Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of 5th place play-off semi-final of the ongoing ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup.. The match will be played between Pakistan Under 19 and Nepal Under 19 sides at Fatullah on Tuesday. Pakistan after a wonderful start to their tournament where they won all the three matches in the group stages somehow lost the momentum in the quarter-final game of the tournament to West Indies. They will now lock horns for the fifth-position with Nepal. The latter on the other hand, stunned the cricket cognoscenti with its prolific performance but didn’t manage to soak in the pressure of a knock out game. They lost the quarter-final clash to Bangladesh a nd will now battle for glory against Pakistan. LIVE SCORECARD: Nepal vs Pakistan, 5th Place Semi-Final ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup

Live cricket score: Nepal 136 | Overs 38 | | BATTING: Prem Tamang 65(91): Pakistan win by 122 runs! Finally the Nepal innings come to an end. Prem Tamang played a very sensible knock. Something which was expected from the top order batsmen, came from the bowler as he remained unbeaten at 65 but couldn’t save his side from defeat. On the other hand, Pakistan did really well with bat and ball and clinched an easy win. Hasan Mohsin remained the Player of the Match.

OUT! Sandeep Lamichhane run out 0 (6)

OUT! Sushil Kandel c Hasan Mohsin b Salman Fayyaz 10 (62)

Live cricket score: Nepal 107/8 | Overs 38 | | BATTING: Prem Tamang 36(64), Sushil Kandel 10(60): And 100 up for Nepal. Tamang hitting boundaries in alternative overs and helping Nepal to get to some respectable final score.

Live cricket score: Nepal 85/8 | Overs 32 | | BATTING: Prem Tamang 27(51), Sushil Kandel 2(37): A couple of maiden overs and those will not help Nepal win it. The Nepal top order collapsed too early today without contributing at all and that resulted in a bizarre situation for the team.

Live cricket score: Nepal 75/8 | Overs 26 | | BATTING: Prem Tamang 20(35), Sushil Kandel 1(17): Dots and dots! The Nepal batsmen are trying hard to get some runs but The attempts are failing. Tamang is able to connect the bat and ball and is getting boundaries rarely and those are the runs Nepal is depending upon currently.

OUT! Kushal Bhurtel lbw b Saif Ali 0 (10)

Live cricket score: Nepal 67/7 | Overs 20 | | BATTING: Prem Tamang 14(19), Kushal Bhurtel 0(6): The Nepal team are still seeking that partnership and now it seems impossible. Prem Tamang is playing some good shots here. Boundaries from the ‘bowler’, while the batsmen failed to manage some. Good display of lower order batting by him.

OUT! Raju Rijal c Gauhar Hafeez b Saif Ali 15 (34)

OUT! Dipendra Singh Airee c Umair Masood(wk) b Irfan Liaqat 8 (16)

Live cricket score: Nepal 46/5 | Overs 14 | | BATTING: Dipendra Singh Airee 8(11), Raju Rijal 11(28): Nepal need to find a way out to face the Pakistan bowling. The bowlers doing really well and Nepal in deep trouble. Even 100 seems tough from this stage. They are losing back to back wickets and there has not been any single good partnership in the innings so far.

OUT! Himanshu Dutta c Umair Masood(wk) b Hasan Mohsin 0 (3)

OUT! Aarif Sheikh c Gauhar Hafeez b Hasan Mohsin 1 (7)

OUT! Yogendra Singh Karki c Umair Masood(wk) b Hasan Mohsin 5 (19)

Live cricket score: Nepal 23/2 | Overs 7 | | BATTING: Yogendra Singh Karki 5(16), Raju Rijal 3(10): Trouble increasing for Nepal here. They lost opener Sunil Dhamala within the initial two overs and later on Irfat Liaqat got rid of Sandeep Sunar. What they need is a good partnership like the one between Mohsin and Badat during Pakistan innings. Pakistan, after a brilliant display of batting, now are going great with the ball. They are in full control of the game.

OUT! Sandeep Sunar c substitute (Ahmad Shafiq) b Irfan Liaqat 4 (8)

OUT! Sunil Dhamala c Umair Masood(wk) b Hasan Mohsin 7 (9)

*Nepal’s innings start*

Live cricket score: Pakistan 258/8  | Overs 50 | | BATTING: Saif Ali 0(3), Irfan Liaqat 1(1): A few last minute wickets come as consolation for the Nepal bowlers. It was Hasan Mohsin who turned the batting hero for his side with his power-packed century. The Mohsin-Badar partnership added 189 runs which is the highest for Pakistan in youth ODIs for 4th wicket partnership and is the second highest in the world in youth ODIs for 4th wicket.

OUT! Umair Masood c Kandel b Airee 14 (10)

OUT! Shadab Khan c Bhurtel b Kandel 6 (7)

OUT! Salman Fayyaz c Dhamala b Lamichhane 14 (8)

OUT! Hasan Mohsin c Airee b Lamichhane 117 (106)

Live cricket score: Pakistan 236/4  | Overs 46 | | BATTING: Salman Fayaz 43(77), Hasan Mohsin 65(67): The partnership is finally broken. It added 189 runs. Next in Salman Fayaz is also a potent batsman.

OUT! Saif Badar c Bhurtel b Lamichhane 88 (118)

Live cricket score: Pakistan 166/3  | Overs 38 | | BATTING: Saif Badar 43(77), Hasan Mohsin 65(67): Badar and Mohsin look settled and are in a very good touch. Boundaries and sixes coming frequently now. They have almost 12 overs left now and with the current runrate they can pile up a huge total at the end of their 50 overs.

Live cricket score: Pakistan 125/3  | Overs 32 | | BATTING: Saif Badar 43(77), Hasan Mohsin 65(67): And Badar gets into action! back to back boundaries from the Pakistan batsman and that brings up 100 for the team. 50 comes up for the player as well. After losing 3 wickets earlier in the innings, Pakistan have comeback strong. Both the batsmen look comfortable going for the shots.

Live cricket score: Pakistan 94/3  | Overs 27 | | BATTING: Saif Badar 35(68), Hasan Mohsin 42(46): Both the batters have struck a rapport and are batting well in tandem. Their partnership has fetched Pakistan 64 runs so far. Hasan Mohsin in particular is batting at a brisk pace. He is just six short off his half century. Two off-break bowlers— Sunil Dhamala and Prem Tamang are bowling currently. Pakistan would be hoping that they do not lose another wicket at least till the 35th over mark.

Live cricket score: Pakistan 65/3  | Overs 21.2 | | BATTING: Saif Badar 28(54), Hasan Mohsin 21(26): Hasan Khan was the third batsman to get out. He scored 13 off 32 balls. Hasan Mohsin has replaced him. Mohsin has already made his intentions clear by hitting a boundary and six early on in his innings. Saif Badar, on the other had, has faced 54 balls and has hit only one four so far. OUT! Hasan Khan c Aarif Sheikh b Airee 13(32)

Live cricket score: Pakistan 30/2  | Overs 13 | | BATTING: Hasan Khan 13(30), Saif Badar 14(32): Hasan and Saif are doing damage repair after the fall of two quick wickets. They are batting sensibly and with patience; playing every ball to its merit. However, Pakistan’s run rate is just a bit too slow. Maybe they will try to up the tempo after 4-5 more overs. Early setbacks forced them to freeze their scoring rate for some time.

Live cricket score: Pakistan 14/2  | Overs 6.5 | | BATTING: Hasan Khan 2(8), Saif Badar 10(17): Both the openers— Mohammad Umar and Gauhar Hafeez are back in the hut. They both went for a duck off the bowling off the bowling of medium-pace bowler Aarif Sheikh. Pakistan needs a partnership now from Hasan Khan and Saif Badar. OUT! Mohammad Umar c Sunar b Aarif Sheikh 0(3), OUT!  Gauhar Hafeez c Dhamala b Aarif Sheikh 0(13)        

Toss: Nepal win the toss and decide to field first


Nepal: Raju Rijal (c) (wk), Sunil Dhamala, Sandeep Sunar, Yogendra Singh Karki,  Aarif Sheikh, Himanshu Dutta, Dipendra Singh Airee, Kushal Bhurtel, Prem Tamang, Sushil Kandel, Sandeep Lamichhane

Pakistan: Gauhar Hafeez (c), Mohammad Umar, Saif Badar, Hasan Khan, Salman Fayyaz, Umair Masood (wk), Hasan Mohsin, Shadab Khan, Saif Ali, Arsal Sheikh, Irfan Liaqat

 The ICC Under-19 World Cup attains its finishing stages as the struggle for the fifth place heats up. The winner of the match will finish the tournament in the fifth place, which will not be a particularly bad place to finish, considering the number of talented nations playing in the tournament. The final of the mega event is just four days away, but the teams cannot afford to take this match lightly as they surely would not want to be the side, who finish in the bottom half of the table. The teams did not do enough to make it to the top four and hence find themselves in this position.

The match is being played at Fatullah which has been a wonderful venue. Expect an enticing clash when these two giants face off in the semi-final for the 5th place.


Nepal Under-19s squad: Aarif Sheikh, DS Airee, K Bhurtel, S Dhamala, H Dutta, S Kandel, YS Karki, S Lamichhane, I Pandey, Rajbir Singh, S Rana, R Rijal*†, D Shrestha, S Sunar, P Tamang

 Pakistan Under-19s: Ahmad Shafiq, Arsal Sheikh, Gauhar Hafeez*, Hasan Khan, Hasan Mohsin, Irfan Liaqat, Mohammad Umar, Muhammad Asad, Saif Ali, Saif Badar, Salman Fayyaz, Sameen Gul, Shadab Khan, Umair Masood†, Zeeshan Malik