangakkara 116 (85)

Live Score Sri Lanka 300/1 in 46 Overs: Another catch DROPPED! Thirimanne gets another lifeline, in the deep as James Taylor fails to grab a tough chance. Thirimanne then rubs it in with a four past the wicketkeeper. Their partnership is of 200 runs now!!! BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 131 (139), Kumar Sangakkara 114 (82)

Live Score Sri Lanka 290/1 in 45 Overs: The entire Sri Lankan dressing room is very anxious. Perhaps waiting for the big win.  Broad continues, tries to angle in the left-handers from around the wicket. But he is being milked for runs. Many of them. Jos Buttler lets one go for four byes through him. 20 more runs needed now. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 122 (134), Kumar Sangakkara 113 (81)

Live Score Sri Lanka 279/1 in 44 Overs: Chris Woakes continues and Sri Lanka are scoring runs at will at the moment. Woakes hits Thirimanne on the helmet off a delivery that was rising on the batsman.  The partnership between Sanga and Thirimanne is of 179 runs now. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 118  (130), Kumar Sangakkara 111 (79)

Live Score Sri Lanka 273/1 in 43 Overs: Sri Lanka look to be in a hurry to finish this dud match off as soon as possible. Absolutely no fight from England has drained out interest in this contest. Sri Lanka cruising towards a huge, huge win. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 116  (127), Kumar Sangakkara 107 (75)

Live Score Sri Lanka 265/1 in 42 Overs: Anderson is into the bowling attack and Sangakkara pushes one down the ground to comeback for the second run and raise his century. It’s his second on a trot and 23rd overall in the ODI cricket career.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 110 (125), Kumar Sangakkara 105 (72)

Live Score Sri Lanka 255/1 in 41 Overs: Sangakkara is in a form which is just beyond explanation. He picks one on the pads and slams a four over the midwicket region. Sri Lanka add another eight runs to their total off Broad.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 107 (123), Kumar Sangakkara 98 (68)

Live Score Sri Lanka 247/1 in 40 Overs: Anderson continues and Sri Lankan batsmen scramble to add only five runs from the over. Sri Lanka now need 63 more runs to win from the last 60 balls with nine wickets in hand. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 104 (120), Kumar Sangakkara 93 (65)

Live Score Sri Lanka 242/1 in 39 Overs: And there it is! Lahiru Thirimanne becomes the youngest Sri Lankan to score a World Cup hundred! It’s been a superb knock from him under pressure. And we cannot forget the support provided by Sangakkara, who slams consecutive boundaries to thwart Woakes’ threat. Third in a row! Sanga on fire!!!  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 100 (117), Kumar Sangakkara 92 (62)

Live Score Sri Lanka 227/1 in 38 Overs: Sangakkara is in red-hot form today! He slams two boundaries off James Anderson as Sri Lanka are now running away with this game. Two absolutely brilliant pull shots on the leg side. But two mix ups in the middle has Sangakkara sliding into the crease both the times! DROPPED! Moeen Ali spills a catch and Thirimanne gets a lifeline! BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 99 (115), Kumar Sangakkara 78 (57)

Live Score Sri Lanka 217/1 in 37 Overs: Broad to bowl post the drinks break. Sri Lanka need less than 100 runs now. Bit of nervousness from Thirimanne who takes a single on the fourth ball to move to 98 not out. No worries, Sangakkara is scoring at a brisk rate. Broad is hit for four on the leg side. This is a different Sangakkara we are seeing today!  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 98 (113), Kumar Sangakkara 69 (54)

Live Score Sri Lanka 210/1 in 36 Overs: Sangakkara pulls for four and goes past 13,000 runs in One-Day Internationals (ODIs)!!! Sri Lanka are cruising at the moment and England are looking completely clueless. Sangakkara is going full throttle, hitting runs all over the part and punishing England bowlers.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 97 (110), Kumar Sangakkara 63 (51)

Live Score Sri Lanka 197/1 in 35 Overs: Sangakkara is taking the attack to the opposition as he welcomes Broad back into the attack with a pull shot for four, and then challenges Morgan with a sharp single. Stuart Broad appeals for a leg-before which had an inside edge and was hitting outside leg stump. Sangakkara completes his half-century off just 45 balls, with the help of three four and a sixBATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 95 (108), Kumar Sangakkara 51 (46)

Live Score Sri Lanka 188/1 in 34 Overs: Finn is bowling his sixth over. Sanga greeted him with six early in the over. Both nearing their milestones. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 95 (107), Kumar Sangakkara 43 (42)

Live Score Sri Lanka 179/1 in 33 Overs: Mooen Ali continues. Both teams just milking the bowling. England need a breakthrough desperately. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 94 (105), Kumar Sangakkara 35 (38)

Live Score Sri Lanka 172/1 in 32 Overs: Steven Finn has replaced Chris Woakes as England realise they need wickets in order to put any kind of pressure on Sri Lanka. He starts off well, giving away only two runs in the over. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 92 (103), Kumar Sangakkara 30 (34)

Live Score Sri Lanka 170/1 in 31 Overs: Thirimanne is nearing his century and Sangakkara is going run-a-ball at the moment. Sri Lanka need another 140 runs to win from 19 overs with nine wickets in hand. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 91 (101), Kumar Sangakkara 29 (30)

Live Score Sri Lanka 166/1 in 30 Overs: Woakes continues. Sri Lanka have realised they cannot let the asking rate go up and up as they have started to pick up the scoring rate. Thirimanne and Sangakkara both hit boundaries off Woakes. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 88  (97), Kumar Sangakkara 26 (26)

Live Score Sri Lanka 154/1 in 29 Overs: Thirimanne is in tremendous form! He clobbers a huge six on the leg side and brings up half-century stand for the second wicket with Kumar Sangakkara. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne  83 (94), Kumar Sangakkara 21 (24)

Live Score Sri Lanka 146/1 in 28 Overs: England are trying to put pressure on the Lankans with some tight overs. Woakes is successful in doing so, but Thirimanne is too good with the upper cuts. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne  76 (90), Kumar Sangakkara 20 (23)

Live Score Sri Lanka 140/1 in 27 Overs: The required run rate has gone past seven and Sri Lanka would now be looking to keep it within reach. The boundaries have somewhat dried up. They have enough wickets in hand, which implies they do not feel pressurised here. Six runs scored off Moeen. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne  71 (88), Kumar Sangakkara 19 (19)

Live Score Sri Lanka 134/1 in 26 Overs: Chris Woakes too does well as Sri Lanka batsmen manage only three runs off him. Sri Lanka now need another 176 runs to win from 24 overs. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne  69 (83), Kumar Sangakkara 15 (17)

Live Score Sri Lanka 131/1 in 25 Overs: Moeen Ali continues and he does well to keep the run count to only two from the over. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne  69 (80), Kumar Sangakkara 13 (15)

Live Score Sri Lanka 129/1 in 24 Overs: Sri Lanka need 186 more runs to win from 26 overs and it looks like these two are going to have a strong partnership in the middle. England need inspiration from somewhere, their bowlers have not done much. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 68 (75), Kumar Sangakkara 12 (14)

Live Score Sri Lanka 124/1 in 23 Overs: Sangakkara gets a four on the leg side as Sri Lanka are cruising at the moment despite the wicket of Dilshan. Both Thirimanne and Sangakkara are going strong at the moment, rotating the strike well. Eight runs scored off Moeen Ali. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 64 (72), Kumar Sangakkara 11 (11)

Live Score Sri Lanka 116/1 in 22 Overs: Thirimanne is in rich form as he guides the ball to the boundary on the third man area off Moeen Ali. Sri Lanka need 192 more runs to win. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 62 (69), Kumar Sangakkara 5 (7)

Live Score Sri Lanka 109/1 in 21 Overs:  England might also be looking to stem the flow of the runs but the question is, who can do the job for them apart from Moeen Ali. Sri Lanka take four more runs off Ali. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 57 (66), Kumar Sangakkara 3 (5)

Live Score Sri Lanka 105/1 in 20 Overs: Kumar Sangakkara has walked out to bat and it is Joe Root into the attack. England seamers have not created any impact and they would be thinking the slow bowlers might do a trick here. Sri Lanka need 205 more off 30 overs. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 54 (62), Kumar Sangakkara 2 (3)

Live Score Sri Lanka 100/1 in 19 Overs: Sri Lanka are stamping their authority over England here as the left-handed opener Lahiru Thirimanne has completed his half-century. The team total is also past 100 in the 19th over. England desperate for a wicket, and they get one as Dilshan gifts his priced scalp to Moeen Ali, with Eoin Morgan taking a dolly. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 49 (56),

OUT! Tillakaratne Dilshan c Eoin Morgan b Moeen Ali 45 (55)

Live Score Sri Lanka 97/0 in 18 Overs: Steven Finn continues and after Dilshan pulled the ball to square leg for a single, Thirimanne then drives the ball towards covers for one more. Finn strays down leg side and Dilshan paddles it around the corner for another single.Loverly shot from Thirimanne and he gets a single as Moeen Ali is placed for that shot. Dot to finish.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 49 (56), Tillakaratne Dilshan 43 (52)

Live Score Sri Lanka 93/0 in 17 Overs:Moeen Ali continues. Thirimanne drives him to long ff and picks up a single. Moeen has managed to keep the batsmen quiet. Excellent over, just TWO runs from the over. Sri Lanka still very much on top at the moment.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 47 (54), Tillakaratne Dilshan 41 (48)


Live Score Sri Lanka 91/0 in 16 Overs: Finn continues and Dilshan picks the second ball of the over to hit on the leg side for another four. It’s been Sri Lanka all the way in this chase.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 46 (50), Tillakaratne Dilshan 40 (46)

Live Score Sri Lanka 84/0 in 15 Overs: Moeen Ali is into the attack and Dilshan gets a four through a late cut on the second ball itself. Dilshan tries to hit the next two as well but finds fielders. Sri Lanka need another 226 runs to win from 35 overs. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 44 (48), Tillakaratne Dilshan 35 (42)

Live Score Sri Lanka 78/0 in 14 Overs: Finn continues and he keeps Dilshan quiet for a major part of the over. But after four good balls, Finn bowls one on the pads and Dilshan has no qualms in putting it away for a four. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 43 (47), Tillakaratne Dilshan 30 (37)

Live Score Sri Lanka 73/0 in 13 Overs: Thirimanne is leading this run-chase as he once again creams one through covers for four. Dilshan in the meanwhile lost one of his boot and ran awkwardly, some thought the batsman got injured! BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 43 (47), Tillakaratne Dilshan 25 (31)

Live Score Sri Lanka 67/0 in 12 Overs: Stuart Broad has been taken off as well and Steven Finn is the man who has come as a replacement. Finn struggles early on with line and then on the third ball he is hit for a boundary straight down the ground. Thirimanne improvises, hits an upper cut very, very late to get the second consecutive boundary.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 38 (43), Tillakaratne Dilshan 24 (29)

Live Score Sri Lanka 57/0 in 11 Overs: James Anderson has been taken out of the bowling attack after five overs. Chris Woakes has replaced him. Sri Lanka need 255 more runs to win from 39 overs. Good start from the right-arm seamer as he gives away only two runs. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 29 (37), Tillakaratne Dilshan 24 (29)

Live Score Sri Lanka 55/0 in 10 Overs: Sri Lanka will be pleased with their effort as they have not lost any wicket in the first 10 overs and have scored enough runs to put the pressure back on England. Three runs scored off the 10th over in the innings from Broad. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 28 (36), Tillakaratne Dilshan 23 (24)

Live Score Sri Lanka 52/0 in 9 Overs: Now Thirimanne gets in the groove as he cracks one through the covers off Anderson to start with a boundary. The fourth ball is hit really hard by Dilshan on the fine leg and Moeen Ali does an excellent job to save another certain boundary. Thirimanne comes back to the strike and cracks another four through covers to raise the 50 for his side. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 26 (33), Tillakaratne Dilshan 22 (21)

Live Score Sri Lanka 42/0 in 8 Overs: Dilshan sends one short from Broad over the ropes for a six, and looks at the bowler. The England bowler shakes his head and goes back to his run up. Dilshan chases one way outside the off stump. But the stroke on the fourth ball is the one to watch out for — Dilshan easily picks it up from middle stump line and rams it over the ropes in the deep square leg. Two sixes in the over!   BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 17 (28), Tillakaratne Dilshan 21 (20)

Live Score Sri Lanka 28/0 in 7 Overs: Anderson continues and Dilshan takes a single off the third ball in the over. There was a bit of chatter between the Sri Lankan batsmen and Broad after the end of the last over. But nothing major. Thirimanne hits the second last ball real hard but James Taylor does well to save a certain boundary.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 17 (27), Tillakaratne Dilshan 7 (14)

Live Score Sri Lanka 25/0 in 6 Overs: Bit of aggression from Broad as he gives Thirimanne a stare after the batsman hit the ball right back to him. England need wickets and that will be the only way they can put pressure on this in-form Sri Lankan batting order. Maiden from Broad.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 15 (25), Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (11)

Live Score Sri Lanka 25/0 in 5 Overs: Thirimanne looking to attack as he his a boundary past the fielder at mid off and then hits high in their air to collect a couple of runs more off Anderson. Sri Lanka add seven more to their total BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 15 (19), Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (11)

Live Score Sri Lanka 18/0 in 4 Overs: DROPPED! Joe Root returns the favour to Sri Lanka as he puts down an easy catch off Broad to get rid of Thirimanne. The ball bounces more than expected and takes a leading edge. Root fails to grab the ball as it races to four flicking his fingers. Broad then bowls a bouncer that misses everybody.  BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 7 (15), Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (9)

Live Score Sri Lanka 9/0 in 3 Overs: Good over from James Anderson as he lets Sri Lanka score only one run in the over. Sri Lanka need 301 runs to win from remaining 47 overs. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 3 (9), Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (9)

Live Score Sri Lanka 8/0 in 2 Overs:  Stuart Broad comes on to bowl the second over. The first ball has width and Dilshan slashes hard to get a four over the slip cordon. There is a loud appeal on the second ball but the umpire is not interested. The third ball is hit for a single as Dilshan loses composure while playing the stroke. Sri Lanka add six runs in the over. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 2 (4), Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (8)

Live Score Sri Lanka 2/0 in 1 Over: Lahiru Thirimanne takes a single off the first ball from James Anderson, and his opening partner Tillakaratne Dilshan too is off the mark with the single from the final ball in the first over of their chase. BATTING: Lahiru Thirimanne 1 (1), Tillakaratne Dilshan 1 (5)

Mahela Jayawardene dropped Joe Root early in the innings and the England batsmen since then had all the luck coming his way. England have a good bowling attack and they will be coming out strongly in the second innings. Here is Pramod Ananth’s report of England putting up a strong total against Sri Lanka.

Live Score England 309/6 in 50 Overs: Suranga Lakmal starts off with a no-ball above the waist which has been dispatched for four. The second delivery is again hit for a four. Lakmal keeps things quiet on the next two balls but the fourth one is hit out of the park for a six by Buttler. Lakmal bowls a beamer — second in the over and the umpire sends him away. Poor, absolutely poor by the bowler. Dilshan to bowl the final two balls. Buttler ends the innings  with a four. BATTING: Jos Buttler 39 (19), Chris Woakes 9 (8)

Live Score England 287/6 in 49 Overs: Buttler hits the fifth ball really hard back towards the bowler Herath, whose hand came in the way. Herath is off the field with a bleeding finger. But before leaving Herath did an excellent job in keeping it tight for the major part in the over. Angelo Mathews bowls the final ball, which is hit for a boundary. BATTING: Jos Buttler 19 (11), Chris Woakes 9 (8)

Live Score England 279/6 in 48 Overs: Jos Buttler begins the over from Malinga with a cracking four through covers. The fourth ball is again in the zone and Buttler makes room to hit the second boundary of the over. 12 runs added by England in that over. BATTING: Jos Buttler 17 (9), Chris Woakes 3 (4)

Live Score England 267/6 in 47 Overs: A fine innings from Joe Root of 121 off 108 balls has come to an end. Root tries to hit a reverse sweep but misses completely. Umpire declared out and the review too was against the batsman.   BATTING: Jos Buttler 7 (5), Chris Woakes 1 (2)

OUT! Joe Root lbw b Rangana Herath 121 (106)

Live Score England 264/5 in 46 Overs: James Taylor has fallen to Lasith Malinga after adding a crucial 98 runs for the fifth wicket, and this partnership has brought England back into a commanding position. Jos Buttler has walked out to bat and Malinga hits him directly on the grill of the helmet. The batsman has asked for a change in the helmet. Play resumes after brief stoppage and Buttler then hits a four.  BATTING: Joe Root 121 (106), Jos Buttler 5  (2)

OUT! James Taylor c Tillakaratne Dilshan b Lasith Malinga 24 (26)

Live Score England 257/4 in 45 Overs: Big shot from Taylor as he dances down the wicket and picks one short off Perera and sends it sailing for a six. Root joins the party as he plays a reverse sweep and gets a four. The fourth ball is dealt in the same passion, this time the ball clears the boundary for a six! What an over this is turning out to be, the second last ball is hit for a four on the leg side and England go past 250-run mark. Root has luck on his side as another outside edge flies to the boundary! BATTING: Joe Root 120 (105), James Taylor 24 (24)

At 24 years and 61 days, Joe Root is now England’s youngest cricketer to have scored a century in World Cup history.

Live Score England 232/4 in 44 Overs: What a shot! Root picks one outside the off-stump and rams it over the midwicket region to hit his first six in the innings. England are desperate for couple of good overs and Root is their best bet as of now. Root celebrates his century with a boundary on the second last ball! Fine knock this. BATTING: Joe Root 102 (102), James Taylor 17 (22)

Live Score England 219/4 in 43 Overs: Malinga returns into the attack and pins down Root at the strike, not allowing the batsman to take even a single off him for four balls. Root improvises as the final ball is hit for a boundary. BATTING: Joe Root 90 (98), James Taylor 16 (20)

Live Score England 214/4 in 42 Overs: Fine effort this as Joe Root and James Taylor have so far added more than 50 runs for the fifth wicket. But the England batsmen are not able to score against Mathews, who gives away only five runs. BATTING: Joe Root 86 (93), James Taylor 15 (19)

Live Score England 209/4 in 41 Overs: Root moves into the 80s with a cracking drive for a boundary off Lakmal. The England batsman then pulls the second last delivery looking for a boundary but does not get it. Sis runs scored off 41st over. BATTING: Joe Root 84 (91), James Taylor 12 (15)

Live Score England 203/4 in 40 Overs: England bring up their 200 albeit in the 40th over. Root starts off with a boundary off the first ball and then both the batsmen are back to taking singles and doubles. England have done really well in the past couple of overs. BATTING: Joe Root 78 (85), James Taylor 12 (15)

Live Score England 194/4 in 39 Overs: Good comeback from Lakmal as England are not able to maintain the run rate of nine an over. Sri Lanka, perhaps out of boredom, have reviewed one of the strangest appeal. Lakmal bowled a full toss, it was going way down the leg side, Root was hit on the leg and he makes it on time. Root’s knee is hurt and he gets some treatement. BATTING: Joe Root 70 (81), James Taylor 11 (13)

Live Score England 188/4 in 38 Overs: Root is leading England’s charge as he is trying to score quick runs. The right-hander pulls a short delivery off Malinga for a boundary. England add another nine runs to their total. BATTING: Joe Root 70 (77), James Taylor 6 (10)

Live Score England 179/4 in 37 Overs:  Root banks on the width provided by Perera as he cuts to score a boundary off the second last ball in the over. Another good one for England as they add nine more runs to their total. BATTING: Joe Root 64 (74), James Taylor 4 (7)

Live Score England 170/4 in 36 Overs: Herath continues and Root slams a four towards midwicket off the fourth ball in the over. England need some momentum with couple of good overs. England add nine runs to the total. BATTING: Joe Root 56 (70), James Taylor 3 (5)

Live Score England 161/4 in 35 Overs: Another brilliant over from Thisara Perera as only two runs were given and a key batsman was removed, that too right before the batting powerplay. James Taylor has joined Joe Root in the middle. BATTING: Joe Root 50 (66), James Taylor 0 (3)

Live Score England 161/4 in 34.3 Overs: OUT! Morgan has fallen finally. Perera strikes as Morgan cuts looking for a boundary but finds Dilshan at backward point. Another disappointing outing for the England captain. BATTING: Joe Root 50 (66),

OUT! Eoin Morgan c Tillakaratne Dilshan b Thisara Perera 27 (47)


Live Score England 159/3 in 34 Overs: Joe Root completes his half-century, off 65 balls with the help of four boundaries. This has been a fine effort from his when England needed one of their frontline batsmen to drop the anchor. Three runs added off Perera. BATTING: Joe Root 50 (66), Eoin Morgan 25 (44)

Live Score England 156/3 in 33 Overs: Thisara Perera has been very impressive today with his line and length. The Sri Lankan all-rounder gives away only two runs as England continue to trudge along. No momentum whatsoever for them and Sri Lanka would not be minding this dull phase. BATTING: Joe Root 48 (63), Eoin Morgan 24 (41)

Live Score England 154/3 in 32 Overs: Herath into the attack, Morgan steps out and smashes the ball over his head for a boundary. 150 up for England! DOT! Well fielded by Herath. ONE! 50 Partnership. ONE! Root drives through covers. ONE LEGBY! Full delivery wraps Morgan on the pads as he tries to reverse sweep. ONE off the final delivery. BATTING: Joe Root 47 (63), Eoin Morgan 23 (37)

Live Score England 146/3 in 31 Overs:  Malinga comes on to bowl. The partnership between Morgan and Root is of 44 runs now for the fourth wicket. Malinga keeps it tight, Morgan does not get any run off the first four balls. The fifth is pulled with a lot of power for a single in the deep. Excellent over by Malinga. BATTING: Joe Root 45 (60), Eoin Morgan 18 (32)

Live Score England 145/3  in 30 Overs: Root welcomes Herath back into the attack with a sweep shot for four. England seem to be picking up after a sluggish past couple of overs. Herath is attacking the pads. And another inside edge from Root’s bat goes past the wickets!  BATTING: Joe Root 45 (59), Eoin Morgan 17 (27)

Live Score England 139/3  in 29 Overs: Morgan shrugs off some pressure as he clobbers one from outside off from Dilshan to put it away for a massive six on the leg side. England need a lot many of these! And they need their captain to lead the way. By the way, England have gone past 130 for the first time in three ODIs at this venue, Westpac Stadium in Wellington. BATTING: Joe Root 40 (55), Eoin Morgan 16 (25)

Live Score England 130/3  in 28 Overs: Joe Root is riding his luck as an inside edge off Thisara Perera misses the stumps and races down to the boundary for four. Good over from England perspective as seven runs scored off it. BATTING: Joe Root 38 (52), Eoin Morgan 9 (22)

Live Score England 123/3  in 27 Overs: Eoin Morgan makes room to hit Dilshan on the third ball of the over but gets a thickish inside edge. Sri Lankans have their hands up in despair. The senior bowler meanwhile continues the excellent work — another tight over with only three runs coming off it. BATTING: Joe Root 32 (47), Eoin Morgan 8 (21)

Live Score England 120/3  in 26 Overs: England seem to have stalled since the 10th over — the junction when Sri Lanka actually started to put pressure on them. In the last 16 overs England have managed only 59 runs. Perera’s third over in the innings gets only two runs to the England side. BATTING: Joe Root 30 (45), Eoin Morgan 7 (17)

Live Score England 118/3  in 25 Overs: Tillakaratne Dilshan has taken a wicket and has given away only 17 runs off his six overs. Yesterday, Daniel Vettori did the job for New Zealand and today it is Dilshan’s turn for Sri Lanka. England need some momentum. BATTING: Joe Root 29 (44), Eoin Morgan 6 (13)

Live Score England 116/3  in 24 Overs: Thisara Perera is keeping it very tight as he does not allow the right-handed Joe Root to score runs off him on the first four balls. A single taken off the final ball in the over.  BATTING: Joe Root 28 (40), Eoin Morgan 5 (10)

Live Score England 115/3  in 23 Overs: Joe Root has some kind of fascination with the pull shot as he once again gets a top edge but the ball lands safely in the deep. The right-hander improvises as he breaks the shackles to hit one wide delivery outside off for four off Lakmal.  BATTING: Joe Root 27 (34), Eoin Morgan 5 (10)

Live Score England 108/3  in 22 Overs: Surprisingly Herath has been taken out of the attack after just one over. Change in the bowling end perhaps. Thisara Perera comes into the attack as England look to pick up once again. They were 62/1 in 10 overs, but since then it’s been Sri Lanka’s domination since then.  BATTING: Joe Root 20 (30), Eoin Morgan 5 (8)

Live Score England 105/3  in 21 Overs: Eoin Morgan, the England skipper has come out to bat and he has a string of poor scores in the past couple of matches. Extremely crucial stage for England as they will have to preserve wickets, especially with Rangana Herath having nine overs remaining. BATTING: Joe Root 18 (29), Eoin Morgan 4 (4)

Live Score England 101/3  in 20.2 Overs: Suranga Lakmal cleans up Ian Bell as the England opener misses out on a well-deserved half-century! Lakmal manages to get an inside edge as the ball hits the wickets, Bell is heart broken as he looks up to the skies before beading back to the pavilion. Big blow!!!   BATTING: Joe Root 17 (27) READ: Ian Bell dismissed for 49

OUT! Ian Bell b Suranga Lakmal 49 (54)

Live Score England 100/2 in 20 Overs: Rangana Herath has been summoned into the attack and he replaces his skipper Angelo Mathews. England batsmen continue to deal in singles as the boundaries seem to have dried up for them. Bell really plays the reverse-sweep quite well! He takes a single off the second last ball. 100 up for England!  BATTING: Ian Bell 49 (53), Joe Root 17 (27)

Live Score England 94/2 in 19 Overs: Change in the bowling ends for Suranga Lakmal as he comes on for his third over. The first two overs of his were plundered for 28 runs. Root hits the second ball in the air towards deep midwicket but is safe. Talking about Sri Lanka’s fight back, England have managed only 29 runs in the last 10 overs and have also lost two wickets.  BATTING: Ian Bell 46 (50), Joe Root 14 (24)

Live Score England 90/2 in 18 Overs: Angelo Mathews continues post the drinks break. Sri Lanka have done extremely well in the last 8-9 odd overs to keep England on their toes with good disciplined bowling as well as fielding. Another two runs scored.  BATTING: Ian Bell 44 (48), Joe Root 12 (20)

Live Score England 88/2 in 17 Overs: Dilshan continues the good work for his side as England are looking only singles off him. England add five more runs to their total.  BATTING: Ian Bell 43 (45), Joe Root 11 (17)

Live Score England 83/2 in 16 Overs: Joe Root displays his class as he leans forward to crack a four through covers off the Sri Lankan skipper. Mathews does well in the remainder of the over to keep Root on strike and not let him score. BATTING: Ian Bell 40 (41), Joe Root 9 (15)

Live Score England 79/2 in 15 Overs: Dilshan continues for his fourth over in the innings. England batsmen take a couple of runs in singles. England add another three runs to their total. BATTING: Ian Bell 40 (41), Joe Root 5 (9)

Live Score England 76/2 in 14 Overs: Extremely lucky for Joe Root as of all people Mahela Jayawardene has dropped a catch — though a difficult one at the first slip off Mathews. Loose stroke from Root as he comes forward to defend but gets a thick edge. England feeling the pressure now?  BATTING: Ian Bell 39 (37), Joe Root 3 (7)

Live Score England 74/2 in 13 Overs: What a start this has been for Dilshan in this game? He completes 100 wickets in ODI cricket and this over sees another England batsman going back to the hut off a soft dismissal. Joe Root has come out to bat now.  BATTING: Ian Bell 39 (36), Joe Root 2 (2)


Live Score England 71/2 in 12.2 Overs: Dilshan strikes and he has completed 100 wickets in ODI cricket! Ballance gives a simple return catch to the Sri Lankan spinner. England slipping from a position of command. BATTING: Ian Bell 38 (33),

OUT! Gary Ballance c&b Tillakaratne Dilshan 6 (14)

Live Score England 69/1 in 12 Overs: Ballance pushes one off Mathews to collect a couple of runs through the cover region. Sri Lanka have done well to put brakes on the England batsmen after they got a brisk start in the beginning. Five runs added to the total. BATTING: Ian Bell 38 (33), Gary Ballance 6 (13)

Live Score England 64/1 in 11 Overs: Dilshan continues. The new man in, Gary Ballance will take some time to settle in. He takes a risky single off the second last ball. Only two runs scored in the 11th over of the match. BATTING: Ian Bell 37 (32), Gary Ballance 1 (8)

Live Score England 62/1 in 10 Overs: Gary Ballance is in at No. 3 after that atrocious stroke ended Moeen Ali’s innings. A wicket maiden from the Sri Lankan captain as his side looks to pull things back in control. BATTING: Ian Bell 36 (30), Gary Ballance 0 (4)


Live Score England 62/1 in 9.2 Overs: Absolutely no reason for Moeen Ali to play that shot. No pace from Mathews, the ball is outside the off stump. Moeen just gently hits the ball in the air and Suranga Lakmal at mid off gets a dolly. I wonder what made Moeen play such a bad shot!  BATTING:, Ian Bell 36 (30)

OUT! Moeen Ali c Suranga Lakmal b Angelo Mathews 15 (26)

Live Score England 62/0 in 9 Overs: Tillakaratne Dilshan comes on to bowl in order to stem the flow of runs. He is one wicket away from 100 scalps in One-Day International (ODI) cricket. Moeen defends the first two balls and then takes a single off the fourth.   BATTING: Moeen Ali 15 (24), Ian Bell 36 (30)

Live Score England 61/0 in 8 Overs: Mathews continues as Bell hits through covers to collect another boundary. The second delivery is a ripper as the ball nips back in, beats Bell and Sangakkara and races down for four byes. England cruising at the moment. Sri Lanka looking lackluster. BATTING: Moeen Ali 14 (20), Ian Bell 36 (28)

Live Score England 51/0 in 7 Overs: Malinga has been good so far but now he bowls one on the pads and Ian Bell puts it away for an easy four on the leg side. England have their 50 runs on board in the seventh over with Malinga bowling a wide down the leg side. England add more six runs to their total. BATTING: Moeen Ali 13 (19), Ian Bell 31 (23)

Live Score England 45/0 in 6 Overs: Change in the bowling attack as Angelo Mathews replaces the struggling seamer Suranga Lakmal. Bell hits in the air over covers to collect a couple of runs on the second last ball in the over. BATTING: Moeen Ali 13 (17), Ian Bell 26 (19)

Live Score England 42/0 in 5 Overs: Malinga is spot on as always with his toe-crushers, and Moeen Ali does extremely well to defend one, perhaps with the toe end of his bat. Malinga does an excellent job to keep England tied at the other end, the first five balls are dots, but the final ball is hit through covers for a four. BATTING: Moeen Ali 13 (16), Ian Bell 23 (14)

Live Score England 38/0 in 4 Overs: Lakmal is struggling as Bell hits a four over the point fielder to collect a four, and then the second ball is four byes as a dive from Sangakka is not enough. Bell puts more pressure on Lakmal, hits him over the short midwicket fielder for another four. LUCKY for Bell once again as Dinesh Chandimal makes a desperate one-handed attempt to take the catch but fails. The final ball is again hit for a four. 19 runs off that over! BATTING: Moeen Ali 9 (10), Ian Bell 23 (14)

Live Score England 19/0 in 3 Overs: Lucky for Ian Bell as he hits in the air, very close to the fielder at point to collect a boundary off the third ball from Malinga. The fourth ball is again hit for a four, this time a controlled stroke past the second slip. Another good over for England, nine runs come off it.  BATTING: Moeen Ali 9 (10), Ian Bell 9 (8)

Live Score England 10/0 in 2 Overs: Suranga Lakmal comes on for the second over. The first ball is on the leg side, a wide and the second is punched through the covers by Moeen for the first boundary in the innings. Fine shot on the third delivery, inswinging delivery on the pads and Moeen does well to hit it down the ground for second consecutive boundary. First warning to Suranga Lakmal for running on the pitch. Poor start by the Sri Lankan seamer.  BATTING: Moeen Ali 9 (9), Ian Bell 0 (3)

Live Score England 1/0 in 1 Over: Lasith Malinga is spot on as Moeen Ali plays a loose stroke off the first delivery, hitting the ball in the air and the ball drops short of the fielder at mid off. Moeen is off the strike with a single on the led side on the third ball. Ian Bell is cautious towards Malinga who is getting some swing going away from the batsman. BATTING: Moeen Ali 1 (3), Ian Bell 0 (3)

England openers Moeen Ali and Ian Bell walk out to bat. Lasith Malinga to start the proceedings for Sri Lanka.

Not at all wrong to start the day with a bit of humour!


Simon Wilde tells us that England have won only two games out of their last 10 when they have batted first. The last one was against a lowly Scotland. Hope they put up a good show today.


TOSS: England captain Eoin Morgan has won the toss and elected to bat against Sri Lanka. Both England and Sri Lanka have retained their playing XI.


Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Dimuth Karunaratne, Thisara Perera, Rangana Herath, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal

England: Ian Bell, Moeen Ali, Gary Ballance, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (c), James Taylor, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad, Steven Finn, James Anderson.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match 22 between England and Sri Lanka at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington on Sunday. This is Devarchit Varma and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. Sri Lanka vs England ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool A Match 22 at Wellington, Preview

Both England and Sri Lanka are coming off from wins after a poor start to their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 campaign. While England ended their disappointing run with a commanding win over Scotland in their last match, Sri Lanka, riding on a fine century from Mahela Jayawardene trumped Afghanistan in an exciting match. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Pool-wise Team Standings

In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Points Table of the Pool A, England are at the second last position with only one win in the three matches they have played. They have only two points and a net run rate of -1.41, which is going to make situation very tough for them. On the other hand, Sri Lanka are nicely placed behind New Zealand, at the second spot. Sri Lanka have four points with two wins in three matches. Their net run rate is of 0.47.  Top 10 batsmen in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Sri Lanka had a fine outing in their last match against Bangladesh wherein Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara scored centuries. For England, in their last match, Moeen Ali had scored a fine century. Top 10 bowlers in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015


Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dimuth Karunaratne, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dushmantha Chameera, Rangana Herath, Sachitra Senanayake, Thisara Perera, Jeevan Mendis,  Lasith Malinga. Top 10 fielders in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

England: Eoin Morgan (c), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler (wk), Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Joe Root, James Taylor, James Tredwell, Chris Woakes  Top 10 wicketkeepers in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

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