Nǐ hǎo! Hello and welcome to CricketCountry‘s live updates of the ICC World T20 2016 First Round matches. I am Paulami Chakraborty and I will bring to you the live updates of the Group B first T20I match of the mega tournament between Hong Kong and Zimbabwe at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha, Nagpur. The associate nations will play the Group stage matches to gather points and qualify for the Super 10 rounds. The teams have been distributed into two groups and the top two teams from each group will make their way to the Super 10 stage to play with the top 8 teams and progress further. Live Cricket Scorecard, Hong Kong vs Zimbabwe, 1st T20 Match, Group B, ICC World T20 2016 at Nagpur

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 144/6 in overs 20| Batting: Tanwir Afzal 24(12), Aizaz Khan 0(2): Last over to Tiripano. Just a single to start. Hits the pad and goes towards keeper and the batsmen steal a run. Two dot balls follow. great last over so far. Tanwir Afzal hits a boundary off the last one. ZIMBABWE WIN BY 14 RUNS! Prominent efforts were put in by Vusi Sibanda with the bat and Tendai Chatara with the ball but Elton Chigumbura’s quickfire 13-ball 30 turned the match around completely. Here is what happened: ICC World T20 2016: Zimbabwe ease to 14-run against Hong Kong at Nagpur

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 136/6 in overs 19| Batting: Tanwir Afzal 24(12), Aizaz Khan 0(2): And the 30 runs that Chigumbura had added later towards the innings are now proving to be crucial. Two wickets off the over and only a single. Though he bowled a no ball but the batsmen couldn’t do much off the free hit.

OUT! Nizakat Khan c Sean Williams b Tendai Chatara 0 (1)

OUT! Anshuman Rath c Donald Tiripano b Tendai Chatara

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 129/4 in overs 18| Batting: Tanwir Afzal 18(9), Anshuman Rath 10(6): Two dots and that’s building the pressure. A couple of runs follow and again a dot. A huge sixer over long-on! Tanwir Afzal it is and he proves his mettle.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 120/4 in overs 17| Batting: Tanwir Afzal 9(3), Anshuman Rath 10(6): Tanwir Afzal has walked out. The skipper is a potent lower order and can still take his side to the victory. A nice boundary over cover and that keeps the hopes alive. Hitting the ball in no man’s land to get the runs in singles and doubles and even got three.

OUT! Jamie Atkinson c Williams b Tiripano 53 (44)

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 106/3 in overs 16 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 51(42), Anshuman Rath 10(6): 50 Comes up for Atkinson and 100 for Hong Kong with a boundary. The batsman is set now and hits a much needed six as he pulled the delivery outside off over mid-wicket. The following boundary brought Atkinson’s first T20I fifty. Rath finished the over with a beautiful boundary over fine leg.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 91/3 in overs 15 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 34(31), Anshuman Rath 19(16): AND A BOUNDARY! Many of this is needed now to reduce the pressure. 4 runs came earlier off the pads and keeper Mutumbami failed there. 13 runs off the over.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 78/3 in overs 14 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 40(38), Anshuman Rath 6(4): And direct hit but a mis-field following. And a big wicket! Mark Chapman departs and Hong Kong look in trouble. Anshuman Rath comes in. Atkinson mis-timed it. 4 off the over only off singles.

OUT! Mark Chapman c Vusi Sibanda b Sikandar Raza 19(17)

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 75/2 in overs 13 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 34(31), Mark Chapman 19(16): And the batsmen are going for the singles now. But only keeping the scoreboard going will not help them. The required run rate has gone up to 12 and big hits are needed at this point of time as only 7 overs are left. they have ample wickets in hand.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 67/2 in overs 12 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 30(27), Mark Chapman 16(14): And did Chapman try the AB de Villiers shot? Failed big time! But the boundary was nice as Chapman hit it over the bowler. 7 runs came off it, and Chapman is getting impatient.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 59/2 in overs 11 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 28(24), Mark Chapman 12(11): Finally a breather as a boundary brings on 50 for Hong Kong. Chapman hit that hard and it went over cover to get the crucial four runs. The first two dots by Wellington go in vain as Chapman hits a sixer off the next. It goes over mid-wicket and the over brings 11 runs. A big one after a long.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 48/2 in overs 10 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 27(22), Mark Chapman 2(7): A good over from Sean Williams as only 3 runs come off it. The requierd runrate is above 11 now and it’s getting tougher for the Hong Kong. The batsmen need to get into action.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 45/2 in overs 9 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 25(19), Mark Chapman 1(4): Chapman walks in. He is another player who can change the game for Hong Kong. Babar Hayat is a huge wicket. The ball was pitched outside leg but was hitting the stump. W Masakadza is one impactful bowler.

OUT! Babar Hayat lbw Wellington Masakadza 9(12)

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 43/1 in overs 8 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 24(18), Babar Hayat 9(11): Sean Williams comes into the attack. Singles off the first two deliveries and Hayat pushes the ball towards midwicket to get a couple of runs off the next. A single as he drives it straight past the bowler and a six over long off.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 32/1 in overs 7 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 17(15), Babar Hayat 5(8): A half-hearted effort from Sibanda and misses out on a chance to get Atkinson out. The ball beats him through midwicket and goes for a one bounce four. Nice and quick running and manage to get a single.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 24/1 in overs 6 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 10(10), Babar Hayat 4(7): And Atkinson shows his class there. A fully-controlled pull shot to send the delivery from outside the off-stump to square. Only a single follows.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 19/1 in overs 5 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 5(6), Babar Hayat 4(5): And the Hong Kong batting coach and opener departs as Hamilton takes a simple catch at mid on. Tiripano gets his second T20I wicket. Well, it’s BABAR HAYAT who comes in. This will be the wicket who can make difference. Hayat gets off the mark with a miss timed shot. It gets an inside edge to run behind square. No run apart from the boundary. Good over.

OUT! Ryan Campbell c Hamilton Masakadza b Donald Tiripano 9(19)

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 15/0 in overs 4 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 5(6), Ryan Campbell 9(18): Chatara gets his first over of the day. Bowls three back to back dots. Dots again will increase the required run rate and the batsmen will have to place the ball well to at least get singles. Just a single run off the over and the skipper is doing good to shuffle through the bowling options available.

Hong Kong 14/0 in overs 3 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 5(5), Ryan Campbell 8(13): Panyangara gets the ball again. Starts the over with a dot, bowling on the leg. Shows variation and bowls outside off. Dots will build pressure! AND THE BOUNCER GETS STUCK INSIDE CAMPBELL’S HELMET! It bounces off the batsman’s chest. And a couple of boundaries follow. Campbell loves the square leg and pulls them there.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 5/0 in overs 2 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 1(4), Ryan Campbell 3(8): Tiripano comes up with the ball. The first delivery shows his class as it had an inside edge and could knock off the bails. A good over as only 3 singles come off it.

Live Cricket Score | Hong Kong 2/0 in overs 1 | Batting: Jamie Atkinson 1(2), Ryan Campbell 1(4): And off the mark with a single. The target is quite big and they need not lose wicket here. If the batsmen manage to settle down, runs will come in automatically. Panyangara’s over gives just a couple of singles.

*Hong Kong’s innings starts*

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 158/8 in overs 20 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 30(13), Tinashe Panyangara 0(1): And the batsman can’t be blamed here as he wanted Chigumbura to be on strike. W Masakadza went for 2 but Chigumbura is still there. The run looks good and Hong Kong will have to do a lot to achieve that.  AND A MAXIMUM! That goes over long on and Chigumbura is doing exactly what he is expected to do as he has added a lot of runs. A couple of runs to end the innings. A good total and here’s how they got to it: ICC World T20 2016: Vusi Sibanda leads Zimbabwe to 158 for 8 vs Hong Kong

OUT! Wellington Masakadza run out 2 (5)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 144/7 in overs 19 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 18(8), Wellington Masakadza 2(5): A full toss outside off and Chigumbura slices it towards cover but there’s a fielder. A HUGE SIX!  Hits hard over long on and that was an important one. AND ANOTHER SIX FOLLOWS! This time over long off. It was full-ish and Chigumbura made no mistake. Huge over for the Zimbabwe team.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 129/7 in overs 18 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 4(4), Wellington Masakadza 1(3): A good call by teh umpire and Ahmed gets a wicket. Wellington Masaakadza comes in and Zimbabwe wish they could send the other Masaakadza once again! Chigumbura is there at the crease and he can take it to the end from here. A score of 150 will be good but that looks a bit tough. Hong Kong have Babar Hayat, the big-scorer !

OUT! Donald Tiripano lbw Nadeem Ahmed 0(2)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 123/6 in overs 17 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 2(2), Donald Tiripano 0(0): It was Brendan Taylor who had scored the highest individual score so far in the World T20s and that was 60, Sibanda is close to break it. AND ANOTHER WICKET! Waller hits the slower one straight into the safe hands of skipper Tanwir Afzal! Another wicket goes down and Sibanda fails to create a record by a solitary run. But it was a crucial innings and must be appreciated. A single off the next and a dot to end it.

OUT! Vusi Sibanda c Mark Chapman b Aizaz Khan 59 (46)

OUT! Malcolm Waller c Anshuman Rath b Aizaz Khan 26(29)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 123/4 in overs 16 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 26(28), Vusi Sibanda 58(44): Anshuman Rath has been handed the ball and he starts with a no ball! A sixer at this stage can be dangerous but just a single off the free hit. Sibanda dances down the wicket and a huge, huge six to end the over!

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 111/4 in overs 15 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 22(23), Vusi Sibanda 51(43): 100 comes up for Zimababwe and Sibanda hits the next ball for 6 over long-on and gets to his 50. A flat one and that brings Sibanda’s first T20I half-century. No more boundaries in the over and Waller finishes the over with a single.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 99/4 in overs 14 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 19(21), Vusi Sibanda 44(38): And they are close to the team score of 100. Boundaries have stopped but singles and doubles are coming which makes the scoreboard ticking.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 95/4 in overs 13 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 15(17), Vusi Sibanda 42(36): Starts with a dot . Waller trying hard to find the gap as the hits it towards cover but the fielder is there. A better over as it brings 3 runs for Zimbabwe. Hong Kong need more of these overs.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 92/4 in overs 12 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 13(14), Vusi Sibanda 41(33): Campbell back in action and the Zimbabwe batsmen at the crease are playing wisely. Though the team lost wickets, the current run rate is quite high and Zimababwe are in a good position.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 84/4 in overs 11 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 10(12), Vusi Sibanda 37(29): And a good save by Chapman there. He is quite good on field and proves it time and again. Aizaz has bowled a good over so far as there has been no boundary yet. And a wide, a close call though. A single to finish it. A good over for Hong Kong.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 77/4 in overs 10 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 6(8), Vusi Sibanda 35(27): Campbell back in action and Waller hits him through the cover off the first delivery. A dot ball follows. Bowls it on leg but the ball gets inside edge and the appeal goes in vain. A good over except from the boundary.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 71/4 in overs 9 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 1(3), Vusi Sibanda 34(26): And Hamilton’s dismissal turned out to be one big turn of the match. The team is finding it hard to revive. Sibanda hits it through the midwicket and the ball races for four runs.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 63/4 in overs 8 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 0(0), Vusi Sibanda 27(23): Singles and that is a positive. They need wickets in hand to play full 20 overs. AND A WICKET of the penultimate ball! There was no second run but they wanted it and it resulted in yet another wicket. A single to end it.

OUT! Sikandar Raza run out 3 (4)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 57/3 in overs 7 | Batting: Sikandar Raza 1(2), Vusi Sibanda 23(19): And Tanwir Afzal ended his spell with a wicket as well. What a brilliant performance by the skipper as he ends with 2 for 19.

OUT! Sean Williams b Tanwir Afzal 12 (6)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 53/2 in overs 6 | Batting: Sean Williams (), Vusi Sibanda (): And what a reverse sweep by newly in Sean Williams! Singles and doubles in the over and they have kept the scoreboard ticking. Boundaries in every overs area positive for Zimbabwe who are lsoing wickets in regular interval.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 43/2 in overs 5 | Batting: Sean Williams (), Vusi Sibanda (): Another wicket goes down as Richmond Mutumbami departs for a duck and Tanwir Afzal bowls another successful over after his first over which gave just a solitary run.

OUT! Richmond Mutumbami c Nadeem Ahmed b Tanwir Afzal 0(3)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 38/1 in overs 4 | Batting: Richmond Mutumbami (), Vusi Sibanda (): Haseeb Amjad again bowls an over that brings a lot of runs.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 25/1 in overs 3 | Batting: Richmond Mutumbami (), Vusi Sibanda (): And a HUGE, HUGE WICKET! Such a terrible way to get out as Masakadza reaches the crease but the moment the ball hits the stumps, both Hmailton’s bat and feet were on air. After some beautiful shots the batsman remains unlucky. Sibanda is still there and Richmond Mutumbami comes in. Sibanda shows that even he is a big danger as he hits a boundary off the very next delivery.

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza run out 20 (13)

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 16/0 in overs 2 | Batting: Hamilton Masakadza (), Vusi Sibanda (): And Masakadza is on fire! Two fours and a six and the over gave 15 runs. Afzal’s efforts in the previous over all went in vain as Hamilton first took the backward square leg to hit a four and a six and then the offside to drive it for a four. Such an over can make a huge difference and even worsen the economy of Haseeb Amjad.

Live Cricket Score | Zimababwe 1/0 in overs 1 | Batting: Hamilton Masakadza (), Vusi Sibanda (): Tanwir Afzal opened the bowling. The skipper is leading from the front.

Playing XI:

Hong Kong: Jamie Atkinson(wk), Ryan Campbell, Babar Hayat, Mark Chapman, Anshuman Rath, Nizakat Khan, Kinchit Shah, Tanwir Afzal(c), Aizaz Khan, Haseeb Amjad, Nadeem Ahmed

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza(c), Vusi Sibanda, Richmond Mutumbami(wk), Sean Williams, Malcolm Waller, Sikandar Raza, Elton Chigumbura, Donald Tiripano, Tinashe Panyangara, Wellington Masakadza, Tendai Chatara

Toss: Hong Kong win the toss and elect to bowl first.

Hong Kong have last played in the Asia Cup 2016 where they failed to qualify for the final round matches. Despite their failure, the performance of the players individually have grabbed attention of cricket followers from across the globe. The campaign was immensely fruitful for Babar Hayat as his 122 off 60 remained the highest individual score in an innings in the series while he became the highest scorer of the series with 194 runs in total, leaving the likes of Virat Kohli and Sabbir Rahman behind. Nadeem Ahmed and Aizaz Khan remained the best performers with the ball for the team.

Zimbabwe last played Twenty20 International (T20I) during their tour to Bangladesh. Now skipper Hamilton Masakadza showed top-level cricket scoring runs in leaps and bounds. Hamilton became the highest scorer for Zimbabwe in T20Is and the first Zimbabwe player to reach 1000 runs in T20Is as well during the series. He also scored an unbeaten 162 recently in a domestic T20 match, which is the highest individual T20 score after Chris Gayle’s 175 for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Apart from the player who is in tremendous touch, Zimababwe have power hitters like Vusi Sibanda. Malcolm Waller and Graeme Cremer are there to take care of the bowling while they can also score important runs down the order.


Hong Kong: Tanwir Afzal(c), Aizaz Khan, Anshuman Rath, Jamie Atkinson(wk), Babar Hayat, Ryan Campbell, Christopher Carter(wk), Mark Chapman, Haseeb Amjad, Adil Mehmood, Nadeem Ahmed, Nizakat Khan, Kinchit Shah, Waqas Barkat, Waqas Khan

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza(c), Tendai Chatara, Chamu Chibhabha, Elton Chigumbura, Tendai Chisoro, Wellington Masakadza, Peter Moor, Tawanda Mupariwa, Richmond Mutumbami(wk), Tinashe Panyangara, Vusi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Donald Tiripano, Malcolm Waller, Sean Williams