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    LIVE – India 557/5 d, New Zealand 28/0 at stumps Decent day’s cricket. Virat Kohli (211) and Ajinkya Rahane (188) batted till tea before they got out. Rohit Sharma came in raced to a 63-ball unbeaten 51 despite a slow start. Kohli gave New Zealand 9 overs, but Tom Latham and Martin Guptill left the ground with their heads held high. The pitch looks flat with little lateral movement. Let us see how things turn out to be tomorrow. Join us at 9.30, ciao!

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    LIVE – New Zealand 28/0, India 557/5 d | Martin Guptill 17*, Tom Latham 6* Ashwin-anna starts with a maiden. Meanwhile, Sir Jadeja comes on from the other end. Latham plays out another maiden. Jeez, these guys do run through their overs fast! The hawks are prowling around the bat now. Kohli is adding them one by one. Last over. Block, block goes Guppy before unleashing a wild slog-sweep (where on earth did that come from?) for SIX! Block, block, a pull for a single off what looked like an attempted leg-break — and that is stumps on Day Two.

  • 4:32 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 17/0, India 557/5 d | Martin Guptill 8*, Tom Latham 4* Guptill goes after Umesh now. Easy picking, on leg, flicked away to the fence. There is no serious lateral movement here. Four overs down now, it is still Shami and Umesh, no, wait, here’s Ashwin-anna!

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    LIVE – India 557/5 declared vs New Zealand 5/0 | 9 overs left for the day | Murali Vijay 10 Gautam Gambhir 29 Cheteshwar Pujara 41 Virat Kohli 211 Ajinkya Rahane 188 Rohit Sharma 51* Ravindra Jadeja 17* Trent Boult 32-2-113-2 Matt Henry 35-3-127-0 Jeetan Patel 40-5-120-2 Mitchell Santner 44-4-137-1 Jimmy Neesham 18-1-53-0 New Zealand will begin the innings with 5/0 (5 penalty runs after Jadeja ran on the pitch)

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    LIVE – India 557/5 vs New Zealand | Rohit Sharma 51*, Ravindra Jadeja 17* Rohit slices Henry to the backward-point fence, delightful stroke! And Rohit lofts him straiiiiiiiiight for six, that is his fifty! One ball left in the over, at least after this one? Yup, Rohit cover-drives for a single, and Kohli declares!

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    LIVE – India 543/5 vs New Zealand | Rohit Sharma 37*, Ravindra Jadeja 17* This over, you betcha! They are trying to slog but getting only singles, for Boult is mixing them up very cleverly. Meanwhile, Jadeja is warned for running on the pitch while batting (in the previous Test he did the same while bowling). Jadeja and India have been penalised 5 runs for that! And India bat on…

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    LIVE – India 538/5 vs New Zealand | Rohit Sharma 36*, Ravindra Jadeja 13* Soooo, Kohli has changed into whites. Maybe after this over, guys. Oh wait, why is Karun Nair waiting to rush in? That means no declaration after this over. Yup, Henry starts. Ashwin’s pads have come off. He and Shami are discussing stuff with a ball. Saha, meanwhile, sits like a sphinx, pads on and everything. No, THEY STAY ON!

  • 3:39 PM IST

    LIVE – India 530/5 vs New Zealand | Rohit Sharma 32*, Ravindra Jadeja 9* It is drinks. Still no declaration. Rohit is accelerating, Jadeja is trying to, but Ashwin is padded up. No declaration today? I wonder…

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    LIVE – India 524/5 vs New Zealand | Rohit Sharma 27*, Ravindra Jadeja 8* Sir Jadeja seizes the initiative, stepping out and lofting Boult over mid-wicket for four! Meanwhile, Kohli looks impatient… any moment now? Meanwhile, Rohit leg-glances Boult to the fine-leg fence, and steers him past slip for four next ball!

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    LIVE – India 504/5 vs New Zealand | Rohit Sharma 16*, Ravindra Jadeja 0* Rohit tries to go downtown, spectacular effort from Boult there, gets his fingertips, diving full-length and running with his back to the batsman, would have been the catch of the year! And Rahane falls, chasing a wide one and edging Boult to BJW. Ajinkya Rahane c BJ Watling b Trent Boult 188!

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    LIVE – India 500/4 vs New Zealand | Ajinkya Rahane 186*, Rohit Sharma 14* Rahane slaps that flat-batted past mid-off, goes almost to the straight fence! A casual flick from Jinks now takes India to the 500-mark. Meanwhile, Santner is giving the ball serious rip, getting good turn. How I wish the camera zoomed in on Jadeja and Ashwin! Meanwhile, Rahane brings up 8,000 First-Class runs…

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    LIVE – India 489/4 vs New Zealand | Ajinkya Rahane 180*, Rohit Sharma 10* The crowd cheers as a Kohli doppelganger is spotted in the ground! And that is gorgeous from Rahane, lofted inside-out, that is top-class. A slightly desperate effort from Rahane, does not time properly, but he follows it with a cover-drive for four. And Rohit goes downtown, big big six, clears long-on comfortably!

  • 2:35 PM IST

    LIVE – India 465/4 vs New Zealand | Ajinkya Rahane 166*, Rohit Sharma 0* Patel starts session 3 with a dishaheen gend (VVS) and Rahane leg-glances for four. Kohli sweeps him brutally in the same over, four more, but… oh well, he is limping again. He tries to flick the next ball and misses, the finger goes up, that ends a top-class innings! Captain Kane shakes his hand on his way out as the entire New Zealand team applaud! Virat Kohli LBW b Jeetan Patel 211!

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    LIVE – India 456/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 207*, Ajinkya Rahane 161* at tea India play out the last over before tea safely. They return to the pavilion amidst tumultuous applause from a jam-packed ground at Indore (thanks, BCCI) as Kumble greets them with, er, his camera. Well played, guys, still no wicket till morning, and the third session will probably see them switch to top gear. See you in 20 minutes!

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    LIVE – India 454/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 205*, Ajinkya Rahane 161* Crash, bang, there goes Kohli, that one went screaming to the extra-cover fence, that is the 350 of the partnership! Tendulkar and VVS had added 353 at SCG in 2003-04… and that single from Rahane has taken them past that, this is now the best fourth-wicket stand for India in Test cricket!

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    LIVE – India 446/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 200*, Ajinkya Rahane 159* Is it just me, or have they got bogged down? It has been 45 balls without a boundary now. Hello, hello, what have we here? Kohli is limping here… is it a pulled muscle? I hope not, I hope not. Kohli moves to 199. The field comes up. Williamson is taking his time, making Kohli wait. We wait as well. And that is it, Henry bowls one on leg, and Kohli flicks it to bring up his double-hundred!

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    LIVE – India 436/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 192*, Ajinkya Rahane 157* If Kohli and Rahane have a couple of quiet overs, Sehwag keeps everyone entertained. He is on a roll today. And things have indeed got a bit quiet out here in Indore with Henry and Santner keeping things tight. New Zealand have also fielded brilliantly today.

  • 1:06 PM IST

    LIVE – India 424/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 185*, Ajinkya Rahane 154* Up from your beds, raat ka bashindas and party parindas? You have missed a delightful first session here. The fun continues as Kohli places one through wide mid-on with clinical precision for four. Rahane flicks for a single to bring up his highest Test score and chips Boult over extra-cover for four, that is his 150! This is only the second time that Indian Nos. 4 and 5 have scored 150s in the same Test innings!

  • 12:49 PM IST

    LIVE – India 406/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 175*, Ajinkya Rahane 146* Ohoho, Rahane steps out, Patel is dispatched over wide long-on. “Gap ke beech mein se“, as Kapil-paaji announced on air. Boult comes on (why not earlier?), and Rahane pushes him to extra-cover; that is the 13th time two Indians have put up 300 in a Test innings. And they have just announced that today’s attendance is 22,536. Thank you, BCCI, for the initiative to opt for new Test venues.

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    LIVE – India 391/3 vs New Zealand | Virat Kohli 168*, Ajinkya Rahane 138* Seatbelts tight, guys? The onslaught will begin any moment now. One would think Williamson might have tried to slow things down a bit getting a fast bowler from one end after lunch, maybe a bouncer or two at Rahane, but then, it did not happen. The Indians keep milking Patel and Santner for singles. Kohli reverse-sweeps for four, this is now the highest fourth-wicket stand for India vs New Zealand. Rahane responds by an inside-out shot over wide mid-off for four.

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Virat Kohli is leading ahead with century while Ajinkya Rahane is racing towards one © AFP

Good Morning, Namaste, Ram Bhiya as the Indoris would say! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 2 of the third and final Test between hosts India and visitors New Zealand at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. I am Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this Test. Indore got a taste of their first Test in this venue and what a turnout it was! They not only got to enjoy their first Test but also Virat Kohli’s 13th century and the first batsmen in the Indian team to reah this milestone in this Test series. India are pretty much on driver’s seat and are aiming for a mammoth total on board. With Ajinkya Rahane along side, it only gets better. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs New Zealand, 3rd Test at Holkar Stadium, Indore

India had won the toss and chose to bat first, which was their seventh consecutive win in the toss. There were no surprises that Kohli had already mentioned the entry of Gautam Gambhir to the side after Shikhar Dhawan injured his thumb. Indore also witnessed the perfect comeback of Gambhir with those lovely boundaries, despite being short-lived. Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara were unable to go all guns blazing this time and were gone in quick succession with New Zealand bowlers getting the early wickets. So Kohli decided to unveil his surprise towards the end of the day and voila, there was his century that all were looking forward to. New Zealand had their skipper Kane Williamson back to the side and their comeback man Jimmy Neesham to the side. The Kiwis decided to rest Neil Wagner and Henry Nicholls instead.

Coming to India’s batting, there are lots of surprises on the way in form of Rohit Sharma, local boy Wriddhiman Saha, Ravichandran Ashwin to show their batting expertise. New Zealand will have to work on their strengths with the bowlers taking charge for the day, if they have to win this final Test clash. India lead three-match series 2-0. Given they are in the driver’s seat, they are likely to clean-sweep New Zealand. Not that they have not whitewashed New Zealand before. Those were two-match series, as a matter of fact. If they beat New Zealand 3-0, this would be the first instance. Over 18,000 attended the match. They showed the same energy the crowds these days show in shorter formats. Never seen before experiences Indore were witnessed in Indore with chants ranging from Gambhir to Sachin Tendulkar to Virender Sehwag. ALSO READ: Captain Kohli’s homecoming

Now that Kohli has already swept the way for century, Rahane will also want to take the same path and get one on his name as well on Day 2. India can go big with their total, knowing the batsmen who will will take the center stage if any fall of wickets takes place. New Zealanders have been unlucky throughout the series. And Day 1 was no different as they had to face wrath of Kohli on the other side. However, knowing New Zealand have the knack of bouncing back in the most bizarre way possible, one can find them coming back on track either with their ball or bat.