Virat Kohli became the second man to score two tons in captaincy debut © Getty Images
Virat Kohli became the second man to score two tons in captaincy debut © Getty Images

Dec 13, 2014

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India and Australia conclude their first Test in Adelaide with a potentially interesting Day Five. Australia left India with a target of 364 as they declared overnight. India would now have the task of chasing that down or try to secure a draw on a surface that has aided turn. In the first innings, Nathan Lyon picked up a five-wicket haul and would be the key to Australia’s chances of victory in the first Test. India will have to reassess their position as the game goes on and then decide what they can do in this game. India have the batsmen to save the game, or perhaps go and win it, but it seems to be a tough ask. Like the Australians, the Indian batsmen have to bring their first innings form into the second.

Michael Clarke: I was at the top in the change room, fantastic win. Unbelievable innings. Fine innings by Virat Kohli. Nathan Lyon unbelievable. David Warner unbelievable. Brad Haddin’s captaincy was unbelievable. Boys were extraordinary. I thought India would need couple of unbelievable innings to chase 364, but if they do so, they deserve to win. Hamstring injury is back, the experts will look at the results as they are not out yet. I am going to struggle to take part in the rest of the series.

Virat Kohli: Very proud of the boys for the character they showed. I told everyone that whatever the target they give us we will come out targeting the win. Great spell by Nathan Lyon, he bowled in the right areas. If me and Vijay would have added 40 more runs it would have been a different game. That partnership was critical but Australia made most of the opening they got. Backed myself throughout, no regrets (on the shot for getting out). If you have been chosen to play for your country, you have to play with passion and committment. All praise on Australia for coming together and putting up such a performance after 10 tough days.

Nathan Lyon has been named the Man of the Match. “It was a tough day but there was a lot of support from the crowd. Credit to the curator, it was a great pitch. This atmosphere is great. All fine with Marais Erasmus, getting even. We stayed patient long enough and stuck to the plans. Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay were sensational, but I will stick with the Australians,” he says.

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Michael Clarke will be a relieved man. He went to the hospital with India cruising to a comfortable win, with Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay batting at the crease. India collapsed and that too in a spectacular manner. Eight wickets in one session and Australia come back from nowhere to win this Test. Take a bow, Nathan Lyon, 12 wickets in the Test and a winning performance for his side. This one is definitely is for you, Phillip Hughes!

IT’S ALL OVER! India have collapsed as Nathan Lyon bags his seventh wicket in the match to help Australia win this game by 48 runs. What a Test match it has been!!! Ishant Sharma is the last man down. India lost 8 wickets in less than a session!


Mitchell Johnson comes in with the new ball and traps Varun Aaron in front of the wicket to jolt India once again. Last man in, Ishant Sharma.
OUT! V Aaron lbw Johnson 1 (3)
Varun Aaron has been promoted above Ishant Sharma, which clearly indicates that Virat Kohli needs runs and not a draw. Couple of nervous runs for India as the batsmen scramble to add four runs.
There it is! Mohammed Shami’s inexperience comes to fore as he goes to clear the mid-off fielder, but ends up giving a simple, simple catch. Australia closing in on a win now. Ryan Harris strikes as Mitchell Johnson takes the catch. Australia all over India at the moment. Varun Aaron is in.
OUT! M Shami c Johnson b Harris 5 (10)
India are completely stunned. Nathan Lyon has taken six wickets and he has derailed the chase. The remaining batsmen need to bat out of their skin to save this game now. Shami gets a lucky boundary as the match goes into the final, and extremely tough last hour. India need another 55 runs to win from about 15 overs.
OH HE’S GONE! It’s Kohli. That’s the big wicket. And it could well be the match to Australia! Short ball, probably one of the worst ones he had bowled all match, and Mitchell Marsh caught it well.
OUT! V Kohli 141 (175) c Marsh b Lyon
Lyon again. Oh lovely shot, that’s driven through covers by Kohli! Saha on strike. OH THAT’S SIX! What a shot from Saha! And now he sweeps this for four, tremendous batting from the ‘keeper! OH HE’S BOWLED HIM! Saha perishes going for another big shot, it was perhaps not needed. That’s five for Lyon, and 10 for the match.
OUT! W Saha 13 (10) b Lyon
Rohit is gone! A ball lobs off his gloves and is taken by David Warner at leg-slip. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man in the middle and he gets off the mark with a couple.
OUT! R Sharma 6 (18)
Kohli has got his highest Test score. He opens the face of the bat with Johnson coming from around the wicket and plays it for a four between gully and second slip. And then, he pulls one through square-leg for a four. How well has he batted here! Kohli drives through cover and gets a couple.


Rohit is off the mark. Off his tenth ball, he top-edges a ball and it falls safe. He is having a few nervous moments in the middle. Rohit has to provide sound support to Kohli and not try anything extraordinary. Johnson does bowl a full toss to him and he has driven it for a four.
Kohli is keeping India afloat and it is up to him. Rohit played a few deliveries from Harris, and played and missed a few. Kohli drives through the off-side and picks a couple. He then drives again and that has gone for a four through cover. It was hit a bit uppishly.



Vijay faces Lyon. And he is leg-before for 99. It looked likely. He was looking very shaky on 99. He tried to play it through the leg-side, but missed. Nevertheless, a great innings by him here. He gets a warm round of applause. Rahane is gone! He is out off his fifth ball. Bat pad and he is taken by short-leg. In fact, it hasn’t hit the bat.
OUT! M Vijay 99 (234), A Rahane 0 (5)
Kohli drives through the off-side and gets a couple. That takes him to 99. Both batsmen are on the same score. Kohli drives and gets the single. That is his second ton of the Test, his third in Adelaide. He is the second man to score two tons on captaincy debut. Vijay leaves the next ball and it shaves past the stumps and Haddin misses. It has gone for a four. Harris strays down the leg-side and Haddin doesn’t collect cleanly. That is a single!
Kohli continues to pick the gaps around the field. off the bowling of Harris, he gets three runs. Lyon is back on and Vijay goes down the ground and smashes it for a four through mid-wicket. In trying to get the ton, he tries to sweep and the top edge falls short of the short fine-leg. Vijay sweeps and misses and then leaves one close to the stumps.


Harris is on and after a few deliveries, Kohli takes a single and gets Vijay back on strike. Vijay plays out rest of the over. In the next over, Kohli paddles one down to fine-leg and gets a couple. He then drives, and there is a misfield at cover, and a single is taken. Vijay is back on strike and he gets a single. In fact Vijay had hit it between the legs of the short-leg.
Vijay goes downtown to Lyon and has sent it into the stands at wide long-on. There was a deep mid-wicket and the long-on was also back but that did not stop Vijay. He has moved into the 90s with that stroke.


That was out! Wasn’t it?


Kohli and Vijay start with a few singles. Kohli gets into a bit of a problem with the sweep. Once, it goes off the top edge for a couple and then he is hit on the pads. The appeal is turned down. Vijay goes aerial on the on-side but it does not carry to the fielder. A lively first over after tea.

Interesting decision, Steven Smith comes on. Vijay to face. And that’s a full toss to start with, which has been hit for four through midwicket. And another full toss, same shot, same result! Full toss No. 3, this time paddle-swept to fine leg for three. Last ball now. And Kohli lets it pass through to Haddin. Good over for India. Mitch Johnson continues. Short ball, Vijay cuts in the air, but Mitchell Marsh can’t latch on. It was a superb attempt though, that ball was flying, as a certain commentator might say, “like a tracer bullet!” Maiden over from Johnson to Vijay. Could be the final over now. Smith continues. Short ball, but Kohli mistimes it, no run. Short again, this time Kohli cuts it away past point to bring up India’s 200. Kohli into the 80s now. So five off the over. And there will be one more to follow. Mitch to bowl it. Kohli on strike. He gets one. Oh good ball, Vijay hangs his bat out and is beaten.

Harris comes on and Kohli has driven him handsomely for a four through cover. The head was well balanced and he leaned forward to time it very well. He has now outscored Vijay.

Meanwhile, Michael Clarke has left for the hospital…


Vijay and Kohli have played well and are gradually picking up pace. Vijay danced down the track to Lyon and hit him for a four over mid-on. He went for another, but unfortunately for Australia, the ball fell much before the deep mid-wicket fielder. Siddle strays down the leg-side and it hits Vijay’s pads and has gone for a four.

David Lloyd seems to think India are on course in Adelaide.


Lyon continues and Kohli cuts him for a four past point. He then pulls but finds the fielder in the ring. These batsmen have not been communicating very well and the running between the wickets has been iffy. Having said that, it is surprising to see Kohli play the sweep shot well.



Kohli has reached his half-century. He edged one through the slips and it was almost saved by Nathan Lyon. As he pulled it back, his hand had touched the ropes. A good innings by Kohli as he raises his bat to the dressing room.


Michael Clarke seems to have injured himself. He ran in to field the ball and missed it. He soon clutched his hamstring. He looks in pain. The physio is out and Clarke is hobbling off the field. This does not look good. Vijay then gets width and he cuts Lyon through point for a four. He pads the ball off the next and there is an appeal, that is turned down. Replays show it would have clipped the stumps.


Kohli sweeps Lyon for a four. These two are batting very well. Kohli is moving to his fifty. During this innings, he has completed his 2,000 Test runs. They are also rotating strike to keep the tempo going.
Murali Vijay has got his second fifty of the game. This has been an excellent knock by Vijay.
Mitchell Johnson begins after lunch and Vijay is happy leaving those probing deliveries outside the off-stump. He is also swaying out of the way to deliveries that are short. Vijay gets a single and then Kohli pushes through mid-wicket for a couple.

Peter Siddle continues. Watson bowling at the other end. Kohli has looked by far the best Indian batsman of the match. Vijay has been shaky, but he’s in his 40s now. The calling has been just a bit off in the last couple of overs. Vijay has wanted a few singles and has been turned down by Kohli. Steven Smith to bowl the penultimate over before lunch. Ends with a rank long hop that Kohli swipes away for one. Lyon to bowl the last over before the lunch. Kohli on strike. One to start the over. Vijay misses the sweep. And now pads up. Another appeal for caught at short-leg, but that’s off the pad. So India finish at 105/2.

Shane Watson is into the attack and he strays on Vijay’s pad, who glides it down to third-man for a four. Finally, we have a boundary here. India are being very patient now and are knocking it around.
Not much happening. Vijay had taken his eyes off a short ball to Johnson and it had hit him on the gloves. Johnson is trying to bowl short to Vijay and he is swaying out of the way.
There is a bit of a sledge out there with Kohli walking in. So far, the Indian captain hasn’t said anything. With Lyon on, Kohli sweeps for a four. He then goes back and plays it through the off-side for a single. Kohli is using his feet nicely so far. Mitchell Johnson has been brought back into the attack. Johnson has pitched it short and Kohli has pulled it through mid-wicket for a four. He has controlled it well, seeing it right through and has kept it down with his wrists.


Pujara is gone! He edges one outside the off-stump and is taken by Brad Haddin. Lyon finally breaks through. pujara has to go back after looking very positive. Virat Kohli is out there and he gets off the mark with a single first ball. Later in the over, Vijay gets three with a sweep.
OUT! M Vijay 25 (70)
Nathan Lyon is back after lunch and Pujara plays out a maiden. However, he goes onto the backfoot and is hit on the pads. There is a loud appeal again and he has been given not out. An intense contest going on between the two sides.

Have a look at this! That was out!


Pujara opens the face of the bat and takes a single first ball. The next ball, Vijay dances down the track and lofts it over long-on for a six. How well was that shot played! He danced down and used his wrists to get it over the field. The next ball, he pads it on the backfoot. However, the umpire is unmoved despite the appeal. That is a mistake by the umpire. Vijay was on the backfoot and had padded it. The ball would have crashed into the stumps.
Murali Vijay gets into the act now. Harris pitches it wide and Vijay drives it through cover for a four. Later, it is closer to his body and Vijay opens the face of the bat and guides it through gully for a four. How well was that played?
Pujara has now got his stride. he drives Ryan Harris for a four through the off-side. Later, he comes down the track and hits Lyon down the ground for a four. Lyon is back on and Pujara smashes it through the off-side. He repeats the shot as he rocks back and smashes it again. What a great shot! Pujara has now moved into the 20s and has started to look good.


Lyon is back on and there is a lot of appealing going on. On one occasion, the ball lobbed back to Lyon off Pujara’s pads and there was a huge appeal. Pujara then padded one way outside off and another appeal. This will be a regular feature.

What does the master of run-chases have to say about this? Here is VVS Laxman’s take:


Nathan :Lyon is into the attack as early as the eighth over. He spins one in to Pujara, who was shaping to play it through the off-side but then flicked it through leg. Vijay then gets a couple more. There is turn on offer early for Lyon. Vijay shapes to sweep, but it hits his bat and fals right there. Vijay then plays it to the leg-side for a single.

As Dhawan’s dismissal was iffy, the DRS debate has already started on the social media. Here is what Harsha Bhogle has to say:


Was Dhawan out? Have a look at this



Dhawan is gone! Johnson surprised him with a short one and he was trying to get out of the way. There was a deflection before it was taken by Haddin down the leg-side. But, replays show that the ball hit the shoulder. Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in the middle and he solidly blocks a few. He then gets off the mark with a couple down the ground.
OUT! S Dhawan 9 (8)
Mitchell Johnson starts off as Murali Vijay takes strike. The first over is a maiden. Ryan Harris bowls the second and sprays it over the place. India get four for that. It is very unlike Harris to bowl a wayward line.

Australia have declared.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of fifth day of the first Test match between Australia and India at Adelaide. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match.

Australia finished on a score of 290 for the loss of five wickets at the end of the fourth day of play, with Steven Smith and Brad Haddin batting on scores of 52 and 14 respectively. The hosts managed to extend their lead to 363, mainly due to the efforts of Smith and David Warner, who scored his second consecutive century. While Australia lost opener Chris Rogers with just 38 runs on the board, Warner and Shane Watson managed to consolidate on the score, adding 102 runs for the second wicket.

Skipper Michael Clarke, who scored 128 in the first innings, was dismissed on a disappointing score of seven, facing 20 deliveries in the process. Mitchell Marsh decided to play some of the big shots towards closing stage of the day, scoring 40 runs in just 26 balls, including four boundaries and three sixes. Marsh was dismissed off the bowling of Rohit Sharma five overs before the umpires  called for stumps.


Australia: Michael Clarke (c), David Warner, Chris Rogers, Shane Watson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon.

India: Virat Kohli (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Rohit Sharma, Karn Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Varun Aaron, Ishant Sharma.

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