Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first One-Day International (ODI) between India and Australia at WACA, Perth. I am Suvajit Mustafi and I will be bringing you over-by-over updates of the match. This is the first of five ODIs of the series and the series will be followed by three T20 International (T20I) series. India will be confident going into the match as they defeated Western Australia XI in the warm-up match couple of days back. All their players spent a lot of time in the middle and will be hoping to produce similar performances and results on this tour as well. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Australia 2015-16, 1st ODI at Perth

Last time India toured Australia for a tri-series, which also included England. India performed horribly in that series, failing to win a single match. India also go into the series at the back of a 2-3 ODI series loss at home at the hands of South Africa. India will have to perform incredibly well against the world champions to win the match and series at their own backyard. लाइव क्रिकेट ब्लॉग, हिन्दी में: भारत बनाम ऑस्ट्रेलिया, पहला एकदिवसीय, वाका, पर्थ में

This is the highest run-chase at the WACA, third highest in Australia and fourth highest by Australia and the third highest against India. A lot of records tumbled during this game. The highlights of the game were the knocks played by Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Steven Smith and George Bailey. For the first time, we saw two two hundred run stands in an ODI game. The most impressive debutant was from the losing side. Barinder Sran truly impressed but could have been used better by MS Dhoni. One needs to feel here for Rohit Sharma. This is the third straight international game India has lost when he has scored a ton. It started in a T20I game against South Africa at Dharamsala, then Kanpur and now Perth.

However, Smith for his brilliant 149 has been adjudged the Man of the Match:

Here’s Devarchit Varma’s match report. That’s all from here.

Live cricket score: Australia 310/5 | Overs 49.2| Mitchell Marsh 12(13), James Faulkner 1(1): Smith departs for 149. Sran has picked up his third in the match. Smith chips it straight to Kohli at short cover. Faulkner the new man in and he seals it with a single. Australia have won by five wickets. OUT! Steven Smith c V Kohli b B Sran 149 (135)

Live cricket score: Australia 308/4 | Overs 49| BATTING:  Steven Smith 149(134), Mitchell Marsh 12(13): Four from the Umesh over and Australia need two to win from the final over.

Live cricket score: Australia 304/4 | Overs 48| BATTING:  Steven Smith 148(131), Mitchell Marsh 10(10): Bhuvi begins with two dots. Smith punches the third one behind point for three. Smith inches closer to his maiden 150.

Live cricket score: Australia 298/4 | Overs 47| BATTING:  Steven Smith 144(127), Mitchell Marsh 8(8): Umesh comes into the attack. He has bowled well today but hasn’t been very lucky. Also the surface has been too batting friendly and that hasn’t helped. Wasim Akram just mentioned it in the commentary box that this is the best best batting surface he has seen at WACA — once known to be a paradise for fast bowlers. Five runs comes from the Umesh over. Australia need 12 more to win from 3 overs.

Live cricket score: Australia 287/4 | Overs 45| BATTING:  Steven Smith 137(120), Mitchell Marsh 4(3): Sran to bowl his ninth over. Marsh gets a three and Smith is on strike and he places that through backward point for a boundary. 13 runs from this over. Match slipping away from India.

Live cricket score: Australia 274/4 | Overs 44| BATTING:  Steven Smith 129(116), Mitchell Marsh 0(1): Maxwell misjudges one and that’s gone up in the air. Dhawan takes a comfortable catch. Another wicket for India but maybe just too late. OUT! Glenn Maxwell c Shikhar Dhawan b R Ashwin 6 (6)

Live cricket score: Australia 264/3 | Overs 42| BATTING:  Steven Smith 126(111), Glenn Maxwell 0(0): Ashwin gets into the act and Bailey gets caught out at long-off. It’s a very good catch from Bhuvneshwar. OUT! George Bailey c B Kumar b R Ashwin 112 (120)

Live cricket score: Australia 261/2 | Overs 41| BATTING:  Steven Smith 124(108), George Bailey 112(117): Sran bowls a seven-run over and now Jadeja is brought into the attack. Third ball of the over and Smith hits it straight down the ground for a six and now the fifth ball is bowled short and Smith cuts it through backward point for a four. Australia need 49 from 9 overs.

Live cricket score: Australia 242/2 | Overs 39| BATTING:  Steven Smith 108(100), George Bailey 109(113): Smith gets a single and that’s his hundred. A captain’s knock indeed. Next ball is short from Umesh and Bailey smacks it past point for four. Fifth ball: Smith moves towards leg and plays it straight, using the crease brilliantly and it beats Ashwin and mid-on for a boundary. Last ball of the over, he swings it hard and gets a thick inside edge for another boundary. It’s 14 from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 228/2 | Overs 38| BATTING:  Steven Smith 99(96), George Bailey 104(111): So the 200-run partnership comes up between Smith and Bailey. First time in ODI history, we have witnessed two two-hundred plus stands in a match. India are giving away easy runs. First a pull for a boundary and then a over-throw. He now moves to 99 and the bowler who has picked both the wickets hasn’t bowled for 27 overs now! It continues to surprise me!

Live cricket score: Australia 219/2 | Overs 37| BATTING:  Steven Smith 91(92), George Bailey 103(109): Six from the over from Umesh. Smith moves into 90s as the partnership moves closer to 200. Australia now need 91 runs from 13 overs. India have a task in hand, the thing is that their spinners haven’t bowled well at all. It’s surprising that Dhoni hasn’t used Sran yet. He is the only guy who has picked up wickets and after his first spell, Sran hasn’t been brought back. Agreed that Sran is a death over specialists but this is absurd logic.

Live cricket score: Australia 213/2 | Overs 36| BATTING:  Steven Smith 88(88), George Bailey 101(107): Well played, George Bailey. The overthrow gives him another easy run and that’s his third ODI hundred. It’s another good over from Bhuvi. Only four comes from it.

Live cricket score: Australia 202/2 | Overs 34| BATTING:  Steven Smith 85(82), George Bailey 93(101): Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been brought into the attack. His first spell was pretty good. He completes a rare tight over as only two runs comes of it. Umesh has been brought from the other end.

Live cricket score: Australia 191/2 | Overs 32| BATTING:  Steven Smith 77(75), George Bailey 90(96): Ashwin has been brought back in the attack and once again has gone for runs. Fourth ball of the over, Smith rocks into back-foot and slaps it through covers for a four. Smith inches closer to 80s and Bailey moves into 90s.

Live cricket score: Australia 180/2 | Overs 30| BATTING:  Steven Smith 70(68), G Bailey 86(91): Kohli drops one short and Bailey pulls it for a boundary. Runs keep on coming and now this partnership of over 158 is the best third wicket stand at WACA.

Meanwhile, enjoy the straight six from Smith:


Live cricket score: Australia 168/2 | Overs 28| BATTING:  Steven Smith 67(63), G Bailey 78(84): Virat Kohli has been brought into the attack. Five from the over. Considering the situation in the match, he has done a better job than many. 

Live cricket score: Australia 158/2 | Overs 26| BATTING:  Steven Smith 63(59), G Bailey 72(76): Another expensive over from Ashwin. 19 runs from that over. Bailey welcomes the over with a straight six over long off. Then Smith cuts the fifth ball past point for a four and follows it with a straight six — his first of the match.

Live cricket score: Australia 139/2 | Overs 25| BATTING:  Steven Smith 52(56), G Bailey 65(73): So it’s Smith’s turn now. He gets to his fifty.Jadjea now has given 35 from his 6 overs while Ashwin has given away 30 from four overs.

Live cricket score: Australia 132/2 | Overs 24| BATTING:  Steven Smith 49(53), G Bailey 62(70): Bailey once again gets his reverse sweep right. Brilliantly places it between the two fielders to bring up a boundary. Ashwin hasn’t looked threatening at all. Eight from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 124/2 | Overs 23| BATTING:  Steven Smith 42(45), G Bailey 50(60): The hundred partnership between the two comes up. This partnership may prove to be the game changing one and the highlight has been the fact that both haven’t taken risks. Six singles from the Jadeja over.

Live cricket score: Australia 113/2 | Overs 21| BATTING:  Steven Smith 42(45), G Bailey 50(60): Without any risk the batsmen are easily picking over six runs an over. Jadeja and Ashwin aren’t looking threatening at all. Another over that costs six. Bailey gets to his 50.

Live cricket score: Australia 90/2 | Overs 18| BATTING:  Steven Smith 33(39), G Bailey 37(48): Ashwin comes into the attack after drinks. Second ball is short and wide, Smith plays a square-cut for a boundary. Not a good start for the No.1 ranked Test bowler. Eight from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 82/2 | Overs 17| BATTING:  Steven Smith 27(35), G Bailey 35(46): Umeshs over costs four. India let go another run out opportunity. Kohli misses a direct hit. Australia are steadily recovering Five comes from the Umesh over and it’s drinks.

Live cricket score: Australia 73/2 | Overs 15| BATTING:  Steven Smith 24(31), G Bailey 30(38): Another good over from Umesh as only three comes from it. India should look to pick wickets here as a partnership is building here. Australia bat deep with Faulkner at No.8. Umesh was India’s highest wicket-taker in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Live cricket score: Australia 65/2 | Overs 13| BATTING:  Steven Smith 19(26), G Bailey 28(31):  Umesh starts off well and clocks 140 plus consistently. Three from the over and it’s Jadeja into the attack from the other end.

Live cricket score: Australia 62/2 | Overs 12| BATTING:  Steven Smith 17(23), G Bailey 27(28):  It’s difficult to logically explain why Rohit is bowling ahead of Umesh, Ashwin and Jadeja and Dhoni has paid the price here. Bailey steps out and deposits one in the stands straight down the ground. 11 runs from that over and it’s Umesh into the attack.

Live cricket score: Australia 51/2 | Overs 11| BATTING:  Steven Smith 15(21), G Bailey 18(24):  Sran, who has been impressive so far, now goes for 11 from his sixth over. Bailey pulls through mid-wicket for a four and Sran follows it up with another short one and it gets the same treatment. Umesh Yadav will soon be introduced into the attack. Oh well and it’s Rohit Sharma into the attack. Dhoni once again surprises everyone.

Live cricket score: Australia 40/2 | Overs 10| BATTING:  Steven Smith 13(19), G Bailey 9(20): Full outside off-stump from Bhuvi and Bailey drives it for a four. Bhuvi pulls it back and bowls five dot balls.

Live cricket score: Australia 32/2 | Overs 8| BATTING:  Steven Smith 12(17), G Bailey 2(9): India had almost picked up another wicket here. A close run out missed here. There was a hesitation between the batsmen. Four from the Bhuvi over.

Live cricket score: Australia 28/2 | Overs 7| BATTING:  Steven Smith 9(13), G Bailey 1(8): Sran bowls another good over. Only two runs comes from it. Here’s the nick shown in the snicko-meter.


Live cricket score: Australia 21/2 | Overs 5| BATTING:  Steven Smith 6(7), G Bailey 0(2): Smith pulls the third ball from Sran towards square-leg for a single. And Sran takes another one. Warner departs. He tries to clear the in-field but finds Kohli at mid-off. Young Sran gives Warner a send-off. Not needed, perhaps. The 23-year-old has impressed so far. He almost got his third wicket. That was close as it seemed Bailey gloved the last ball of that over to Dhoni. No given. Tough luck as the young Punjab pacer has been denied a wicket here. OUT! David Warner c V Kohli b B Sran 5 (10)

Live cricket score: Australia 14/1 | Overs 3| BATTING: David Warner 4(6), Steven Smith 1(1): Finch chops that one past off-stump for a lucky four. Sran gets his first international wicket off his first ball! Finch smacks hard straight back to Sran. Captain Steven Smith comes out in the middle. OUT! Aaron Finch c & b B Sran 8 (11)

Live cricket score: Australia 5/0 | Overs 2| BATTING: Aaron Finch 3(8),  David Warner 0(4): Bhuvneshwar Kumar partners Sran. It’s surprising that Bhuvi has been picked ahead of Ishant Sharma because the former came in as a replacement for injured Mohammed Shami. Many felt that Ishant would play ahead of Bhuvi. He starts with four dot balls. Only a run comes from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 4/0 | Over 1| BATTING: Aaron Finch 3(2),  David Warner 0(4): Barinder Sran starts for India and Finch pulls it for two. Sran has impressed in the practice games. He is bowling in mid-130s. Four comes from the first over.

Had MS Dhoni remained not out, this would have been the least number of wickets picked by Australia in an ODI innings. Rohit Sharma’s incredible 171 not out is now the highest score against Australia in Australia. India have clobbered the inexperienced Australian bowling attack. The much talked about Joel Paris gave away 53 from 8 overs while Scott Boland has given away 74 from his 10. India now have the upper hand in this contest and let’s wait and watch how the bowlers deliver here. Australia probably missed out on a spinner here. Read Devarchit Varma’s innings report here.

Live cricket score: India 309/3 | Overs 50| Rohit Sharma 171(163)*, Ravindra Jadeja 8(3): Boland to bowl the last over and that’s not going to be easy here. Rohit looks to sweep that one, top-edges, over the keeper for a six. No, that just bounced inside the ropes, so it’s a four. Boland tries a yorker and misses the mark again. Rohit deposits the low full-toss to the long-on boundary for a maximum. Three singles from the last three and Boland ends it well

Live cricket score: India 295/3 | Overs 49| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 159(159), Ravindra Jadeja 10(5): Faulkner dismisses MS Dhoni courtesy a brilliant catch from Boland, who dives to his right in the mid-wicket to complete it. Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in and he smacks the first ball towards long-on region for a boundary. OUT! MS Dhoni c S Boland b J Faulkner 18 (13)

Live cricket score: India 285/2 | Overs 48| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 157(157),  MS Dhoni 18(12): Boland into the attack and the over concedes two sixes. He brings up his 150. This is his fourth 150 in ODIs. First one, Boland misses the yorker and Rohit deposits the low full-toss into the crowd in the mid-wicket region. Another low full-toss and another six, this time to the wide long-on region.

Live cricket score: India 269/2 | Overs 47| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 143(153),  MS Dhoni 16(10): Now Dhoni goes over long-off and it’s a six. Fifth ball of the over and Rohit plays a scoop for a boundary.

Live cricket score: India 254/2 | Overs 46| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 136(150),  MS Dhoni 9(7): Hazlewood has now bowled out. He has been most impressive out of the Australian bolwers . He finishes with 10-0-41-1. From the other end, it’s Faulkner to continue.

Live cricket score: India 248/2 | Overs 45| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 134(148),  MS Dhoni 5(3): James Faulkner has been brought into the attack. Rohit doesn’t time that well, up in the air and falls between two fielders. Oh no! Kohli departs. Hit it hard, connects it well but find Finch at the long-on boundary. He misses a hundred here. What a knock he has played here! It’s Dhoni and he gets into the act. Pulls it away for a boundary. Six from the Faulkner over. OUT! Virat Kohli c A Finch b J Faulkner 91 (97)

Live cricket score: India 237/1 | Overs 43| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 131(143),  Virat Kohli 88(93):  Kohli slaps the first ball through the covers for four. Wide and then gets another one over the head of covers for a boundary. Kohli looks set for his 24th ODI hundred. Meanwhile, the 200-run partnership comes up between the two. 11 runs from the over.

Live cricket score: India 226/1 | Overs 42| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 130(142),  Virat Kohli 79(88):  Hazlewood to bowl, he has been the most impressive out of the lot. Smart batting from Rohit, he glides it fine of third-man for a boundary. India should at least get 300 from here, meanwhile Kohli has surpassed his highest score at Perth. Six from the over.

Live cricket score: India 216/1 | Overs 40| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 123(136),  Virat Kohli 76(82): Three boundaries in the 40th over from Rohit. He is cutting loose. Full from Boland and Rohit lofts it to mid-on boundary, next ball on pads and it’s flicked for four. Last ball and it’s a full-toss on the pads which Rohit flicks to beat the long-leg. Pretty poor stuff from Boland who has the reputation of being good at death overs.

Live cricket score: India 204/1 | Overs 39| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 111(130),  Virat Kohli 76(82): And India cross 200 with another six from Rohit. It’s full and straight from Paris and Rohit frees his arms and strikes that over long-on for a boundary. Eight from the over.




Live cricket score: India 191/1 | Overs 37| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 102(124),  Virat Kohli 72(76): Kohli glances Paris through fine-leg for a four. Single. Rohit Sharma gets a single and that’s a hundred. It’s his third hundred in Australia, second against them in Australia, fourth overall against them and it’s his ninth overall. Also the 150-plus partnership is up.

Live cricket score: India 182/1 | Overs 36| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 99(121),  Virat Kohli 66(73): Rohit cuts one beautifully but brilliantly stopped by Maxwell at gully. Drives one to move to 99. Kohli gets a single and brings Rohit on strike. Rohit on 99, defends it nicely and another dot ball. It is drinks now.

Live cricket score: India 179/1 | Overs 35| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 98(116),  Virat Kohli 63(70): Paris into the attack and fourth ball Rohit smacks it down the ground, over the bowlers head for a boundary. He moves to 97 and gets a single on the last ball. It has been a supreme exhibition of batting from both these players.

Live cricket score: India 172/1 | Overs 34| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 92(112),  Virat Kohli 63(70): Kohli uppishly cuts Marsh over the gully region for a boundary. Australia need wickets here and even the fortunes seem to be in favour of India. Kohli gets an inside edge past stumps for a single. Seven from the over.

Live cricket score: India 163/1 | Overs 32| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 90(106),  Virat Kohli 56(64): Kohli bring up his 50 with a six. Short from Boland and he pulls it away for a maximum. Kohli’s first fifty against Australia in Australia. Rohit moves into 90s.

Live cricket score: India 154/1 | Overs 31| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 88(104),  Virat Kohli 49(60): Rohit plays an upper-cut off Faulkner for a boundary. India cross the 150-mark. Faulkner is mixing it well and five comes from this over.

Live cricket score: India 143/1 | Overs 29| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 81(95),  Virat Kohli 45(57): Rohit now has the highest score by an Indian at WACA. Can he go ahead and score a hundred? The previous best was Virat Kohli’s 77 against Sri Lanka. This is also the eighth 100-plus partnership between these two in ODIs.

Live cricket score: India 136/1 | Overs 27| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 77(86),  Virat Kohli 40(54): Maxwell continues and Rohit steps out and hoists over the long-off for a six. Beautifully played. Now Kohli gets into the act. Plays a lofted sweep for a boundary. Guess, India have identified the bowler they will target. It has paid off so far. 100 partnership comes up!

Live cricket score: India 122/1 | Overs 26| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 70(83),  Virat Kohli 36(51): Hazlewood is brought back into the attack and three runs comes from it.

Live cricket score: India 114/1 | Overs 24| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 65(76),  Virat Kohli 33(46): Rohit now hoists one over the mid-wicket for a six. Smart shot as he played it with the wind. Good over for India, seven from it.

Live cricket score: India 107/1 | Overs 23| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 57(71),  Virat Kohli 33(44): This is Virat Kohli’s highest score against Australia in Australia. Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack and only a run comes from it.

Live cricket score: India 99/1 | Overs 21| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 55(66),  Virat Kohli 28(38): Short ball angling outside outside off-stump from Faulkner, Rohit looks to pull it and gets an edge over the keeper for a boundary. Rohit gets lucky here as runs keep flowing.

Live cricket score: India 93/1 | Overs 20| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 50(63),  Virat Kohli 27(35): Mitchell Marsh has been brought into the attack. Rohit glides one down the off-stump for a single to bring up his fifty and it has taken his 63-balls. He continues to impress against the Australians. Well played! VVS Laxman commentating says that when he first played at Perth in 1999-00, it was the fastest track he played on but now it isn’t as fast as it used to be. In November, Ross Taylor smacked a 290 in a Test and it came after David Warner’s 253. So batting has been much easier in the recent times.

Live cricket score: India 86/1 | Overs 18| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 46(57),  Virat Kohli 24(29): Boland is bowling pretty straight and now is altering the length. He has impressed so far. Rohit plays one down the leg for a single and it’s 50 partnership for both these batsmen.

Live cricket score: India 82/1 | Overs 17| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 44(54),  Virat Kohli 23(26): It has been two goo overs from Australia. Only four runs have come from the last two overs. End of the 17th over and the umpire have called for drinks.

Live cricket score: India 78/1 | Overs 15| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 42(49),  Virat Kohli 21(19): James Faulkner introduced into the attack and impresses with good five consecutive five dot balls. Last ball, on the full-ish side and Rohit plays another exquisite stroke for a boundary. Plays a straight drive between the bowler and the mid-on. Rohit moves into 40s and is looking dangerous.

Live cricket score: India 74/1 | Overs 14| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 38(43),  Virat Kohli 21(19): Australia continue to bowl full and get punished. Bowled onto leg and Kohli leans forward and flicks the ball intersecting mid-on and midwicket for a four.


Live cricket score: India 68/1 | Overs 13| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 37(40),  Virat Kohli 17(16): First ball of the 13th over and another half-volley from Marsh. Kohli drives it past mid-off on the front-foot and it’s a boundary. You can’t bowl so full to the likes of Kohli and Rohit. It’s an inexperienced Australian bowling attack but one has to get the basics right.

Live cricket score: India 63/1 | Overs 12| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 37(39),  Virat Kohli 12(11): Another debutant gets to bowl. It’s Victoria’s Scott Boland, Australia’s 210th ODI player. He is bowling pretty full and concedes just two runs from his first over.

Live cricket score: India 61/1 | Overs 11| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 36(34),  Virat Kohli 11(10): Mitchell Marsh comes into the attack. Two full-tosses. Second ball, Rohit plays a controlled flick for a four. Rohit looks set for a big one.

Live cricket score: India 52/1 | Overs 10| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 27(28),  Virat Kohli 11(10): A Kohli beautifully places that one through the leg-side for a boundary. Presents full face of the bat and flicks it through the mid-wicket region for a four. This time Kohli punches the ball past the bowler for another boundary. India have managed to up the run-rate here. Good over

Live cricket score: India 41/1 | Overs 9| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 27(28),  Virat Kohli 1(4): Australia have pulled it back well. It’s important for Rohit and Kohli to stitch a big partnership here. The conditions have looked good for batting so far. Kohli averages close to 16 against Australia in Australia in ODIs. He will look to better that today.

Live cricket score: India 37/1 | Overs 7| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 23(19),  Virat Kohli 0(1): Dhawan has looked very tentative this morning and now pays the price. A short ball from Hazlewood, Dhawan on front foot looks to hook that one. Doesn’t connect it well and is caught at fine-leg by Mitchell Marsh. OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c M Marsh b J Hazlewood 9 (22)

Live cricket score: India 35/0 | Overs 6| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 21(17),  Shikhar Dhawan 9(19): Brilliant shot from Dhawan. Leans forward, times it well and gets the placement right. Trademark Dhawan drive for a boundary.

Live cricket score: India 28/0 | Overs 4| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 20(16),  Shikhar Dhawan 3(8): What a shot! Like we have said this million times that not many make batting as good as Rohit’s. That was brilliant. Short ball from Paris and Rohit pulls it on front-foot and deposits it into the crowd in the backward square-leg boundary for a six. 8 from the over.

Live cricket score: India 20/0 | Overs 3| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 14(12),  Shikhar Dhawan 2(6): It has been a busy start from India. Good short ball from Hazlewood, climbs on to Rohit who looks to pull and gets a top edge just over the wicketkeeper’s head for a boundary. Gets the third ball go past the outside edge. Hazlewood seems to have got his line right now. He turned 25 on Friday and he is already the leader of the bowling pack.

Live cricket score: India 14/0 | Overs 2| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 8(6),  Shikhar Dhawan 2(6): We have three players making a debut in this game. Here is one of them with the new ball — Joel Paris. Starts off well with a full ball in the block-hall. Australians think it has hit the pads but result is a single of the bat. Three from Paris’ first over.

Live cricket score: India 11/0 | Over 1| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 7(5),  Shikhar Dhawan 0(1): First ball and Josh Hazlewood to start the proceedings. Rohit Sharma nicely clips it through the mid-wicket for two and next ball, plays a similar shot for a boundary. Fourth ball and it’s four leg-byes. Hazlewood, the leader of the attack is spraying it all over. Not a good start for Australia. 11 from the 1st over.


Here are some interesting facts:



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India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (c) (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Barinder Sran

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Steven Smith (c), George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Joel Paris, Scott Boland, Josh Hazlewood 

TOSS UPDATE: Dhoni wins toss, India choose to bat. Bariner Sran to make his debut and India have chosen Manish Pandey ahead of Gurkeerat Singh

Australia will have two new faces in the line-up. Fast bowlers Chris Boland and Joel Paris are set to make their ODI debuts for Australia on Tuesday. Josh Hazlewood will lead the pace attack for Australia with Boland and Paris to support him. The pace-heavy Australian side will also have James Faulkner and Mitchell Marsh as well. Australia have not picked any specialist spinner in their squad, but Glenn Maxwell could come in handy, if skipper Steven Smith needs him. READ: MS Dhoni: Australia series learning curve for young, test for seniors

India on the other hand may hand an ODI debut to fast bowler Barinder Sran. It will be interesting to see if MS Dhoni goes in with two spinners — Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in the team. If needed, rookie Rishi Dhawan could be called in as a pace bowling all-rounder. With Suresh Raina dropped for the ODI series, it seems as though Manish Pandey will stake claim in the playing XI. READ: India vs Australia 2015-16 1st ODI at Perth: Australia announce team; Joel Paris & Scott Boland included


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Rishi Dhawan, Shikhar Dhawan, Gurkeerat Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Manish Pandey, Akshar Patel, Ajinkya Rahane, Ishant Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Barinder Sran, Umesh Yadav.

Australian team vs India, 1st ODI: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Steve Smith (c), George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Joel Paris, Scott Boland, Josh Hazlewood.

Catch ball-by-ball updates of India vs Australia 2015-16, 1st ODI at Perth here

Live cricket score: Australia 264/3 | Overs 42| BATTING:  Steven Smith 126(111), Glenn Maxwell 0(0): As