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Shikhar Dhawan’s was the only Indian wicket to fall on Day Two © Getty Images

Dec 27, 2014

Catch the Live Scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of the third Test between India and Australia

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That would have to count as a session won for India. They lost one wicket, but managed to score 108 runs after Australia massacred them for 530. In case you missed the match, you can read Nishad Pai Vaidya’s day report here.

Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara have batted really well here, they haven’t scored too many runs since Shikhar Dhawan’s dismissal, but they have clamped down and played almost chanceless cricket. Vijay especially has maintained his impressive form and scored his third fifty of the series, while Pujara is batting with great concentration. If they can continue this way, India will be very well served indeed. Pujara is showing a bat as straight as an expressway, while Vijay has chanced his arm occasionally.

India managed to put on over 50 runs for the opening wicket for the second innings in a row, but were unable to maintain that for long, as Dhawan hung his bat out having scored 28. Vijay was solid at the other end, as India lost their first wicket for 55. Pujara walked in at No. 3 with a huge task ahead of him.

The news coming in from the MCG is that David Warner was struck on the forearm while batting in the nets, and might not bat in the second innings, if there is one.




Here’s Mitch again, bowling to Pujara. Finds the outside edge, but it was played with soft hands and goes all along the ground down third man for four through the slips. That’s the 100 up for India! Curiously, Mohammed Shami is padded up, and will be the nightwatchman should a wicket fall. India would be hoping he doesn’t need to use his long handle today. Lyon again. Probably the penultimate over of the day. Vijay goes over midwicket for four! Takes a single off the next ball, and Pujara keeps out the next three. What a shot! Final over now. Mitch to bowl it. Dot ball. And another. Five dots in the over. Last ball of the day. And a maiden over to end the day. India have done quite well, they end the day at 108 for one.



Last few overs before stumps now. Lyon bowling to Vijay, who’s batting on 47. Misses a sweep, loud appeal, but it struck him way outside off. Sweeps again, this time gets one. Slightly short, nicely played through point by Pujara. Vijay sweeps yet again, this time he gets two and reaches a hard-fought half-century. Once again, he got to the landmark without realising it. He hadn’t noticed his 100 in the last match either!



Lyon comes on. Nicely played by Pujara, he steps out and drives this away for three. And takes a couple here. One more, so six runs off that over. Here comes Mitch now, for a late burst in the day. Good over, he beats Vijay’s bat. Johnson continues, and bowls a maiden over to Pujara. Another good over.







Hazlewood manages to induce the edge from Pujara but Haddin can’t hold on to it behind he stumps. In his defense though, Pujara played it well; he used soft hands. Might have gone differently had he jabbed at it with hard hands. Pujara survives to fight another day. Vijay meanwhile in the 40s.





Vijay has once again looked set for a big one. Pujara has looked good and has absorbed a lot of deliveries. Hazlewood and Lyon bowling in tandem here. The match is in an even state. Heavily in favour of Australia obviously, but India are holding level with the bat at the moment. Vijay started well in England before fading away after the first two Tests, he hasn’t looked like fading out here.



Vijay continues to look solid, while Pujara is batting nicely. India need to really dig deep here. If they manage to hold out till the end of day’s play without losing a wicket, they will consider it a job well done. That said, the way things have gone this series India will probably lose five wickets in the morning session. One can always hope though.



Ryno continues. Nicely played by Vijay, he gets three more. Encouraging signs for India. AND RYNO STRIKES! Dhawan pokes at one and edges it to the skipper at slip! In walks Cheteshwar Pujara, who scored a useful 43 in the last match. He is long overdue to score a big hundred though!
OUT! S Dhawan 28(51) c Smith b Harris



Harris and Hazlewood bowling in tandem. India meanwhile inching closer to that 50-run mark. If they manage to do so without losing a wicket, it will be first time since 2011 that India have added over 50 twice in the same overseas Test series. Here’s Watto. Oh lovely shot from Dhawan, he greets him with a boundary! And hits another boundary off the last ball to make it 52 for no loss!



Vijay and Dhawan have done really well here. They are both looking steady. Dhawan especially has managed to hold off the streaky shots. He has used his feet well and left nicely. Both men have got India off to decent starts throughout the series. They must convert the 30-40 into a big one here.



Mitch continues. Single for Dhawan. Oh lovely flick of his pads there, four more for Vijay! Outside edge there, but deliberately played for four to third man. Here comes Josh Hazlewood now, so Ryno off the attack after just two overs. Nicely played through covers, that will be three for Dhawan. Excellent start for India, both openers have looked very good. India will hope they can continue on their way.


Here comes Ryno, bustling in. And he bowls a maiden to Dhawan. Mitch continues. Oh lovely shot from Vijay! Four runs there. And another dot ball now. Good start for India. Ryno again. Oh lovely cover drive from Dhawan! He gets four as well. Nicely played down the ground again, two more. Single off the inside edge.


Mitchell Johnson opens the bowling now. Good leave to start with. Another good leave. And a single. Dhawan on strike now. Defends. Just a single, good running.

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Ashwin continues, and Smith nearly takes out the umpire! Four more, down the ground. And again, but this time Ashwin manages to stop it. It will go down as a dropped catch, but really that’s actually a good stop. Oh horrible ball, terrible one! Full toss, Smith steps out and smashes it away through the off side. Reverse sweep this time, four more! This is the stuff of nightmares for India. Umesh now. Only six runs off the over. And now Shami comes on. Smith in the 190s. Short ball, very strange pull shot from Smith. One run. And now Lyon hammers this one for four over mid-off. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Shami cleans up Lyon for 11, and that’s the end of the over. Umesh now. AND HE’S BOWLED HIM! Smith departs eight runs off short of a double ton!
OUT! N Lyon 11(15) b Shami, S Smith 192(305) b Umesh


Umesh continues. And Smith crashes the first ball over midwicket for four. Takes a couple off the next ball. Now a single. Three dot balls to Lyon. Ashwin continues. And Smith launches him into the long-on boundary for a colossal six! He was on only one leg when he hit that one. Australia closing in on 500. Umesh again. Short, wide, four. Story of the day. Smith up to 175! Lyon swings his bat a bit, but no runs.

Ishant continues. Smith gets to his 150, the second of the series for him, and his first as captain. These two have put on 100 runs as well. And now Ryno hits Ashwin for his first six! Oh and Ashwin strikes immediately after that. Ryno LBW for 74! In walks Nathan Lyon at No. 10. Can he get a 50 as well? The Indian bowlers will certainly help him to.
OUT! R Harris 74(88) LBW b Ashwin



Here’s Ishant now. Three runs off the over. Ryno pulled one in the air, but there was no fine-leg so he is fine. Ashwin again. Four runs off the over. Ishant continues. And is that Ryno’s fifty? He’s celebrating! Hang on, it was off his pads, so he stays on 49. Ashwin again. Smith steps out and hits him down the ground, but it’s cut off by the fielder. Another single, so Harris on strike batting on 49. And there it is, a legitimate 50 this time, his third in Tests.



Ashwin continues. Just two runs off that over. Again, he is keeping things really right. Shami again. And Ryno drives one down the ground with the elegance of an opening batsman! Sunil Gavaskar wonders which number Harris is batting on commentary. Ashwin continues. And Ryno hits the first four off Ashwin this session. Slightly short, and Ryno cuts this away! The partnership is worth over 50 now, and Harris has dominated by far! And four more runs for Ryno, another late cut. And a third boundary off Ashwin in the over! Ryno racing away to a half-century here!

Shami comes on now. Harris cracks one down the ground for four more runs! Six runs off that over. Ashwin to continue. Two more to Ryno, he has batted really well here. Shami will continue. Three runs off that over. Australia just smothering India here.



Umesh again. Oh good shot again from Harris, that’s three runs through point. Five off that over. Ashwin again. And he gives just one run from that over, which makes it one run from three overs this session! Umesh continues. India would dearly like an economical over from him. Just one for Smith off the first five balls, but Umesh drops the sixth one short and Ryno smashes it over midwicket for four! Ashwin continues. This is 400 for Australia as well. Ashwin continues. Single to Smith. Ryno shows commendable defence here! Again just one off that over.


Ashwin starts proceedings after lunch. Steven Smith on strike. And he starts off with a maiden over. He really has bowled well. Umesh continues now. Two more runs for Harris. And another single to end with. Good over. Ashwin continues. Another maiden, good start from India after lunch.

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Shami continues. Bowls a slow, short ball, and Ryno pulls it away for four. And now he plays a wonderful cut through cover-point and they run four. Ryno looking really good. Nine runs off that over. Poor bowling again from Shami. Ashwin again. Another tight over, just one run. Probably the last over before lunch now. Shami will bowl it. Starts off bowling on the batsman’s pads. Ryno on strike now. Just three runs off that over, so Australia win the session handsomely, reach 389 for seven at lunch.


Ashwin again. AND HE GETS HIS MAN! Ashwin takes Johnson, huge wicket for India just before lunch. He stepped out to go over long-on, missed it completely, and Dhoni whips off the bails. In walks Ryan Harris at No. 9. What can Ryno do? Remaining unbeaten at lunch will be good enough for Australia. Ashwin remains India’s bowler of the innings.
OUT! M Johnson 28(37) st Dhoni b Ashwin

Ashwin finally into the attack. He was by far India’s best bowler yesterday. Just one off his first over of the day. Ishant continues. Short ball outside leg, and four down fine leg. Eight runs off that over. Ashwin again. Just two runs off the over. And now Shami comes on. India’s worst bowler of the match, and their most successful one! Starts well, no run. Oh good shot from Mitch, he whacks this down mid-on for four! Oh beautiful shot this time, four through covers! And the ball has lost its shape as well.

Umesh again. Good ball to start off with, goes past the outside edge there! Oh good ball again, that’s struck Smith in the box, and he’s down now. That’s a maiden over, and a rare one at that. Ishant continues. Nicely played by Smith, that’s three. Another no ball. Six runs off that over. Umesh to continue. Short ball, and Mitch pulls this for four! Oh WHAT A SHOT! Johnson plays the shot of the morning, driven down the ground with authority! And another short ball, when will they learn? Ishant continues.

So out of nowhere, Mohammed Shami — perhaps the least impressive bowler of the day — takes a wicket! In walks Mitch Johnson. Luckily for India, Rohit Sharma isn’t playing, so there’s no one to rile him up. Umesh continues. He’s bowling short, but at a good pace, and well-directed too. Oh dear, that’s struck Johnson on his shoulder. Good over from Umesh. Shami continues. Oh run-out opportunity, and Shami fluffs it by letting it go. Had he collected it, Johnson would have been in trouble!




Shami comes back into the attack now. And he doesn’t bowl a short ball! Oh poor ball, that’s down fine leg for four. Smith gets to 2,000 Test runs with that boundary as well! Into his 90s too. Smith currently averages over 230 this series. Umesh continues after drinks. The first hour has belonged to Australia. And again he drops it short. Needless to say, Smith pulls it for four. That’s the 100 partnership for this pair. Shami into the attack now. And Smith gets four off the first ball, he now has three hundreds this series! There is absolutely nothing he can do wrong right now. It was a terrible ball too, full and on the pads, to a man on 96! India fast losing the session. And another poor ball on his pads, that’s another boundary! Oh and Haddin is out! Against the run of play!
OUT! B Haddin 55(84) c Dhoni b Shami


Umesh Yadav comes into the attack now. Will we see more short balls? Good over, he has pitched it just short of a length, but that is where he usually bowls. No boundaries off that over, which is a good thing for India! Ishant again. India have abandoned the short-ball tactics. Smith gets four more though, this time past gully. And a single off the last ball. Umesh continues, and Smith drives him through covers for four! Australia are past 300 now.



Ishant continues. Single to Smith first ball. Oh shot! Ishant over-pitches this time, and Haddin just smacks this over mid-off for another boundary! And this one is down third-man. Move over, Steven Smith, Brad Haddin is India’s main threat this morning! And he gets his half-century now with a single.


Mohammed Shami continues from the other end. That’s three for Smith off the first ball, well played. Nicely bowled on that occasion, he’s pushing Haddin on the back foot. Oh dear, short again, and Haddin pulls this sagely past fine leg for four. Ishant comes ’round the wicket as well. Good ball to start with. And again, but this one is another no-ball. Three runs off that over. Shami again. Short again. Four again. Unless Shami cranks it up he’s not going to take any wickets at that pace. And again, short and four. Shami comes back over the wicket. Same result though, it was a bit wide, and this time it’s a terrific shot for four. Haddin into the 40s, 12 runs off that over.


Ishant Sharma to start proceedings on Day Two. Ishant starts the day with a no-ball. Hopefully that won’t be the trend for the rest of the morning. Three runs come off that over, and Australia are away.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Day Two of the third Test between India and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Saturday. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will be bringing you live updates from the day’s play.

Australia reached a total of 259 for five after winning the toss on Day One in the third Test against India played at MCG on Friday. Steven Smith, the captain of the Australian team emerged as the top performer for his side as he remained unbeaten on 72 with Brad Haddin who was batting on 23. For the visitors, Mohammad Shami was the most successful bowler as he claimed two wickets after conceding 55 runs.

Umesh Yadav also picked up two wickets for India but was tad expensive as he went away for 69 runs. Joe Burns was making his debut for Australia was dismissed after registering 13 runs. He was dismissed by Yadav when he tried was caught by MS Dhoni behind the stumps.

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