Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second One-Day International (ODI) between India and Australia at Gabba, Brisbane. I am Suvajit Mustafi and I will be bringing you over-by-over updates of the match. Hosts Australia won the first ODI quite comprehensively by five wickets despite the early hiccups. They were chasing a daunting target of 310, which was accomplished quite easily in the end, thanks to skipper Steven Smith and George Bailey’s twin tons. India, though ending up on the losing side, did well in the match and gave themselves enough chances to win the match. But in the end, Australians proved too good for them. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd ODI at Brisbane.

The conditions at WACA, the venue for the first match, were batsman friendly. Though the pitch had a decent pace and bounce on it, the deck was largely conducive for batting. Batsmen from both the teams made good use of the conditions. Australia opted for an all-pace attack; a move which paid rich dividends. Indians, on the other hand, went with two spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, but the decision backfired for them. It will be interesting to see what combination do they opt for this all important game, as a loss here will push them further behind in the series. लाइव क्रिकेट ब्लॉग, हिन्दी में: भारत बनाम ऑस्ट्रेलिया, दूसरा एकदिवसीय, गाबा, ब्रिस्बेन में

For Australia, there will be two forced changes coming into the match. Star opener David Warner has taken a paternity break as his wife Candice delivered a baby girl on Thursday. The girl has been named Indie Rae. Warner already has a daughter Ivy Mae. His unavailability means there will be a toss-up between Shaun Marsh and Usman Khawaja for the opener’s slot. The other change will be John Hastings replacing Mitchell Marsh. On the whole, the hosts look a settled lot and it will take quite an effort for India to topple them in their own backyard. READ: India vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd ODI at Brisbane Preview

MS Dhoni says that India were short of runs. Truly, the middle order and lower order need to step up. India could have very easily got to 330. Even Steven Smith says it post match that at one point he felt that India were set for 350. Indian bowlers too have looked listless. There were too many wides. Meanwhile, Bailey has shown why he is so crucial to the Australian limited-overs set-up. At Perth, he supported his captain Steven Smith and here played a ballistic knock, striking at over 130. Bailey still doesn’t win the Man-of-the-Match award. It goes to Rohit Sharma for his fantastic 124. Rohit says that individual feats don’t matter if the team doesn’t win. He has rights to be disappointed. His four limited-overs hundred have all come in loses. Read Rishad D’Souza’s match report here.



Live cricket score: Australia 309/3 | Overs 49| George Bailey 76(58), Glenn Maxwell 26(25): Umesh has been brought to the attack.. Fifth ball is a short one and Maxwell has clobbered it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Australia need another run to win and Maxwell plays one to Jadeja at point and runs a quick one. A direct hit could have seen Bailey get run out but that’s it. Australia have won. They go up 2-0. India were at least 20 runs short.

Live cricket score: Australia 299/3 | Overs 48| BATTING: George Bailey 75(57), Glenn Maxwell 17(20): Sran to bowl his ninth over. He had a good 1st ODI but hasn’t looked been able to get a wicket here. He has tried though and bowled intelligently but it’s just that he is up against the world champions. Four from the over, the ball is a back-of-the-hand slower ball.

Live cricket score: Australia 295/3 | Overs 47| BATTING: George Bailey 73(55), Glenn Maxwell 15(16): George Bailey has taken charge here. He is in a hurry to finish it off. Third ball is a wide and the next one is a length ball, Bailey smacks it over deep mid-wicket for a boundary. Ishant has bowled another wide and that’s his eighth in the match. 11 from that over and Australia inch closer to another win

Live cricket score: Australia 278/3 | Overs 45| BATTING: George Bailey 64(48), Glenn Maxwell 11(11): No boundary from the Ishant Sharma over but they still get seven from it. The running between the wickets has been brilliant from Australian. They need 31 runs from five overs.

Live cricket score: Australia 271/3 | Overs 44| BATTING: George Bailey 60(45), Glenn Maxwell 7(8): George Bailey taking on the Indian bowlers, he smashed Barinder Sran for a massive six and then a boundary. With 38 runs more to win from 36 deliveries Bailey will be the key. India in a desperate need of a wicket.

Live cricket score: Australia 258/3 | Overs 43| BATTING: George Bailey 48(40), Glenn Maxwell 7(7): Match evenly poised at the moment with Australia need more 51 off just 42 deliveries. India need a wicket at this moment as both the batsmen are well capable to turn the game in couple of overs. The next two overs will probably decide the fate of the game. 

Live cricket score: Australia 244/3 | Overs 41| BATTING: George Bailey 41(34), Glenn Maxwell 0(1): Ishant’s previous over cost 12 runs and it’s Umesh to continue and Bailey on strike. 1,1,2,1 and it’s a wicket. Umesh has cleaned-up Smith. Is it too late? Maxwell is out in the middle. Ashwin has bowled out 10-0-60-0, and it’s Jadeja from the other end. OUT! Steven Smith b Umesh Yadav 46 (47)

Live cricket score: Australia 227/2 | Overs 39| BATTING: Steven Smith 40(43), George Bailey 31(27): The 37th over bowled by Ashwin goes for 11. Smith clobbers one past point for a boundary. Umesh’s over goes for five Smith and Bailey once milking singles around.

Live cricket score: Australia 211/2 | Overs 37| BATTING: Steven Smith 30(37), George Bailey 25(21): So it was a mini-spell from Kohli, it’s Umesh into the attack. The fourth delivery is a short one and Bailey slaps that over mid-on for a boundary. Seven runs from the over. The match is slowly slipping away.

Live cricket score: Australia 204/2 | Overs 35| BATTING: Steven Smith 30(37), George Bailey 18(15): And Dhoni hands the ball to Kohli. Don’t know how good a move that is. The over goes: 1,1,0,1 and the fifth ball is a rank short ball which Smith slaps to the mid-wicket boundary. These are easy runs. Seven from the over and it’s DRINKS.

Live cricket score: Australia 192/2 | Overs 34| BATTING: Steven Smith 22(31), George Bailey 14(9): Ashwin completes his eighth over. He has mixed it up well in his over. Only two from it. India need more of these.

Live cricket score: Australia 190/2 | Overs 33| BATTING: Steven Smith 20(25), George Bailey 14(9): Sran to bowl the second over of his second spell. Last one went for eight runs. He has bowled a ‘no-ball’ and Smith is on strike and guss what, Sran has bowled a rank bad full-toss for a single. Bailey now smacks one over Sran for a boundary. Eight from this over.


Live cricket score: Australia 166/2 | Overs 30| BATTING: Steven Smith 11(14), George Bailey 0(1): Ishant finally strikes. The well-set Shaun Marsh departs. Very good over from him. Three dots to Smith, then a single. Fifth ball, it hurries to Marsh and takes him by surprise. He looks to play it through the mid-wicket, gets an edge, pops up and Kohli at short cover makes no mistake. OUT! Shaun Marsh c Virat Kohli b Ishant Sharma 71 (84)


Live cricket score: Australia 163/1 | Overs 28| BATTING: Shaun Marsh 70(79), Steven Smith 9(8): 27.4: Ishant gets the outside edge of the well-set Marsh, Manish Pandey drops a difficult chance at first slip. India need to grab those.

Live cricket score: Australia 156/1 | Overs 27| BATTING: Shaun Marsh 67(76), Steven Smith 6(5): Good over for Australia. Smith gets to his busy act. He has already struck a boundary. India desperately need his wicket.

Live cricket score: Australia 145/1 | Overs 25| BATTING: Shaun Marsh 62(68), Steven Smith 0(1): Rahane pulls off a wonderful catch this time. Jadeja gets the break through. Finch looking for a boundary heaves one and Rahane dives forward and completes the catch. Good stuff. Steven Smith is out in the middle. OUT! Aaron Finch c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 71 (81)

Live cricket score: Australia 135/0 | Overs 24| BATTING: Aaron Finch 69(77), Shaun Marsh 61(67): Umesh starts with a wide. Marsh then pulls one and Sran with a brilliant effort almost takes it. He covers the ground and stretches full but misses it. What an effort! Dhoni should bring him for another spell. He has impressed the most among bowlers. Look at that effort.




Live cricket score: Australia 135/0 | Overs 23| BATTING: Aaron Finch 68(76), Shaun Marsh 57(62): In Ashwin’s previous over, Finch got a boundary and now that seems like a routine. Jadeja goes for 15 in the 23rd over. First ball Marsh smacks it in the long-on region for a boundary. Two beautiful shots from Finch follows.

Live cricket score: Australia 109/0 | Overs 21| BATTING: Aaron Finch 52(70), Shaun Marsh 47(56): Umesh has been taken to cleaners this over by Finch. 16 from it. Glides the third ball towards fine-leg for a four, then hits one down the ground and the last he whips it down the square-leg boundary for a six. It’s Finch’s fifty!

Live cricket score: Australia 93/0 | Overs 20| BATTING: Aaron Finch 37(65), Shaun Marsh 46(55): Ashwin to bowl the over after drinks. The over goes: 1,1,1,3,1 and o. Seven from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 86/0 | Overs 19| BATTING: Aaron Finch 34(62), Shaun Marsh 42(52): Umesh bowls a better over. Four from it. Drinks taken. Australia need 223 from 31 overs.

Live cricket score: Australia 79/0 | Overs 17| BATTING: Aaron Finch 30(55), Shaun Marsh 40(47): Another good over for Australia. The Umesh Yadav over goes for 11 runs. Marsh hammers the first ball, which is wide, past mid-off for a boundary. Another misdirected ball and Marsh clips it to fine-leg for four.

Live cricket score: Australia 68/0 | Overs 16| BATTING: Aaron Finch 30(53), Shaun Marsh 31(43): Four runs from Ashwin over. India need to grab the opportunities. The run rate may not be high but Australia have made a solid start.

Live cricket score: Australia 58/0 | Overs 14| BATTING: Aaron Finch 25(45), Shaun Marsh 27(39): Another chance goes down. This time Rahane at slips. It was short and Marsh cut it with all might. It’s harsh to call it a chance. Let’s call it half-chance. Whizzes past Rahane at first slip for four.

Live cricket score: Australia 51/0 | Overs 13| BATTING: Aaron Finch 25(45), Shaun Marsh 22(36): Spinners bowling from both ends and guess what? Ishant has dropped a sitter. Indian fans boo him. Marsh hit that straight to Ishant at long-on and the fast bowler drops it.

Live cricket score: Australia 38/0 | Overs 9| BATTING: Aaron Finch 18(33), Shaun Marsh 12(15): Sran is keeping it tight and maintaining good pressure. Indian fielders are backing their bowlers by throwing themselves around. This time Rohit dives at mid-wicket to stop runs. Just two from the over.

Live cricket score: Australia 36/0 | Overs 8| BATTING: Aaron Finch 18(33), Shaun Marsh 12(15): Finch gets an easy single and gets Marsh on strike. Marsh rocks on backfoot and smacks one square for three runs. Ishant adjusts his line and bowls four dot balls.

Live cricket score: Australia 32/0 | Overs 7| BATTING: Aaron Finch 17(28), Shaun Marsh 9(14): 6.1: Finch almost got out like the way he did at Perth. The bat turned in his hands as he looked to heave one straight. Finch gets two after five dot balls. Another good over from Sran. Only three comes from it.

Live cricket score: Australia 25/0 | Overs 5| BATTING: Aaron Finch 12(18), Shaun Marsh 8(12): Finch has always struggled against left-arm pacers. He averages just over 14 against them and Sran his troubling him. He is getting the ball to beautifully shape away from Finch. Just one leg-bye from the Sran’s over. Very good bowling and Ishant needs to maintain the pressure at the other end.

Live cricket score: Australia 24/0 | Overs 4| BATTING: Aaron Finch 12(13), Shaun Marsh 8(11): Ishant starts the over with a wide, this time outside off-stump. Third ball, Ishant loses his line, this time down the leg and Marsh flicks it for a four. India giving away easy runs here. Ishant needs to step up as the senior bowler.

Live cricket score: Australia 19/0 | Overs 3| BATTING: Aaron Finch 12(13), Shaun Marsh 4(5): Sran makes amends for the first over. Gets the ball to shape away nicely from Finch. The over goes — 1,0,1,0,0,2.

Live cricket score: Australia 15/0 | Overs 2| BATTING: Aaron Finch 9(9), Shaun Marsh 3(3): Ishant Sharma for the first time in this series. Shaun Marsh makes a good start. Drives one beautifully through the covers for three. Ishant gets his right wrong. Fires two down the leg stump for a wide. Six from the first over from Ishant.

Live cricket score: Australia 9/0 | Over 1| BATTING: Aaron Finch 8(6), Shaun Marsh 0(0): Barinder Sran to open the bowling for India. Third ball, Finch goes to backfoot and dismissed it to the mid-wicket fence. Fifth ball, Sran sprays down the leg and Finch finds the fine-leg boundary this time. Good start for Australia. It’s not going to be an easy chase but they have strong line-up.

Australia have done very well to restrict India to 308. At one point, India looked set for a score in excess of 320. India, who were 233 after 40 overs, managed only 75 runs from the last 10 overs. Faulkner has bowled 10-0-64-2 and Paris, Richardson and Boland have picked a wicket each. The highlight of the innings was Rohit’s 124. The knocks played by Kohli and Rahane were extremely crucial. Read Rishad D’Souza’s innings report. Fans love to  compare Rahane to Rahul Dravid. Here’s a happy co-incidence.



Live cricket score: India 308/8 | Overs 50| Umesh Yadav 0(0): Excellent last over from Hastings. Only four from it. Ashwin looking to spoon it over thirdman gets caught and Jadeja is dismissed last ball run out. Not a good end for India, once again! India have scored one run short from what they scored at Perth.

OUT! Ravichandran Ashwin c Scott Boland b John Hastings 1 (2)

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja run out (Hastings) 5 (5)

Live cricket score: India 304/6 | Overs 49| BATTING: Ravindra Jadeja 2(1), Ravichandran Ashwin 0(0): Faulkner bowls a slow leg-cutter, Rahane comes down the track in attempt to clear the fence, finds Steven Smith at deep mid-wicket. Rahane departs after a very good knock. Manish Pandey cuts one powerfully for a boundary and departs the next ball. He is caught at long-off, once again Faulkner’s slower does the trick.

OUT! Ajinkya Rahane c Steven Smith b James Faulkner 89 (80)

OUT! Manish Pandey c Joel Paris b James Faulkner 6 (5)

Live cricket score: India 295/4 | Overs 48| BATTING: Ajinkya Rahane 87(78), Manish Pandey 1(2): Boland is getting his yorkers right. The fourth ball is a low full toss on middle and leg, Rahane picks it over midwicket for a boundary.

Live cricket score: India 276/4 | Overs 46| BATTING: Ajinkya Rahane 69(68), Manish Pandey 0(0): Boland gets the wicket of skipper Dhoni. But the highlight of the over was Maxwell’s fielding. Rahane plays one straight down the ground, Maxwell sprints, dives and stops the boundary with great presence of mind. Later takes Dhoni’s catch. Boland bowls a slower one and Dhoni finds Maxwell at long-on. Australia have really pulled things back. OUT! MS Dhoni c Glenn Maxwell b Scott Boland 11 (10)

Look at that!


Live cricket score: India 270/3 | Overs 45| BATTING: Ajinkya Rahane 66(66), MS Dhoni 8(6): Dhoni plays on the leg-side with soft hands and runs two. Isn’t he the fastest runner between the wickets? Australia have managed to pull things back here. Good over from Faulkner. Five from that over.

Live cricket score: India 260/3 | Overs 43| BATTING: Ajinkya Rahane 62(58), MS Dhoni 3(2): Rahane smacks the first ball of the Faulkner over for a six. What a shot! Well, Rahane can definitely bat at No.4 in ODIs. Oh! Tough luck. Rohit is run out in the most unlucky way. Rahane drives a slower delivery. Faulkner gets a hand to it and it hits the stumps with Rohit out of the crease. What a knock Rohit has played! OUT! Rohit Sharma run out (J Faulkner) 124 (127)

Live cricket score: India 249/2 | Overs 42| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 124(127),  Ajinkya Rahane 54(54): Beautiful timing from Rohit! Just carves over the cover fielder and it’s four. Boland once again is in the firing line. He is a death overs specialist and has bowled a 10-run over.

Live cricket score: India 239/2 | Overs 41| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 118(124),  Ajinkya Rahane 52(51): Second ball from Faulkner and Rahane plays it past point for two and that’s his fifty. Also the 100-partnership between the two come up.

Live cricket score: India 233/2 | Overs 40| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 115(121),  Ajinkya Rahane 49(48): There was a phase when four consecutive boundaries came from as many balls. Last two balls of Hasting’s 39th over, he pulled two to four and the first two from Richardson’s 40th over, Rahane joined the party. One picked over the cover and the second one flicked towards fine-leg. Here, read more on Rohit’s hundred.

Interesting facts: Most ODI 100s by visiting batsmen in Australia: Kumar Sangakkara has five and David Gower, Desmond Haynes, Brian Lara, T Dilshan and now Rohit Sharma have four.

Rohit is now tied with Viv Richards to have 3 tons against Australia in Australia in ODIs. Now when we talk about most hundreds against Australia in Australia: Sachin Tendulkar leads the list with nine, Haynes has six and Rohit has five. 



Live cricket score: India 204/2 | Overs 37| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 101(112),  Ajinkya Rahane 30(35): Rahane steps down the wicket and smacks the second ball of the over from Paris towards mid-wicket boundar. Rahane is looking good. He gets a single and now Rohit plays one towards the third-man region to bring up his second consecutive hundred. His 10th overall and fifth against Australia, and fourth in Australia.

Live cricket score: India 194/2 | Overs 36| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 99(110),  Ajinkya Rahane 36(39): Rohit glides one down to the third-man to get to 99. Rahane gets a single and Rohit is back on strike. Rohit plays two dots and remains on 99.

Live cricket score: India 194/2 | Overs 35| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 98(107),  Ajinkya Rahane 28(32): Three from Paris’over.

Live cricket score: India 191/2 | Overs 34| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 97(105),  Ajinkya Rahane 26(28): Faulkner into the attack to his former Rajasthan Royals teammate Rahane. Second ball, Rahane beautifully times one. Played a lofted straight punch for four.

Live cricket score: India 173/2 | Overs 31| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 94(98),  Ajinkya Rahane 18(23): Joel Paris is into the attack and Rohit gets extremely lucky in the third ball. Gets an outside edge straight to keeper Wade but umpire doesn’t feel so. Again, had there been DRS, Rohit would be out! Well, it’s even-stevens. George Bailey got lucky at Perth too.






Live cricket score: India 162/2 | Overs 29| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 84(89),  Ajinkya Rahane 10(14): Second ball, an off-cutter from Hastings, Rohit looks to play a square-cut. Smashes it hard, gets a thick outside edge and it runs to the third-man boundary. Rohit moves to 80s.

Live cricket score: India 155/2 | Overs 28| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 79(85),  Ajinkya Rahane 8(12): Maxwell into the attack and he bowls a good one. Only four from it.

Live cricket score: India 146/2 | Overs 26| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 75(80),  Ajinkya Rahane 3(5): Kohli’s wicket will certainly hurt India here. It’s important for Ajinkya Rahane to give good support to Rohit. Not only that, Rahane should also keep the runs coming. Rohit and Rahane have played a lot of cricket together in Mumbai. Four runs comes from the Boland over. He has now bowled six over for 31 runs

Fun fact: Every time Rohit has scored a double hundred, Virat has been run out. Well, so is Rohit getting another 200 today? India will surely hope so.

Live cricket score: India 134/2 | Overs 24| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 66(72),  Ajinkya Rahane 0(1)Boland brought into the attack. Kohli powerfully drives the fourth ball to the cover boundary for four. He is looking to catch up with Rohit and in sight is 7000 runs for him. Well that won’t happen, he has run himself out. Plays a pull, looking for two, Kohli dives at the striker’s end but struggles to make it. Good accurate throw from Richardson and Wade gets the bails off. What a shame! OUT! Virat Kohli run out (K Richardson) 59 (67)

Live cricket score: India 125/1 | Overs 23| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 65(71),  Virat Kohli 51(63)Rohit begins to cut loose. Second ball from Richardson, and Rohit plays a pull off front foot and it’s a flat six over mid-wicket. It’s fun watching a free-flowing Rohit bat. Now the fourth ball is full and Rohit lofts that over mid-off for another six. It’s a treat to watch those.

Live cricket score: India 110/1 | Overs 22| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 52(66),  Virat Kohli 50(62): Kohli smashes the fourth ball from Faulkner  to the cover boundary to bring up his second consecutive fifty. Very good batting. Another 100-partnership between the two comes up.

Live cricket score: India 104/1 | Overs 21| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 52(66),  Virat Kohli 44(56): Five comes from Richardson’s over. The partnership inches close to 100 and Kohli looks good for another fifty. Richardson not getting the length right.

Live cricket score: India 92/1 | Overs 18| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 50(61),  Virat Kohli 39(49)Richardson brought back into the wicket. The first over he bowled was maiden and then gave away 19 from two overs. Rohit takes a single off the fifth ball to gring up his 28th ODI fifty. Another brilliant knock from the Indian opener.

Live cricket score: India 92/1 | Overs 18| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 48(58),  Virat Kohli 36(46): Another good over for India. 10 runs comes from Maxwell’s third. Kohli times the fourth ball to perfection as it races t the square-leg boundary. Runs coming easy for India. They will look forward to put up in excess of 300 once again. It’s DRINKS.

Live cricket score: India 82/1 | Overs 17| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 47(57),  Virat Kohli 27(41): It’s James Faulkner from other end. Fifth ball is a short one and Rohit pulls it for a boundary. Eight from Faulkner’s first over.

Live cricket score: India 74/1 | Overs 16| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 42(54),  Virat Kohli 24(38): Rohit doesn’t connect the third ball, just falls short of Aaron Finch at gully. Good over from Maxwell, only two comes from it.

Live cricket score: India 69/1 | Overs 14| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 40(48),  Virat Kohli 21(32): Glenn Maxwell is introduced into the attack. Guess what the Richie Benaud impersonators, who are frequent to SCG, are here at the Gabba. Rohit sweeps the fourth ball to the fence. Six from the over.

Live cricket score: India 59/1 | Overs 12| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 34(40),  Virat Kohli 17(28): Third ball, too full from Hastings and Kohli punches it straight for a boundary. Another very pretty looking shot. These two bring up another 50-partnership.

Live cricket score: India 53/1 | Overs 11| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 34(39),  Virat Kohli 12(23): Boland and Hastings have pulled things back slightly. But both Rohit and Kohli are once again looking solid. The partnership has reached 40 already. The first four balls have conceded just two runs, and here’s the spoiler! Beautiful stroke from Rohit, he creams it through covers for a boundary.

Live cricket score: India 46/1 | Overs 9| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 28(31),  Virat Kohli 11(19): Third ball of the over, Rohit gets a thick outsde edge, it flies towards third-man, drops short of Hastings and oh well, he misfields and it’s a boundary for Rohit.

Live cricket score: India 41/1 | Overs 8| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 23(25),  Virat Kohli 11(19): John Hastings replaces Richardson. Bowls a disciplined over as only two comes from it. It’s Scott Boland from the other end. By the way, it’s Makar Sankranti today and Sachin Tendulkar wished everyone through his tweet.



Live cricket score: India 34/1 | Overs 6| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 21(21),  Virat Kohli 6(11): Rohit continues to ride on his sublime form. Smacks the wide delivery outside off-stump for a boundary. Fifth ball, looks to play it down the leg-side, gets an edge and it flies over the keeper’s head for a six this time. Another good over.

Live cricket score: India 23/1 | Overs 5| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 11(17),  Virat Kohli 5(9):Not a good previous over from Richardson. He follows up his maiden with bowling it all over. Rohit gets his first boundary and eight comes from it. Paris to continue. Fourth ball, he gets one to swing late, Kohli edges it but it’s safe.

Live cricket score: India 9/1 | Overs 3| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 3(10),  Virat Kohli 2(4): Dhawan goes on the up and smashes one hard over the covers for the first boundary. Oh well! What’s he done here. Poor batting from Dhawan and he has once again thrown it away. Goes for a cut, Paris gets extra bounce, Dhawan edges it and Wade makes no mistake. Dhawan’s poor form continues. OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c Matthew Wade b Joel Paris 6 (4)

Live cricket score: India 5/0 | Overs 2| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 3(10),  Shikhar Dhawan 2(2): Kane Richardson bowling from the other end. Bowls a very good first over. Gets it swing both ways. It’s a maiden over.

Live cricket score: India 5/0 | Over 1| BATTING: Rohit Sharma 3(4),  Shikhar Dhawan 2(2): Dean Jones in the commentary box says that India should have bowled first as both teams have their strength in batting. First ball, Joel Paris gets it to swing slightly, Rohit gets an inside edge to pad. Third ball, Rohit chips him over square leg for two runs. Paris is spraying it all over. Bowls Dhawan wide outside off-stump, he cuts it for two runs.

India have fond memories at Brisbane. In the CB series 2008, Australian skipper Ricky Ponting had said that the teams will only play two finals and India ensures that. India won the first final at Sydney and went on to seal the tournament at Brisbane. But then the side had someone called Sachin Tendulkar.




India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (c) (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Barinder Sran

Australia: Shaun Marsh, Aaron Finch, Steven Smith (c), George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, John Hastings, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Joel Paris, Scott Boland, Kane Richardson

TOSS: India have won the toss and have elected to bat. MS Dhoni says misfields let them down at Perth and bowlers could have bowled better. Experts say that Brisbane has one of the best surfaces in the country. India have replaced Bhuvneshwar Kumar with Ishant Sharma. Australia have three changes. Shaun Marsh for David Warner, John Hastings for Mitchell Marsh and Kane Richardson for Josh Hazlewood.


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Rishi Dhawan, Shikhar Dhawan, Gurkeerat Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Manish Pandey, Akshar Patel, Ajinkya Rahane, Ishant Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Barinder Sran, Umesh Yadav.

Australia: Steve Smith (c), Usman Khawaja, Aaron Finch, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, John Hastings, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Joel Paris, Scott Boland, Josh Hazlewood, Kane Richardson, Shaun Marsh.

Catch ball-by-ball updates of India vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd ODI at Brisbane here


Faulkner to Pandey, OUT, another one goes. Pandey this time. Length delivery on middle, Pandey wanted to go through midwicket but the legcutter stopped in the wicket a touch to take the top edge of Pandey, the ball carries to long