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  • 5:16 PM IST
    This was Kohli’s day. However, I will leave you all with the best comment from this day. When Sehwag was asked about Kohli’s knock, when the latter was on 88 from 168 deliveries. The new ball was taken. Sehwag had clear logic: ‘I would have been batting on 168 from 88.’ He said jokingly. But he has played such knocks. We’ll be back tomorrow.

  • 5:00 PM IST

    India 267/3 (90) | Virat Kohli 103 (191), Ajinkya Rahane 79 (172): End of Day’s play. This belonged to India. There were no hundreds in the series till today and Kohli had no fifty-plus knock in his last 7 Test knock. The moment came at Indore. A very good day of Test cricket. The crowd witnessed a 167-run unbeaten stand between Kohli and Rahane.

  • 4:45 PM IST
    Just too good, Virat Kohli.

  • 4:38 PM IST

    India 257/3 (85) | Virat Kohli 100 (184), Ajinkya Rahane 72 (149): Quick single, is it? Dives and makes it in time, Well-deserved 100. The first of the series and Kohli who had no 50-plus scores in his previous 7 innings is the man to get it. Great application, good display of skills and here it is, his 13th Test hundred.

  • 4:35 PM IST

    India 253/3 (84.3) | Virat Kohli 99 (183), Ajinkya Rahane 70 (147): No Rahane No. Make the fifty count. Rahane was almost caught at slips. Bounce has troubled him and Boult can bowl him that all day. He survives. Meanwhile, first ball of the 85th over, Kohli guides one through point for a boundary.

  • 4:22 PM IST
    Shot of the day! Rahane presents the full face to Boult and it’s 4. He goes to 60s.

  • 4:18 PM IST

    India 229/3 (80) | Virat Kohli 86 (166), Ajinkya Rahane 58 (138): The second new ball has been taken. Matt Henry to start and by now I have memorised the jingle and have by-hearted the fact that if I have to impress Laila, I can’t afford to have dandruff.

  • 4:04 PM IST

    India 216/3 (77) | Virat Kohli 78 (157), Ajinkya Rahane 53 (128): A few body blows , stuggles against short balls but it all paid off. His patience resulted in a fine fifty. He smacked Patel over deep mid-wicket for a six to bring up his 10th Test fifty. Earlier, in this innings he got to his 2000th run as well.

  • 3:59 PM IST

    India 208/3 (76) | Virat Kohli 78 (156), Ajinkya Rahane 45 (123): Another four overs and New Zealand will be eligible for the new ball. In the first Test, we saw Trent Boult picking 3 quick wickets with the second new ball on Day One. It will be crucial for these two to adopt a cautious approach.

  • 3:41 PM IST
    India 201/3 (72) | Virat Kohli 74 (146), Ajinkya Rahane 42 (109): Not many Indian fans know that Trent Boult is a brilliant fielder and a sprinter. Neesham dishes out a short ball but at his pace, he won’t trouble Rahane. Rahane gets his pull right, keeps it down but a diving Boult saves the boundary.

    No luck for Neesham as well, he draws Kohli forward on the 4th ball, the batsman looks to open the face but gets a thick edge. There is no slip and it races through the region of second slip for a boundary. That brings up the 100-partnership between the two.
  • 3:25 PM IST

    India 186/3 (68) | Virat Kohli 66 (129), Ajinkya Rahane 36 (101): Rahane has taken some blows on his body while Kohli has looked steady. The 3rd ball of the 68th over kept low. Henry is bowling to a plan. There was a leg-slip at place, Henry bowled on leg and Rahane played that fine for a four. Perhaps lucky here. It went past right of Taylor, positioned at leg-slip. The partnership is now of 86.

  • 3:07 PM IST
    India 174/3 (64) | Virat Kohli 59 (119), Ajinkya Rahane 31 (87): Rahane’ struggles with the short-ball continues. He is not watching it. Meanwhile, the big moment:

  • 2:53 PM IST

    India 165/3 (61) | Virat Kohli 56 (115), Ajinkya Rahane 25 (73): Rahane breaks the shackles. Patel bowls a tossed up, Rahane uses his feat to hoist that towards long-off boundary for a four. It was almost a six. Perhaps, it was his answer to the “Miss you Sehwag 219” banner. It was at this venue, where he scored that in an ODI against West Indies in 2011.

    By Sehwag’s own admission, he has scored many double, triple and quadraple hundreds with the microphone as a commentator :D.
  • 2:42 PM IST

    India 157/3 (59) | Virat Kohli 52 (109), Ajinkya Rahane 21 (67): And that’s fifty for Virat Kohli. His 13th in Test cricket. He brings it with a cover drive that fetches him 2. Kohli has set a benchmark in terms of consistency and his recent numbers didn’t read well. He gets an international fifty after eight innings. Well applied, well-deserved. Now go for the three-figure.

  • 2:34 PM IST

    India 151/3 (57) | Virat Kohli 47 (105), Ajinkya Rahane 20 (59): Play commences post Tea break. It is Jeetan Patel to start. Rahane’s woes continues. Another inside edge. New Zealand spinners continue to get the desired drift. It will need good application from Indian batsman. My prediction is 252 for 4.

  • 2:15 PM IST

    India 148/3 (56) | Virat Kohli 45 (102), Ajinkya Rahane 19 (56): So, it is Tea on Day One. Honestly, it was a boring session. New Zealand need to be credited for keeping it tight. Williamson was impressive as skipper as he kept changing. Pujara, who looked good, was dismissed courtesy a Santner-ripper. Rahane has looked out of sorts and struggled. The good news for India is Kohli is out there and he has looked solid. He too had a lucky respite. We will come back for the 3rd session soon, you can see me in our video analysis alongside Kaustubh Mayekar.

  • 2:09 PM IST

    India 147/3 (55) | Virat Kohli 44 (101), Ajinkya Rahane 19 (51): Lucky respite for Kohli. Patel, who is getting the ball to drift, draws Kohli on the front foot, he plays with hard hands, gets outside edge and the cherry flies pretty fine, in between wicketkeeper and first slip for a boundary.

  • 1:58 PM IST

    India 133/3 (52) | Virat Kohli 37 (92), Ajinkya Rahane 12 (42): It has been a difficult stay for Ajinkya Rahane at the crease. He has not looked comfortable especially against the short ball. Boult, once again, fires one short, outside off-stump. Despite being angled in, it’s a Wrong line to play the pull. He goes for it and gets a top edge. The fielder at square-leg misjudges it. Lucky 4 for Rahane.

  • 1:32 PM IST

    India 119/3 (46) | Virat Kohli 32 (75), Ajinkya Rahane 3 (23): Vintage Virat Kohli. Santner, who is getting to drift it very well, bowls one ‘choti gend’ as Kapil Dev says. Kohli uses his wrists to pull it through deep mid-wicket region for a boundary. A whip, basically. If Kohli continues this way, Kiwis will need many Jimmy Neesham jokes in the middle to get them going.

  • 1:23 PM IST

    India 114/3 (44) | Virat Kohli 27 (68), Ajinkya Rahane 3 (18): While my friend Chinmay gets to experience the first-ever Test at Indore, I have to be content watching it on TV amidst the overdose of Fogg and Ceat tyre ads. Have an obersvation here from the Ceat ad. The father thinks the kid is getting imaginative but I agree with the principal, its affecting his IQ. A smiling sea monster, really?

    Anyways, Chinmay calls in, ‘It is pretty overcast and from one of the stands, the flashlight-prank that we witness during the ODI against South Africa last year has begun. So don’t be surprised by the flashes on the TV screen.’
  • 1:14 PM IST

    India 110/3 (41) | Virat Kohli 26 (55), Ajinkya Rahane 1 (13)

    Meanwhile, a bad news has come:
    Former Australian off-spinner John Gleeson passes away aged 78.
  • 1:07 PM IST
    The grandma’s tale was not very fairy.

  • 12:55 PM IST
    India 100/3 (36) | Virat Kohli 14 (34): If you have to get past Pujara’s defence, it has to be a ripper. That is what Santner produced. The angle beat Pujara. It was angled in on middle and off-stump, turned away, beat Pujara’s bat to clip the off-stump. The ball prior to that it seemed Watling had shared a joke with Pujara and both smiled.

    OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara b Mitchell Santner 41 (108)
  • 12:45 PM IST

    India 94/2 (34) | Cheteshwar Pujara 37 (100), Virat Kohli 14 (34): It is a spin-pace attack that Wiliamson has looked to employ. He is trying to mix it up but Indian batsmen haven’t faced lot of trouble. A short ball from Santner was dispatched by Pujara for a boundary.

  • 12:26 PM IST

    India 86/2 (30) | Cheteshwar Pujara 33 (82), Virat Kohli 12 (87): Our friend Chinmay mentions that their are more than 18,000 people at the ground and more as expected since Kohli is batting now. This is unusual in India where dwindling numbers in Test cricket is a serious concern. The crowd have been very vocal of their cheers to Gambhir, Kohli and Sehwag. It is Saturday and the festive season, so a full house is expected tomorrow. The decision to host Test cricket at smaller venues has proved to be a masterstroke from BCCI.

  • 12:17 PM IST

    India 79/2 (27) | Cheteshwar Pujara 32 (72), Virat Kohli 8 (19): Jeetan Patel starts after lunch. Kohli gets a single off the fifth ball. Pujara guides the final ball wide of slips for 3 runs. A lot of discussion has gone on Pujara’s strike-rate but in Test cricket does it really matter a lot? Virender Sehwag mentions that India’s Fab Four, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman’s strike-rate was in 40s and 50s.

  • 12:10 PM IST

    Chinmay from Indore reports that during the lunch break, India’s batting coach was throwing balls to Karun Nair and Ajinkya Rahane. By the way second session has just resumed.

  • 11:32 AM IST
    India 75/2 (26) | Cheteshwar Pujara 28 (71), Virat Kohli 7 (14): Neesham bowls a full-toss and Pujara won’t miss those. Maybe he needs refuel his tank with lunch. It’s LUNCH. It has been a shared session. India, who started briskly, turned cautious later. New Zealand managed to claim both Indian openers. There seems no devil in the pitch and it is damn good for batting. Do catch us for our video analysis of this session.
  • 11:26 AM IST

    India 71/2 (25) | Cheteshwar Pujara 25 (65), Virat Kohli 7 (14): It is time for Jimmy Neesham’s medium pace. Kohli has looked solid in his short stay. It has been 8 innings in international cricket since he scored a 50-plus score. His last international 50-plus score was the 200 in Antigua. His 45 at Eden Gardens was top-class. He has a chance for a big one today.

  • 11:12 AM IST
    While it is Trent Boult vs Virat Kohli now. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the 2 sixes that Gambhir struck earlier in the day.

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Good Morning, Namaste, Ram Bhiya! Yes, the last one is the Indori way of greeting. So, Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 1 of the third and final Test between hosts India and visitors New Zealand at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. I am Suvajit Mustafi, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this Test. This is a historic moment for this city, which has given Indian cricket some of its biggest names. In fact, India’s first Test captain, Col. CK Nayudu hails from this city. Yes, Indore is hosting its first-ever Test match and as Ravi Shastri will say soon, “the atmosphere is electrifying.”  India may have won the series 2-0 but this Test is more than a dead rubber.

India will settle for nothing less than a win. A 3-0 win will help them strengthen their grip on the No.1 title. However, as India’s premier spinner Ravichandran Ashwin said, “The best thing about this New Zealand team is they don’t give anything easily. They have come with a game plan, and it is really showing. They are making us work very hard for every single wicket and run.” The visitors have been competitive and have given the hosts a run for their money. India’s wins at Green Park, Kanpur and Eden Gardens, Kolkata are all the more special because New Zealand made them earn it.

In all likelihood, Kane Williamson will return to the side as its captain and the Kiwis will look forward to avoid a whitewash. With Williamson back, their batting get its backbone and fans will once again witness the clash between him and Ashwin. While Williamson dominated the proceedings in the first innings at Kanpur, Ashwin produced two surreal deliveries to dismiss the Kiwi skipper.

This Test will see the return of Gautam Gambhir. The Delhi southpaw, one of India’s greatest openers, in all probability will play a Test after more than two years. He is back in the side on basis of heavy scoring in the Duleep Trophy, where he captained India Blue to the trophy. Gambhir will like to make this opportunity count while his fellow Delhiite, Virat Kohli will look forward to notch up a big score. The Indian captain looked good for his 45 at Kolkata but he has now gone 8 international innings without a fifty. The home of India’s first Test skipper may bring in the much-need luck for the current one.

Relying on Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane and Wriddhiman Saha’s good form, India will look to dominate and make it 3-0, which will be a delight for all Indoris witnessing the encounter. New Zealand will make it tough, so winning sessions will hold the key here. However India have everything going their way. Kohli has won won six tosses at home and India have won 11 off their last 13 Tests in their backyard. The worrying signs for Kiwis is the fact that three of their experienced cricketers – Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor and BJ Watling have not fired. From the Indian camp, they will miss Bhuvneshwar Kumar, one of their heroes in the Kolkata Test.

The pitch has historically been good for batting. While Kohli thinks it will have decent carry, Williamson expects turn and may go in with three spinners. ICC World T20 2016 is still fresh in our minds and we know New Zealand read conditions well. The villain here might be rains. It is in the air but unlike Kolkata and Kanpur, we hope it will stay away.

All in all, we have a “cracker of a contest” in hand. Pardon me for quoting Ravi Shastri again.