Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe, 9th place play-off match in the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2015 match at Cox’s Bazar. Afghanistan got off to a disappointing start in the World Cup, losing to Pakistan and Sri Lanka in their first two matches. They however managed to secure a consolatory win against Canada in the group stage, but that was not enough to make it to the quarter-final. They have since beaten Fiji and New Zealand to make it to the final of the ninth place play-off. Zimbabwe beat Fiji in their first match but lost the next two to England and West Indies. Live Cricket Scorecard: Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe, ICC Under 19 World Cuo 2016, 9th place play-off at Cox’s Bazar

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan U19 218/5 in 46.5 overs | TARGET 217 | BATTING: Tariq Stanikzai 106 (142), Rashid Khan 55 (50): Afghanistan are not too far from their win against Zimbabwe. Require just 10 runs to win and Stanikzai is just a run away from century. Ikram Faizi was out and came in Rashid Khan who has scored his half-century. Stanikzai on strike and Kundai Matigimu is bowling. 46th over is going on and Afghanistan can complete their innings in the next over. Matigimu is looking nervous here and goes for a wide and no run. Stanikzai misses chance to come on strike in 47th over. They batsmen have secured 86 runs partnership and Jeremy Ives comes into attack. That completes Stanikzai century with a single in Ives over. 6 runs to win and victory is not too far and Tariq goes huge to end the innings for Afghanistan

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan U19 110/3 in 28 overs | TARGET 217 | BATTING: Tariq Stanikzai 62 (89), Ikram Faizi 8 (16): 100 up for Afghanistan with Stanikzai successfully completing his half-century. Brandon Mavuta got his wicket while Jeremy Ives is the new bowlers who has come into attack. Afghanistan need to pace up their runs with target not so far but quick runs can add the advantage for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan U19 89/3 in 22 overs | TARGET 217 | BATTING: Tariq Stanikzai 48 (68), Ikram Faizi 1 (1): Afghanistan lose their opening batsmen Karim Janat and Ihsanullah too soon. Now playing are Perwez Malakzai and Tariq Stanikzai who are playing extremely well and Tariq is approaching his half-century with just two runs away from it. Brandon Mavuta and Wesley Madhevere are bowling the spells for Zimbabwe who have no luck with wickets. Mavuta gets his first wicket of the innings of Malakzai and Afghanistan are slowly crumbling. Ikram Faizi is the new batsman who has come in. Stanikzai ready to score his half-century.

OUT! Perwez Malakzai c Ives b Mavuta 13

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan U19 11/0 in 2 overs | TARGET 217 | BATTING: Karim Janat 8 (7), Ihsanullah 3 (5): Karim Janat and Ihsanullah are playing very well and given a heads up for Afghanistan in first overs. Richard Ngavara opened the attack for Zimbabwe. Now comes into attack Rugare Magarira and Ihsanullah takes quick two runs and that wraps the second over. Afghanistan off to a great start.

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Zimbabwe U19 216/9 in 50 overs | BATTING: Rugare Magarira 4 (10), Richard Ngavara 4 (4): Muslim Musa gets his fourth wicket of the innings of Mashinge and Adam Keefe. Rugare Magarira and Richard Ngavara played until the end of the innings. Half-centuries from Mashinge and Murray got Zimbabwe back into the innings. Though Afghanistan will not find much problems in chasing this total down. Afghanistan would require just 4 runs per over now.

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Zimbabwe U19 205/8 in 48 overs | BATTING: William Mashinge 63 (89), Adam Keefe 1 (4): William Mashinge completes half-century and is playing very well, but unable to find support alongside from his team. Though Zimbabwe have managed to go beyond 200 runs with Muslim Musa have picked two wickets and another wicket goes down and Musli  Musa gets his third wicket. Rugare Magarira is the new batsman on crease. Afghanistan are strong steam and 203 can be achievable for the opponent. 2 more overs to go for Afghanistan to complete their innings.

OUT! K Matigimu c Rashid Khan b Muslim Musa 4

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Zimbabwe U19 164/6 in 37 overs | BATTING: William Mashinge 42 (65), Adam Keefe 24 (41) : Another wicket down and comes in Adam Keefe who is playing some great innings here. Zimbabwe were wanting to reach this level and are 153 runs already. Mashinge has already approached 37 runs and Keefe is up for 20. Karim Janat gets his first wicket and Rashid Khan gets his first wicket for the innings as well. Afghanistan who were restricting Zimbabwe so well in every step. Now begins the 37th over and Karim Janat to play his spell. Mashinge goes for a boundary on Janat’s spell. Janat bowling to Keefe and a huge wide.

OUT! W Madhevere c Perwez Malakzai b Karim Janat 19

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Zimbabwe U19 115/5 in 24 overs | BATTING: William Mashinge 19 (29), Wesley Madhevere 19 (22): Though Zimbabwe are five wickets down, they are 100 up in score board and Brandon Mavuta and Ryan Murray go off the crease. William Mashinge who has played out standing innings always is playing very well and Wesley Madhevere comes on to crease. Karim Janat who remains highest wicket taker has not picked a single wicket yet while Zahir Khan has had no luck with wickets as well.

OUT! B Mavuta c Karim Janat b Tariq 12

OUT! R Murray c Shamsurrahman b Rashid Khan 53

Afghanistan U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, Live Cricket Score: Zimbabwe U19 35/3 in 10 overs | BATTING: Brandon Mavuta 8 (14), Ryan Murray 19 (22): Zimbabwe were definitely not expecting this sort of start with three wickets down already in spite of the fact they won the toss and chose to bat. Afghanistan are in good control of the match with Zia0ur-Rehman picking all the three wickets. Shamsurrahman is also come into attack to bowl his spells but no luck with wickets.

OUT! Jeremy Ives stumped Zia-ur-Rehman 8

OUT! Shaun Snyder caught Zahir Khan and bowled Zia-ur-Rehman 0

OUT! B Sly stumped Zia-ur-Rehman 0

Zimbabwe’s loss against the West Indies came under controversial circumstances as many believe that they were robbed of a chance to make it to the knockout stages of the competition. They have since beaten Canada and South Africa and start as favourites in this match against Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan senior team is playing extremely well and have recently registered limited-overs series wins over Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean senior side on the other hand are going through a leadership change with Hamilton Masakadza appointed captain across formats recently. We can perhaps see many from the Under-19 side in the senior sides, representing their respective nations soon. This World Cup would have been an ideal platform for many youngsters to showcase their talents and could one day be starts for their countries.


Afghanistan: Ihsanullah (c), Ikram Faizi (wk), Karim Janat, Mohammad Zahir, Muslim Musa, Naveed Obaid, Naveen-ul-Haq, Nijat Masood, Perwez Malakzai, Rashid Khan, Shamsurrahman, Tariq, Waheedullah Shafaq, Zahir Khan, Zia-ur-Rehman.

Zimbabwe: Brandon Mavuta (c), Ryan Murray (wk), Jeremy Ives, Wesley Madhevere, William Mashinge, Sydney Murombo, Richard Ngarava, Milton Shumba, Shaun Snyder, Trevor Chibvongodze, Adam Keefe, Rugare Magarira, Kundai Matigimu, Akshay Patel, Brendan Sly.

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