Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of New Zealand vs South Africa, 11th place play-off match in the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2016 match at Cox Bazar. Both South Africa as well as New Zealand are equally disappointed with the way this tournament has taken turn with South Africa being defending champion while New Zealand unable to show their streak. New Zealand lost their first match against Nepal followed by India and Afghanistan. They did manage to win against Scotland which was their only win. South Africa on the other hand faced unexpected defeat against Namibia and once again were thrashed by Zimbabwe that lead them to struggle for 11th position. LIVE CRICKET UPDATES: ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2016, New Zealand vs South Africa at Cox Bazar

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 150 in 38.4 overs | TARGET 289 | BATTING: Ross ter Braak 0 (3): That wraps the innings for New Zealand and they are out of the tournament and South Africa win the huge margin of 138 runs and Wiaan Mulder has been the star player in the innings for South Africa and the defending champions have show a bright side to their innings today right from batting to bowling. South Africa now enjoy the 11th place in ICC tournament.

OUT! ZN Gibson b Mulder 0

OUT! Aniket Parikh c Foxcroft b Abrahams 35

OUT! Murray b Mulder 2

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 81/6 in 26 overs | TARGET 289 | BATTING: Finn Allen 8 (24), Aniket Parikh 2 (7): Two more fall of wickets for New Zealand and this looks like New Zealand innings might come to an ends until an unexpected miracle can take place. Christian Leopard goes off the field and Dale Phillips the news batsman also goes off the field. Finn Allen remains and the new batsman alongside him is Aniket Parikh. Sean Whitehead and Willem Ludick get a wicket each. Just two runs from 26th over.

OUT! DN Phillips c & b Whitehead 1

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 66/4 in 19 overs | TARGET 289 | BATTING: Finn Allen 1 (9), Christian Leopard 1 (6): Past 18 overs, New Zealand are already four wickets down and Stanley who was playing well for New Zealand is also off the crease. Wiaan Mulder gets two wickets in an over with a maiden over. South Africa are playing exceptionally well and need to continue this momentum to get in hold of the game. With four wickets down, South Africa might easily win this game and hold the 11th position. 19th over is on and Mulder comes into attack again Christian Leopard and Fin Allen are new batsmen on crease. Mulder has given away just two runs yet and with last ball to spare with no run from it.

OUT! DD Stanley lbw b Mulder 19

OUT! JA Clarkson c Makwetu b Mulder 1

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 7/1 in 2 overs | TARGET 289 | BATTING: Daniel Stanley 2 (5), Rachin Ravindra 1 (5): New Zealand begin their innings are already down a wicket. This is not looking good for them at the moment. Glenn Phillips came to bat in first over and Dayyaan Galiem got his first wicket within first over itself. Daniel Stanley and Rachin Ravindra are on crease for the batting. Ziyaad Abrahams comes into attack for second over.

OUT! Glenn Phillips c Verreynne b Galiem 4

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: South Africa 288/6 in 50 overs | BATTING: Daayan Galiem 14 (9), Wandile Makwetu 50 (24): Wandile Makwetu also completes half-century by mere 24 balls. And a huge score by the defending champions. South Africa have posed a brilliant innings which every team were looking out for. Wandile Makwetu came in at the end and played a stunning innings until the end to keep South Africa alive in the match. The highlights in this innings were Dean Foxcroft who was highest run scorer of 117 runs from 167 balls and Rivaldo Moonsamy and Wandile Makwetu who scored 51 and 50 runs respectively. Good cricket from South Africa. New Zealand need to buckle up and every batsmen needs to contribute with regards to runs on board.

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: South Africa 231/6 in 46 overs | BATTING: Daayan Galiem 1 (2), Wandile Makwetu 14 (11): Foxcroft plays a stunning innings with a century in his hand and now playing at 113. and just a single wicket down with Rivaldo Moonsamy going for 51. Moonsamy and Foxcroft secured 100 runs partnership and South Africa have scored a commendable score on board of 200-plus runs within 45 over. They have four more overs to go and have a long way to go. This is the potential South Africa carry with them and the potential they possess. Now on field is Wandile Makwetu and comes in Dayyaan Galiem with fall of Foxcroft as well.

OUT! D Foxcroft c Stanley b Ravindra 117 (137)

OUT! R Moonsamy run out 51 (43)

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: South Africa 129/4 in 32 overs | BATTING: Dean Foxcroft 73 (96), Rivaldo Moonsamy 1 (9): Two more wickets down for South Africa, but Foxcroft completes half-century and now comes in Rivaldo Moonsamy. Aniket Parikh of New Zealand gained two wickets. Rachin Ravindra comes into attack for his spells and is bowling very well with hardly any runs given away. Past few overs, New Zealand have given away just a single run including a wicket maiden by Parikh. 32 over in process and Foxcroft goes for a boundary Ravindra’s spell. Tony de Zorzi was the last wicket down.

OUT! Tony de Zorzi b Parikh 7

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: South Africa 88/2 in 19 overs | BATTING: Wiaan Mulder 16 (32), Dean Foxcroft 42 (57): New Zealand were down with one more, but Dean Foxcroft is leading the side for South Africa as he approaching his half-century. South Africa have picked it well after two down. New bowler Aniket Parikh comes into attack for his first over and on strike is Foxcroft. And a brilliant over by Parikh with two runs from it. Now it heads for drinks break.

OUT! Leam Smith bowled by Leopard 20

New Zealand U19 vs South Africa U19, Live Cricket Score: South Africa 14/1 in 5 overs | BATTING: Leam Smith 4 (9), Dean Foxcroft 9 (19): New Zealand won the toss and put South Africa to bat first and indeed an very good decision as they get their early wicket. South Africa are down with a wicket already and Zak Gibson the early attacker gets his first. Lean Smith who has played his best in every South Africa innings is on crease along with Dean Foxcroft. Klye Verreynne who has scored the highest runs in every game goes off the crease early this time.

OUT! Kyle Verreynne caught by Clarkson and bowled by Gibson 0

Although South Africa have proven they are a strong team with balanced side consisting of hard hitters and bowlers like Dayyaan Galiem and Sean Whitehead who always manage to pick wickets in every game, while their hard hitters Kyle Verreynne and Tony de Zorzi have been highest run-scorers. New Zealand are also balanced out equally with Josh Finnie, Christian Leapord who have been star’s in scoring highest runs while Daniel Stanley, Dale Phillips and Glenn Phillips manage to pick wickets when required. Since both the teams are at the same level in this tournament, the 11th position hold utmost importance. Today’s match will be a decider as to who will go stay and who will move away from the tournament.