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Namaskar, hello and a very good evening to all of you to this big match tonight! It’s the red-hot favourites of the ICC T20 World Cup 2016, India, taking on another ‘favourites’ New Zealand at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur! This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and live cricket updates from the first match of the T20 World Cup 2016 tournament. India have been on the roll this year in T20 cricket, having won 10 out of their last 11 matches. They defeated Australia, Sri Lanka in separate series and were absolutely dominant in the Asia Cup T20 2016, winning the tournament to send out warning to the other teams ahead of T20 World Cup 2016. Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs New Zealand, ICC World T20 2016, Match 13 at Nagpur

It was a pathetic performance by India, and full marks should be given to New Zealand for such splendid show. The Kiwis now head to Dharamsala to take on their arch rivals Australia, while India head to Kolkata, where Pakistan are based with the feeling that it is one of the safest venues for them. See you, then! Good night.

Look, how the mighty have fallen. India’s juggernaut has been jolted and the aftershocks will be felt for days to come. They are next up against Pakistan, an unpredictable team currently based in Kolkata. Mitchell Santner deserved no less than 5 wickets, sad he did not get them but 4 were enough for him to win the Man of the Match award.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 79 in Overs 18.1: BOWLED HIM! Milne cleans up Nehra-ji, India lose by 47 runs. How the mighty have fallen! BATTING:  Jasprit Bumrah 0 (2)

OUT! Ashish Nehra b Adam Milne 0 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 79/9 in Overs 18: Santner gets hit for a FOUR first ball, but Dhoni had to leave the second that turned sharply away from him. Third ball hit straight to long on, Dhoni does not take a single. WICKET! Dhoni caught at long on! All over for India! Bumrah comes on to bat, we get to see how he looks like a batsman. A lovely late cut on the final ball for no result. BATTING:   Ashish Nehra 0 (3), Jasprit Bumrah 0 (2)

OUT! MS Dhoni c Nathan McCullum b Mitchell Santner 30 (30)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 75/8 in Overs 17: SIX! Sodhi gets smashes straight down the ground by Dhoni, a massive blow. The second ball is wide, a single to Dhoni. And a WICKET! Ashwin stumped! The ball is turning WAY too much for the Kiwis here! Ashish Nehra comes to the middle, the first ball is blocked well. A wide to follow. A full toss hit straight back to the bowler. An outside edge, and India do not take a single. India need 52 off 18 now. BATTING:  MS Dhoni 26 (26), Ashish Nehra 0 (3)

OUT! Ravichandran Ashwin st Luke Ronchi b Ish Sodhi 10 (20)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 66/7 in Overs 16: Will India win? Dhoni seems to have taken a heavier bat. Anderson bowls a slower ball, Dhoni dances down, swings, and misses. A single to the Indian captain on the leg side, Ashwin too gets a single on the next ball. If India have to win, they attack now. Another single to Dhoni, this time on the leg side. Ashwin strikes well, in the air, but one bounce to the long on fielder. Single to end the over. India need 61 off last 4 overs. BATTING:  MS Dhoni 19 (24), Ravichandran Ashwin 10 (19)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 61/7 in Overs 15: Sodhi comes on. The ball is turning awkwardly, as if the pitch has broken and it is hitting those cracks. Dhoni shows signs of attacking, comes down the wicket, takes 2 runs. Dhoni hits hard again, towards long off for a single. Is this the beginning of the final Indian assault? India need 66 off 30. BATTING:  MS Dhoni 16 (20), Ravichandran Ashwin 8 (17)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 57/7 in Overs 14:  Santner continues. A risky single taken on the first ball by Dhoni. The second ball is a dot. Another sharp single, on the third ball. These singles will not do the job for India, they need a few big overs here. Another dot, Dhoni nudges it to the off side.  Another single, on the leg side. Asking rate close to 12 now. Single to end the over. India need 70 off the final 6 overs.  BATTING:  MS Dhoni 13 (18), Ravichandran Ashwin 7 (13)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 53/7 in Overs 13:  Milne comes on for his second over. Ashwin takes a single on the first ball guiding the ball to the third man. It’s all up to Dhoni now, who is still dealing in singles. Obviously, boundaries have dried up. Meanwhile, 50 up for India amid the collapse. Dot to end the over. India need 74 off 42.  BATTING:  MS Dhoni 11 (15), Ravichandran Ashwin 3 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 49/7 in Overs 12:  New Zealand out-spinning India here. Dhoni dealing in singles, Ashwin following the lead. Asking rate has soared close to 10 an over. India add 4 more to their total, need 78 off 48 to win now.  BATTING:  MS Dhoni 9 (13), Ravichandran Ashwin 3 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 45/7 in Overs 11:  OUT! Ish Sodhi removes Jadeja and tournament’s red-hot favourites India are staring at humiliation in the first game itself! A brilliant return catch to take the seventh wicket! New Zealand have crashed into India’s party and how! Ravichandran Ashwin walks in, interesting to see what Dhoni does here. India need 82 off 54 to win.  BATTING:  MS Dhoni 5 (8), Ravichandran Ashwin 1 (3)

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja c&b Ish Sodhi 0 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 42/6 in Overs 10:  India are completely on backfoot, New Zealand have caused too much of damage here. Jadeja and Ashwin to follow after these two. Santner chipping in with tight overs in between, WICKET! Pandya has been adjudged leg-before! Was that OUT? It looked like the ball was drifting past the leg stump! Richard Illingworth is the umpire. Santner getting vicious turn. India need 85 off 60 balls now. BATTING:  MS Dhoni 5 (8), Ravindra Jadeja 0 (2)

OUT! Hardik Pandya lbw Mitchell Santner 1 (7)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 41/5 in Overs 9: Massive, massive blow to India! Kohli tries to drive Ish Sodhi’s first ball and gets caught behind. Kohli walked off even before umpire raised his finger! India need 88 more, they have 5 wickets in hand! Hardik Pandya is here, and it’s up to Dhoni to guide India. They need 86 off 66 to win.  BATTING:  MS Dhoni 3 (6), Hardik Pandya 1 (4)

OUT! Virat Kohli c Luke Ronchi b Ish Sodhi 23 (27)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 39/4 in Overs 8: Elliott continues. Wide on the leg side, Kohli then pushes on the leg for a single. Another single to Dhoni on the off side, he is taking it simple at the moment. Fourth ball is a dot to Kohli, who hits straight to extra cover. A slow, low full toss and a miss field, India add two more with Kohli hitting towards midwicket. A good stroke towards cover by Kohli, only for a single.  BATTING:  Virat Kohli 23 (24), MS Dhoni 3 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 33/4 in Overs 7: Adam Milne comes on, and he oversteps. Free hit coming up, Kohli on strike! Kohli is caught at short midwicket, and Dhoni might have been run out here! The bowler dropped the ball as he tried to run out Dhoni. The next ball is a dot. Kohli beaten on the third ball. The asking rate should not haunt India, but those four cheap wickets can. Kohli hits well, on the off side for a single. Single to Dhoni off the second last ball in the third man area. India need 94 off 78.  BATTING:  Virat Kohli 19 (22), MS Dhoni 2 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 29/4 in Overs 6: Grant Elliott comes on now. New Zealand are back in command with four wickets. Kohli takes a single on the second ball, Dhoni getting his eye in. Single off the second last ball. Single to Kohli at the end of the over. India need 99 off 84 now. BATTING:  Virat Kohli 17 (16), MS Dhoni 1 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 26/4 in Overs 5: McCullum continues. Kohli takes a single on the leg side on the second ball. Trouble with sightscreen, Yuvipa not happy. Third ball on the trot for him. And a FOUR! Yuvraj sweeps and gets runs on the board! An appeal for a return catch! OUT! Yuvraj Singh has given a simple return catch! The bowler and the umpire were not sure, so they referred to the third umpire. A big blow! New Zealand in command here!!! MS Dhoni starts off with a dot. Big task he and his deputy have in their hands. BATTING:  Virat Kohli 15 (12), MS Dhoni 0 (1)

OUT!  Yuvraj Singh c&b Nathan McCullum 4 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 21/3 in Overs 4: Kohli cuts well off Anderson to get a four, on the second ball of the over. The first and the third balls are dot. What a shot! Kohli beats mid on to get a FOUR! Kohli takes a single on the second last ball of the over. Final ball is a dot. India need 106 off 96.  BATTING:  Virat Kohli 14 (10), Yuvraj Singh 0 (2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 12/3 in Overs 3: Mitchell Santner strikes! Rohit Sharma is stumped on the second ball despite a fumble by the wicketkeeper. Rohit was so far out that despite the fumble he could not make it back on time. India in a spot of bother here! Suresh Raina comes on, is off the mark with a single. WICKET again! Raina gets a leading edge on a short delivery and short midwicket gets a dolly!  India need 115 off 102 to win. BATTING:  Virat Kohli 4 (4), Yuvraj Singh 0 (1)

OUT! Rohit Sharma st Luke Ronchi 5 (7)

OUT! Suresh Raina c Martin Guptill b Mitchell Santner 1 (2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 10/1 in Overs 2: Corey Anderson to bowl the second over. Kohli gets one on the pads and he chips him away for two runs on the leg. Once again on the leg, Kohli takes a single. Rohit caresses towards cover but it’s a dot. A dot on the third, and a sharp single on the fourth. A dot to end the over. India need 117 to win off 18 overs. BATTING:  Rohit Sharma 5 (5), Virat Kohli 4 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES India 6/1 in Overs 1: Nathan McCullum to start off the proceedings, close shave for Rohit on the first ball as he chips in the air right past short midwicket. Dhawan is beaten on the second ball, and he takes a single with a push towards long off. Rohit once again goes in the air, and collects two runs on the leg side. WICKET! Nathan McCullum traps Shikhar Dhawan right in front of the wickets.  Virat Kohli is away with a single. BATTING:  Rohit Sharma 4 (2), Virat Kohli 1 (1)

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan lbw b Nathan McCullum 1 (3)

We are back for India’s chase. They need 127 off 120 balls to win.

So, what were New Zealand trying to do here? First over saw two sixes being hit, and the third and last six of their innings was hit only in the last over. A big lull in the middle saw boundaries drying up too, and batsmen struggling to take charge. Corey Anderson did everything he could. But will it be enough?

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 126/6 in Overs 20:  Ashish Nehra to bowl the final over. And Nehra bowls a yorker while Elliott walked across, trying to flick it on the leg. Single taken on the second ball as well. Ronchi hits straight to Dhawan at long on, he might have been run out here. OUT! Elliott has been run out. Brilliant throw from Dhawan in the deep. FOUR! Ronchi gets an inside edge and the ball beats the short fine leg fielder to race for a boundary! SIX! A full toss to Ronchi and he smashes it out of the park. Two runs to end the over.  BATTING:  Luke Ronchi 21 (11), Nathan McCullum 0 (0)

OUT! Grant Elliott run out (Shikhar Dhawan) 9 (12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 111/6 in Overs 19:  Jadeja comes on. Another appeal, this time for stumping by Dhoni Looks very close. NOT OUT, says the third umpire. Jadeja getting vicious turn here, single taken by Elliott on the second ball. Ronchi gets the much-needed boundary, inside out, over cover region. A very good stroke. He pulls the second ball on the leg side, but only for a single. Another inside-out stroke, for a single. India all over the Kiwis. Single to end the over. BATTING:   Grant Elliott 8 (11), Luke Ronchi 7  (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 103/6 in Overs 18: New Zealand crawl to the 100-run mark. Bumrah tries another yorker but Elliott hits well towards third man. New Zealand continue deal in singles, and missing out on the slower deliveries. An appeal for run out on the final ball, but the batsman was safe. BATTING:   Grant Elliott 6 (8), Luke Ronchi 1 (3)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 98/6 in Overs 17: Jadeja continues. Santner hits well towards deep square leg to collect two runs on the second ball. A fumble for Rohit but no extra run taken. Jadeja fires a short ball, the ball turns sharply and it’s a wide down the leg. FOUR! Santner has started using his feet well, he hits down the ground to get a boundary. And a WICKET! Santner pulls on a short ball, gets a leading edge and Dhoni takes a simple catch. New Zealand continue to slip. Australian New Zealand’s Luke Ronchi walks out. BATTING:   Grant Elliott 2 (3), Luke Ronchi 0 (2)

OUT! Mitchell Santner c MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 18 (17)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 90/5 in Overs 16: Bumrah to bowl now. Single taken by Santner on the first ball down the ground. And a yorker! The ball hits Anderson’s toe end of the bat and dies down. BOWLED HIM! Anderson makes room to scoop, but Bumrah fires a yorker and the middle stump has been knocked down! Grant Elliot comes out, and plays the yorker quite well first up. A single to end the over. BATTING:  Mitchell Santner 12 (14),  Grant Elliott 1 (2)

OUT! Corey Anderson b Jasprit Bumrah 34 (42)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 88/4 in Overs 15: Nagpur crowd showing their spirit by flashing their mobile torch lights. Hardik Pandya comes on now. Interesting move, Anderson would have played him in Mumbai Indians’ nets and he would be looking to attack now. Dhoni gets a slower ball to collect, he still looks in pain. The second ball moves away sharply, a wide. FOUR! Out of nowhere Santner flicks one on the pads for a boundary. An edge but the ball goes straight to the fielder. A sharp single taken with Anderson getting an inside edge once again! Two runs for Santner, he hits in the gap between long on and deep midwicket. Single to end the over.  BATTING:  Corey Anderson 34 (39), Mitchell Santner 11 (13)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 75/4 in Overs 14:  Raina comes on for his final over. Single taken on the second ball by Santner, and on third by Anderson, who is now looking to hit out. Santner takes another single, good work of the feet. Raina has chipped in with the ball in some style. He ends his quota with 4-0-16-1.  BATTING:  Corey Anderson 33 (38), Mitchell Santner 3 (8)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 75/4 in Overs 13: Jadeja is getting vicious turn! Santner is beaten all corners, and Dhoni was beaten by the bounce. Four byes. Dhoni appeals for a caught behind down the leg, but Dharamsena calls it wide. Single on the third ball, the ball deflected off the pads, it was a wide! Dhoni is hit on the right hand! He is down on the ground in pain! Dhoni is back to duty after some treatment. Third ball is a dot, a single taken while Jadeja was appealing for a leg-before. Santner has no idea how the ball has been turning. CLOSE! Anderson misses a pull and the ball passes close to the wickets. A wide again. Dhoni has not caught any ball so far. Two runs on the fine leg region to end the over.  BATTING:  Corey Anderson 32 (35), Mitchell Santner 1 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 63/4 in Overs 12: Raina comes on again. Anderson makes room to hit in the air to take a single on the off side. Kiwis need boundaries, they are drying up. Another single, Taylor plays inside out on the off. Appeal for leg before! Raina dives to field a return stroke, and as he tumbles he collects and throws the ball one-handed on the wickets! LEGENDARY STUFF! Taylor’s gone outta nowhere! Mitchell Santner comes on. India all over the Kiwis right now.  BATTING:  Corey Anderson 30 (33), Mitchell Santner 1 (1)

OUT! Ross Taylor run out (Suresh Raina) 10 (14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 59/3 in Overs 11: Ravindra Jadeja beats Ross Taylor completely! The ball pitched outside leg and spun into the batsman sharply. Single on the second ball, but off a leading edge. Anderson hits a short ball on the leg side for a single. Taylor hits on the off side for a single. Run rate has been below 6. Anderson comes down the wicket, an inside edge and gets a single. BATTING:  Corey Anderson 28 (29), Ross Taylor 9 (14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 55/3 in Overs 10: Ashwin comes on for his third over. Single on the leg side by Anderson on the first ball. The scoring rate has been under 6. Another dot to Taylor. Appeal for leg before, a dot. The ball was going down the leg. Taylor steals a FOUR, a fine stroke, by guiding the ball past Dhoni. A dot to end the over. BATTING:  Corey Anderson 26 (29), Ross Taylor 7 (9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 49/3 in Overs 9: Raina continues. Two runs on deep square leg off the first ball to Anderson, then a single towards midwicket. Single off the third ball as well, and two runs on the fourth with a hard push towards midwicket. A dot on the fifth ball. Single on the leg to end the over. 7 runs off it. BATTING:  Corey Anderson 25 (25), Ross Taylor 2 (5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 42/3 in Overs 8: FOUR! Bumrah is hit down the ground for a boundary first ball by Anderson. Taylor beaten on the second ball by Bumrah. Fourth ball is dot again. A single taken on the fifth ball by Ross. Single to end the over.  BATTING:  Corey Anderson 19 (20), Ross Taylor 1 (4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 35/3 in Overs 7:  Suresh Raina in the attack! Starts off with a dot, then Williamson manages a single on the leg side on the second ball. Third ball on the pads, another dot. Anderson comes down the track, Raina bowls short and somehow they get a single with the batsman getting an inside edge. And, and, and. Williamson’s painful stay is over. Dhoni stumps him for 16-ball 8.  Williamson came down the track, misses the ball, and Dhoni does his work. Perfectly. The bails were off even before the batsman could look back. Ross Taylor is here now. Appeal for leg before on the last ball but he is safe. BATTING:  Corey Anderson 12 (15), Ross Taylor 0 (1)

OUT! Kane Williamson st MS Dhoni b Suresh Raina 8 (16)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 33/2 in Overs 6:  Jasprit Bumrah comes on now. Another dot to Williamson. Another dot, a stroke on the off side straight to point. And another dot! Williamson tried to scoop but the ball stayed a little low and he missed to connect. And another dot! Lucky for Anderson as a direct hit at non-striker’s would have ended his stay. FOUR dots on the trot now. Finally, a lousy single. Another dot to end the over. 1 run off it! BATTING:  Kane Williamson 7 (13), Corey Anderson 12 (15)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 32/2 in Overs 5: FOUR! Ashwin strays down the leg, Williamson follows the ball and gets a leading edge. Lucky for him, the ball lands safely and goes past the ropes. Single again as Ashwin struggles with his line, as well as length. Another dot to Williamson. Take out that four and he’s played too many of them. Risky single, a terrible throw and New Zealand get extra runs. Throw was accurate, but the ball hit Williamson’s bat! FOUR to end the over, an excellent strike by Anderson on the leg side. BATTING:  Kane Williamson 6 (8), Corey Anderson 12 (14)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 22/2 in Overs 4: Nehra bowls on the pads, lucky it was not a wide or four byes. Hit the pads and Dhoni stopped it. The second ball is a dot, Anderson hits straight to mid on. The third ball hit straight to mid off. Change of pace on the fourth ball, New Zealand steal a single. Another dot to Williamson. FOUR! Williamson manages to find gap, and gets runs. BATTING:  Kane Williamson 5 (6), Corey Anderson 3 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 17/2 in Overs 3: Ashwin comes on again. Two dots on the trot is followed by a single taken by Anderson. He hit it well, in the air though, to long off. Williamson plays his third dot on the trot. He takes a single on the fourth. Single to end the over. BATTING:  Kane Williamson 1 (4), Corey Anderson 2 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 14/2 in Overs 2: Ashish Nehra comes on. Munro walks across, but misses to connect. He WILL play his big shots no matter what, it seems. India need to be aware. Swing and a miss again. Nehra stares at the batsman. Munro follows Nehra as he turns around. WICKET! Munro pays the price for being a little, just a little, over-aggressive! Munro walks down the wicket, but plays straight to mid off! Corey Anderson leaves the first ball, takes a single on the second he faces. Nagpur is all charged up. So are the Indians on the field. NZ need to be cautious here. BATTING:  Kane Williamson 0 (2), Corey Anderson 0 (2)

OUT! Colin Munro c Hardik Pandya b Ashish Nehra 7 (6)

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 13/1 in Overs 1: SIX! What a start to the tournament! A meaty blow first ball of the tournament and we are away! It was in the zone and lack of turn with the shiny new ball went in batsman’s favour. Martin Guptill hits but is OUT! Trapped leg before on the second ball! Guptill tried to hit on the leg side, but missed! The replays showed ball was missing the wickets! Colin Munro blocks the first ball, but the next is smashed SIX with a reverse sweep! New Zealand making themselves clear here! BATTING:  Kane Williamson 0 (1), Colin Munro 7 (3)

OUT! Martin Guptill lbw Ravichandran Ashwin 6 (2)

Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill walking out. Here we go! Ravichandran Ashwin will open the attack for India!

7.28 PM IST: The national anthems are done. Taylor and Guptill still had tears in their eyes. Kohli had his eyes closed and hands folded in respect. It’s time for action!

7.23 PM IST: New Zealand’s legendary cricketer Martin Crowe being remembered at Nagpur. There is a huge round of applause for Crowe. Oh dear, Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor — who were like sons to Crowe — are in tears. Crowe passed away on March 3.

7.20 PM IST: Have the Kiwis surprised you? I think they have. With 3 spinners they will try and contain, if not take the wickets. Let’s see how much pace Adam Milne gets here.

Here comes the cheer leader for Ashish Nehra:

7.00 PM IST: TOSS? It was supposed to happen at 7.00 PM IST. But it’s well past then. The captains are already there on the field. Okay! New Zealand have won the toss and they will be BATTING first!

Williamson admits New Zealand are in the build-up  phase. They have left out Tim Southee and Trent Boult! Unbelievable! They have left out Mitchell McClenaghan and Henry Nicholls too! They have 3 spinners in their side is what I gather. Here are the teams:

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Grant Elliott, Luke Ronchi (wk), Mitchell Santner, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Ish Sodhi

6.50 PM IST: India have lost all their T20 Internationals to New Zealand in the past. Will the jinx break today? Meanwhile, Mohammed Shami warmed up for sometime but then stopped. Ashish Nehra and Jasprit Bumrah continued to do their work.

6.40 PM IST: We are about 20 minutes away from the toss. India and New Zealand players are currently warming up at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur.

New Zealand will be a threat, but honestly not as dangerous as they used to be with Brendon McCullum in their side. BMac, as he is fondly known, should have played in this tournament and I am sure the Kiwis will miss their marauding batsman at some stage in this tournament. READ: India team in ICC T20 World Cup 2016, Preview: Hosts look for 2007 encore

For those interested in the history, India and New Zealand have played four T20 Internationals (T20Is) so far in the history. And, India, have not won any! Will they break the jinx today?

The game will be played at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur — the venue which had received ‘poor’ rating and a warning from the ICC the last time it organised an international match. India had made mincemeat of the famed South African batting and won the Test in 2015 inside three days. However, nothing of this sort is expected as an ICC dictate says it will be a flat deck meant for the batsmen.

There has been a gentle build-up to this match. India won against West Indies but lost to South Africa narrowly in their warm-up match, whereas New Zealand lost to England, but had thrashed Sri Lanka in their second tour game. Both the teams are not carrying any injuries, and an exciting contest is anticipated in Nagpur.


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Hardik Pandya, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammed Shami, Pawan Negi, Ashish Nehra.

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Luke Ronchi (wk), Grant Elliott, Colin Munro, Mitchell McClenaghan, Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Martin Guptill, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor.

Live Cricket Scorecard & Ball-by-Ball commentary: India vs New Zealand, ICC World T20 2016, Match 13 at Nagpur

LIVE CRICKET SCORES & UPDATES New Zealand 61/4 in Overs 11.3: Raina comes on again. Anderson makes room to hit in the air to take a single on the off side. Kiwis need boundaries, they are drying up. Another single, Taylor plays inside out on the off. Appeal for leg before! Raina dives to field a return stroke, and as he tumbles he collects and throws the ball one-handed on the wickets! LEGENDARY STUFF! Taylor’s gone outta nowhere!  BATTING:  Corey Anderson 28 (29),