Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the fourth One-Day International (ODI) between India and Australia at the Manuka Oval at Canberra. I am Rishad D’Souza and will bring you over-by-over updates from what promises to be another cracking contest between the two rivals. The hosts have won the series in dramatic fashion with 3-0 lead and India are still striving to dominate in nest two matches of five-match series. India are facing same story every game in spite of same level of game witnessed from both ends. The visitors are striking centuries and posing 300-plus totals, while hosts are sweeping the challenges away comfortably. Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs Australia 2015-16, 4th ODI at Canberra

The third One-Day International (ODI) at Melbourne saw Glenn Maxwell rise as a hero for Australia during pressure situation. The calm and intelligent Maxwell played a fine innings. Shaun Marsh and Steven Smith equally contributed their part but Maxwell took the game forward. India’s bowling attack did not serve much at the final overs. Barinder Sran as well looked off beat with less accuracy and unable to pick wickets for Team India. He did pick 2 wickets at first ODI in Perth, which was his debut in the series. Though India’s batting side have remained unquestionable with Virat Kohli becoming fastest batsman to register 24 centuries and pile up 7,000 runs ODI cricket. Virat Kohli has played well in previous ODIs as well scoring half-centuries at Perth and Brisbane. India vs Australia live score: ऑस्ट्रेलिया को दूसरी झटका लगा, फिंच आउट

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Kane Richardson is named man of the match for his fifer including Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Rishi Dhawan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

MS Dhoni: I’m not angry, I’m certainly disappointed. I take the responsibility on myself. It is my role in the team to finish games and I did not do that.

Live Cricket Score India 323 in 49.2 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 24(27): That’s it. India lost their last nine wickets for 46 runs. They were 277/1 and required to score at less than six an over but they have been completely overpowered in the final period of the game. Ishant Sharma is the last wicket to fall and India are short by 25 runs! OUT! Ishant Sharma 0(3) c Wade b Mitch Marsh

Live Cricket Score India 323/9 in 49 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 24(27), Ishant Sharma 0(1): India have blown this badly! They have failed themselves badly. This over brought seven runs but that’s barely adequate. India need 26 of the final over! Barely a chance.

Live Cricket Score India 316/9 in 48 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 18(21), Ishant Sharma 0(1): Umesh Yadav continues to slog aimlessly, misses the first ball. Skies the ball next but is dropped by Richardson at long off. Jadeja survives an edge next ball. A thick edge flies to keeper Wade, but he drops it. Half chance but could have been taken. The batsmen run a single and Yadav is on strike again. Once again he makes some contact but skies it to the man at point. Bailey takes an easy catch! One of the most epic collapses. OUT! Umesh Yadav 2(11) c Bailey b Marsh

Live Cricket Score India 313/8 in 47 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 16(19), Umesh Yadav 1(8): Jadeja took a single of the first ball and after that Yadav went on a wild goose hunt for four deliveries without making any impact. In the final ball he made connection and ran just a single to inexplicably retain strike. Just two of that over. India have just 2 wickets in hand now and need to score at 12 an over.

Live Cricket Score India 311/8 in 46 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 14(17), Umesh Yadav 0(3): Richardson is troubling the batsmen now. With the extra bounce, good pace and the softened ball he’s looking very threatening. On that note, Richardson gets his fifth victim. He’s received some harsh treatment from the batsmen but he’s having the last laugh! OUT! B Kumar 2(6) c Smith b Richardson

Live Cricket Score India 308/7 in 44 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 14(15): It’s unbelievable how tough things are looking for India here, just a while back they looked like they would win by a comfortable margin! Now it’d be surprising if they won. Dhawan is looking quite confident and that will give India some hope. But, before the Indians can get too ahead of themselves, Richardson has taken him out of the equation. Unnecessary shot to blame. He charged down and tried to smash it big but got the outside half of the bat and it flew to the man at deep cover. Richardson has accounted for three wickets now. Kohli, Rahane and now Dhawan! OUT! Rishi Dhawan 9(8) c Warner b Richardson

Live Cricket Score India 294/6 in 42 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 9(10), Rishi Dhawan 0(1): And another dismissal! Kane Richardson gets Ajinkya Rahane’s edge to first slip and India look in all sorts of trouble now! They are losing a wicket at almost one an over. Jadeja will hope to take India home from here. OUT! Ajinkya Rahane 2(3) c Smith b Richardson

Live Cricket Score India 291/5 in 41 overs | Batting: Ravindra Jadeja 6(6), Ajinkya Rahane 0(1): Things continue on a downward spiral for India after being in such a dominant position just a while back! This dismissal was quite ridiculous. Gurkeerat had just scored a boundary and was looking to add to that a six with a slog sweep but he got a top edge which lobbed up for an easy catch to square leg. OUT! Gurkeerat Singh 5(6) c S Marsh b Lyon

Live Cricket Score India 282/4 in 40 overs | Batting: Gurkeerat Singh 1(4), Ravindra Jadeja 3(4): Australia are coming back right back in this contest! Hastings picked two in the previous over and now Kane Richardson has accounted for Virat Kohli with a slightly slower one. Things are now looking grim for India. OUT! Virat Kohli 106(92) c Smith b Richardson

Live Cricket Score India 277/3 in 38 overs | Batting: Virat Kohli 105(88): And there’s one of the breakthroughs Australia needed. Dhawan was beginning to tire and was playing some shots without thorough application towards the end. He charged down the track to hit it straight but it flew from the outside half of the bat straight to Bailey at point. Great innings nonetheless. In another shock to India, MS Dhoni has edged out to Hastings! Smith’s decision to bowl out Hastings in the look for some wickets has paid off, he’s produced two in his final over. OUT! Shikhar Dhawan 126(113) c Bailey b Hastings, OUT! MS Dhoni 0(3) c Wade b Hastings

Live Cricket Score India 265/1 in 36 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 116(105), Virat Kohli 104(86): Kohli has reached a hundred and now he will look to up the scoring even further. That is his 25th ODI hundred and 15th in chasing. Looks like this will again come in a winning cause. The batsmen are doing very well. No luck for the bowlers.


Live Cricket Score India 259/1 in 35 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 115(102), Virat Kohli 99(83): So not much has changed here, India have slowed down just a tad but that is not an issue. There was a tricky call for the umpire to make in the previous over. George Bailey claimed a catch at point but tv replays showed that the ball probably mildly touched the ground just at the time of him taking the catch. Could have gone either way. But like everything else in this innings, that call went with India.

Live Cricket Score India 244/1 in 33 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 105(95), Virat Kohli 93(74): The going is really smooth for India at the moment. Australia have failed to put too many obstacles in their path and now it is a stage where India are firm favourites to win the game. Meanwhile Shikhar Dhawan has completed a nice hundred.

Live Cricket Score India 227/1 in 30 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 92(88), Virat Kohli 90(67): India really going through the innings like breeze now. They are having almost no trouble in chasing such a big score. India’s lack of depth in bowling was exposed in the previous three games but today it is clear that Australia are lacking on that front too. It would be really surprising if India lost it from here.

Live Cricket Score India 213/1 in 27 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 88(81), Virat Kohli 80(56): India are right on top now. The asking rate has fallen to below 6 an over. The batsmen are having a frolicking time in the middle. Both look primed for a hundred. Not a single bowler has managed to even keep things tight, let alone take wickets.

Live Cricket Score India 194/1 in 25 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 75(73), Virat Kohli 74(52): Things looking increasingly tipped in favour of Australia. Kohli smashed a fantastic six of Faulkner coming down the track. The run between these two has been exemplary and the boundary hitting has been equally impressive.

Live Cricket Score India 177/1 in 23 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 71(66), Virat Kohli 62(47): Australia have managed to slow things down just a tad but no breakthrough. India are right on top at the moment. Australia looking clueless as to how to make things better for themselves on this pitch with very little margin for error. When the boundaries have run dry the batsmen keep the singles coming at a good rate.

Live Cricket Score India 161/1 in 21 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 67(62), Virat Kohli 55(39): Australia are trying to be economical here, but that’s not adequate one would imagine because with these many wickets in hand India can get into hitting zone at liberty. Mitchell Marsh has bowled quite nicely meanwhile. Kane Richardson has been accurate in his comeback over, will need to continue that way to build pressure. But, he gets hit for a boundary of the fifth delivery. Dhawan then cashes in on the length ball for four.

Live Cricket Score India 149/1 in 19 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 55(53), Virat Kohli 51(36): Things are going very well for India. Australians have failed to make the breakthrough on a flat pitch. Virat Kohli is taking aerial shots only after identifying areas that are vacant. Smart batting. Kohli has gotten to fifty of 34 balls. He’s been so busy at the crease and it’s paid off.

Live Cricket Score India 133/1 in 17 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 50(49), Virat Kohli 40(28): Mitch Marsh managed to quieten things down just a little bit in the 16th over. Maxwell did not follow that up with an economic effort. In fact he bowled a lot of short balls with width on offer. Dhawan utilised one such gift to bring up his fifty with a pull shot to midwicket.

Live Cricket Score India 118/1 in 15 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 44(44), Virat Kohli 32(21): India are right on par with the target. Australia need to make a breakthrough here or they could be out of this contest in no time. Dhawan is looking good to get to a fifty. Meanwhile Kohli is gathering a lot of momentum in this innings.

Live Cricket Score India 106/1 in 13 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 39(37), Virat Kohli 25(16): India are going very smooth at the moment. The idea for Australia is simple. If they are to defend this they have to keep taking wickets or India will sail through. Both Dhawan and Kohli looking good. They are getting a boundary almost each over.

Live Cricket Score India 88/1 in 11 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 36(33), Virat Kohli 10(8): Nice contest happening between batsmen and bowlers here. Shikhar Dhawan smashed a six in the 10th over. He’s starting to look dangerous here. Virat Kohli on the other end has been in good form and will look to continue here.

Live Cricket Score India 65/1 in 8 overs | Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 24(23): Things were ticking for Rohit Sharma and he’s gone to possibly the worst ball of the over. After getting belted for a six and two fours, Richardson lost his radar and bowled a delivery down leg, Rohit tried to hit it to fine leg for another boundary but got the glove on way to the keeper and the umpire spotted the small nick. OUT! Rohit Sharma 45(21) c Wade b Richardson

Live Cricket Score India 49/0 in 7 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 25(19), Shikhar Dhawan 24(23): That was a very expensive over from Kane Richardson after two tight overs. Concedes 14 runs in that over, India are going about their job quite well. John Hastings is doing a good job with adequate pace and bounce. Concedes five runs of that over.

Live Cricket Score India 30/0 in 5 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 18(13), Shikhar Dhawan 12(17): Another good over by Kane Richardson, concedes just two runs. Hastings replaces Nathan Lyon unexpectedly, Australia can’t afford too many more overs like his previous one. Hastings getting bit of extra bounce. Keeps it reasonably tight, conceding just 4 runs.

Live Cricket Score India 24/0 in 3 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 14(9), Shikhar Dhawan 10(9): Tidy first over from Kane Richardson conceding just a single. Keeps India under check. Lyon draws a false shot off Rohit next ball but it clears the cover fielder. Next ball Rohit gets the all of it and smashes it for a big six over midwicket. Good use of feet. The Lyon experiment in early overs may not last long. Dhawan played a risky lofted cover drive off him but it just evaded short cover to get to the fence beyond. Next ball was sweetly cut late for three runs to third man.

Live Cricket Score India 6/0 in 1 over | Batting: Rohit Sharma 5(3), Shikhar Dhawan 1(3): Nathan Lyon opens the bowling. Not the most ideal start, strays down leg and Rohit helps it for four to fine leg. Gets driven by Dhawan too but intercepted by the cover fielders on both occasions. Six runs of that over.


Live Cricket Score Australia 348/8 in 50 overs | Batting: John Hastings 0(0): That’s typical Maxwell finishing for you. Starts with a hoick over the fine leg boundary for six, next ball is reverse hit for four to third man. Next ball yields another four! Ishant squeezes in a dot next ball. But he smashes the delivery after to mid off for another four runs. Final ball brings something for India to cheer about, it was nicely turned down to square leg but Manish Pandey not only intercepts it but also claims the catch. OUT! Glenn Maxwell 41(20) c Pandey b Ishant

Live Cricket Score Australia 330/7 in 49 overs | Batting: Glenn Maxwell 23(14), John Hastings 0(0): Umesh Yadav removes the dangerous James Faulkner with a yorker in the first ball of the 49th over, Matt Wade is the new man in. Gets a ball on the body and he misses the flick, runs two leg byes. Next ball is hit to point but no run available and the batsman is run out for a duck. Maxwell unleashes some of his magic in the next couple of deliveries and targets the vacant fine leg region for back-to-back fours. OUT! James Faulkner 0(1) b Umesh Yadav, RUN OUT! Matthew Wade 0(2)

Live Cricket Score Australia 319/5 in 48 overs | Batting: Glenn Maxwell 14(11): The Indian bowlers have done reasonably well in the death. Have kept the lid on the runs. Maxwell got an edge for four in the 48th over of Ishant but not too many explosive shots in there. Umesh Yadav has also done a good job at the other end. Finally, Ishant got a wicket of a lower full toss with George Bailey failing to get under it. Meanwhile, Ishant is looking completely knackered. OUT! George Bailey 10(7) c Rohit b Ishant

Live Cricket Score Australia 301/4 in 46 overs | Batting: Glenn Maxwell 7(6), George Bailey 0(0): That’s the wicket Australia wanted. There’s another four overs after this and Smith could have made a huge difference but he’s been dismissed. He got a top edge on the pull shot and was caught at fine leg. Bailey and Maxwell will try to up things now. OUT! Steven Smith 51(29) c Rahane b Ishant

Live Cricket Score Australia 294/3 in 45 overs | Batting: Steven Smith 51(28), Glenn Maxwell 1(1): Umesh Yadav gets another scalp with a variation of pace. It’s Mitchell Marsh trapped in the web this time and Glenn Maxwell is the new man in. The problem for India is Australia could actually profit from this wicket as Maxwell is a great hitter. Smith gets four of the next delivery. Eight runs come of that over. OUT! Mitchell Marsh 33(42) c Kohli b Yadav

Live Cricket Score Australia 286/2 in 44 overs | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 32(40), Steven Smith 45(25): Kumar started with an attempted yorker in the 44th over which ended as a juicy full toss and Smith languidly put that over square leg for six. A few singles and twos run in that over to make it quite productive

Live Cricket Score Australia 274/2 in 43 overs | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 28(37), Steven Smith 38(22): These are nice productive overs for Australia. Runs are coming at a good rate but one feels they’d want to up that rate even further and Smith is looking primed to do just that. He smacked the first full length delivery from Ishant outside off for a six deep over the midwicket boundary! Ishant came round the wicket next ball and got a near-yorker, Smith swatted it away to fine leg and got a second run as bonus of a misfield. Swats the next delivery to fine leg for another couple. Attempts a reverse hit next ball but misses. Gets single the next ball for Marsh to face the final delivery. He whips it to midwicket for four.

Live Cricket Score Australia 248/2 in 41 overs | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 19(33), Steven Smith 21(14): Australia have been struggling with maintaining a dominating run rate after Warner’s dismissal but skipper Smith has pulled out his bag of tricks and is causing an immediate impact. There are some runs flowing for them now.

Live Cricket Score Australia 222/2 in 38 overs | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 14(26), Steven Smith 0(2): Umesh Yadav gets Finch dismissed with a short ball that rose a little more than expected! That’s a crucial wicket and a great catch to complete it albeit with some confusion between Virat Kohli and Ishant Sharma. Ishant ran from mid on while Kohli was running backwards from midwicket. Ultimately, Kohli made way for Ishant to claim the catch and there was no goof up. OUT! Aaron Finch 107(107) c Ishant b Umesh

Live Cricket Score Australia 214/1 in 36 overs | Batting: Aaron Finch 106(101), Mitchell Marsh 4(19): Mitchell Marsh was looking really bogged down but has released some of the pressure with a four over the in field off Yadav’s bowling. Australia will be wary of making the mistake the Indian batsmen have made in the first three games, i.e., slow down in the period between overs 35 and 45 even with wickets in hand as that can prove costly.

Live Cricket Score Australia 201/1 in 34 overs | Batting: Aaron Finch 100(97), Mitchell Marsh 2(15): Aaron Finch has composed a fantastic hundred. He had his troubles against the new ball in trying to keep up pace with the innings, but following his fifty he has opened up and done really well.

Live Cricket Score Australia 196/1 in 33 overs | Batting: Aaron Finch 95(94), Mitchell Marsh 2(12): India is putting on some pressure after getting that wicket. A more aggressive field too. Run rate has slowed down considerably. Marsh not looking very good in his new role.

Live Cricket Score Australia 188/1 in 30 overs | Batting: Aaron Finch 88(85), Mitchell Marsh 1(3): That’s a breakthrough from Ishant. Was the variation in pace that did the job. It was on a fullish length and Warner went for a slog but got the inside edge onto the stumps. Much needed wicket for India. Warner will rue missing out on the hundred. OUT! David Warner 93(92) b Ishant Sharma

Live Cricket Score Australia 181/0 in 29 overs | Batting: David Warner 93(91), Aaron Finch 83(83): Ishant is brought back to try and make a breakthrough. Does a fairly good job of it but no wicket. Jadeja brought on from the other end. The Aussie batsmen have settled into a nice understanding. When they are not getting the loose balls, they’re contending with the singles but cashing in on any big scoring opportunity too. Bodes well for them. India need to break this rhythm and the only way to do this is a wicket.

Live Cricket Score Australia 172/0 in 27 overs | Batting: David Warner 88(85), Aaron Finch 79(77): Rishi Dhawan has kept the Australian batsmen subdue for way too long with his gentle-paced delivery, Finch decides to take him on finally, He backed away, created some room for himself and smashed a six straight over the bowler’s head. Bhuvneshwar was guilty of straying down Finch’s pads in the next over and was duly flicked away for four with the fine leg in the circle. Finch then smashed the next ball to midwicket for a big six, he’s getting in the mood now. He beautifully cut the next ball through point for another four. That over brings 16.

Live Cricket Score Australia 145/0 in 25 overs | Batting: David Warner 87(84), Aaron Finch 53(66): So through the halfway stage of the innings, Australia are on top. They have been quietened a little bit in the last few overs but no severe pressure on them since they are rotating strike frequently. India will want to cash in with a wicket here.

Live Cricket Score Australia 138/0 in 23 overs | Batting: David Warner 83(77), Aaron Finch 50(61): That’s fifty for Finch. After a fiery start, he’s mellowed down a little bit. Handy innings nonetheless, he and Warner are keeping the runs coming and partnership is coming along nicely. Meanwhile, the duo of Rishi and Ravi continue to keep things slowed down.

Live Cricket Score Australia 129/0 in 21 overs | Batting: David Warner 77(70), Aaron Finch 47(56): India getting things under some semblance of control now. Rishi Dhawan and Jadeja bowling economically. In the 21st over, Warner played a funny shot. He shaped up for the switch hit which Jadeja spotted and fired a flat one outside off, Warner cross-improvised and instead played a right-handed late cut to fine leg/third-man.

Live Cricket Score Australia 119/0 in 19 overs | Batting: David Warner 73(64), Aaron Finch 42(50): Rishi Dhawan is actually bowling quite well. He’s bowling a good mix of deliveries and has had a couple of close lbw shouts. Concedes just three runs in his third over to keep the lid on Aussie batsman. Jadeja bowls a much better over after that after his horrible start. Concedes four runs.

Live Cricket Score Australia 112/0 in 17 overs | Batting: David Warner 72(59), Aaron Finch 38(43): Warner welcomes Ravindra Jadeja to the crease with a reverse hit for four past short third man. Smashes the next ball through cover for another boundary. No turn for Jadeja. Fifth ball is wide outside off and Warner cuts it hard past point. Expensive for India. Meanwhile umpire Richard Kettleborough has gone out for some treatment that endured a blow on his shin from a Finch straight drive. A new umpire here.

Live Cricket Score Australia 97/0 in 16 overs | Batting: David Warner 58(54), Aaron Finch 37(42): Rishi continues his good work, mixes it up well and keeps the batsmen in check. But, Warner is releasing the pressure with positive cricket against Gurkeerat. He smashed the second ball for a boundary to midwicket with a slog sweep off a full ball, against the spin, but it had the power. Finch takes the assault to him couple of balls later, goes inside out and gets four to the cover boundary.

Live Cricket Score Australia 84/0 in 14 overs | Batting: David Warner 52(47), Aaron Finch 31(37): Rishi Dhawan gets a bowl and he did a neat job of it conceding only three runs. Was spot on with the accuracy and mixed up his pace. Gurkeerat continued the next over and he is getting some turn. The Australian openers have not adjusted well to the lack of his pace. Warner decides to break the shackles with a lofted sweep for six to square leg. Brings up his FIFTY.

Live Cricket Score Australia 72/0 in 12 overs | Batting: David Warner 44(40), Aaron Finch 27(32): Bhuvneshwar Kumar has sustained a tough blow on his left thumb in his attempt to intercept a powerful David Warner drive. There was so much power on the shot that it still went for four despite Bhuvi getting a hand. There was some concern from the physios over the impact, but he’s looking good to go at least for now. Seven runs of that over. In attempt to take some pace off the Australian innings, Dhoni has brought on Gurkeerat for the 12th over. His third ball brought a false shot from Warner due to sheer slowness. Warner went for the slog sweep but was early on the shot and it almost went to the man at short fine leg but it brought four runs since it was a bit out of reach.

Live Cricket Score Australia 59/0 in 10 overs | Batting: David Warner 33(31), Aaron Finch 25(29): Good ninth over by Bhuvneshwar. Gave only one opportunity for Warner to cash in outside off, but the batsman did not get the timing on the cut. Three runs off that over. Another very good over by Ishant Sharma to cap of the first 10-over period. Four of that over.

Live Cricket Score Australia 52/0 in 8 overs | Batting: David Warner 30(26), Aaron Finch 21(18): Finch brings up the 50-run mark with a fantastic pull off Yadav’s bowling to the square leg boundary. Warner was slightly lucky in the final ball of the 7th over. It was a slower one from Yadav, Warner was early on the cut but got the outside half of the bat and almost carried to the point fielder. That was followed by a very tidy over from Ishant Sharma, he’s bowled well so far. Hitting the right areas and extracting good bounce. Just one run of that over off the last ball.

Live Cricket Score Australia 45/0 in 6 overs | Batting: David Warner 30(24), Aaron Finch 15(12): That was an over of mixed fortunes for either team. The first ball was a gorgeous straight drive by Finch which failed to get to the boundary only because of it being obstructed by the umpires foot. The final ball of that over the batsmen ran for a single after Finch hit it to square leg. A fielder threw the ball towards the non-strikers end only for it to deflect of the bat to go to the boundary.

Live Cricket Score Australia 40/0 in 5 overs | Batting: David Warner 30(24), Aaron Finch 10(6): Warner is fully in his zone now after playing out a maiden first over. He smashed a length delivery outside off for a blazing boundary down the ground. The fifth ball of that over was a quick one, a bouncer, aimed at Warner’s head. Warner took his eyes of the ball as he pulled and got the top edge but it went for four to fine leg. The next ball was another boundary, albeit with far more control from Warner. He again targeted that midwicket region as he whipped the good length ball for four through there.

Live Cricket Score Australia 26/0 in 4 overs | Batting: David Warner 16(18), Aaron Finch 10(6): Kumar guilty of providing width to Warner first ball in the 4th over and he cut it away fiercely for a boundary, he’s starting to get in his zone. Third ball was whipped through midwicket for another boundary, fantastic placement. He pulled the next ball through the same area for another boundary. Runs a quick single after guiding the final ball to point.

Live Cricket Score Australia 13/0 in 3 overs | Batting: David Warner 3(12), Aaron Finch 10(6): Bhuvneshwar Kumar got good bit of movement in the second over. He started off poorly with a ball straying down Finch’s pads and was duly put away for four but bowled well thereon. He’s getting good amount of swing and that is an encouraging sign. Finch unfurled a fine off drive first ball in the third over and got it for four. He’s looking quite good at the crease. Umesh Yadav is getting some variable bounce.

Live Cricket Score Australia 0/0 in 1 over | Batting: David Warner 0(6), Aaron Finch 0(0): David Warner has returned from a two-day layoff and started cautiously in the first over. Umesh Yadav was low on pace but is picking up. He’s getting some movement off the pitch and pitch has shown something of variable bounce. Maiden over to start with.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, MS Dhoni (wk/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Rishi Dhawan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

Australia: Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith (c), George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, John Hastings, Nathan Lyon

TOSS: Australia have won the toss and elected to bat first

Ajinkya Rahane, who never got an opportunity to play at first ODI in Perth, scored his half-century in second at Brisbane. Indian bowlers still need a push in order to restrict mighty Australians. Australia’s skipper Smith has played consistently and his team mate George Bailey scored his ton in first ODI at Perth. Their partnership was lauded as they lead their team to first win in the series. Australian bowlers have played exceptionally with James Fualkner being consistent in picking two wickets each in first and second ODI. Scott Boland and Joel Paris, who are playing their debut series have been unlucky in the first, but were lucky in second ODI picking a wicket each and Paris was kept out for third one at Melbourne. READ: India vs Australia 2015-16, 4th ODI at Canberra: Preview


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Axar Patel, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Rishi Dhawan, Barinder Sran

Australia: Aaron Finch, Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith (c), Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Marsh, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, Josh Hazlewood, Scott Boland, Joel Paris, John Hastings, David Warner.

Live Cricket Scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary: India vs Australia 2015-16, 4th ODI at Canberra