Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog of the first of the three-match Twenty20 International (T20I), between India and Australia on Tuesday. The match will be played at the Adelaide Oval, and this is Devarchit Varma, bringing you the live cricket scores and updates from the match. India will be looking for a fresh start to the second and final leg of their Australian tour, which consists of three T20Is. The second and the third T20Is will be played at Melbourne and Sydney on January 29 and 31 respectively. In the first leg of the tour, Australia emerged victorious in a five-match One-Day International (ODI) series 4-1. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Australia 2015-16, 1st T20I at Adelaide

India will be bolstered with the presence of their veteran players in Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Ashish Nehra. The Indian selectors awarded these three senior players another chance in the national side following their impressive performances in limited-overs domestic matches in the season, as well as in the Indian Premier League (IPL).  लाईव क्रिकेट ब्लॉग: भारत बनाम ऑस्ट्रेलिया, पहला टी20, एडेलेड.

So, India prove once again that they can win Down Under, as they have taken a 1-0 lead in the three-match series. Virat Kohli has been named Man of the Match for his career-best 90 not out off 55 balls, studded with five boundaries and two sixes. India and Australia will now face off in the second game at Melbourne on January 29. I leave you with Rishad D’Souza’s match report on how India won the 1st T20I vs Austraila by 37 runs

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 151 in Overs 19.3:  Three wickets for Jasprit Bumrah on his T20I debut for India as the tourists finally start showing what they can do. India win by 37 runs and take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series! NOT OUT: Shaun Tait 1 (3)

OUT! Cameron Boyce c Hardik Pandya b Jasprit Bumrah 3 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 151/9 in Overs 19:  Australia need 38 off the last over, a fine over ends from Nehra. BATTING:  Cameron Boyce 3 (3), Shaun Tait 1 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 149/9 in Overs 18.2:  Nehra comes on. Kane Richardson is cleaned up on the second ball as India are now one wicket away from a big win in this game. BATTING:  Cameron Boyce 2 (2)

OUT! Kane Richardson b Ashish Nehra 9 (7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 143/8 in Overs 18:  Australia struggling to get big runs here. I think it is as good as over for them now. Australia need 42 from 12 balls with 2 wickets in hand. Will India bowl them out?  BATTING:  Kane Richardson 7 (5), Cameron Boyce 2 (2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 143/8 in Overs 17.2:  BUMRAH you beauty! After being hit for a six, he sends a yorker to Faulkner which the batsman has no answer to! Australia 8 down, need 46 off 16 now.  BATTING:  Kane Richardson 5 (3)

OUT! James Faulkner b Jasprit Bumrah 10 (7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 136/7 in Overs 17:  OVERTHROW! Ashwin has a go at the wickets and there was no one to back up. Pandya still bowling way outside the off stump. Australia need 53 off 3 overs now.  BATTING:  James Faulkner 4 (5), Kane Richardson 5 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 129/7 in Overs 16.1: WICKET! Matthew Wade is caught in the deep as India are making giant strides towards a win. Second wicket in the game for Pandya! BATTING:  James Faulkner 2 (3)

OUT! Matthew Wade c Ravindra Jadeja b Hardik Pandya 5 (7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 129/6 in Overs 16: James Faulkner comes on. Hasn’t batted much of late and has not scored many either. The match is slowly going out of Australia’s reach. Only some madness from Faulkner can win this for them. Ashwin allows only 5 runs off his six balls. Australia need 60 off 24 balls.  BATTING:  Matthew Wade 5 (6), James Faulkner 2 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 124/6 in Overs 15: Pandya gets another chance. Single off the first ball and then Lynn gets hold of the second ball to send it back into the pavilion for a SIX! India cannot afford any more big overs for Australia. Another wide after Australia take 2 off the third ball. Single on the fourth, as well as the fifth. WICKET! Pandya bowls a wide ball but he must thank Yuvraj Singh for catching that missile! Australia 6 down!  BATTING:  Matthew Wade 2 (3)

OUT! Chris Lynn c Yuvraj Singh b Hardik Pandya 17 (16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 112/5 in Overs 14:  Another excellent over from Ashwin as Australia are able to manage only four runs. Australia now need 77 runs to win from the last 6 overs.  BATTING:  Chris Lynn 8 (12), Matthew Wade 1 (1)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 110/5 in Overs 13.3: Ashwin comes on. A leading edge on the third ball is taken by Ashish Nehra as India continue to make inroads. Australia have now lost 5 wickets! BATTING:  Chris Lynn 6 (9),

OUT! Shane Watson c Ashish Nehra b Ravichandran Ashwin 12 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 108/4 in Overs 13: Jadeja continues. He keeps it very tight as Australia are able to manage only five singles off the six balls. The hosts now need 81 to win from 42 balls. BATTING:  Chris Lynn 6 (9), Shane Watson 11 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 103/4 in Overs 12: India are trying to pull back things in control as Australia were cruising at 9 runs an over. Yuvraj Singh comes on now. The asking rate is touching 11 runs an over now! SIX! Watson reads a short and slower one from Yuvraj and hits a six on the leg side!   BATTING:  Chris Lynn 4 (7), Shane Watson 8 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 93/4 in Overs 11:  India have deployed their spinners and Ravindra Jadeja has struck to remove Travis Head on the final ball of the 11th over. India are right back on top with Australia losing their fourth batsman! BATTING:  Chris Lynn 2 (5)

OUT! Travis Head lbw Ravindra Jadeja 2 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 91/3 in Overs 10: Australia need 98 more from the final 10 overs with the inexperienced Travis Head and Chris Lynn. BATTING: Travis Head 1 (3), Chris Lynn 1 (1)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 89/3 in Overs 9.2: WICKET! Ravichandran Ashwin traps Aaron Finch in front of the wickets after an unsuccessful appeal! India crawling their way back into the match. BATTING: Travis Head 0 (0)

OUT! Aaron Finch lbw Ravichandran Ashwin 44 (33),

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 89/2 in Overs 9: FOUR! Inside-out one again from Finch as Jadeja is hit on the second ball. Meanwhile Smith has been batting brilliantly even in the T20 format. Runs coming easily for Australia, India need some inspiration. BUT then! WICKET! Smith is given a send off by Kohli after the Indian cricketer takes a dolly! Kohli is LIVID!!! BATTING: Aaron Finch 38 (27),

OUT! Steven Smith c Virat Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 21 (14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 82/1 in Overs 8: Hardik Pandya comes on and starts with three wides down the leg side. Young man nervous? The first legitimate ball is on the leg side, but brushes Smith’s waist and goes to Dhoni. Two runs off the second ball, one off the third and then a flat SIX by Finch over cover! And a wide again! Expensive over this for India, as Pandya now bowls a wide for height. The final ball is smashed for a FOUR! 19 runs came off it. BATTING: Aaron Finch 38 (27), Steven Smith 20 (12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 63/1 in Overs 7:  Ravindra Jadeja comes on. Australia scramble to add another seven runs to their total. They now need 126 more to win. BATTING: Aaron Finch 31 (25), Steven Smith 13 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 56/1 in Overs 6: Steven Smith starts off with two boundaries and Australia have crossed the 50-run mark. They now need 133 more to win from 14 over. BATTING: Aaron Finch 28 (22), Steven Smith 9 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 47/1 in Overs 5.1: WICKET! Bumrah gets his maiden wicket as David Warner has been caught at mid on! BATTING: Aaron Finch 28 (22),

OUT! David Warner c Virat Kohli b Jasprit Bumrah 17 (9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 47/0 in Overs 5: Nehra continues. Only one run scored off the first three balls. Warner picks up a slower ball and hits it for a FOUR in cover region. Single off the penultimate ball. Finch ends the over with an inside-out stroke for another FOUR! India on backfoot as Australia now need 142 more to win. BATTING: Aaron Finch 28 (22), David Warner 17 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 37/0 in Overs 4: An excellent start to his spell as Jasprit Bumrah bowls three dots on a trot in his first over. Warner lucky to have not been hit by a missile fired by Hardik Pandya from mid off. Only three runs scored off Bumrah.   BATTING: Aaron Finch 23 (19), David Warner 12 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 34/0 in Overs 3: Warner on FIRE! Ashish Nehra is punished for poor length as Warner slams a six and a four on the leg side to get going. India need wickets early on, Australia have already got a good start. Single to end the over. 12 runs added off it, Australia now need 155 more to win.  BATTING: Aaron Finch 21 (14), David Warner 11 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 22/0 in Overs 2: Ravichandran Ashwin comes on. Finch hits the first ball in the air but the ball drops down safely. FOUR! Inside out from Finch as he makes enough room to hit over the extra cover fielder. Finch once again hits in the air, and the ball drops shortly to Ravindra Jadeja at long on. Good over for Australia, they add 17 off the over with Finch hitting a SIX off the final ball! BATTING: Aaron Finch 20 (12), David Warner 0 (0)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES Australia 5/0 in Over 1: FOUR! Ashish Nehra drops one short and Aaron Finch puts it past the fielder at square leg off the first ball. Finch manages only a single in the remainder of the over as Nehra makes strong comeback. BATTING: Aaron Finch 4 (6), David Warner 0 (0)

We are back for Australia’s chase. Looks like Ashish Nehra will begin India’s defense of the total. David Warner and Aaron Finch walking out after the Indian team.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 188/3 in Over 20: Faulkner comes on for the final over. Single off the first ball and Raina is cleaned up on the second. The batsman moved across and missed to connect altogether. SIX! Dhoni sends it flying into the stands off the first ball! FOUR! Dhoni on FIRE! Wide outside off and the ball drops right before the ropes! Single taken off the second last ball. BATTING: Virat Kohli 90 (55), MS Dhoni 10 (3)

OUT! Suresh Raina b James Faulkner 41 (34)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 174/2 in Over 19:  Shaun Tait’s misfield gives India additional runs as Raina hits a FOUR off Richardson. Kohli too joins in as Tait was in the ring this time, and he registers his highest T20I score! Two runs off the fourth ball, and also on the fifth. Kohli can get his maiden T20I century here! 14 runs off the over. BATTING: Virat Kohli 87 (53), Suresh Raina 41 (33)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 160/2 in Over 18: SIX! Raina gets hold of one off Faulkner and sends it flying over the ropes for a maximum on the second ball of the over. Faulklner does well to prevent Indians hitting another big stroke in the remainder of the over, off which 12 runs were added.  BATTING: Virat Kohli 78 (49), Suresh Raina 36 (31)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 148/2 in Over 17:  Richardson continues. Kohli and Raina bring up their 100-run stand for the third wicket. No boundaries scored in the over but Indians scramble to add another 8 to the total. BATTING: Virat Kohli 76 (47), Suresh Raina 26 (27)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 140/2 in Over 16:  SIX! Over the leg side as Kohli connects well to send the ball over square leg boundary. Problem for India is that Kohli is making runs, but it is Raina who is stuck at the crease. He has meanwhile completed 1,000 runs for India. Tait once again bowls two wides in the over. He has bowled six overs so far. 12 runs added in the over. BATTING: Virat Kohli 69 (43), Suresh Raina 25 (25)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 128/2 in Over 15:  Watson has been terrific for Australia today, but not in this over. Kohli smashes two brilliant boundaries — one through cover and then towards midwicket — to keep India on top. Single to end the over, 11 scored off it. BATTING: Virat Kohli 61 (39), Suresh Raina 24 (23)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 117/2 in Over 14:  FOUR! Kohli hammers one short off Richardson for a boundary over extra cover. Excellent stroke to follow that, punched past point for another FOUR! India getting a move on. Good end as three runs come off the last four balls. BATTING: Virat Kohli 51 (34), Suresh Raina 23 (22)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 106/2 in Over 13:  Watson comes on. Little bit of banter between him and Kohli but no runs for India. Three singles off the first three balls take India past 100. FOUR! Kohli guides the ball well past the ‘keeper for a FOUR. India add 8 off Watson. BATTING: Virat Kohli 40 (29), Suresh Raina 23 (21)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 98/2 in Over 12:  SIX! Kohli dances down the track to smash a six off Boyce. India need a few more from their batting star. Boyce does well to allow only two singles off the next two balls. Fifth ball is a dot. Single to end the over, 10 scored off it. BATTING: Virat Kohli 34 (26), Suresh Raina 22 (18)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 88/2 in Over 11: Debutante Travis Head is hit for a FOUR on the second ball by Kohli. Raina and Kohli are doing well to keep hitting the singles and doubles but they need to attack a little more. 9 runs off the over. BATTING: Virat Kohli 26 (22), Suresh Raina 20 (16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 79/2 in Over 10: Boyce starts off well, only two singles off the first four balls. Kohli hits down the wicket, a good stroke but only for a single. Another single to end the over. Excellent over as 4 runs were given by the Aussie spinner.  BATTING: Virat Kohli 19 (18), Suresh Raina 18 (14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 75/2 in Over 9: FOUR! Raina hits just over the fielder at extra cover off Faulkner’s first ball in the over. Raina pulls out at the last moment from the strike, Faulkner is not happy as the ball crashed into the wickets. Excellent stroke by Kohli down the wicket for a single. Another single by Raina off the fifth ball. Single again on the last, India add 8 from the over.  BATTING: Virat Kohli 17 (14), Suresh Raina 16 (12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 67/2 in Over 8: Cameron Boyce comes on. After three singles Kohli hits in the air over cover for a FOUR. India need to keep hitting those boundaries. 9 runs off the over.  BATTING: Virat Kohli 15 (12), Suresh Raina 10 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 58/2 in Over 7: Watson continues. The Indians are cautious against the Aussie veteran. The run rate has fallen below 9 an over now. Four runs off the over!  BATTING:  Virat Kohli 9 (9), Suresh Raina 7 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 54/2 in Over 6:  Virat Kohli strikes his first FOUR, past point off Tait. India need to rebuild here. Kohli not looking in any hurry at all. Another good stroke over the cover fielders for a couple. Fifty up for India. RISKY! Raina moves across and hits in the air, ball goes for a FOUR just inches away from the leg slip!  BATTING:  Virat Kohli 8 (6), Suresh Raina 4 (2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 41/2 in Over 5: Suresh Raina starts off with a dot. What a return for Watson, two wickets and one run off his first over!  BATTING:  Virat Kohli 1 (1), Suresh Raina 0 (1)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 41/2 in Over 4.5: Virat Kohli is away with a single off the second ball. The third and fourth balls are dots. Good start by Watto. And another wicket! Shikhar Dhawan chases one outside off, a slower one and there was an edge! Watto is back and how! BATTING:  Virat Kohli 1 (1)

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c Matthew Wade b Shane Watson 5 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 40/1 in Over 4.1: Would you believe it? Shane Watson strikes on the first ball of his international return and he has snaffled the wicket of Rohit Sharma. The right-hander caught at mid on for 31. BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 5 (5)

OUT! Rohit Sharma c James Faulkner b Shane Watson 31 (20)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 40/0 in Over 4:  James Faulkner replaces Richardson. Single off the first ball by Rohit. Dhawan collects two off the second ball on the off side. Rohit beaten on the third. DROPPED! Rohit mishits and Cameron Boyce spills what should have been a regulation catch, but then, he was running behind and made a mess of it. Rohit follows it with a FOUR towards midwicket. Excellent stroke.  Single to end the over, 9 runs added. BATTING Rohit Sharma 31 (19), Shikhar Dhawan 5 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 31/0 in Over 3: The second ball from Tait is slammed through extra cover and point for his second FOUR of the innings by Rohit. He then chases a wide delivery, and misses. He is beaten on the third as Tait keeps it a little fuller this time around. The fourth ball is short again, and Rohit makes some room to hit it in the air. The ball drops short of the fielder at fine leg, and races past the boundary line. Wide again. Typical Tait. The next too would have been a wide had Rohit not chased it. 13 off the over.  BATTING Rohit Sharma 23 (14), Shikhar Dhawan 5 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 18/0 in Over 2: Kane Richardson comes on for the second over. Indians deal in singles off the first two balls of the over, three runs off the third ball, and the fourth was a dot. Rohit then hits one straight down the ground, the elevation was there but the ball did not travel the distance. Three runs again. Dhawan beaten on the final ball.  BATTING Rohit Sharma 14 (9), Shikhar Dhawan 4 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 10/0 in Over 1: Shaun ‘The Wild Thing’ Tait begins with a 150+ kmph delivery, and the second one is hit for a FOUR as the ball was on the pads, by Rohit Sharma. Third delivery is left alone. SIX on the fourth! Tait drops it short and Rohit slams it over the fielder at deep fine leg! Runs for India in the first over, a good beginning. Rohit beaten on the final delivery. BATTING Rohit Sharma 10 (6), Shikhar Dhawan 0 (0)

TOSS:  Australia elect to field against India! And it is confirmed that Travis Head will be making his debut for Australia, and Hardik Pandya for India.

India have brought in Suresh Raina, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuvraj Singh and Hardik Pandya into their side. Australia have also included Chris Lynn, Cameron Boyce, and experienced campaigners in Shaun Tait and Shane Watson. Following are the teams:

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra.

Australia: Aaron Finch(c), David Warner, Steven Smith, Chris Lynn, Travis Head, Shane Watson, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Cameron Boyce, Kane Richardson, Shaun Tait.

Reminder to our fans: We have begun live-blogging in Hindi as well! You all can follow the 1st T20I between India and Australia, at the Adelaide Oval here!

Good afternoon to everyone in India and Australia! Warm wishes to you all on the occasions of India’s Republic Day and on the Australia Day. it has been a good start for the Indians Down Under today, as the Women’s team registered a thrilling victory over the Southern Stars in their first T20I at Adelaide Oval earlier today!

Chasing a challenging 141 against the Southern Stars, it was Harmanpreet Kaur who stood up for her side as she scored an invaluable 46 to guide India Women to a historic win. India Women registered their highest successful chase in T20Is!


Looks like Hardik Pandya will be playing his first-ever match for India!


It will be a tough challenge for the Indians to bring in their seniors and replace the young ones, who did well in individual capacities in Australia. While the troika of Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli — who form the top-order — look immovable, it is the middle and the lower order that may go through some changes. VVS Laxman: A bright victory for India in the last ODI should ensure momentum in T20Is against Australia

India also have exciting talent in form of Hardik Pandya, who is a specialist batting all-rounder. Pandya has been in tremendous form of late, and his inclusion should help India to ascertain the value that he can add now to this Indian team, as they build-up for the ICC World T20 2016. On the other hand, Australia will be led by Aaron Finch and Steven Smith will continue to feature in the side as a specialist batsman. Australia will be without the services of Glenn Maxwell for this game.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Suresh Raina, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Harbhajan Singh, Umesh Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra

Australia: Aaron Finch, Steven Smith (c), Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell (ruled out of 1st game), Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, Scott Boland, John Hastings, David Warner, Nathan Lyon, Cameron Boyce, Chris Lynn, Shaun Tait, Shane Watson, Travis Head, Andrew Tye.

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD & BALL-BY-BALL COMMENTARY: India vs Australia 2015-16, 1st T20I at Adelaide