Umesh Yadav provided India the first wicket © Getty Images
Umesh Yadav provided India the first wicket © Getty Images (File photo)

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(Can India win their second warm-up match against Afghanistan after their defeat in the first match against Australia or will the minnows cause an upset? Catch Live Cricket Scores here)

India arrived in Australia almost three months ago, in November 2014. Back then, little did anyone would have thought that they will have to wait for so long to register a win on this long tour, which certainly has been tough for them. India win by a good margin of 153 runs and if not anything, they would definitely be pleased with the result from this game and the way their batsmen went about their job. India will have about four days of rest, before they take on Pakistan in their opening clash of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Here is the final report of the India vs Afghanistan warm-up match No. 6 at Adelaide. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Afghanistan 211/8 in Overs 50: Suresh Raina delivers the final over in the game as India register their first win since November 2014, by 153 runs. It’s been an impressive stuff from them, but only with the bat. The bowlers struggled as usual and India’s fielding was exceptionally bad. BATTING:  A Zazai 24 (38), N Jamal 2 (4)

Afghanistan 210/8 in Overs 49:  Shami continues as Nasir Jamal has walked out to bat. Shami continues bowling from the around the wicket and he has indeed maintained a better line. BATTING:  A Zazai 24 (33), N Jamal 1 (2)

Afghanistan 206/8 in Overs 48: Raina comes on to bowl now as after a couple of misses Mirwais Ashraf is able to connect. Raina then chips in with the wicket of the Afghan batsman on the final ball of the over with a yorker. BATTING:  A Zazai 22 (27)

OUT! M Ashraf b Raina 2 (7)

Afghanistan 203/7 in Overs 47: Jadeja continues as Zazai and Ashraf add three more runs to their total. A return catch off Zazai’s bat falls short of the bowler on the second last ball. BATTING:  A Zazai 20 (25), M Ashraf 1 (3)

Afghanistan 200/7 in Overs 46: Bit of fun for the Indians in the middle. A misfield from the fielder at first slip gets the Afghan batsmen to go for another run, but they end up mixing up at the same end. Ravindra Jadeja has all the time in the world to jog to the other end, roll the ball on to the wickets. But Ambati Rayudu wants this wicket to his name. He collects the ball and dislodges the bail, and Jadeja is not impressed.  Samiullah Shenwari has been run out! BATTING:  A Zazai 18 (20), M Ashraf 0 (2)

OUT! S Shenwari  run out 17 (30)

Afghanistan 196/6 in Overs 45: Jadeja comes on to bowl as Zazai dances down the track to smash the Indian spinner for a four towards long-on area. Afghanistan add seven runs off the 45th over in the innings. India closing on a big win here.  BATTING:  S Shenwari 16 (29), A Zazai 15 (17)

Afghanistan 189/6 in Overs 44: Mohammed Shami comes from around the wicket and creates some problem for the batsman with that angle. Shami bowls a fine bouncer and also fires up a yorker, but is not able to take any wicket.  BATTING:  S Shenwari 14 (27), A Zazai 9 (11)

Afghanistan 185/6 in Overs 43: Asghar Zazai and Samiullah Shenwari add five runs off Umesh Yadav.  BATTING:  S Shenwari 13 (23), A Zazai 10 (13)

Afghanistan 180/6 in Overs 42: R Ashwin continues as Afghanistan batsmen scramble to add another five runs to their total.  BATTING:  S Shenwari 11 (20), A Zazai 8 (8)

Afghanistan 175/6 in Overs 41: Umesh Yadav comes into the bowling attack and there is an overthrow for three runs from Ambati Rayudu. India would be wanting to finish this game off quickly now as they are into the tail. BATTING:  S Shenwari 9 (18), A Zazai 5 (4)

Afghanistan 170/6 in Overs 40: Finally! Ravindra Jadeja is rewarded or the good work that he has been doing so far in the game. Mohammad Nabi tries to go for his stroke but the Indian spinner has cleaned him up. Four more wickets left for India to get that elusive win.  BATTING:  S Shenwari 8 (14),

OUT! M Nabi b Jadeja 1 (6)

Afghanistan 168/5 in Overs 39: Samiullah Shenwari gets his first boundary in the match as Afghanistan add seven more runs to their total.  Afghanistan need another 197 runs to win. BATTING:  S Shenwari 7 (11), M Nabi 1 (5)

Afghanistan 161/5 in Overs 38: Ravichandran Ashwin continues as he keeps it to only one run off that over. India five wickets away from a win. It will be their first on this tour. BATTING:  S Shenwari 1 (6), M Nabi 0 (4)

Afghanistan 160/5 in Overs 37:  Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi has walked out to bat and Mohit ends the over on a high getting the last two deliveries right on the mark. BATTING:  S Shenwari 0 (2), M Nabi 0 (2)

Afghanistan 160/5 in Overs 36.4:  Mohit Sharma strikes as he gets rid of the on-song Afghan batsman Nawroz Mangal. Mohit drops it a little full right outside the off-stump, and Mangal gets an outside edge while trying to guide the ball toward the off side for a single. India in command at the moment as Afghanistan are collapsing. BATTING:  S Shenwari 0 (2)

OUT! N Mangal c Dhoni b Mohit 60 (85)

Afghanistan 158/4 in Overs 36: Najibullah Zadran is the new man in after the dismissal of Asghar Stanikzai. Najibullah starts off with a four off Ravichandran Ashwin, hitting the Indian spinner in the air on the first delivery he faces. But Ashwin has the last laugh as Najibullah is stumped on the fourth ball of the innings, as he came down to hit a big score but missed the ball completely. BATTING: N Mangal 58 (81), S Shenwari 0 (2)

OUT! N Zadran st Dhoni b Ashwin 4 (3)

Afghanistan 153/3 in Overs 35: Mohit Sharma comes back into the attack now. Afghanistan go past the 150-run mark but in the 35th over of their innings. They might not win the clash, but their top-order has had a good session against the Indian bowlers. Stanikzai departs after a slowish innings, scoring 20 runs off 43 balls. India need another seven wickets to win now. BATTING: N Mangal 57 (80)

OUT! A Stanikzai c Shami b Mohit 20 (43)

Afghanistan 150/2 in Overs 34: Suresh Raina has been introduced into the attack as the Afghan’s are struggling against the spinners. The Indian bowlers does well by allowing them to score only five runs.  BATTING: A Stanikzai 19 (40), N Mangal 55 (77)

Afghanistan 145/2 in Overs 33: Brilliant effort by Nawroz Mangal as he raises the bat to complete his half-century against India. It has been a composed knock from him, scoring 50 runs off 73 balls with the help of two sixes and a four.  BATTING: A Stanikzai 19 (38), N Mangal 50 (73)

Afghanistan 137/2 in Overs 32:  Ravichandran Ashwin continues being very disciplined as the opposition batsmen manage only two runs off him. Afghanistan need 226 more runs to win from 108 balls. BATTING: A Stanikzai 14 (34), N Mangal 49 (71)

Afghanistan 137/2 in Overs 31: Indian pacers have miserably so far as they have not created any impact whartsoever on the Afghanistan batsmen, and combined with their poor fielding, it has been an ordinary outing. Both Stanikzai and Mangal are batting with ease as they add three runs off Shami’s over. BATTING: A Stanikzai 13 (32), N Mangal 48 (67)

Afghanistan 134/2 in Overs 30: Afghanistan aren’t playing the spinners too well. Ravichandran Ashwin continues. He ended his last over with three leg-breaks. Stays more conventional this over. Another quiet one, just five runs coming off it. BATTING: A Stanikzai 12 (30), N Mangal 46 (63)

Afghanistan 129/2 in Overs 29: Here’s Umesh Yadav again. Mangal (am I the only who thinks of Pandey?) and Stanikzai are trying to make a match of this by just surviving. Realistically, 365 will be out of their reach. At the moment it seems they’re just playing to survive the 50 overs. BATTING: A Stanikzai 11 (27), N Mangal 42 (60)

Afghanistan 126/2 in Overs 28: R Ashwin continues as Stanikzai hit a four off the ace Indian spinner to take the run-count from that over to seven. Afghanistan need another 239 runs from the remaining 22 overs in the match. BATTING: A Stanikzai 9 (24), N Mangal 41 (57)

Afghanistan 119/2 in Overs 27: Umesh is back into the attack and Stanikzai and Mangal scramble to add another six runs to their total. India need wickets to maintain pressure on Afghanistan at the moment. BATTING: A Stanikzai 4 (19), N Mangal 40 (56)

Take a look at this EPIC CATCH from Umesh Yadav!

Afghanistan 113/2 in Overs 26: Another fine over from R Ashwin as he allows the batsmen only two runs off it. Both Ashwin and Jadeja are getting extra amount of bounce on this wicket but the lack of turn is not helping their cause. BATTING: A Stanikzai 2 (16), N Mangal 36 (53)

Afghanistan 111/2 in Overs 25: What is wrong with India’s fielding? Ambati Rayudu spills the easiest of catches in the outfield, making it look like a tough one but this is the second catch India have dropped in the past couple of overs. Stanikzai gets a lifeline. Mangal responds with a six off Jadeja’s last ball. BATTING: A Stanikzai 1 (11), N Mangal 35 (51)

Afghanistan 101/2 in Overs 24: Afghanistan must not let the scoring rate go down as they have not been playing strokes iun the past couple of overs. They need 264 more runs to win from 26 overs. BATTING: A Stanikzai 0 (9), N Mangal 26 (48)

Afghanistan 100/2 in Overs 23:  Jadeja and Ashwin bowling in tandem and India are going through their overs very quickly. Asghar Stanikzai plays out a maiden over.  BATTING: A Stanikzai 0 (6), N Mangal 26 (45)

Afghanistan 100/2 in Overs 22: Ravichandran Ashwin continues as Mangal hits a four through the covers to bring up the 100-run mark for Afghanistan. They added six runs in that over and now need 265 more runs to win.  BATTING: A Stanikzai 0 (0), N Mangal 26 (45)

Afghanistan 94/2 in Overs 21: Full marks to Umesh Yadav for his mental presence as he takes a catch spilled by Shikhar Dhawan off Ravindra Jadeja to get rid of the in-form Usman Ghani.  BATTING: A Stanikzai 0 (0), N Mangal 20 (39)

OUT! U Ghani c Umesh b Jadeja 44 (72)

Afghanistan 93/1 in Overs 20: Ravichandran Ashwin has been introduced into the attack and he produces a chance, on the last ball which was a sitter. Mohammed Shami spills a very simple chance in the deep as India let go of a chance to break this stubborn partnership. BATTING: U Ghani 44 (69), N Mangal 19 (36)

Afghanistan 88/1 in Overs 19:  Usman Ghani and Nawroz Mangal have done an excellent job for Afghanistan, taking their partnership past the 50-run mark for the second wicket. India have tried almost all of their frontline bowlers but they have not been able to make inroads into this batting line-up. Only runs scored off Mohit Sharma’s over in the innings. BATTING: U Ghani 41 (65), N Mangal 18 (34)

Afghanistan 87/1 in Overs 18:  Ravindra Jadeja continues with no width on offer to the Afghanistan batsmen, who have struggled to score runs off the left-arm bowler. Only three runs added from that over as it’s time for drinks. BATTING: U Ghani 41 (61), N Mangal 18 (32)

Afghanistan 84/1 in Overs 17:  After that maiden over, India recall Mohit Sharma into the attack and Nawroz Mangal welcomes him with a huge six over the midwicket region. He follows it up with an upper cut but the fielder at the third man position stops it. Afghanistan need another 281 runs to win. BATTING: U Ghani 39 (59), N Mangal 17 (28)

Afghanistan 76/1 in Overs 16:  Ravindra Jadeja is bowling good line as he has not allowed the Afghanistan batsmen to score many runs off him, which has been the case with almost every other Indian bowler. It’s a maiden over. BATTING: U Ghani 38 (57), N Mangal 10 (24)

Afghanistan 76/1 in Overs 15: Both the Afghanistan batsmen — Usman Ghani and Nawroz Mangal have done extremely well so far to thwart off the challenges produced by India and have rotated the strike well. Occasionally, they have punished the Indians for bowling poor line and length, as Ghani slams another four off Shami. BATTING: U Ghani 38 (51), N Mangal 10 (24)

Afghanistan 69/1 in Overs 14: Ravindra Jadeja continues from the other end as a late cut by Nawroz Mangal gets Afghanistan a couple of more runs. There’s no turn for the left-arm bowler as of yet, but there is ample amount of bounce on offer at this wicket. BATTING: U Ghani 31 (45), N Mangal 10 (24)

Afghanistan 65/1 in Overs 13: Mohammed Shami continues as both Ghani and Mangal have adopted a cautious approach against the Indian pacer. Shami can generate good bounce and pace on such tracks and the Afghans would be wary of his abilities. They are batting out there with confidence, and do not seem intimidated by the target which India have set against them. Intelligent cricket, as they’d be more interested in getting good practise here. BATTING: U Ghani 30 (43), N Mangal 7 (20)

Afghanistan 61/1 in Overs 12: Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced in the 12th over of the innings as Mahendra Singh Dhoni could be thinking of quick overs and some wickets. However, Ghani continues to score as he slams a six off the Indian spinner’s fourth ball in the over. BATTING: U Ghani 29 (41), N Mangal 5 (16)

Afghanistan 53/1 in Overs 11: Usman Ghani is looking quite positive out there in the middle as he gets another boundary off Shami, who has been recalled into the bowling attack. Afghanistan have crossed the 50-run mark and the initial 10 overs, and they would be happy with the fact that they have not lost many wickets. BATTING: U Ghani 23 (37), N Mangal 4 (13)

Afghanistan 49/1 in Overs 10: Afghanistan are steady after the early wicket which they lost in form of Javed Ahmadi. Usman Ghani hit a boundary in the 10th over off Mohit Sharma. The Afghan side need couple of good overs to get back on the track in this chase. The wicket is a good one for batting and with a little bit of application they can get some practise against Indian bowling attack. BATTING: U Ghani 19 (31), N Mangal 4 (13)

Afghanistan 43/1 in Overs 9: Now Umesh has clocked 144.3 kmph in his fifth over in the innings! Indian bowlers are really bending their backs to get the extra pace but as long as they are not disciplined with their line and lengths, pace is not going to matter much. Only one run scored in that over. Afghanistan need 322 more runs to win. BATTING: U Ghani 14 (27), N Mangal 4 (11)

Afghanistan 42/1 in Overs 8: Mohit Sharma continues as out of nowhere he has delivered a ball at about 143 kmph! This is certainly a surprise as the right-arm seamer has not bowled this fast earlier in international cricket. Meanwhile, runs have dried up for Afghanistan ever since the dismissal of Javed Ahmadi. BATTING: U Ghani 14 (25), N Mangal 3 (7)

Afghanistan 37/1 in Overs 7: Fine comeback by Umesh Yadav as he lets the Afghan batsmen take only one run in the seventh over of the innings. BATTING: U Ghani 10 (20), N Mangal 2 (6)

Afghanistan 36/1 in Overs 6: India have made change in their bowling attack as Mohit Sharma replaces Mohammed Shami, after the latter struggled with his line and gave away 10 runs in the first two overs. Mohit too follows the tradition of bowling on the leg side, lucky for him the stroke off the final ball is stopped close to the boundary rope.  BATTING: U Ghani 10 (16), N Mangal 1 (4)

Afghanistan 31/1 in Overs 5:  Nawroz Mangal has walked out to bat after the dismissal of Javed Ahmadi. The final ball from Umesh Yadav was once again down the leg side on the pads, and the only difference was that this time there was a leg slip in place. BATTING: U Ghani 6 (11), N Mangal 1 (2)

Afghanistan 30/1 in Overs 4.4:  Umesh, for some reason, continues to spray the deliveries on the pads or on the leg stump line which is giving the Afghanistan batsmen good chances to score. But out of nowhere, and among the rubble that he has dished out, Umesh sends down one very tight on line and Ahmadi falls trying to play aggressive stroke. BATTING: U Ghani 5 (10)

OUT! J Ahmadi c Dhoni b Umesh 17 (16)

Afghanistan 28/0 in Overs 4: Javed Ahmadi punishes Mohammed Shami for being wayward this time as he slams a four through the off side. It’s been a positive start by Afghanistan and their aggressive approach can thwart India’s confidence. BATTING: J Ahmadi 17 (14), U Ghani 5 (10)

Afghanistan 23/0 in Overs 3: Poor approach by Umesh Yadav as he continues to spray deliveries on the pads off which batsmen can score easy runs. The Indian pacer has delivered two overs but has not yet settled down for on a consistent line and length. BATTING: J Ahmadi 12 (9), U Ghani 5 (9)

Afghanistan 18/0 in Overs 2: Mohammed Shami continues to make atrocious starts with his bowling as the first ball is way down the leg side and races down the boundary. The final ball of the over is also hit for a four as Afghanistan are off to a confident start in their huge chase.   BATTING: J Ahmadi 12 (9), U Ghani 1 (3)

Afghanistan 9/0 in Overs 1: Javed Ahmadi starts off the proceedings for Afghanistan with an upper cut for four off Umesh Yadav. The right-handed batsman follows it up with a four on the leg side, as Umesh struggles in the opening over to get his line and length right. BATTING: J Ahmadi 8 (6), U Ghani 0 (0)

Fine effort by India with the bat, though they would not be happy with the fact that Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan could not make most of the opportunity. The form of MS Dhoni remains a concern as well. Here is  the innings report of India vs Afghanistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 warm-up match 6 at Adelaide Oval.

India 365/5 in Overs 50: Afghanistan have been really sloppy in the field today as another misfield got extra runs to India. Jadeja hits his first boundary, off Mohammad Nabi on the leg side. India add 20 more runs in the last over. BATTING: A Rahane 88 (61), R Jadeja 11 (10)

India 354/5 in Overs 49:  Shapoor bowls the penultimate over in the innings as India go past the 350-run mak. India would certainly be pleased with their effort with the bat as this is certainly a total which can get them a big win if their bowlers . BATTING: A Rahane 85 (59), R Jadeja 4 (6)

India 342/5 in Overs 48:  Aftab Alam comes onto bowl the 48th over and Rahane smashes the bowler for a boundary towards midwicket. Jadeja, for some reason, is not looking to take the strike more and is only giving Rahane the chances to bat. Rahane returns back to the strike and smashes four through covers. BATTING: A Rahane 79 (55), R Jadeja 2 (4)


India 325/5 in Overs 47: Successful over from Shapoor Zadran as he removed the Indian captain and gave away only three runs. Ravindra Jadeja has walked out to bat and he is another batsman who needs to spend time in the middle before the start of the tournament. BATTING: A Rahane 64 (50), R Jadeja 1 (3)

India 322/5 in Overs 46.1: A little bit of concern for Team India as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has been struggling to connect has fallen to Shapoor Zadran. The ball was short and Dhoni tried to clear the fielder at long-on, but has been caught way inside the boundary. BATTING: A Rahane 62 (48)

OUT! MS Dhoni c Mangal b Shapoor Zadran 10 (19)

India 322/4 in Overs 46: Ajinkya Rahane makes room to smash a six over the cover region off Dawlat Zadrai. Dhoni has started to attack a little, but he has not been able to connect any so far. India add more runs to their total. On the last delivery of the over, Rahane moves across the wickets and just directs the ball past the fielder at short fine leg for a four. BATTING: A Rahane 62 (48), MS Dhoni 10 (19)

India 308/4 in Overs 45: Shapoor Zadran is back into the attack and there is an appeal for leg-before against India captain on the very first ball. Rahane cracks a four down the ground and then collects a single to bring up his half-century off 44 balls. This is his second consecutive half-century in the lead up to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. For some reason, Dhoni is not looking to attack right now. BATTING: A Rahane 51 (45), MS Dhoni 8 (16)

India 299/4 in Overs 44: Mohammad Nabi bowls a beamer and Rahane follows with a four through the covers, as India inch closer to the 300-run mark. It’s been a good effort from them so far, especially from Rohit, Rahane and Raina. MS Dhoni is another batsman who is in need of runs and he can get a few here to regain confidence. BATTING: A Rahane 45 (42), MS Dhoni 6 (13)

India 286/4 in Overs 43: Hamid Hassan continues but in this over he struggles to maintain line and length. A wide down the leg side races down the boundary as India get nine runs added to their total with seven more overs to go. BATTING: A Rahane 35 (37), MS Dhoni 4 (11)

India 277/4 in Overs 42: Impressive stuff by the Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi as he allows the Indian batsmen to add only two more runs to their total off the 42nd over. There are eight more overs left and India would certainly be wanting to get quick runs, which has not happened in the last couple of overs. BATTING: A Rahane 34 (36), MS Dhoni 2 (6)

India 275/4 in Overs 41: Hamid Hassan is back into the attack and he is carrying on the good work for his side. Hassan gets two consecutive deliveries nipping back into the Indian batsmen, but is hit for a four towards fine leg by Rahane on the second last ball. BATTING: A Rahane 33 (34), MS Dhoni 1 (2)

India 269/4 in Overs 40: Is there a double century on the cards for Rohit? Certainly not. The right-hander slams a six on the leg side to bring up his 150, but he is caught in the deep in cover region after a superb knock. Rohit faced 122 balls and slammed as many as 12 boundaries and seven sixes. MS Dhoni has walked out to bat now with 10 more overs left in the innings. BATTING: A Rahane 28 (29), MS Dhoni 0 (1)

OUT! R Sharma c Ashraf b Nabi 143 (118)

India 261/3 in Overs 39: India are going strong as Rohit gets a free ball, a full toss, which he easily puts away for four. India would be looking to go past the 300-run mark quickly so they can add more misery on Bangladesh. BATTING: R Sharma 143 (118), A Rahane 27 (28)

India 251/3 in Overs 38: Hamid Hassan is back into the attack and Rohit welcomes him with a four off the first ball on the leg side. The Indians have taken batting powerplay and they would certainly be wanting to as many runs as they can as the fielders are standing close. BATTING: R Sharma 134 (113), A Rahane 26 (27)

India 243/3 in Overs 37: Third time Ajinkya Rahane is lucky in the innings as an outside edge off Dawlat Zadran falls very close to the wicketkeeper Zazai. Afghanistan were confident that it was a clean catch, but replays on the television showed that nothing can be said for sure and the batsman certainly got the benefit of doubt. BATTING: R Sharma 127 (110), A Rahane 25 (24)

India 237/3 in Overs 36: Mohammad Nabi continues as Rohit Sharma slams a six over the leg side, and Ajinkya Rahane follows the trend with a six inside out over the covers. India are picking up the scoring rate even more now. Let’s see how many they add more to their total.  BATTING: R Sharma 126 (109), A Rahane 21 (19)

India 224/3 in Overs 35:  Lovely shot to start with from Rohit, but it’s just a single through cover-point. Both men batting really well at the moment. Barring that horrendous run out chance that is! Dawlat Zadran back to bowl now. Rahane gets FOUR more, just running it down third man with minimal effort. Smartly played, that. Rahane picks up his first boundary. Slapped away, mis-fielded for FOUR more through point! Afghanistan are really letting themselves down on the field. BATTING: R Sharma 119 (106), A Rahane 15 (16)

India 213/3 in Overs 34: Drama in the middle as Rahane pushes the ball to the fielder on the short fine leg. The fielder throws the ball back to the wicketkeeper and the Indian batsmen’s poor calling in the middle would have resulted in Rahane’s dismissal. But a lifeline to the right-hander as the wicketkeeper failed to collect the ball as he dis-rooted the wickets.  BATTING: R Sharma 116 (103), A Rahane 7 (13)

India 209/3 in Overs 33:  A rather quiet over by Dawlat Zadran as India add only five runs to their total. Rahane is still settling down in the middle as he fails to connect on couple of deliveries that had width. BATTING: R Sharma 115 (102), A Rahane 4 (8)

India 204/3 in Overs 32:  An eventful over as Dawlat Zadran drops Rohit Sharma at the deep square leg position and the ball bounces past the ropes for a four. Rohit adds more to Afghanistan’s injury as he slams a six over covers off Javed Ahmadi . BATTING: R Sharma 114 (101), A Rahane 2 (4)

India 192/3 in Overs 31:  Rohit Sharma pulls a very short delivery by Shapoor Zadran for a six over the midwicket region and then nudges to the third man area to collect two sharp runs. The right0handed batsman brings up his century with yet another massive six — his fourth in the innings. Rohit is peaking at the right time as he brings up his century for India and MS Dhoni and camp would certainly be pleased with his effort. BATTING: R Sharma 103 (95), A Rahane 1 (3)

India 178/3 in Overs 30:  Ajinkya Rahane sees off a first couple off deliveries and also gets off the mark in the 30th over. There are 20 more overs left in the game and Rahane would be keen on making a big score here after missing out on past occasions. BATTING: R Sharma 89 (89), A Rahane 1 (3)

India 175/3 in Overs 29:  Ajinkya Rahane is out there in the middle as India look to pick up after the dismissal of Suresh Raina. There was no run there and Raina paid the heavy price of taking a risk. Full marks to Afghan captain Mohammad Nabi for being on the target. BATTING: R Sharma 87 (86), A Rahane 0 (0)

India 174/3 in Overs 28.3:  Oh dear! Raina tries to take a risky single by just nudging towards the fielder at short midwicket, and is run out after scoring 75 runs. Certainly Raina is at fault here as there was no need ot taking any risk and any such run, Ajinkya Rahane is out to bat now. BATTING: R Sharma 86 (84) READ: Suresh Raina falls for 75

OUT! S Raina run out (Nabi) 75 (71)

India 172/2 in Overs 28: Suresh Raina dances down the track to smash a four off Ahmadi to bring up the 150-run stand with Rohit Sharma for the third wicket. India are scoring more than six runs an over and at this rate they must be targetting a total in excess of 330 perhaps.  BATTING:  R Sharma 85 (82), S Raina 74 (69) 

India 164/2 in Overs 27: Suresh Raina starts the 27th over of the innings from Samiullah Shenwari with second six off the bowler in the innings. The partnership for the third wicket between Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma is closing to 150-run mark. India add another 10 runs to their total. BATTING:  R Sharma 83 (79), S Raina 68 (67) 

India 154/2 in Overs 26: Change in the bowling attack as Javed Ahmadi comes into the attack. India are going strong at the moment and Afghanistan need a couple of wickets now to pull back things in their control, else India would look to build a strong platform and then launch themselves. BATTING:  R Sharma 82 (78), S Raina 59 (61) 

India 150/2 in Overs 25: What an innings this has been from Suresh Raina! He walked out to bat when India were tottering at 15 for two, and at No. 4 it was always going to be tough. The left-hander completes his half-century and celebrates it with a huge six on the leg side off Samiullah Shenwari. BATTING:  R Sharma 80 (76), S Raina 57 (57) READ: Suresh Raina completed half-century!

India 138/2 in Overs 24: India are certainly looking to attack the fast bowlers more as Rohit starts off Aftab Alam’s over with a flick stroke, in the air, towards the deep midwicket region for a four. Raina moves on to 49 not out with a four and a single off the fourth and the fifth ball respectively.  BATTING:  R Sharma 78 (74), S Raina 49 (54)

India 127/2 in Overs 23: Mirwais Ashraf has been replaced by Samiullah Shenwari as Afghanistan might be trying to cut down on India’s scoring rate by deploying spinners. Indian batsmen add only four runs to their total. BATTING:  R Sharma 71 (70), S Raina 44 (51)

India 123/2 in Overs 22: Aftab Alam continues as Rohit slams a four past the fielder at miden-off as India add another eight runs to their total. It’s been interesting approach as they are not looking to attack the spinners, and are trying to score quick runs off the pacers . BATTING:  R Sharma 70 (69), S Raina 41 (47)

India 115/2 in Overs 21: Mirwais Ashraf continues as India add six more runs to their total. The partnership for the third wicket is now nearing 100-run mark for India. BATTING: R Sharma 62 (62), S Raina 41 (47)

India 109/2 in Overs 20: Right-arm medium pacer Aftab Alam comes on to bowl the 20th over and is quite impressive in his first over. Indian batsmen do not take any unwanted risk as they scramble to add only four runs in the over. BATTING: R Sharma 61 (60), S Raina 36 (43)

India 105/2 in Overs 19: Mirwais Ashraf has been quite ordinary today as in the over he gives couple of loose balls to Raina, who fails to put them away for boundaries. The strike bowlers did well for Afghanistan to take out key Indian batsmen but these two have settled down well and have also scored runs at a brisk rate. BATTING: R Sharma 58 (55), S Raina 35 (42)

India 100/2 in Overs 18: Nabi continues post the drinks break as Rohit pushes the first ball towards long-on to collect a single. Raina gets another single in the same region, and India bring up their 100-run mark in the 18th over with couple of singles. BATTING: R Sharma 57 (53), S Raina 31 (37)

India 94/2 in Overs 17A brilliant half-century for Rohit Sharma, as he brings up the feat with a four down the leg side on a poor delivery by Mirwais Ashraf. Rohit brought up his half-century off 50 balls with the help of six boundaries and two huge sixes. Time for drinks at the Adelaide Oval. BATTING: R Sharma 54 (50), S Raina 29 (35) READ: Rohit Sharma completes half-century

India 88/2 in Overs 16:  Mohammad Nabi continues in the 16th over as Indian batsmen aren’t looking to play aggressive strokes or score quick runs in the middle. Perhaps they have realised there are many overs left in the innings and the scoring rate has been quite impressive as well. . BATTING: R Sharma 49 (48), S Raina 28 (31)

India 85/2 in Overs 15: Right-arm medium pacer Mirwais Ashraf continues as Indian batsmen Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina seem to have settled down well at this wicket. India ned a big partnership in the middle and there are no troubles as such on this wicket for the batsmen. A big score is a possibility if the batsmen do their job properly and do not play risky strokes. BATTING: R Sharma 48 (46), S Raina 26 (27)

India 82/2 in Overs 14:  Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi is into the attack and the Indian batsmen were cautious in his first over. Only three runs were scored. BATTING: R Sharma 47 (43), S Raina 24 (24)

India 79/2 in Overs 13: Rohit Sharma is perhaps looking to attack the Afghanistan bowlers as he is playing aggressive strokes at the moment. The right-hander hit over the fielder at mid-on high in the air and could collect only two runs. The final ball was hit for a four as India added eight runs from the over. BATTING: R Sharma 46 (40), S Raina 22 (21) READ: Rohit, Raina add 50 runs for third wicket

India 71/2 in Overs 12: Shapoor Zadran comes around the wicket to the right-hander Rohit as the batsman whacks a four through the off side on the fourth ball of the over. India add five more runs to their total. The partnership for the third wicket between Rohit and Raina is past 50 runs now. BATTING: R Sharma 40 (35), S Raina 21 (20)

India 66/2 in Overs 11: The very talented Mirwais Ashraf is into the attack. Remember that game against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2014 when he bowled extremely well? Suresh Raina tries to nudge the fourth ball on the off side and is beaten. Only one run scored in that over. BATTING: R Sharma 34 (29), S Raina 21 (20)

India 65/2 in Overs 10: Shapoor Zadran continues as Suresh Raina gets a four on the third ball of the over towards the leg side. Raina  made the best use of the short boundary there, shuffling across the wickets a little bit and hitting in the air while there was no fielder in that zone. The left-handed batsman improvises as he gets a six off the final ball in the over, taking the run count from the over to 11. BATTING: R Sharma 33 (26), S Raina 21 (17)

India 54/2 in Overs 9: Hamid Hassan continues as Suresh Raina cracks a four past the fielder at point off the first ball in the over. Rohit comes back to the strike and slams the second four in the over, once again towards the midwicket region. The second last ball in the over is smashed for a six on in the same area. India go past the 50-run mark in the ninth over as they collect 15 runs off it. BATTING: R Sharma 33 (26), S Raina 11 (11)

India 39/2 in Overs 8: Afghanistan make the first change in the bowling attack as the lanky left-arm pacer Shapoor Zadran is in. Shapoor is on the target right from the first ball. Indian batsmen Rohit and Raina are careful enough as they collect only three runs off the eighth over in the innings. BATTING: R Sharma 23 (22), S Raina 6 (9)

India 36/2 in Overs 7: Suresh Raina collects three runs off the first three balls off Hamid Hassan. Rohit Sharma is beaten on the fourth ball outside the off-stump, but the batsman smashes a six over the midwicket boundary to signal that he is in fine touch at the moment. Hassan makes impressive comeback as he beats Rohit once again on the final ball in the over. BATTING: R Sharma 22 (19), S Raina 5 (6)

India 27/2 in Overs 6: Rohit Sharma shrugs off some pressure by dancing down the track and hitting Dawlat Zadran over his head for a boundary down the wicket. The opener continues the good work as the fifth ball is hit for a four on the leg side, it was a bad ball on the pads and Rohit had no problems in putting it away for a four. India will need to score runs as their batsmen need confidence. BATTING: R Sharma 16 (15), S Raina 2 (4)

India 18/2 in Overs 5: Afghanistan are in control of the proceedings at the moment as India are on the backfoot having lost the key wickets of opener Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli. The Indian vice-captain has not been among run-scorers since the end of the Australia Test series and his poor run is certainly hurting India big time. Kohli was certainly a little sloppy on the shot there, chasing a ball very full and outside the off-stump. India add two runs from the fifth over in the innings. BATTING: R Sharma 8 (10), S Raina 1 (3)

India 16/2 in Overs 4: Virat Kohli is away with a lovely shot through the midwicket region off Dawlat Zadran as India look to pick up after the early big blow. The Indian batsman follows up with a single off the next ball. Rohit collects a single as Kohli comes back on the strike, and the bowler strikes to deliver yet another huge blow to India, getting Virat Kohli caught behind by the wicketkeeper off the final ball in the over! Afghanistan are right on the top at the moment! Sloppy stuff from Kohli and India! BATTING: R Sharma 7 (7) READ: Virat Kohli flops again!

OUT! V Kohli c Zazai b Zadran 5 (9)

India 7/1 in Overs 3: Virat Kohli has walked out to the middle after the dismissal of Shikhar Dhawan as he plays out the remaining five balls of the over from Hamid Hasan. The Indian vice-captain was defeating outside the off-stump on the first ball as it signalled that this contest cannot be taken easily by the Indians.  BATTING: R Sharma 3 (5), V Kohli 0 (5)

India 7/1 in Overs 2.1: OUT! Hamid Hassan has provided Afghanistan a big wicket as he has bowled Shikhar Dhawan for two! The Indian opener will be disappointed as he was looking good so far in the contest. BATTING: R Sharma 3 (5) READ: Shikhar Dhawan dismissed for 4

OUT! S Dhawan b Hassan 4 (8)

India 7/0 in Overs 2: Dawlat Zadran comes on to bowl the second over in the game as Shikhar Dhawan is cautious on the first couple of deliveries. The opening batsman needs to continue the good work and of late he has not been as aggressive as he used to be. The fifth ball of the over is pushed through the covers as India add three more runs to their total. BATTING: R Sharma 3 (5), S Dhawan 4 (7)

India 4/0 in Overs 1: Rohit Sharma takes the strike against Hamid Hassan as he gets an inside edge off the third ball in the over, which misses the wickets as India collect their first run in the contest. Dhawan is off the mark too, with a cut shot on the penultimate ball in the over. Rohit ends the over with two runs towards the leg side, stopped very close to the boundary. BATTING: R Sharma 3 (4), S Dhawan 1 (2) 

Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are out there in the middle. This is a big game for India, a huge win can certainly cheer them up before the big game against Pakistan!

Toss: India have won the toss and elected to bat first. MS Dhoni says that his entire squad is fit and will get a go when their turn comes. Afghanistan too will test their entire squad against India today.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the ICC World Cup 2015, 1st warm-up game between India and Afghanistan from the beautiful renovated Adelaide Oval at Adelaide. I am Devarchit Varma and I will bring you the live updates of the match. Read: India vs Afghanistan, Preview

Following a 106 run defeat in the opening warm-up game against the hosts, Australia at the very same venue a fort-night ago, team India look for some resurgence when they take on minnows, Afghanistan, in the second and final warm-up tie of the tournament, before taking on Pakistan in their opening campaign of their title defence at this very venue on Sunday, February 15.

The past couple of months have surely been a nightmare for team India as they have not managed to find a single win, following their home series victory to Sri Lanka in the five-match ODI series. They lost the Test series in Australia (2-0) and also failed to win a single game in the tri-series, Down Under, featuring England as well. In the warm-up tie against Australia, Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane briefly offered India a faint glimmer of hope, but the rest of the batting folded without a fight as India crashed to their fifth straight 50-over defeat in the last couple of weeks. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

Afghanistan, who play their first-ever World Cup would have a tough task ahead as they are completely inexperienced at this big stage. Being called the minnows, they take on the defending champions in their first warm-up encounter of the tournament. It would be a gruesome task for them to restrict India under the difficult Aussie conditions. However, owing to India’s poor run in the past couple of months, Afghanistan can look to draw something from here and possibly cause an upset before heading into the main tournament.

A win here for the Afghans would be of a great morale boost and they also have quite a few good and experienced players from international level. However, a loss for India here could hurt their confidence badly before their all-important opening encounter of the tournament against Pakistan. India undoubtedly would be desperate for a win in this warm-up tie and take some positives before their opening game on Sunday, February 15. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE


India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c&wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Stuart Binny, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Akshar Patel, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Mohit Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

Afghanistan: Mohammad Nabi (c), Nawroz Mangal, Asghar Stanikzai, Samiullah Shenwari, Afsar Zazai (wk), Najibullah Zadran, Nasir Jamal, Mirwais Ashraf, Gulbadin Naib, Hamid Hassan, Shapoor Zadran, Dawlat Zadran, Aftab Alam, Javed Ahmadi, Usman Ghani

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage

India 175/3 in Overs 29:  Ajinkya Rahane is out there in the middle as India look to pick up after the dismissal of Suresh Raina. There was no run there and Raina paid the heavy price of taking a risk. Full marks to Afghan captain Mohammad Nabi for being on the target. BATTING:  R Sharma 87 (86), A Rahane 0 (0)

Afghanistan 87/1 in Overs 18:  Ravindra Jadeja continues with no width on offer to the Afghanistan batsmen, who have struggled to score runs off the left-arm bowler. Only three runs added from that over as it’s time for drinks. BATTING: U Ghani 41 (61), N Mangal 18 (32)

Afghanistan 100/2 in Overs 23:  Jadeja and Ashwin bowling in tandem and India are going through their overs very quickly. Asghar Stanikzai plays out a maiden over.  BATTING: A Stanikzai 0 (6), N Mangal 26 (45)