Hello and welcome to CricketCountry s live cricket blog of the second Twenty20 International (T20I) between India and Australia, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Friday. This is Sakshi Gupta, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and updates of this match. Indian cricket team have a lead of 1-0 in the ongoing three-match series and they will aim to seal the series, coming off a splendid 37-run win against the hosts in the first T20I at Adelaide Oval. This is the first time India is playing a T20I series against Australia in their backyard, and they stand a good chance to win it after taking a vital lead. The third and final match of the series will be played at Sydney on Sunday, January 31. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd T20I at Melbourne

India were at their dominant best as they slammed Australia in the first T20I. It was Australia who won the toss and elected to field. Virat Kohli registered his career-best score of 90 not out, off just 55 balls, studded with nine boundaries and two sixes. Kohli added as many as 134 runs with Suresh Raina to help India post 188 for 3 on the board, and a target of 189 proved too many for the Australians. : , 20, .

Live Cricket Score Australia 157/8 | Overs 20 | Target 189 | BATTING: Matthew Wade 16(15): Bumrah to bowl the final over. Australia need 34 runs and there is no way Hashtings and Wade can score that. And that typical Yorker from Bumrah smacks off Hastings’ stumps, finally a breakthrough for the youngster. That wicket will give debutant Tyre a chance to bat for the first time in international cricket. Anotehr good ball, and Tyre has no answer, DOT. He drives it towards the covers for his first boundary. DOT again and then BOWLED! All over at MCG, India thrash Australia by 27 runs to win the second T20I and also seal the three-match T20I series with a win in the first two matches. The third T20I at Sydney will just be a formality now. OUT! John Hastings b Jasprit Bumrah 4(6) OUT! Andrew Tyre b Jasprit Bumrah 4(4)

Live Cricket Score Australia 151/6 | Overs 19 | Target 189 | BATTING: Matthew Wade 15(15), John Hastings 4(5): Now Nehra in for his final over of the match. He has already given 28 runs in his three overs, he has to make it up for those expensive overs. Hastings pushes it towards the long-on for a single. Another single, Hastings back on strike. Nehra bowls a full toss, Hastings only managed to toss it towards the long-off again for one run. Wade on strike. He drives it towards the short fine leg for a single again. These one runs will do no harm for India. Australia need 34 off the final over. The Indian pavilion can already start celebrating!

Live Cricket Score Australia 145/6 | Overs 18 | Target 189 | BATTING: Matthew Wade 12(11), John Hastings 1(2): Jadeja finishes his quota of four overs with figures of 2 for 32. Ashwin now in for hos fourth over. Two runs off the first three balls and that is followed by a SIX form Wade. He picks the length of the ball and smashes it over mid-wicket. Eight runs off that over. Australia need another 40 off 12.

STAT ALERT: Dhoni now has the record of most stumpings in int’l cricket (Tests + ODIs + T20Is), goes past Kumar Sangakkara’s tally of 139.



Live Cricket Score Australia 137/6 | Overs 17 | Target 189 | BATTING: Matthew Wade 5(7), John Hastings 0(0): Jadeja into his final over now. He has given 21 runs off his last 3 overs with a wicket. Decent stuff from him. Wade begins with a single towards the deep mid-wicket. Two more singles. Faulkner on strike. SIX! He slogs it int the stands of mid-wicket. Australia need a lot of these from this man. Faulkner collects two more runs. OUT! Jadeja removes Faulkner, courtesy of super quick stumping from Indian skipper. While Faulkner goes to slog again, but misses it and Dhoni finishes it for India. OUT! James Faulkner st MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 10(7)

Live Cricket Score Australia 126/5 | Overs 16 | Target 189 | BATTING: Matthew Wade 3(5), James Faulkner 1(2): Ashwin in. WICKET! Jadeja involved in another fantastic dismissal and this time it is the well set batsman Aaron Finch who is out. Matthew Wade pushed it towards the extra cover, and Finch who is struggling from a hamstring cannot make it to the other need successfully to the striker’s end. Dhoni makes no mistake in taking the bails off. Faulkner in for Australia. If India manages to get him out, they would have more or less sealed the series. They need another 59 off 24.OUT! Aaron Finch run out Ravindra Jadeja 74(48)

Live Cricket Score Australia 124/4 | Overs 15 | Target 189 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 74(47), Matthew Wade 2(2): Jadeja strikes! Excellent return catch and Watson in surprise, has to walk back. Watson stays for a while shocked on crease and then smiles appreciating Jadeja’s excellent stuff. This wicket has opened the match from both the ends. No relief for Dhoni yet. The Australian line-up still has the likes of Wade and Faulkner. And it is Wade who comes ahead of Faulkner in a situation like this. OUT! Shane Watson c&b Ravindra Jadeja 15(11)

Live Cricket Score Australia 119/3 | Overs 14 | Target 189 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 73(46), Shane Watson 13(9): Yuvraj Singh continues. Dot. Finch now gets an inside edge to long on for a single. Watson back on strike. Just 2 runs off the last 5 balls, Yuvi is keeping them tight. Two quick runs, it was almost a run out at the non-striker’s end. Watson escaped. 4 runs off that over. Australia need another 66 off 36.

Live Cricket Score Australia 115/3 | Overs 13 | Target 189 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 70(43), Shane Watson 12(6): Pandya comes again. Watson gets lucky, an edge beats the third man for a FOUR. Australia need more of those. ONE RUN. Finch now punches it towards deep mid-wicket for a one. Watson back on strike. WIDE BALL. Watson tries to cut it but the balls returns back to the bowler, dot. Not this time, it is FOUR for Watson. He targeted the gap between the short third man and backward point. That follows by two more and over ends with 13 runs for Australia. They need 70 off 42 balls.

Live Cricket Score Australia 102/3 | Overs 12 | Target 185 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 69(42), Shane Watson 1(1): MCG goes wild, Yuvraj Singh comes in to bowl. Maxwell faces his first ball, begins with a single. DOT. Dhoni seems already impressed. Finch now pulls it for a single, Maxwell on strike. And he is GONE! Yuvraj strikes in his first over. Maxwell comes forward in confidence but misses it miserably. Dhoni doesn’t waste a second, removes the bail and appeals wildly. That appeal of Dhoni can never be wrong! That excitement on Indian skipper’s face is priceless for the Indian fans across the globe. Just 3 runs and a wicket, what a start by Yuvi pa! OUT! Glenn Maxwell st MS Dhoni b Yuvraj Singh 1(2)

Live Cricket Score Australia 99/2 | Overs 11 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 68(39), Glenn Maxwell 0(0): Hardik Pandya awarded with an over after catching Marsh on the last ball of the previous over 😀 Chris Lynn is the new man in, goes off the mark immediately with a single towards deep cover. Finch pushes it towards fine short leg for two more runs. ONE RUN, Lynn on strike. He gets a top edge, Dhoni is looking at the ball as he makes himself just below it to take an easy catch behind the wickets. Pandya already has a wicket. OUT! Chris Lynn c MS Dhoni b Hardik Pandya 2(4)

Live Cricket Score Australia 95/1 | Overs 10 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 65(36): Ashwin continues. Marsh begins with a single, down to long-on. DOT BALL. Finch collects 2 runs. DROPPED. Oh dear, now Marsh is DROPPED again! Rishi Dhawan and Shikhar Dhawan are the fielders with miserable fielding. Oh wait, he is gone. He doesn’t survive this time, Hardik Pandya does not repeat Dhawan’s blunders, finishes the catch successfully at long-on and Marsh has to depart. OUT! Shaun Marsh c Hardik Pandya b Ravichandran Ashwin 23(23)

Live Cricket Score Australia 89/0 | Overs 9 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 62(33), Shaun Marsh 22(21): Jadeja continues. Oh god, Yadav nearly took an excellent catch at the boundary, sadly he fell and that went for a another SIX for Finch. ONE RUN. 8 runs off that over. A decent one for Australia. They need another 96 runs from 11 overs.

Live Cricket Score Australia 78/0 | Overs 8 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 54(30), Shaun Marsh 19(18): Ashwin is next! Finch straight away hits him for a HUGGGGEEEEE SIX over deep mid-wicket! With that, the world’s No. 1 T20I batsman brings up his 6th T20I fifty. DOT BALL, Ashwin comes back better. Not impressive at all, WIDE and Finch takes a single, eight runs already off 3 balls. A total of 11 runs off Ashwin’s first over. More troubles for Dhoni. He needs a wicket here.


Live Cricket Score Australia 67/0 | Overs 7 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 47(26), Shaun Marsh 17(16): Desperate times, Dhoni makes an obvious move. Hands the ball to Sir Jadeja. He begins with a dot, Finch makes room sends it front of deep point for two runs. Another good connect, cuts it to deep point again for a single. Marsh on strike. Dhoni misses a stumping here!

Live Cricket Score Australia 62/0 | Overs 6 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 43(22), Shaun Marsh 16(14): Bumrah gets his 3rd over. Dhoni still makes no bowling change. And Marsh smashes Bumrah straight for a boundary towards the square. That brought up first fifty for Australia. One run. Finch on strike. He goes big, one bounce and FOUR over the mid-on! His 7th boundary in the 19 deliveries he has faced so far. DOT BALL. Finch beats Kohli at mid-off for another FOUR! What a start the Australian skipper has got in a must-win match!

Live Cricket Score Australia 48/0 | Overs 5 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 34(18), Shaun Marsh 11(12): Nehra in for his third over. Dot ball. Nehra to Finch, short ball and Finch hits it to the right of deep square leg, collects another two runs. One run (bye runs). Marsh on strike now. He strikes it towards mid-wicket, single again. Finch has been hitting Nehra well from ball NO.1, two more added passing the short fine leg. And finally ends the over with a superb boundary, FOUR!

Live Cricket Score Australia 38/0 | Overs 4 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 26(13), Shaun Marsh 10(11): Bumrah in for his second over. Marsh hits it for third man for one. Finch once again smashes it towards the backward point over the keeper. FOUR! Collects a quick single in the next ball. Excellent fielding from Dhoni, dives on his left, saves a couple. DOT. Two runs off the next 2 balls. Eight runs off that over.

Live Cricket Score Australia 30/0 | Overs 3 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 20(10), Shaun Marsh 9(8): Nehra continues. Finch goes down the wicket, pulls for a single. Three runs added more from Marsh. Finch on strike. This time he goes straight down the ground for another beauty, FOUR. And four more for Finch. He picked up the line early, pulls it superbly. 12 runs already with a ball to go. And third boundary for Finch in this over.

Live Cricket Score Australia 14/0 | Overs 2 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 7(5), Shaun Marsh 6(7): Jasprit Bumrah from the other end for India. Shot, Marsh pulled it towards the mid-wicket for FOUR. Good start from him. Bumrah comes back good, two dot balls. Fuller delivery from Bumrah, Marsh drives it towards mid-off for one run. Finch on strike. FOUR. Finch now just edges and quickly runs for a single. Will keep strike. 10 runs off it.

Live Cricket Score Australia 4/0 | Overs 1 | BATTING: Aaron Finch 2(3), Shaun Marsh 1(3): Ashish Nehra opens bowling for India. Begins with a single, Finch punches away to square third man. DOT. Marsh runs for a single, bye runs. More bye runs for Australia followed by a dot. Just 4 runs, good start from Nehra.

Live Cricket Score India 184/3 | Overs 20 | BATTING: Virat Kohli 59(33), Suresh Raina 3(2): Andrew Tyre given the last over, FOUR! That brings up Kohli’s 11th T20I fifty. Yorker from Tyre, Kohli went down the track and crushed it past the extra cover ropes. Two runs more added. Now he goes towards the long off for a single, Dhoni on strike. OUT! Tyre bags his first international wicket! Dhoni picks it towards long off, but only managed it until Shane Watson who finishes an easy catch. Kohli continues, excellent two runs. Ouch, India must have lost another wicket, they were really quick! And single to end their inning. OUT! MS Dhoni c Shane Watson b Andrew Tyre 14(9)



Live Cricket Score India 174/2 | Overs 19 | BATTING: Virat Kohli 49(28), MS Dhoni 14(8): Faulkner next! DOT. Oh dear, Faulkner was almost hit on his face, Shot from Dhoni! It was no good even trying to stop that one hell of a shot. The fielders just watch that cross the boundary ropes in seconds. ONE RUN. Kohli wants to smash Faulkner, tries to go for the big shot but doesn’t connect it well. Just one run, towards the deep. ONE from Dhoni, Kohli back on strike. Faulkner went a little high, Kohli still hit that, at least for a single. Keeps strike. Last over to go!



Live Cricket Score India 166/2 | Overs 18 | BATTING: Virat Kohli 47(26), MS Dhoni 8(4): Boland in for his final over. Four runs off the first two deliveries of the over. Now Kohli comes forward, a half volley from Boland which is smashed by Kohli over point. One run, Dhoni on strike. Shot! Dhoni uses full power, FOUR! A single to end the over, 14 off it.

Live Cricket Score India 152/2 | Overs 17 | BATTING: Virat Kohli 38(22), MS Dhoni 3(2): Andrew Tyre given for the ball for a third time today. Dhoni walks in himself, four overs to go! Can Virat-Dhoni help India go 180+? They do have the potential to do so. Kohli takes one run off the first two balls of the over. Dhoni on strike. He goes for an upper cut, stooped by Hastings at third man boundary, 2 runs. Single, Kohli on strike. And he beats the fielder at point, a fifth four of the day for him. Nine more runs added by India.

Live Cricket Score India 143/2 | Overs 16 | BATTING: Virat Kohli 32(18): Watson to Kohli, two bounce and FOUR at extra-cover. Kohli laughs, clearly enjoying hitting the Australians bowlers all over the MCG! Yorker next, but Kohli and Rohit manage to bag a single, superb running! Next three balls go for a single, good return from Watson. Kohli on strike now. Another boundary? Naaah, mis-timed it and will have to settle for a single. Wait, what did just happen? Kohli-Rohit have once again have produced a RUN OUT! This is so unbelievable, they were on a song, flawless partnership that was until this moment. Rohit has to go back to the pavilion. OUT! Rohit Sharma run out 60(47)

Live Cricket Score India 133/1 | Overs 15 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 58(45), Virat Kohli 25(14): Bolland in. Rohit continues his good form Down Under. Adds another two runs, that shot at extra-cover just fell short of the fielder, lucky Sharma! Next one is cut towards the third man, ONE RUN. Kohli on strike. And he goes for the big hit again, this time it went into the stands of long off, picking the length quite well and that did the trick. Boland comes back good, dot ball and a single.

Live Cricket Score India 122/1 | Overs 14 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 55(43), Virat Kohli 16(10): Hastings into the attack again. He has already given 22 runs off his last 2 overs. A short slow ball, Rohit plays it to the third man, one run. DOT BALL. Kohli begins his show, two boundaries in a row! First Kohli smashes it towards the point and then the next boundary was even more stylish, that crossed the ropes of extra cover. DOT. Kohli ends the over with another boundary and that went towards the mid-off.

Live Cricket Score India 109/1 | Overs 13 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 54(42), Virat Kohli 4(5): Andrew Tyre into his second over. More bye runs, it hit Rohit’s pads, runs for a single. Two dots in the next two balls from Kohli. This time he can’t connect it well, has to settle for just two runs after the third mancollects the ball. ONE RUN. Rohit gets an inside edge, singel to end the over.

Live Cricket Score India 104/1 | Overs 12 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 53(40), Virat Kohli 1(1): Shane Watson handed the ball now. After a dot in the first delievry, Rohit beats the thrid man for a FOUR and that brought his 8th T20I half-century. Single in the next ball and that brings Kohli on strike for the first time in the match. Doesn’t waste balls, off-the-mark immediately with a single. Seven runs off Watson’s first over of the day.

Live Cricket Score India 97/1 | Overs 11 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 47(35): Maxwell in, Rohit smashes him for his second six of the match. A flat hit, straight into the stands at long off. Maxwell went just a little outside off, Rohit pushes it towards leg side for two runs. Two singles in the next two balls. OUT! Maxwell strikes, Dhawan goes for a reverse sweep, gives a simple catch to Chris Lynn at the backward point. This was Dhawan’s highest T20I score. 11 runs and a wicket off that over. OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c Chris Lynn b Glenn Maxwell 42(32)

Live Cricket Score India 86/0 | Overs 10 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 37(31), Shikhar Dhawan 41(30): Bolland called for his second over. Rohit pushes it towards mid-wicket for a single. Two dots. And the two manage a quick single in the fourth delivery, excellent running between the wickets. These converting of dots into ones and ones into twos increases pressure on the bowlers. Dot again. Another quick single, there surely was a chance of a run out at the non-strikers’ end. Just three runs off that over. We are half-way through India’s first innings.

Live Cricket Score India 83/0 | Overs 9 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 35(28), Shikhar Dhawan 40(27): Maxwell in. Seventh bwoler in 9 overs in this match. This shows Aaron Finch and Co are clearly under pressure. Desperately need to break this stand. Six singles off it, Rohit to keep strike.

STAT ALET: This is the Highest opening partnership for any team in T20Is at MCG. This is India’s second highest opening T20I stand after Sehwag-Gambhir’s 136 vs England at Durban in the 2007 ICC World T20.

Live Cricket Score India 77/0 | Overs 8 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 32(25), Shikhar Dhawan 37(24): Nathan Lyon into his first ever T20I over. Lyon goes outside off, Rohit begins with a single. Dhawan pushes it towards the leg side, did not manage to reach the boundary, he’ll settle for two. NO BALL, this gifts Rohita FREE HIT. And the Australians just watch it fly into the stands of long-on. Next two balls bring in three runs for India. A single to end the over, 15 off the Lyon’s first over.

Live Cricket Score India 62/0 | Overs 7 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 24(22), Shikhar Dhawan 31(20): Faulkner is back, his first over proved to be very expensive for the Australians, giving 15 runs. Begins well this time, two dots in his first two balls of his second over. Dhawan can’t be keep quiet for a long time, shot! Although it was mis-hit, it managed to cross the boundary ropes of mid-on. Followed by, SIX! That went over the keeper’s head, beauty! Two singles to end the over, 12 runs off it.

Live Cricket Score India 50/0 | Overs 6 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 23(21), Shikhar Dhawan 20(15): Andrew Tyre given his first T20I over. Rohit gets an edge which he drives it it towards mid-off for two runs. Rohit worsk the next ball towards the lg, one run. Dhawan on strike. ONE RUN. A short ball from Tyre, Rohit just went too early to play a shot, no run. A slog from Rohit in the next delivery, bye runs, Dhawan now on strike. He takes a single as well, that ends the sixth over. Better iover from the Australains, just 6 runs off it. And that brings up Idnia’s firts 50 of the day.

Live Cricket Score India 44/0 | Overs 5 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 20(17), Shikhar Dhawan 18(13): James Faulkner given the ball now, even he is hit for a FOUR on his first ball. Rohit moves in his crease, pushes it towards the fine leg boundary. The next ball pushed wide towards point for a single, that brings Dhawan ons strike. He keeps it low, pushes it towards mid-on for another single. Rohit on strike again. Rohit attacks Faulkner again, a little slower delivery from the bowler, which is beautifully driven from Rohit for a FOUR towards mid-on. Shiot again, Rohit! A superb yorker from Faulkner is smashed for a four between slip and short third man. Single to end the over, Rohit to keep strike. Anotehr 15 runs added by these two.

Live Cricket Score India 29/0 | Overs 4 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 6(12), Shikhar Dhawan 17(12): Hastings back again. Another ordinary delivery, Hastings goes a little outside off and Rohit connects it this time to drive it towards the cover boundary for FOUR. He whips it towards the long leg for a single. Now Dhawan joins the party, comes down the track, cuts it between the point and cover point for a FOUR. That is followed by a maximum from Dhawan, SIX! That was huge hit, into the stands of mid-wicket. Dhawan now uses the room and pushes it deep into the covers for two runs. 17 runs off that over, not a good start for Hastings at all!

Live Cricket Score India 12/0 | Overs 3 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 5(8): Scott Bolland into action for his very first T20I over. More bye runs for India, Rohit on strike for the seocnd delivery. NO RUN in next two balls. Rohit connects the fifth delivery, punches it towards leg side for a single. Bolland finishes his first T20I over giving just 2 runs. Good start!

Live Cricket Score India 10/0 | Overs 2 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma 0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 5(6): John Hastings comes for Australia from the other end. Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR! NOt a great delivery from the bowler, Dhawan pushes it towards the fine leg boundary for a four. DOT BALL. This time Dhawan doesn’t connect it well, pushes it towards mid-off, no run again. The fifth delivery is defended leg side, no run. One run to end the second over, Dhawan will keep strike.

Live Cricket Score India 5/0 | Overs 1 | BATTING: Rohit Sharma0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 0(0): Shane Watson has opened bowling for Australia in the seocnd T20I at Melbourne. Rohit Sharma faces the first delivery, begins with a dot. He goes down the leg side, WIDE BALL, one run goes on the board. Excellent fourth delivery, Rohit couldn’t connect. FOUR, India gets some bye runs, Rohit just looks the ball going towards the fine leg boundary, Rohit still on strike. Dot to end the first over, five runs off the first over.

The Australian boys are getting ready for the second T20I against India–skipper seen talking to them outside the field. It will be a huge task for Finch under pressure with six changes with three debutants. Let’s see how the hosts fair in this contest! Manwhile, the Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are walking in.




TOSS UPDATE: Aaron Finch won the toss, elected to bowl in their must-win encounter at MCG. Australia have made as many as six changes in their side, and poor Finch forgot to remember them all during the toss.

Playing XI:

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Suresh Raina, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah.

Australia: Aaron Finch(c), Shaun Marsh, Chris Lynn, Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, John Hastings, Scott Boland, Andrew Tye, Nathan Lyon

Nathan Lyon, Scott Bolland and Andrew Tye set to make their T20I debut for Australia. They will receive the caps from the former Australian cricketer Ryan Harris.

India have a very strong chance of winning this game as well as the series, as Australia have rested two of their star batsmen for this clash. The leadership duo of Steven Smith and David Warner will not be seen in the second T20I, which makes Australia severely depleted. In their absence, Aaron Finch will have to shoulder the responsibility of doing the scoring. India vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd T20I at Melbourne, Preview: MS Dhoni and Co look to seal series


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Suresh Raina, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Harbhajan Singh, Umesh Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra

Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Steven Smith (rested), Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell (ruled out of 1st game), Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, Scott Boland, John Hastings, David Warner (rested), Nathan Lyon, Cameron Boyce, Chris Lynn, Shaun Tait, Shane Watson, Travis Head, Andrew Tye.

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD & BALL-BY-BALL COMMENTARY: India vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd T20I at Melbourne