Ajinkya Rahane (left) and Virat Kohli © Getty Images
Ajinkya Rahane (left) and Virat Kohli added a crucial 262 runs © Getty Images

Dec 28, 2014

Catch Live Scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of the third Test between India and Australia

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Virat Kohli was dismissed off the final ball of the day for a sensational 169, while Ajinkya Rahane scored a tremendous 147. The duo put on 262 golden runs, but India suffered a collapse after that. First KL Rahul, and then MS Dhoni were dismissed early, as India slumped to 430 for six. The Kohli-Rahane partnership had yielded over 250 runs for India, as the visitors overcame a poor start against Australia on Day Three of the third Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday. Australia took the new ball as soon as it was due, and the drama soon unfolded after lunch. Kohli and Mitchell Johnson were involved in an on-field spat after Johnson threw the ball back at Kohli after his delivery. The two had harsh words with each other. However, after that things seemed to cool down between the two.

Kohli started well after tea, hitting Johnson for three boundaries in three balls. Nathan Lyon finally got the breakthrough, getting Rahane LBW for a scintillating 147. Lyon then had KL Rahul caught at short fine-leg, going for an ugly slog on debut, while Dhoni edged Ryan Harris to Brad Haddin. He got another wicket when Ravichandran Ashwin gave him a return catch. Kohli was out off the final ball of the day, edging Johnson to Haddin. Harris also took the first wicket of the morning when he dismissed Pujara second ball, caught brilliantly by Brad Haddin. Shane Watson then dismissed Vijay after he had done all the hard work and had got set. Vijay suffered a lapse in concentration and played a loose cut shot that was duly taken by Shaun Marsh at slip.


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Mitch Johnson back into the attack. OH SHOT! Kohli and Johnson having a lovely little battle here, he smacks this one down the ground. Oh and a cheeky little kiss from Kohli to Mitch! Johnson grins back, good to see that there’s no bad blood between them. Kohli takes another single. Shami keeps out the rest of the balls. Good stuff all-round. Kohli on strike, Lyon to bowl. Defended first-up. And another dot ball. Single again. Shami to face the last ball. And he defends it well. So final over of the day coming up now. Mitch to Kohli one last time today. Slower ball, and defended. Five balls remain in the day. OH HE’S GONE! Johnson sends one wide, Kohli chases it, and Haddin pulls off another blinder, that’s his second excellent catch of the day. And as it has happened so often, Kohli gets out against the run of play just as India looks in command. India go to stumps at 462 for eight, trailing by 68.
OUT! V Kohli 169(272) c Haddin b Johnson







Last burst of the day now. Hazlewood comes on. Shami on strike. And a dot ball. He takes a single there. Dot ball for Kohli. Another single, last ball of the over now. Can Shami keep the ball out? And Shami keeps it out. Well played. Johnson again. And Kohli looks to go over cover. Just gets one, off the first ball though. He wasn’t in control of that. Shami on strike. Goes past the edge. Oh dear, Mitch misfields off his own bowling. Gifts a run to Shami. Another dot. Two balls remain in the over. Defended resolutely. Last ball now. And Kohli looks to smash this down the ground, but can’t get the ball past the fielder. India trail by 78 runs now. Lyon in now. And Shami cuts this away for three. Good shot! Kohli smacks this down the ground, nearly takes out Kumar Dharmasena! He tumbles over but survives unscathed. Just one after all the effort. Shami plays out the rest of the over.



Here’s Harris. OH HE’S GONE! Ashwin plays this one back to Ryan Harris, who takes it after juggling for a while. In walks Mohammed Shami. Outside edge, but it drops short of gully. He leaves this one now. And a good defence there. Short ball, Shami lets it pass. Good over from Harris. Watto continues, Dhoni on strike. Dot ball to start with. Oh lovely shot, it really was well struck! But unfortunately it hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end. Just a run. Shami on strike now. Short and wide, and Shami cuts it away for four! Not very elegant, but certainly effective! Dot ball to end with. Mitch again. Dot ball to Kohli. Plays away from the body, but no run. Another dot ball. And this one is four! Smashed by Kohli. And he goes over covers for four more off the last ball!
OUT! R Ashwin 0(4) c&b Harris









Here’s Harris. One for Dhoni. And another single for Kohli. Watto again. And it’s a maiden over to Kohli. Ryno again. AND HE STRIKES! Dhoni flashes outside the off stump and he edges behind! In walks Ashwin. He had said in the press conference yesterday that India would be targetting 650. India would be happy to get 500 at this stage! Watto again. And Kohli punches this through midwicket for four! That’s his 150! Maiden score of over 150 in Tests, and only his fifth time in First-Class cricket.  He remains India’s last hope here, and this partnership with Ashwin will be key for India! Ryno again.
OUT! MS Dhoni 11(23) c Haddin b Harris





Hazlewood again. Dhoni is the new man in for India, but Kohli is on strike. Just a single there. Dhoni now. And no runs for the rest of the over. Lyon now. And just a single to Kohli. Dhoni doesn’t score a run again. Here’s Big Mitch Johnson again. Another run to Kohli. Oh outside edge but Dhoni is safe. And he finally takes a single now. Lyon continues. Dhoni leans so far forward he splits almost completely! No run. And now he sweeps, four more runs! Lovely shot! And now Dhoni takes three more runs to end the over.







Josh Hazlewood again. Kohli on strike. And it’s a dot ball to start with. And another. Three dots in a row. And now a single, so KL Rahul on strike. And he offers a straight bat. Nicely played. Last ball of the over. Oh on his pads, but Rahul misses out. Lyon continues. Another single. Oh and he’s gone. NO HE’S DROPPED! Oh dear, this is a most un-Australian fielding performance. Rahul survives and he gets a couple. Oh dear what has he done! Rahul, having survived a dropped catch, goes for a slog and finds the leading edge. Lyon gets his man!
OUT! KL Rahul 3(8) c Hazlewood b Lyon







Lyon to continue. Kohli picks up a single. Rahane on strike, and that’s four more runs through covers! Rahane brings up 250-runs for the partnership as well. This pair has done some excellent work. Another single to Rahane. Kohli tucks the ball away for a single to end the over. Here’s Hazlewood. Dot ball to Kohli to start with. Oh lovely shot again! He leans into this drive, and Kohli gets three more runs. Rahane plays this one nicely, but right back to the bowler. No run. Drifts down the leg side, and Rahane takes another single. Kohli on strike. And another single. Lyon again. Single to Kohli off the first ball. Oh Rahane goes for a cut, misses the ball. FOUR more! Swept through square leg. Goes for another sweep, and misses. Australia appeal, and the finger goes up! RAHANE LBW! What an innings though! The debutant makes his way to the middle. First ball in international cricket for KL Rahul. And he’s off the mark immediately!
OUT! A Rahane 147(171) LBW b Lyon





Mitch again. Single to Kohli to start off. Another one to Jinks. Fully forward while defending, is Kohli. And another front-foot defence. One run to mid-on, quick single. Lyon continues. Good shot from Kohli again, down the ground but just one. India have done brilliantly this session, they have been scoring at nearly six runs an over since tea. Rahane defends. Oh good ball from Lyon, but Rahane plays it late. And now plays another one through covers, he takes two more runs. Josh Hazlewood continues now. Kohli on strike. And he drives one through covers for a single. Short ball, and wide, Rahane slashes this one through point for four more runs. And another single now. Kohli takes one more. Rahane leaves this one. First dot ball of the over too. Final delivery coming up. And it’s another dot to end the over.





Excellent last over, that. Kohli has come out after tea looking like the man who started the day. Here’s Harris. Quick single off the first ball. Nicely played by Rahane as well, that’s one more run. And another sneaky single, India are churning the strike nicely. Defended by Kohli. Nicely done. That was the 100th over of the innings too. And here’s Mitch. WHAM! Short ball, and Rahane clubs this over midwicket for four more runs. And another short ball, tries to pull, but goes straight to the fielder. Nicely bowled by Mitch. Rahane batting quite beautifully here. Oh lovely shot once again! What batting we are witnessing here. Rahane plays a wonderful off-drive for another boundary. AGAIN! Short, pull, four! Mitch has now been hit for six boundaries in 12 balls! India trailing by 158. Here’s Lyon now. Dot ball to start with. And Kohli picks up a couple more. And another single. Easy runs here for Kohli and Rahane! One more down fine leg. And another single. Nicely dabbed by Rahane for two more runs.





Here’s Ryno Harris to start off after tea. Dot ball to begin with. And another. It’s a maiden over in the end. Good start from Ryno. Here’s Mitch. Rahane daps it past point for three more runs. Great work. Dot ball to Kohli. And another dot. Single off the last ball. Ryno continues. Dot ball to Kohli. And another. One more. And now Kohli finds the gap, three more. Nicely played again. India have started well after tea. Mitch again. Short ball, and Kohli pulls this away for four more! This will be the 200 for the partnership! Short ball again, same shot, same result, four more runs! And another short ball, and yet another boundary! Kohli taking Mitch on after tea, and doing brilliantly! And now a dot ball. Oh he just leans into this one, three more. Kohli batting like a dream after tea!









Josh Hazlewood comes on now from the other end. Kohli defends. Dot ball. He leaves it now. Another dot ball, Kohli looking distinctly uncomfortable, he really needs to pull himself together. Ends the over with a leave, so it’s a maiden. Watto back into the attack. One to Rahane. Kohli takes a couple. And one more now. Oh wonderful shot through covers for four more runs! Hazlewood continues. One to midwicket. Short ball, and Rahane pulls this away for yet another boundary! He was in his 80s when Kohli was in his 90s. Kohli still in his 90s and Rahane has got to 111! Here’s Lyon. Kohli on 98. AND THERE IT IS! Kohli hits another century in this series, it’s his fourth one in this country! Hazlewood bowls the last over before tea. And it’s just a single off it. So India go to tea at a very comfortable 336 for three, but they are still 194 runs behind Australia’s 530.





Mitch Johnson to Rahane. Just the one run off the pull. It’s the 150 of the stand as well. Short ball to Kohli, he goes for a pull but gets a top-edge. It lands safely, but Kohli is looking absolutely shaky here. He needs to really buckle down here. Rahane gets another couple through point. That brings up India’s 300 too. And a single off the last ball. Here’s Ryno. One to Rahane. Kohli takes a single. And Rahane goes over slips for another boundary! Good but risky shot. Mitch again. Kohli on strike. Another short ball, and finally Kohli ducks. Quick single. Another one for Rahane. Two for Kohli. Watto again. Rahane on 97. AND THERE IT IS! That’s a superb ton from Rahane, he becomes the only Indian batsman to score hundreds in every country he has played in this year. He gets there with a slightly streaky shot, but he won’t mind that.







Mitch continues after drinks. No run to start with. Oh dear, what happened there! Kohli played it back to Mitch, who threw the ball back at him! Johnson apologises immediately, but Kohli clearly not amused. Yes, he’s really not taking it well, tries to go for a big booming drive, and misses it completely. He gets four off the final ball, but it was another streaky shot. Johnson and Kohli have a word, and it doesn’t seem like its a kind one. Meanwhile, Rahane is playing a quiet beauty at the other end. Harris continues. Nicely played, but no run. Oh beautiful straight drive! Four runs down the ground for Rahane. Johnson continues to Kohli. Edged and DROPPED! Kohli gets a chance! He needs to calm down here, Mitch has clearly ruffled his feathers. He calms down, and plays out a maiden over. Ryno again. BANG! Four through point for Rahane off the first ball. And now he lands one on his pads, four runs down fine leg. Single to end the over, Rahane catching up with Kohli here.







Smith will continue. Ajinkya Rahane on strike. Nicely bowled, and defended by Rahane. Dot ball. Another dot ball. Played back to the bowler that time, another dot. Short ball, but Rahane can’t capitalise, just another single. And Kohli ends the over with one more run. Here’s Lyon, bowing what will probably be the final over with the old ball. Single to Kohli. DROPPED! Rahane gets a reprieve! Lyon dropped this one off his own bowling. He has no one to blame but himself. It was as easy as they come, and he completely fluffed it. Rahane takes a single and gets down to the other end. So Australia take the new ball now, and it’s Big Mitch to bowl. Starts off with three dot balls in a row to Rahane, but sends down a short one which is duly pulled away for three. Good shot from Rahane, he isn’t afraid of going for his shots. Kohli defends the last two. Ryno into the attack now. And it’s a maiden to Rahane. Drinks called now.



Here’s Nathan Lyon again. He has looked largely unthreatening. Dot ball to start with. Rahane defends. And again. Oh Lyon draws him forward, induces an inside edge to midwicket. And another dot ball. It’s a maiden from Lyon. And here’s the captain now. Steven Smith has brought himself on, he’s bowling to the Indian vice-captain. Short ball, Kohli can only manage a single. One more to Rahane, another short ball. And another single. These two are just picking the runs off Smith. Four! Full toss this time, and Rahane drives this smoothly away to the fence. Single. And one more to end the over. Lyon continues. Dot ball to start with. And now a single. Another single. Just two runs off that last over.



Here’s Hazlewood. Dot ball to start with. And another dot. One run to Kohli. Another dot ball. Oh lovely shot from Rahane, that’s three more runs, through mid-off. And a single off the final ball to Kohli. Lyon comes into the attack. Dot ball to Kohli. Another front-foot defence. Another single to Kohli. Dot ball to Rahane. One more dot ball. And a couple of runs to Rahane off the last ball. Watto continues now. And Kohli drives through extra cover, that’s a wonderful shot for four more runs! And three more, he whips this one off his pads. Yorker to Watto, and that’s defended well. Rahane once again gets three more runs off the last ball. Kohli defends off the final ball. Watto has probably bowled the last over of his spell. Hasn’t been a particularly great one.







Watto continues. Kohli on strike. He defends. Now he leaves. And another dot ball there. Good over from Watto so far. And it’s a maiden over, good work by Watto. The batsmen contemplated a single off the last ball but they decided against it in the end. Hazlewood again. Oh dear, short and wide, and Rahane flashes. No run. Another dot ball. And Rahane takes a single that gets him to his half-century! His third in three matches. But he hasn’t gone on to get to three figures yet. And another dot ball. Kohli ends the over without scoring another run. Here’s Watson again. He is bowling his third over after lunch. Perhaps it is time to make a bowling change. Starts with a dot ball. And another dot ball. Rahane defends this. And another dot ball. Oh superb shot, four runs through point! And another dot ball to end the over with. India have started really well after lunch.







Welcome back to the post-lunch session. Josh Hazlewood takes the ball, Ajinkya Rahane on strike. And it’s a dot ball to begin the session, Rahane defends. Well left by Rahane there. And another leave. Short ball, Rahane pulls, gets two. Not the most convincing of shots. Two runs off that over. Watson comes on from the other end now. Kohli on strike. Dot ball first up. Played to midwicket, but no run. Oh nicely played, he’ll get two tight runs. And again Watto wanders onto the pads, that’s nicely played by Kohli and they will get three more runs. Dot ball to Rahane to end with. Hazlewood again. And Kohli plays it nicely through point, he hit it into the ground. Three runs off that one. Rahane on strike now. Dot ball. Oh lovely flowing drive from Rahane, but he can’t find the gap. Short ball, Rahane pulls, and four more runs! He moves on to 49.


In case you missed out on any of the action from the morning session, you can read Nishad Pai Vaidya’s lunch report here.




Here’s Big Mitch for a final burst before lunch. Rahane reaches out and gets three runs off the first ball. It was risky, but well-played in the end. Kohli drives this well down the ground, but right back at Johnson. No run. Defended resolutely there by Kohli, another dot. Nicely played off his hips for a couple of runs there. Short ball, but not too quick. That’s two more for Kohli. And he hits four through third man to bring up his fifty! Expensive over there from Mitch! Here’s Lyon again. Rahane on strike. Dot ball to start with. And another. Lyon bowling a tight over here. And it’s a maiden, the first one in a while. Here’s Mitch again. Oh shot! Superb shot! Kohli drives this one down the ground for another boundary. And this one is just outside the off stump, Kohli cuts it fine for four more. It was a risky shot, but Kohli backs himself. Nicely defended there by Kohli. And again, defended off the back foot. Probably the last over before lunch now. Lyon to bowl it. Single down to fine leg for Rahane. Defended off the front foot. Another single. And one run to end the over. So India head to lunch at 224 for three, with Kohli and Rahane having added 77.



Kohli and Rahane have added some useful runs here, but it will be of no use if either of them gets out this session. India must ensure that this pair stays for as long as needed. The Australian total of 530 is a long way away. India yet to touch 200, and they have lost their top three best batsmen already. Here’s Lyon again. Just one run to Rahane this over. Lyon is bowling well, he isn’t giving anything away here. Ryno continues from the other end. Rahane and Kohli both go for a couple of pulls here. Just two runs off that over, but it not Ryno’s best one yet. The pace has dropped a little. Lyon continues. Kohli gets a single there to mid-on. Short ball there from Lyon, and Rahane goes back and cuts it away for three, it was a good shot and also brings up India’s 200.





Here’s Ryno, back for another spell. Nicely played by Kohli first ball, driven it right back at him, but no run. Well left again by Kohli. Good, quick single there. Dot ball to Rahane. And another dot ball. Here’s Nathan Lyon. Dot ball to start with. Kohli defends. And it’s a maiden over. Good over from Lyon. Kohli has batted well today, and has looked set for a good score. Rahane at the other end is batting well also. Here’s Ryno. Dot ball to start with to Rahane. And now it’s just one. Another single to Kohli. Oh dear, poor ball, that. Ryno bowls one short and outside leg, Rahane pulls it down fine leg for an easy four. Saw a lot of this when Shami and Umesh bowled, not so much when the Australians bowled. And another single to end the over. Good one for India. Rahane starting to creep up on Kohli’s score as well!



Nathan Lyon into the attack now. Kohli defends first ball. Nicely played, quick single there. Rahane on strike now. Oh nicely played through covers for two. OUTSIDE EDGE, but it goes between Haddin and Watto! Rahane must be careful here, he went for a big booming cover drive, the edge went just past Haddin, which is what saved him. SHOT! This one was so much better, punched beautifully down the ground for four more. Here’s Hazlewood again. Kohli on strike. Dot ball. Kohli takes a single now. Dot ball to Rahane, his hand came off the handle while going for that drive. He has got off to a good start, but he needs to settle down. Oh superb shot again, just leans into this drive through covers for four. Last ball now. And he guides this through the vacant gully for another four! Rahane has raced away here. Lyon again. Single to Kohli. Now one to Rahane. And another single for Kohli to end the over, three easy runs off that over.





Hazlewood continues. Kohli on strike. He defends. Another dot ball. And another. Kohli just absorbing these deliveries. It remains a maiden over, and a good one. Kohli has looked the best batsman of the morning. Here’s Watto now. Rahane is one of the streakiest starters in Test cricket, if ever there is a chance to get him out, it’s within his first 10 balls. Once he gets set he is not the easiest batsman to bowl to. Watto bangs one in short, and Rahane pulls this away to get off the mark. Three runs there. Oh lovely shot from Kohli! That’s punched away for another boundary! He has batted really well today. Shane Warne in commentary makes a very interesting point. Kohli has taken an off-stump guard, and is shuffling to the off side every now and then to play it on the leg side. Hazlewood to Rahane. Oh lovely shot from Rahane there! Driven through covers for three. Oh tremendous! Short ball from Hazlewood, and Kohli swivels and pulls it away for a boundary! Well left there. Kohli continues to give India hope. Another single down fine leg. Last ball of the over now. Nicely defended.







Another bowling change now. Josh Hazlewood back into the attack. Vijay on strike. Oh lovely ball to start with, but excellent leave from Vijay. It wasn’t too far away from the off stump. Another leave. Just the single to Vjiay. Dot ball to Kohli. And another. Nicely left again. Good over from Hazlewood, just the one run off that one. Watto continues. Dot ball to start with. Nicely played by Vijay, but he won’t get a run for that. Another dot ball. HE’S GOT HIS MAN! Oh no no no Muarli Vijay what have you done! The first loose shot he has played all innings, goes for a cut shot that just wasn’t there, and edges it to Shaun Marsh in the slips! Vijay out for a well-made 68, but India are in deep trouble now, their most consistent batsman of the series has been dismissed! Ajinkya Rahane walks out to bat at No. 5, he can’t afford to start shakily.
OUT! M Vijay 68(135) c Marsh b Watson





That was a truly exceptional previous over from Mitchell Johnson. And let’s not forget Vijay! Pinged on the helmet, but he didn’t flinch. Harris again now. Dot ball to start wit. Couple of runs for Kohli. And another dot. So just two off that over. Ryno bowls another good one. Kohli plays it well. Now Mitch. SHOT! Lovely cover drive from Vijay once again! Mitch kept him on the back foot in the last over, but the first time he pitched it up to him this over it went for four. Dot ball to follow up. And another dot. Mitch comes ’round the wicket now. Starts with a slower ball outside off. Dot ball again. And another, so just four off that over. Vijay again looking good. Mitch just lost a bit of steam after that ferocious last over. First bowling change of the morning, it’s Shane Watson now. He had troubled Kohli with his swing in the second innings at The Gabba. Oh he isn’t bothered with this one! Driven straight back down the ground, two more runs. Had Watto been quicker it would have been another boundary.









Mitch comes on to bowl again. Kohli on strike. Dot ball to start with, Kohli defends. Another dot ball. Oh beautiful shot from Kohli, drives it away for three more runs. India have started well despite Pujara’s wicket. Dot ball to Vijay. And another dot. He has been happy to just leave balls outside his off stump. Good short ball to end the over, and Vijay doesn’t score. Ryno continues. And so does Kohli! Another punch through covers, four runs more! Kohli batting like a dream here! But Harris is bowling really well. Dot ball, dot ball, dot ball, and Ryno probes away. Another dot ball, this time played away to the leg side. Mitch continues. Short ball, outside edge from Vijay, but it drops well short. It must have really stung his fingers though! Another short ball, and that pounds Vijay on the helmet! Nathan Lyon walks in and inquires after Vijay, but he gives a thumbs up to say he’s okay. Couple of dot balls to follow up. Another short ball, this time Vijay ducks. So it’s a maiden over, but a fiery one from Mitch! Vijay would do well to take a moment out and just breathe for a bit. Excellent cricket so far on Day 3!





Harris to Kohli. Oh what a shot! That was one of the most glorious cover drives you can imagine! Four for Kohli. Harris follows up with a dot ball. Nicely played again by Kohli, he is looking good out there. Short ball, and Kohli ducks. So good over from Harris, but Kohli plays it especially well. Here’s Mitch again, bowling over the wicket. Quick single for Vijay off the first ball, flicked away off his pads. Oh wonderful shot again from Kohli! Driven straight down the ground, and four runs more! One more away to square leg. And four more for Vijay to end the over, but this one was streaky down to third man. Here’s Harris again. Oh good shot again from Kohli, but Harris got a hand to it. Just one. Vijay on strike now. Dot ball. Just the one run off that over. Another good over from Harris.





Ryan Harris starts proceedings for Australia on Day Three. AND HE STRIKES IMMEDIATELY! Cheteshwar Pujara has edged one behind off the second ball of the morning! He just poked at it tentatively, and Brad Haddin has taken an absolute blinder! What a catch this is, truly exceptional! Haddin had dropped one earlier on Day Two, but boy has he made up for that here! He dives full length to his left and plucks it out of the air one-handed. Remember, this man is 37 years old! Josh Hazlewood must be wondering how on Earth Haddin had dropped Pujara yesterday, that one was cakewalk compared to this one! Out walks Virat Kohli, and what a task he has ahead of him! Mitchell Johnson starts from the other end. Vijay on strike. Nicely driven down the ground, he will get three runs for this. Kohli on strike now. Oh well played, that’s through the covers and three more runs. Bouncer to Vijay to end the over.
OUT! C Pujara 25(70) c Haddin b Harris


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Day Three of the third Test between India and Australia at the MCG. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will bring you live updates from the third day’s play. India ended the day at 108 for one after Australia thrashed the Indian bowling for 530. Steven Smith continued to make mincemeat out of India’s bowling as he hammered away to a record-breaking 192. READ: Highlights of Day Two.

Chris Rogers, Shane Watson, Hadin, and Harris hit fifties, but it was Harris’ 74 that truly buried India. He dominated the 106-run stand with Smith as India’s bowlers continued to wilt. Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami leaked runs but also managed to take seven wickets between them. Ravichandran Ashwin was India’s best bowler with three for 134, as Ishant Sharma went wicket-less. India had a forgettable day with the ball, with all four of their front-line bowlers conceding over 100 runs, making it the 26th time this has occurred this year. India allowed the Australian tail to wag yet again on Day Two of the third Test in Melbourne, following an encouraging performance on Boxing Day. This performance perfectly sums up the Indian bowlers’ struggle through 2014. READ: Statistics reflect Indian bowlers’ struggle in 2014.

India had a good first day, but they lost all ground on the second day against Australian tailenders. India have lost the plot on the second and the third days in the past as well, despite dominating early on in the series. READ: India need to learn from their mistakes.


Australia: Steven Smith (c), David Warner, Chris Rogers, Shane Watson, Shaun Marsh, Joe Burns, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harris, Josh Hazlewood, Nathan Lyon.

India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, KL Rahul, Ravichandran Ashwin, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami.

Catch Live Scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of the third Test