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  • 12:13 AM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: It is all done and dusted for England. They have won the match by 8 wickets. This match similar to the first ODI where India dominated the host just that in this match they were on the loosing side. It was one of those days for Bhuvneshwar Kumar where nothing went right for him. Maybe he was not in his 100% health. However, many positives for the host. The most important one is the form of Joe Root ahead of test series.

  • 11:52 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Just a matter of time till England win this match and thei ODI series. This win will break India’s wining streak in ODI bilateral series winning 9 consecutive series. Also England will win their 8th consecutive series win in ODIs. The next time these two teams will face each other in 50 over format is in World Cup next year. India are still struggling with their No 4 and heavily rely on spinners.
    England 236/2 (40): Root 84, Morgan 84
  • 11:31 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: That will hurt India. The tragedy of wickets on no-balls in England continues for India. A wicket here too be very late for India but who knows? Kuldeep Yadav has 2 overs remaining but the partnership now is 137. India running out of options to get these two out now.

    England 211/2 (35): Root 75, Morgan 69
  • 11:21 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: England just need 69 from the last 18 overs. With Morgan and Root in the middle we might have a game by 40 overs probably. They both have shown great intent and took their chances on bad balls. Things getting worse for India, they are still looking for wickets here.
    England 193/2 (33): Root 67, Morgan 62
  • 11:03 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Things are getting worse for India here. Nothing going their way for now. Eoin Morgan has also reached his half-century. Bhuvneshwar is surely having a bad day. He has been taken for cleaners today let’s see if he can do something special in his second spell.
    England 172/2(28): Root 58, Morgan 50
  • 10:50 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: 50 for Joe Root. He is making things look very easy. Both the batsmen now are well settled in the middle. The spinners are causing no trouble to them. India need a change here to pick some wickets.
    England 152/2(25): Root 54, Morgan 35
  • 10:37 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: India are losing the track here Morgan is looking well settled here. The boundaries are flowing here as England are cruising to victory here. Poor fielding and full-tosses gave away the pressure.
    England 134/2 (22): Root 43, Morgan 29
  • 10:17 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: The runs are still flowing for the host. India desperate for a wicket here. They will need it if they want to win this one. The spinners need to do what they do best here. Morgan is getting settled now which is the last thing India would want.
    England 108/2 (16): Root 35, Morgan 11
  • 10:08 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Seeing the ball spin in the first innings it was kind of clear that Chahal will generate more spin than Kuldeep. However, India are leaking runs with sloppy fielding. Root is the main wicket here. Morgan is not looking very confident against spin so India might want to keep the pressure.

    England 91/2 (13): Root 22, Morgan 7
  • 9:58 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Vince is run-out for 27 by Hardik-Dhoni.
    At one point Vince looked comfortably in but the way MS Dhoni celebrated it seemed that he was gone. Hardik was quick to release the ball but the throw was wild but Dhoni did well to collect it and disturb the stumps.
    England 78/2(10): Root 12, Morgan 4
  • 9:47 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is just not getting it right, he has been taken for cleaners. Vince on the other hand is making full use of the opportunity and why won’t he with the big World Cup around the corner and a narrow chance to enter in the team. Indian spinners have a job to do today.

    England 67/1(8): Vince 26, Root 6
  • 9:36 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Shardul Thakur stricks with the ball. Bairstow departs for 30(13).

    The change has worked for India and Thakur has got the big wicket of Bairstow who was looking to finish this game in a hurry. Bairstow hit the half-volley directly to Suresh Raina who was never going to drop that. The wicket brings centurion from the last match in the middle.
    England 42/1 (5): Vince 12, Root 0
  • 9:33 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: The English openers are on a carnage here. It looks like they are batting on a completely different pitch here. Bhuvi is not getting much swing and with that pace Bairstow is being brutal with him.
  • 9:26 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Hardik Pandya has opened the bowling with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Shardu Thakur has been kept back maybe because of his variations. Will we see Yuzvendra Chahal in the Powerplay overs again? James Vince has come to open with Jonny Bairstow in absence of Jason Roy. However, Bairstow didn’t hold back on hitting Bhuvi who is bowling after 3 matches.
    England 23/0(3): Vince 5, Bairstow 17
  • 8:36 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: India had a slow start to their innings. Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan then fastened the run rate for the team. But again Dhawan could not covert his good start to a big innings. Kohli was done by a a beauty by Adil Rashid. MS Dhoni held his never till the end but was dismissed as he started accelerating. It was Shardul Thakur in the end who smashed a few sixes and helped India go past Shardul Thakur.

    England need 257 to win
  • 8:34 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: India did well in the end overs as Ben Stokes history with final overs and sixes continues. Shardul Thakur unleashed his long handle and smashed him for 2 sixes (almost 3) in the over. If he bowls well today he might be looked at an good option in the 50 over squad. David Willey bowled a tight last over getting the yorkers right but India had already gone past the score of 250. Bhuvi trying to smash the final ball of the innings to six gave a simple catch to Jonny Bairstow as he departs for 21.
    India 258/8 (50): Shardul 22
  • 8:14 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Dhoni’s long innings in the middle has been got to an end by David Willey.
    Dhoni has to leave the field. He was looking good on 42 and changing gears here. David Willey found the extra bounce off the good length delivery as Dhoni nicked it to Buttler. All to Bhuvneshwar Kumar here.
  • 8:09 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: We can see Dhoni changing gears here and sense he is in for something big here. This is a perfect time for him to accelerate. He has been there long enough got used to the pitch and Bhuvi looks good from the other end as well. Score above 250 will be just par here.
    India 217/6(45): Dhoni 40, Bhuvneshwar 8
  • 7:56 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: 200 comes up for India in the 42nd over. MS Dhoni is running out of partners here but he is the only person who can take India to a fighting total here. The spinners are done with their overs. It is Mark Wood and Ben Stokes who are bowling now.
    India 201/6(42): Dhoni 28, Bhuvneshwar 5
  • 7:43 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Hardik Pandya nicks one to Jos Buttler off Mark Wood.
    Mark Wood bowled an impressive first spell and he is doing it again. This was just a too good delivery to middle. India are in deep trouble here. But the decision of playing Bhuvneshwar Kumar will prove to be important here. He can’t just hang around but also play a few shots. Dhoni on the other end is looking untroubled.
    India 195/6 (39): Dhoni 27, Bhuvneshwar 1
  • 7:33 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: The spinners are doing a good job for England here. MS Dhoni is happy to play the ball around for runs here. This is the ideal situation for him unlike the last time when he had the pressure of required run-rate. He can take all time in the world now and speed up in the end. Hardik Pandya on the other hand can be very dangerous in the end overs. The important thing for India here is to build the partnership.
    India 190/5: Dhoni 26, Pandya 18
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  • 7:11 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Adil Rashid strikes twice in the over it is Suresh Raina this time.
    Good captaincy from Eoin Morgan here. He is aware that Raina has not been in the greatest of form lately and the wicket of Kohli will create pressure. He got the leg slip for him and it worked as Raina flicked it to Root there who took a good reflex catch.
  • 7:04 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Virat Kohli bowled by Adil Rashid for 71.

    This is surely a wicket Adil Rashid will be proud of and talk for a long long time. The ball turned a long way as it missed Kohli’s bat which was middling almost everything. The look on Kohli’s face says it all. This is the third time in the series he has been done by a spinner and it is Rashid this time. India are 4 down now with Dhoni in the middle who is still finding his touch.
    India 156/4: Dhoni 13
  • 6:58 PM IST

  • 6:52 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: It’s spin from both the ends for England now. They did wonders for the team in the last match. Can they turn things in the decider as well? MS Dhoni is in the middle along with Kohli. He has a lot to prove in this match from what happened the other day.
    India 141/3(27): Kohli 64, Dhoni 5
  • 6:43 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: OUT! Dinesh Karthik bowled by Adil Rashid for 21.
    Maybe I just jinxed it for Karthik. Rashid on the other hand bowled two tight overs. In the last over also Karthik edged one ball which did not go to the stumps but this one did.
  • 6:41 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: 50 for Virat Kohli and he gets there in style by smashing a boundary on the off side. He is now only short of 2 half-centuries to record a half century of half centuries. Dinesh Karthik on the other end is scoring at the same run-rate. This could well be the partnership for India.

  • 6:33 PM IST
    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Virat Kohli is nearing another half-century here as Dinesh Karthik is seen in fine touch. He has been finding the middle of the bat, perfect timing and even the gaps. We all know he is a busy player, his running between the wickets is a proof.
    India 110/2 (22): Kohli 46, Karthik 15
  • 6:26 PM IST

    Ind vs Eng 3rd ODI Latest Updates: Rashid comes on, and Karthik cover-drives the last ball delectably for four. That was an outstanding shot. Karthik now has 2 fours off the first 3 balls he has faced. Plunkett, after a change of ends, sends down a much tidier over.

    India 100/2 (20): Kohli 41, Karthik 10

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live updates for the 3rd ODI between India and England, at Headingley, Leeds. Kuldeep Yadav‘s record-breaking 6 for 25, followed by Rohit Sharma‘s hundred, had put India ahead at Trent Bridge by an 8-wicket margin. Then Joe Root led the England surge at Lord’s, and England won by 86 runs to level the series. England also retained their No. 1 rank in ICC ODI Rankings: a whitewash would have put India on top.

There are injury updates from both camps. Jason Roy seems uncertain (ruled out?) of the match. England have two back-ups for Roy — James Vince and Sam Billings. This may be critical, as he and Jonny Bairstow have got England off to two solid starts. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, on the other hand, is undergoing a fitness test. If he passes he will definitely replace Siddarth Kaul; if not, India may want to draft in Shardul Thakur.

India likely XI: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (c), KL Rahul, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar/Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal.

England likely XI: Jason Roy/James Vince/Sam Billings, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk), Moeen Ali, David Willey, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood.