Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Match 31 of ICC T20 World Cup 2016 between India and Australia at Mohali on Sunday. I am Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will bring you all the live updates and scores of this virtual quarter-final match between hosts India and their challengers Australia. This match has a similar vibe to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 semi-final between India and Australia. There too Australia had been dominant throughout the tournament before meeting India in the semi-final, having lost only one match which was to New Zealand. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Australia, Match 31, ICC World T20 2016 at Mohali

Live cricket score update | India 161/4 | Overs 19.1 | Win by 6 wickets with 5 balls to spare | Reach semi-final | Rohit Sharma 12(17) Shikhar Dhawan 13(12) Virat Kohli 82*(51) Suresh Raina 10(7) Yuvraj Singh 21(18) MS Dhoni 18*(10) Josh Hazlewood 4-0-38-0 Nathan Coulter-Nile 4-0-33-1 Shane Watson 4-0-23-2 James Faulkner 3.1-0-35-1 Glenn Maxwell 2-0-18-0 Adam Zampa 2-0-11-0 Man of the Match: Virat Kohli

Live cricket score update | India 161/4 | Overs 19.1 | Win by 6 wickets with 5 balls to spare | Reach semi-final | Virat Kohli 82(51), MS Dhoni 14(9) | Faulkner? Zampa? Maxwell? It will be Faulkner. FOUR! Low full-toss, Dhoni lofts that, it is not the trademark six, falls just short of the mid-wicket fence, and India are through to the semi-final to take on West Indies!

Live cricket score update | India 157/4 | Overs 19 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 82(51), MS Dhoni 14(9) | Coulter-Nile waits at the bowler’s end. Dhoni seems to have pulled a stomach muscle. This is not, not, not good news for India. Okay, Dhoni seems fine now. DOT. Slow, short, Kohli did not read it, misses completely. FOUR! NCN over-pitches, Kohli slashes that to the backward-point fence! FOUR! Short of length, Kohli guides that to the fine-leg fence! FOUR! That is Kohli in his pomp, steps out, that was hit on the rise, but still it whooshes past extra-cover, what a shot, what a man! DOT. Slower bouncer again, and once again Kohli attempts a thwack and misses, a rush of adrenaline? FOUR! Kohli creams that past extra-cover, what is this man made of? India need 4 from 6 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 141/4 | Overs 18 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 66(45), MS Dhoni 14(9) | Faulkner. FOUR! Long-hop, Kohli pulls to the mid-wicket fence, India need more of these! FOUR! Excellent placement through backward-point, the sweeper did his best but Kohli had pierced the gap with utmost precision. SIX! Out steps Kohli, for a while it seemed he had not timed it, but it was actually a chip over wide long-off, and Kohli does a premature celebration a la Mushfiqur! TWO. Faulkner comes round the wicket, that went to the right of Warner, he had to slide, which allowed Dhoni to come back for the second. LEG-BYE. Slower delivery, no appeal, that would have missed leg. TWO. Dhoni plays that to long-on, Kohli charged back like a man possessed, some running, there! India need 20 from 12 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 122/4 | Overs 17 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 50(40), MS Dhoni 12(8) | Watson to bowl out, he has been excellent today in all three departments. DOT. Dhoni steps out and almost yorks himself, hits that back to Watto. ONE. Dhoni cuts fiercely but finds the man on the fence. ONE. Bouncer, an ugly backfoot swat to deep mid-wicket, but that will bring up fifty for Kohli! ONE. Yorker, Dhoni pushes to vacant short mid-wicket and gets a run. LEG-BYE. Good yorker from Watson, appeal, that would have missed leg. FOUR! Dhoni gives that shot his everything, that takes a thick edge and runs to the third-man fence! India need 39 from 18 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 114/4 | Overs 16 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 49(38), MS Dhoni 6(4) | Hazlewood. DOT. Outside off, Kohli swings and misses. TWO. Slightly short, Kohli pulls, these two are extremely fast between wickets! TWO. Finch misfields at deep extra-cover, India need the boundaries. FOUR! Enough is enough, decides Kohli: he steps out and dismisses that to the mid-wicket fence! ONE. Whips that from almost in front of off-middle to deep extra-cover, that is some special talent, MSD does an Usain Bolt! TWO. Flicks with panache, once again, outstanding running! India need 47 from 24 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 102/4 | Overs 15 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 37(32), MS Dhoni 6(4) | Watson returns. DOT. Dhoni plays back to him. ONE. Steps out and pushes to long-on. ONE. Kohli pushes to long-on, Warner keeps that down to a single. FOUR! Watson bounces, Dhoni is on to the hook like a flash, the ball disappears to the square-leg fence! ONE. Dhoni slaps that to point, Coulter-Nile dives to prevent any extra run. ONE. Kohli pushes that to wide mid-off. India need 59 from 30 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 94/4 | Overs 14 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 35(30), MS Dhoni 0(0) | Faulkner is back. ONE. On the length but on leg, Kohli plays to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Slower ball, Yuvraj hits in the air but straight down the ground. ONE. Kohli steps out, the ball takes inside-edge, beats Nevill, and rolls to fine-leg. ONE. Yuvraj slaps that to deep mid-wicket, he slips at the non-striker’s end, he is limping again. ONE. Good slower delivery, Kohli mistimes but gets a run to long-off. OUT! Another slower delivery, Yuvraj stops his shot mid-air, Watson takes an excellent diving catch at cover-point! Yuvraj Singh c Shane Watson b James Faulkner 21(18)! India need 67 from 36 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 89/3 | Overs 13 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 32(27), Yuvraj Singh 19(15) | Zampa. ONE. Kohli plays that to deep mid-wicket, they do not get the second. DOT. The back-lift was high but Yuvraj decides against the shot, plays it to point. SIX! Oh boy, that is a full-toss, you cannot bowl them to Yuvraj, he lofts it into the stands over mid-wicket. LEG-BYE. Hits his knee roll, would that have missed leg? Close call. Nope, that had pitched outside leg. DOT. Long-hop, misses out, hits straight to point. ONE. Kohli flicks to deep square-leg. India need 72 from 42 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 80/3 | Overs 12 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 30(24), Yuvraj Singh 13(12) | Maxwell. ONE. Yuvraj off-drives, something needs to give in here, they need boundaries. SIX! Kohli steps out and hits that cleanly over long-off! TWO. Kohli pushes that to deep mid-wicket and sets off, good running. ONE. Horizontal-batted swat to long-off. ONE. Plays to long-on, back to Virat. ONE. Wristy flick to deep mid-wicket. India need 81 from 48 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 68/3 | Overs 11 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 20(20), Yuvraj Singh 11(10) | Zampa. DOT. That googly took off after pitching, went past Yuvraj’s edge, Nevill appeals for stumping, they go up! NOT OUT. ONE. Yuvraj steps out, Zampa drops short, Yuvraj waits and pulls. ONE. Kohli pushes that to long-off. ONE. Yuvraj plays to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Kohli cuts to point. DOT. Kohli hits that straight back to Zampa. India need 93 from 54 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 65/3 | Overs 10 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 19(17), Yuvraj Singh 9(7) | Yuvraj stays put, Maxwell comes on. ONE. Kohli pushes to long-on. ONE. Yuvraj waits for the ball and plays to point, the medicines seem to be functioning well. DOT. Kohli steps out and plays back to Maxwell. ONE. Kohli gets a run to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Yuvraj plays that to deep mid-wicket, one just gets the feeling India are leaving this for too late. TWO. Plays to wide long-on, Warner misfields, they get the extra run. India need 96 from 60 balls.

Live cricket score update | India 59/3 | Overs 9 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 15(13), Yuvraj Singh 7(5) | Coulter-Nile is back. FOUR! Outside off, Yuvraj steers that, deep third-man cannot cut that off. ONE. Yuvraj flicks it off his hips, he is limping, what is wrong? Looks like a muscle pull. Good news, Yuvraj is back on his feet. WIDE. Straight down leg. ONE. Kohli leans on to that and places it through cover. DOT. Good ball, short of a length, Yuvraj gets on to his toes to defend. ONE. Yuvraj flicks, he is limping once again, this is not looking good for Yuvraj and India. ONE. Kohli flicks towards deep mid-wicket. India need 102 from 54 at this stage, Yuvraj is having more treatment.

Live cricket score update | India 50/3 | Overs 8 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 12(10), Yuvraj Singh 1(1) | Watson continues. ONE. Raina pulls, times well. ONE. Virat shuffles flicks past mid-wicket. TWO. Full-toss, Raina flicks and sets off, excellent running. OUT! Watson strikes! Bouncer, Raina tries to hook and top-edges! ONE. Good-length on leg, Yuvraj flicks with ease, fifty for India! DOT. On target, Chiku blocks. Suresh Raina c Peter Nevill b Shane Watson 10(7)!

Live cricket score update | India 45/2 | Overs 7 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 12(9), Suresh Raina 7(4) | Faulkner replaces Hazlewood. DOT. Kohli pushes to mid-off. DOT. This time to mid-wicket, good start for Faulkner. ONE. Kohli steers that deftly to deep third-man. TWO. Raina flicks off the back-foot, excellent running, both men have quick legs. FOUR! That stopped on Raina, he checks on his stroke, that loops over cover, but so good is the timing that the ball reaches the fence! ONE. Short, plays to third-man.

Live cricket score update | India 37/2 | Overs 6 | Target 161 | Virat Kohli 11(6), Suresh Raina 0(1) | Watson replaces Coulter-Nile. ONE. Kohli steers that to deep third-man. ONE. Deviates slightly to leg, Rohit casually plays it to deep square-leg. ONE. This time Kohli flicks to deep square-leg. DOT. Over-pitched, Rohit flicks to mid-wicket. OUT! Rohit steps out and tries to play a curious stroke, misses completely, Watson’s slower ball hits timber! DOT. Raina drives to mid-on, no run. Rohit Sharma b Shane Watson 12(17)!

Live cricket score update | India 34/1 | Overs 5 | Target 161 | Rohit Sharma 11(14) Virat Kohli 9(4) | Hazlewood into his third over. ONE. Rohit plays to long-leg, Kohli to take strike. The Sa-chiiiin, Sachin chant has given way to Kohliiiii, Kohli now. DOT. On target, Kohli plays to point. FOUR! Vintage Kohli, flicks through mid-wicket! FOUR MORE! Outside off, Kohli reaches out and caresses it to the backward-point fence! ONE. Smart cricket, drops that to his feet and sets off. DOT. Good line, Rohit shows him full face of the bat.

Live cricket score update | India 24/1 | Overs 4 | Target 161 | Rohit Sharma 10(12) Virat Kohli 0(0) | Coulter-Nile. FOUR! NCN drops a tad short, Rohit won’t miss out on this, smacks it over mid-wicket! ONE. Could have been an encore, but that hit the toe-end of the bat, finds the fielder. DOT. Slower delivery, Dhawan plays too early, hits him on the solar-plexus. DOT. On target, Dhawan plays to point. OUT! Dhawan falls! NCN bounces, Dhawan goes for the hook but top-edges, Khawaja takes a well-judged catch at fine-leg! ONE. Rohit pushes to short mid-wicket, keeps strike. Shikhar Dhawan c Usman Khawaja b Nathan Coulter-Nile 13(12)!

Live cricket score update | India 18/0 | Overs 3 | Target 161 | Rohit Sharma 4(9) Shikhar Dhawan 13(9) | Hazlewood continues. WIDE. He cannot keep balance while releasing the ball, outside leg. DOT. Dhawan drives to mid-off. SIX! Go Gabbar! Hazlewood bowls in the slot, and Dhawan plays his trademark slog-flick into the stands! ONE. Steers and gets the run. DOT. Rohit pushes to mid-off and sets off, easy picking, back to Shikhar. DOT. Plays to cover. DOT. Dhawan steps out, but can only play to cover.

Live cricket score update | India 9/0 | Overs 2 | Target 161 | Rohit Sharma 3(8) Shikhar Dhawan 6(4) | Coulter-Nile from the other end. DOT. On target straight away, Rohit defends. DOT. Straight again, defends again. DOT. Outside off, Rohit lets that go. ONE. Bouncer, Rohit keeps that down, finds deep square-leg. ONE. Dhawan flicks to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Rohit plays to cover-point.

Live cricket score update | India 7/0 | Overs 1 | Target 161 | Rohit Sharma 2(3) Shikhar Dhawan 5(3) | First ball. Hazlewood versus Rohit. There is a slip. Mithali & co. are there to cheer for the men. ONE. Rohit flicks to deep mid-wicket, India are away. FOUR! Gorgeous from Dhawan, overpitched outside off, classical cover-drive! DOT. Plays to mid-on, Khawaja makes a tumbling stop. ONE. Shikhar drops that near his feet with soft hands and sets off. DOT. On target, Rohit blocks to short-cover. DOT. Short of length outside off, Rohit steers that expertly.

Live cricket score update | Australia 160/6 | Overs 20 | It was an impressive effort from Australia, on a pitch both Dhoni and Smith have suspected would get slow with time. They had got off to a breakneck start, reaching 53 for no loss in 4 overs. Ashwin, the man India had been counting on, went for 31 from his 2 overs. But Nehra bowled brilliantly, as did Jadeja, whose figures went slightly awry after Glenndeep Singh Maxwell — as they call him affectionately in Chandigarh — went after him. Yuvraj bowled slower through the air and had the batsmen on a leash, which probably tells a thing or two about the pace of the pitch. Watson and Maxwell both played crucial cameos, while Nevill’s 10 off the last 2 balls of the innings may turn out to be crucial.

Live cricket score update | Australia 160/6 | Overs 20 | Usman Khawaja 26(16) Aaron Finch 43(34) David Warner 6(9) Steven Smith 2(6) Glenn Maxwell 31(28) Shane Watson 18*(16) James Faulkner 10(10) Peter Nevill 10*(2) Ashish Nehra 4-0-20-1 Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-32-1 Ravichandran Ashwin 2-0-31-1 Ravindra Jadeja 3-0-20-0 Yuvraj Singh 3-0-19-1 Hardik Pandya 4-0-36-2

Live cricket score update | Australia 160/6 | Overs 20 | Shane Watson 18(16), Peter Nevill 10(2) | Pandya to bowl the last over a la Bangladesh match. OUT! Faulkner tries to clear long-on, but the ball gathers more height than distance, and Kohli takes a comfortable catch at long-on. DOT. Watson goes whoosh outside off, misses completely. FOUR! Outside off, finds Watson’s edge, that races to the third-man fence! ONE. Plays to long-off, 150 comes up for Australia! FOUR! Nevill shuffles across, fine-leg was up, easy picking! SIX! In the slot, straiiiiiight over deep mid-wicket, crosses the ropes! James Faulkner c Virat Kohli b Hardik Pandya 10(10)

Live cricket score update | Australia 145/5 | Overs 19 | Shane Watson 13(13), James Faulkner 10(9) | Bumrah to bowl out. FOUR! Short, Faulkner waits for it and places it through backward-point. ONE. Watson drives to long-on. ONE. Full-toss, Watson goes for the slog over mid-wicket, finds Dhawan on the bounce. ONE. Low full-toss, Faulkner drives to long-on, Kohli is quick enough to prevent the extra run. ONE. Again to deep mid-wicket, Dhawan is there. ONE. Drives hard through extra-cover but cannot beat a tumbling Rohit!

Live cricket score update | Australia 135/5 | Overs 18 | Shane Watson 11(11), James Faulkner 3(5) | Nehra-ji it will be, to bowl out. ONE. Watson plays to point, gets the run. ONE. Faulkner pushes to deep mid-wicket, Nehra will try to cut down the boundaries here. ONE. Smashes to long-on, thought of a second, no chance of that. DOT. Slow, over-pitched delivery, Faulkner had set himself up for the hoick, realises at the last moment and defends. DOT. Faulkner shuffles and goes for the scoop, but Nehra, sly old fox that he is, follows him, not a wide! ONE. Can only play to mid-off, what an over, just four off it, chha gaye Nehra-ji!

Live cricket score update | Australia 131/5 | Overs 17 | Shane Watson 9(9), James Faulkner 1(1) | Back comes Bumrah. ONE. Over-pitches, Watson on-drives. DOT. Maxwell tries the switch-hit again, but Bumrah had read him well, misses the slower ball. OUT! Bumrah hits timber! Maxi went for a huge heave, misses completely, the slower ball hits off-stump! ONE. Attempts yorker, Faulkner pushes and gets the run. DOT. Watson plays to backward-point. Glenn Maxwell b Jasprit Bumrah 31(28)

Live cricket score update | Australia 129/4 | Overs 16 | Glenn Maxwell 31(26), Shane Watson 7(6) | Jadeja is back. ONE. Leading edge, Maxwell tries to flick, that goes to point. LEG-BYE. Watson tries to flick, that hits the front pad. ONE. Maxwell drives that hard, hits the stumps and rolls to Dhawan at long-on. WIDE. Once again, a leg-stump wide. ONE. Tries to cut but does not time, the ball dribbles to third-man. FOUR! Maxwell gets his first boundary, on leg, Maxi slog-sweeps over square-leg, places it well. SIX! Out comes the switch hit, takes it on the full, and smack!

Live cricket score update | Australia 114/4 | Overs 15 | Glenn Maxwell 19(22), Shane Watson 6(4) | Pandya. ONE. Maxwell makes room and hits to long-off. WIDE. Straight down leg, India have conceded too many wides today. FOUR! Long-hop, Watson waits and pulls with ease! ONE. Once again, Watson waits and flicks. ONE. Maxwell drives, Pandya tries to stop that with his boot but cannot, Dhawan fields. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Maxwell makes room and tries to go over extra-cover, just a single.

Live cricket score update | Australia 104/4 | Overs 14 | Glenn Maxwell 16(19), Shane Watson 0(1) | Yuvraj. WIDE. Down leg. ONE. Plays to short mid-wicket, Yuvraj runs himself. TWO. Maxwell sweeps hard and runs harder, good work! DOT. Leading edge, he wants to flick but the ball goes towards cover-point. DOT. Slow through the air, Maxwell caught in two minds, cannot decide what to play. ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Very, very slow, Watson almost yorks himself!

Live cricket score update | Australia 100/4 | Overs 13 | Glenn Maxwell 13(14) | Pandya. ONE. Agricultural stroke from Maxwell, makes room and flat-bats to long-off. DOT. What was that? An almighty heave from Finch, misses that completely! TWO. Plays to deep mid-wicket, Jadeja’s throw was accurate but that needed a direct hit. DOT. Short-pitched, heave and miss from Finch. FOUR! Short, Finch pulls, places it well to the left of a sprinting Raina at deep square-leg, hundred up for Australia! OUT! Finch falls a la Mushfiqur! Short-pitched, and straight to the throat of Dhawan at deep mid-wicket! Aaron Finch c Shikhar Dhawan b Hardik Pandya 43(34)!

Live cricket score update | Australia 93/3 | Overs 12 | Aaron Finch 37(29) Glenn Maxwell 12(13) | Yuvraj. ONE. Finch moves outside leg to make room but Yuvraj follows him, he can only drive that down the ground. TWO. Maxwell plays that to deep extra-cover, splendid running. TWO. Some fielding! Maxwell lofts that straight, Raina runs in from long-off to slap that in, Pandya picks up and throws! ONE. Maxwell sweeps to deep fine-leg. ONE. Slower through the air, Finch pushes to long-on. ONE. Tosses up, Maxwell middles the reverse-sweep and sets off.

Live cricket score update | Australia 85/3 | Overs 11 | Aaron Finch 35(27) Glenn Maxwell 6(9) | Pandya on. DOT. Short-pitched on off, Maxwell tries to upper-cut and misses. Do note that third-man is inside. DOT. Huge huge appeal, Maxwell left it, that jagged back in, hit him on his thigh, I think that might have been a tad high. TWO. Maxwell goes for the big shot, mistimes, reaches Raina on the bounce at deep mid-wicket, there is an overthrow. DOT. Absolutely on target, Maxi blocks. ONE. Shortish, Maxwell plays it to Raina at deep square-leg. ONE. Finch plays that to long-off.

Live cricket score update | Australia 81/3 | Overs 10 | Aaron Finch 34(26) Glenn Maxwell 3(4) | Yuvraj! OUT! Smith is gone first ball, third dismissal for MSD! Smith tries to punch him off back-foot from close to the body, Dhoni goes up immediately, Smith is not happy, shakes his head while leaving! ONE. It is Maxwell, he pushes that to wide long-on. NO-BALL + 1. Yuvraj oversteps, that is plays to deep extra-cover. FREE HIT COMING UP. DOT. Maxwell goes after it almost blindly, misses, the ball hits him on the pad. ONE. Flicks to deep square-leg. WIDE. Down the leg. ONE. Goes on the back-foot and plays to wide long-on. ONE. Maxi plays that to deep mid-wicket. Steve Smith c MS Dhoni b Yuvraj Singh 2(6)!

Live cricket score update | Australia 74/2 | Overs 9 | Aaron Finch 32(24) Steven Smith 2(5) | Jadeja continues. DOT. Bang on target, Smith plays that back to him. DOT. Hit hard back, Jadeja dives full-length to his left to stop that. DOT. Plays to cover, this is good bowling from Jaddu. ONE. On-driven, easy single. DOT. Hit on the pad, stifled appeal, that would have gone down leg. DOT. Finch plays back to Jadeja again, who stops that with his boot, excellent over, this!

Live cricket score update | Australia 73/2 | Overs 8 | Aaron Finch 32(22) Steven Smith 1(1) | Ashwin comes back. WIDE. Outside leg, there is a plan, but what? ONE. Finch drives to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Slower through the air, Warner pushes behind square-leg. FOUR! Finch waited for that and places it comfortably to the extra-cover fence! ONE. Finch pushes to deep mid-wicket. OUT! Ashwin strikes! Warner steps out, that turned and beat Warner, Dhoni waited before taking the bails off! ONE. Smith pushes to mid-wicket. David Warner st MS Dhoni b Ravichandran Ashwin 6(9)!

Live cricket score update | Australia 64/1 | Overs 7 | Aaron Finch 26(19) David Warner 5(7) | Sir Jadeja replaced Nehra-ji. DOT. Straight on target, Finch pushes to long-off. TWO. Warner places towards deep third-man. DOT. Warner pushes that to cover. ONE. Jadeja has been good, Warner pushes to long-on. DOT. Arm-ball, Finch was in trouble, kept it out. OUT. Finch plays that to long-on.

Live cricket score update | Australia 59/1 | Overs 6 | Aaron Finch 24(16) David Warner 2(3) | Bumrah. LEG-BYE. Cramped for space, hit on pad, the ball rolls towards deep third-man. DOT. Finch plays it straight to mid-off. DOT. Once again he plays it straight to mid-off, good bowling, this, from Bumrah. ONE. Tries to steer, thick-edges to deep third-man. ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Pushes to mid-on and sets off, end of Powerplay.

Live cricket score update | Australia 55/1 | Overs 5 | Aaron Finch 22(12) David Warner 1(2) | Nehra will continue. ONE. That stopped after pitching on a length, Raina turns backwards but that falls away from him. OUT! Nehra strikes! Khawaja goes for the almighty heave, just the slight movement from Nehra, and MSD pouches the ball! DOT. Warner plays solidly to cover, a couple more wickets may give India an opportunity to fight back. ONE. Pushes to mid-off and sets off. DOT. Finch plays to point. DOT. Finch shuffles across but Nehra is accurate, Finch cannot get it going. Usman Khawaja c MS Dhoni b Ashish Nehra 26(16)!

Live cricket score update | Australia 53/0 | Overs 4 | Usman Khawaja 26(15) Aaron Finch 21(9) | Ashwin comes on. He will bowl to Khawaja. This should be interesting. ONE. Khawaja flicks to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Slow through the air, Finch wants to make room and cut, does not time. SIX! Ashwin tosses up, Finch goes after it and crosses wide long-on! SIX! An encore, Pandya was on the ropes, he leapt up in the air but the ball cleared him. FIVE WIDES. Terrible line outside leg, no chance for Dhoni! WIDE. Fifty comes up for Australia, but it is clear that Ashwin is bowling to a plan. TWO. Finch flicks and sets off, excellent running! ONE. Plays to deep square-leg.

Live cricket score update | Australia 31/0 | Overs 3 | Usman Khawaja 25(14) Aaron Finch 6(4) | Nehra to continue. DOT. Finch shuffles across, that is on middle, bounces above leg, excellent line! FOUR! Way outside off, Finch gives it his everything, the ball scorches past extra-cover! ONE. Bottom-edge, Dhoni goes on one knee but cannot gather properly, they run one, back to the dangerous Khawaja. FOUR! Pitches on leg, Khawaja immediately adjusts, fine-leg is up, the ball speeds to the fine-leg fence! DOT. Pushes to mid-wicket, they thought of a run, but the fielder is Rohit. ONE. Flicks to deep square-leg.

Live cricket score update | Australia 21/0 | Overs 2 | Usman Khawaja 20(11) Aaron Finch 1(1) | Bumrah it will be, from the other end. ONE. Cramps Finch for space, but he pushes to mid-on and sets off. FOUR! In the slot, Khawaja lofts it over mid-wicket, very cleanly hit, poor bowling from Bumrah. FOUR! Slightly shorter, Khawaja repeats that stroke, he already looks in ominous form! FOUR! Once again Bumrah bowls short, this time it is a conventional pull, past square-leg. DOT. Better length, Khawaja plays to cover. FOUR! That is a beautiful stroke, waits for it, third-man is up, delicately placed!

Live cricket score update | Australia 4/0 | Overs 1 | Usman Khawaja 4(6) Aaron Finch 0(0) | Nehra ready to steam in. “Go Nehra go,” says Sehwag on air, echoing his own tweet. FOUR! Short, Khawaja pulls from off-stump, brilliantly timed. DOT. Outside off, Khawaja flirted around a bit, missed. DOT. What a ball, some shape from Nehra, pitches on off and curls away, comprehensively beaten! DOT. Just short of a length, Khawaja cuts to point. DOT. That kept low and slow, Khawaja was early in his stroke, went below his bat. DOT. Again on off, excellent shape, just beating bat, what an over!

Live cricket score update | Anthem time! Advance Australia Fair, first. Shane Watson looks sombre. Jana-gana-mana follows. Both teams seem pumped up. The Indians have gone into a huddle. Dhoni leads his team on to the ground, Nehra in tow. Finch and Khawaja walk out, when will Warner bat? 3? 4?

Live cricket score update | These moments between the toss and the first ball are unbearable, are they not? It is almost as if time refuses to move. There is still some time for the anthems, so why not read our India vs Australia match preview or our India vs Australia key clashes?

Live cricket score update | Reminder: This is as good as a quarter-final. In other words, the winner goes to the semi-final to play West Indies this Thursday (England and New Zealand will clash on Wednesday). In case you are not aware, this is what the situation is: New Zealand have gone through, while Pakistan and Bangladesh have been eliminated. India and Australia have both beaten Pakistan and Bangladesh and have lost to New Zealand.

Live cricket score update | Playing XIs: AUSTRALIA: Steven Smith (c), Peter Nevill (wk), Aaron Finch, Usman Khawaja, David Warner, Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, James Faulkner, Adam Zampa, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Josh Hazlewood. INDIA: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra.

Live cricket score update | TOSS: Australia have won the toss and have elected to bat first. Smith thinks the pitch may get slower as the match progresses. Dhoni would have preferred to bat, too. Will the dew be important? We will find out in a few hours.

The major difference has been in India’s performances. In Australia during the ODI World Cup India had been undefeated in seven matches on the trot before losing to Australia in the semi-final. India have been a far cry from the dominant force everyone expected them to be in familiar home conditions. It has not helped their case that so far all of India’s matches have been played on low-scoring pitches that have blunted their big-hitting batsmen.

India’s frailties against spin have been on full display in this tournament, most tellingly against New Zealand. They managed to defeat Pakistan after an excellent innings from Virat Kohli, but it took Bangladesh to self-destruct spectacularly for India to beat them. Bangladesh needed a mere 2 runs from 3 balls to win their previous match against India, but they shockingly failed to do so as India won by 1 run to stay alive in the tournament. As a result, this encounter has become a straight-out knock-out match. Whoever wins the match will reach the semi-final stage.


India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Hardik Pandya, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammed Shami, Pawan Negi, Ashish Nehra.

Australia: Usman Khawaja, Shane Watson, Steven Smith, David Warner, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, James Faulkner, Peter Nevill, John Hastings, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa.

Catch the live cricket scores and ball-by-ball commentary of India vs Australia, Match 31, ICC World T20 2016 at Mohali