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    Live – England 87/2; Root 5: Jadeja strikes in the last over. Traps Cook lbw. Crucial wicket for India. Excellenr fightback by India. England need 318 to win. Can they reach the target on Day 5? Can they create history tomorrow? Well, that’s it from us. See you tomorrow at 9.30 am. Here’s a detailed Day 4 report: Cook’s fifty keeps Indians at bay; Hosts 8 wickets away from win

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    Live – England 75/1; Cook 47, Root 0: Ashwin draws first blood. The man who takes India out of the woods. The man who rescues his team time and again. Traps Hameed in front. Provides much-needed breakthrough.

  • 3:47 PM IST

    Live – England 72/0; Cook 45, Hameed 24: Jadeja to Cook. Pitches outside off. Sharply spins in. Cook goes onto the foot. Hits on his thighs pads. He is deep into his crease. Loud shout. Umpire says not out. India take a review. It shows the ball just brushes the leg-stump. Third umpire stays with on-field umpire’s call. Kohli looks disappointed.

  • 3:38 PM IST

    Live – England 60/0; Cook 40, Hameed 20: The rough marks outside off look dangerous, for the English batsmen are dancing to Jadeja’s tunes. All the same, England have not lost a wicket so far. They need 345 to win.

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    Live – England 49/0; Cook 31, Hameed 18: Kohli’s go-to bowler is back into the attack, and right away creates a half-chance. India need a wicket, especially that of Alastair Cook. Meanwhile, Kohli attacks with Shami from other end.

  • 2:54 PM IST

    Live – England 47/0; Cook 30, Hameed 17: Some reverse-swing from Shami. He’s angling the ball in to Hameed, with 2 close-in fielders on the leg-side. Wicket on the cards.

  • 2:16 PM IST

    Live – England 40/0; Cook 28, Hameed 12: Chai-patti time. England need 365 to win. The opening duo of Cook and Hameed applied themselves extremely well to keep Indian spinners at bay. Top-drawer cricket.

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    Live – England 35/0; Cook 23, Hameed 12: Boring. Absolutely boring. Bored even to put up a blog update. Sums up my Sunday. Nothing’s happening. Absolute nothing. In other news, did you like the Coldplay concert? If not, do you like my Wordplay?

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    Live – England 21/0; Cook 10, Hameed 11: What’s with Alastair? His zen-like focus is dumbfounding. Rarely do we see him commit a mistake. On the other hand, Hameed is no different as well. Both seem in no hurry to reach the target. This is proper Test match stuff.

  • 1:12 PM IST

    Live – England 17/0; Cook 9, Hameed 8: Ashwin took consecutive wickets in the first innings, and was on hat-trick — the only achievement he is yet to attain. But the dream remains… All the same, at this rate, he might as well take one soon… I am sure!

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    What I did on Day 1…

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    Live – England 7/0; Cook 6, Hameed 1: Indian pacers start with a fiery spell. Kohli and co. are fired up. We smell a wicket. England openers have to be very cautious.

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    **England innings**

  • 11:54 AM IST

    Live – India 204; Jayant 27: India set up a target of 405 to England, as Moeen Ali draws last blood. Is it enough for India to defend? In fact, given the home conditions, India are likely to take 1-0 lead.

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    Live – India 204/9; Jayant 27, Shami 19: Shami hits two massive sixes to take India’s target to 400. The crowd is on its feet now. India on fire.

  • 11:40 AM IST

    Live – India 184/9; Jayant 17, Shami 13: The session has been extended by 30 mins. But ICC’s new rules say that if 9 wickets have fallen, the play can extended by 30 mins. Let’s hope India do not lose a wicket and get on England’s nerves.

  • 11:40 AM IST
    Live – India 184/9; Jayant 17, Shami 13: The session has been extended by 30 mins. But ICC’s new rules say that if 9 wickets have fallen, the play can extended by 30 mins. Let’s hope India do not lose a wicket and get on England’s nerves.
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    Live – India 162/8; Jayant 8: Jadeja fails again. Again. Just when he needed to score runs for his team, he holes one out to Moeen Ali at deep mid-wicket. India lead by 362

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    Live – India 152/; Jadeja 12, Jayant 1: Oh, boy! Kohli departs. Caught at first-slip. Stokes takes a blinder. “Iss catch ko baar baar dekh sakte hai aap,” says Aakash Chopra. Now all-rounders Jadeja and Jayant in the thick of action.

  • 10:08 AM IST

    Live – India 127/4. Virat Kohli 73, Ravichandran Ashwin 7: Ashwin and DRS go hand-in-hand and this time no looking for Kohli’s agreement as well. Aaaand that’s not out. No luck for Broad.

  • 10:04 AM IST

    Such deep conversation of Broad’s injury. If one does not know what happens once you suffer injury:

    Aakash Chopra: Goli toh khaayi hogi…pain killer ki

    Kapil Paaji: Injection lagaya hoga. Sab cricketers ne kabhi na kabhi injection lagaya hai.

    And that explains my Sunday.

  • 9:56 AM IST

    Live – India 118/4. Virat Kohli 70, Ravichandran Ashwin 1: Aaanndd that ends Rahane’s innings. So Broad gets his third. Aakash Chopra says, ‘Jalwa dikha diya’. Isn’t that supposed to be Mumbai Indians line? And Ashwin joins Kohli.

  • 9:47 AM IST

    Aakash Chopra ask Kapil Paaji ‘Taarif karne’ of these batsmen here. Isn’t that what Kapil Paaji loves to do? 😀

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    Live – India 100/3. Virat Kohli 58, Ajinkya Rahane 22: It is Sunday morning. Another day with Kohli and those who are hungover with ‘Coldplay’, he can fix you. Stuart Broad has comeback, limping though. Good start for India and that’s 100 up for India.

Ajinkya Rahane is playing on 22 and Virat Kohli on 56 at the end of Day Three © IANS
Ajinkya Rahane is playing on 22 and Virat Kohli on 56 at the end of Day Three © IANS

Hello and Welcome to CricketCounry’s coverage of fourth day’s play of the second Test between India and England at Vishakapatnam. I am Kaustubh Mayekar and I will be bringing you all the updates of the day’s play. India ended their day’s play at 98 for 3 with Virat Kohli once again getting to his half-century. Ajinkya Rahane has an opportunity on hand to save India from a precarious condition have his decimal performance in Test so far. England bowlers wiped off the top-order with Stuart Broad and James Anderson bagging the initial wickets. FULL Cricket Scorecard: India vs England 2nd Test at Vizag

India had a great outing on Day Two As their star bowler Ravichandran Ashwin once again announced his name loud with his 22nd fifer and also got to his 50th Test wicket in this calendar year. With the help of his fifer, England were dismantled for 255 providing lead of 200 for India. England did have their time for a moment when Jonathan Bairstow and Ben Stokes added 110-run stand for the sixth wicket. Both got their fifties as well and Bairstow reached to 1,200 Test runs in 2016. However, with the collapse of these batsmen it added further dilemma for England.

But before entering the field, there was light moment that caught the world by storm when Bairstow tripped while entering the field and in turn sprained his ankle. Day Two saw surprise visitor entertaining the Visakhapatnam crowd and cheering up the heated England players as well, who were caught in a turmoil with Kohli and Pujara’s centuries. Bairstow was back in action and provided fitting response with his fifty.

Earlier, India were bundled out for 255 with the major chunk of runs from captain Kohli with his knock 167. Kohli has taken his 50th Test pretty seriously and looking for ways to make it special in every way. Pujara was also talk of town as he stitched mammoth partnership of 226 for third wicket, that left the England players baffled. Bowlers were caught in a fix except for Anderson, who was the lucky man bagging three wickets on Day One. Ashwin added his fifty along with a composed batting by newbie Jayant Yadav. The next day was split into two halves (quite literally) with England having moment to cheer with three crucial wickets of Moeen Ali followed by Adil Rashid’s two wickets to end the Indian innings. ALSO READ: Day 3, preview: Virat Kohli and co. eye big target

It was later India who had the sword on their hands with Mohammed Shami shattering Cook by knocking off his stumps in two halves. But Ashwin took the lead and scalped two wickets to continue India’s dominance over England. Jayant also managed to grab his maiden wicket to end his day on special note. On Day Four, India will expect to build healthy lead of 450 runs especially with Kohli around. He will itch to get to yet another century while Rahane will want to better his Test skills. England spinners will be keen to get some early wickets to end the Indian innings soon and have decent target to chase down.